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  Kiwi, French
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5 star rating
by MelissaLosesItBlog
one month ago

I have been to Number 5 many times now and it is always such a treat and lovely. Tonight I had the Duck Ravioli and it was beautiful. The sizes of the meals are perfect and even though with my tiny tummy I still can't finish them I don't feel like I'm wasting much. The flavours of the dish were beautifully complimentary and there was so much duck inside the ravioli it was well balanced with the pasta. For dessert I had the deconstructed Black Forest gateau and it was lovely. It was really yummy and the cherry sorbet was a particular highlight. The service was really good and the waiter was very attentive and responsive to our needs. I always enjoy Number 5 such great food, good service and lovely ambience.

5 star rating
by Campbell Ecklein
2 months ago

The ambiance of this boutique restaurant was elegant, understated and utterly pleasant. I'm glad I dressed up before dining here! I had the market fish, which was snapper that night--done just right and complimented well by the wine match recommended by our very polished waitress. Definitely try Number 5 if you're feeling a bit fancy. 
Sarah Forsyth #g4

4 star rating
by Jamie Lyons
3 months ago

Very accommodating staff with excellent knowledge of wines. Our four course meal was good but nothing overly exciting. We did have a lovely time even though one of our courses was almost cold when it reached the table. It was very busy at the time and perhaps the food was held up in the kitchen. I guess the excellent service and ambiance made up for the shortfall in quality. We will return and try Number 5 again in the future.

5 star rating
by Irish Eyes
3 months ago

This dining establishment has never disappointed - even with the Grab One voucher! We dined here last night and once again experienced impeccable service and amazing food. Included in the menu was Salmon, beetroot soup, duck, beef cheek and Chocolate Tart. The degustation courses were served at appropriate intervals and the wine and water was constantly topped up without our prompting. I love the quiet and cosy ambience of this wonderful old homestead.. The carpet subdued the noise - I so wish more restaurants had this. We have dined here many times and hope to visit again soon.

5 star rating
by Jasmine Sawyers Mullen
4 months ago

What an amazing fine dining experience to be had! Our coats were taken, napkins placed on our laps and the staff were attentive without making us feel rushed or interrupted. We had the five course degustation, one of which was vegetarian and every plate left our table clean. We also got the wine match, the perfect way to try and learn about a delicious selection of european wines. Cannot recommend this restaurant enough.

4 star rating
by Andy Thomson
6 months ago

We had the degustation menu and really enjoyed it food was great and service was just enough. I would recommend this place for intimate nights very romantic setting. Lovely reminds me of old restaurants back home in Scotland. Classy.... One down side is the toilets they just don't meet the standard expected this is why you only get a 3.5!

4 star rating
by FoodieA+
6 months ago

Went on a Friday night with the grabone voucher. The 5-courses meal menu was set so we didn't need to worry about anything when we arrive. Food was served not long after we settled down.

The food was decent, although I couldn't recall anything particularly amazing in the set menu. Funny thing is, I liked the scollops entree and the trio mushroom risotto but not so amazed about the main-- Beef brisket. The main was pretty average as the meat texture was dried up probably due to its beef brisket, the mash potato was however the highlight of the main.

The waitress and waiters did come and ask us how we find the meals and filled our water cups. However, just after we finished our dessert they took our plates and literally I was about to have a sip of water, they asked us to leave as they said there's ppl still waiting in the lobby.. I felt very rushed and rude, I understand they had other bookings but I paid to enjoy both the food and the atmosphere too.

It is a good place for fine dinning and couples who want more private atmosphere. However I personally would be reluctant to visit again if I didn't get the vouchers. Or maybe I would try a different main next time to give it another try.

1 star rating
by BeeQueUU
8 months ago

Can't see how this food bar can maintain a 4 rating. Forgettable place had i not ever had such a salty fish on my one and only visit. Food was over salted as if to hide an odour or taste. Others who have been had better experiences but for me the money I paid id prefer to go to the 8 in the Langham across the road for a better night or splashout a little more for the French Cafe further up the road.

5 star rating
by Axjw
10 months ago

Went here with four friends for their special 5 course degustation menu. There are no bad things to say about this restaurant.

All courses were presented absolutely beautifully, all came out at the exact right time, and all plates were amazing! Each plate was absolutely heavenly and left us wanting more.

1 star rating
10 months ago

Canadian Prime Minister. What A Huge Disappointment!

First, we are familiar with fine dining both in NZ and internationally so we think that
our observations are well considered.

We had been told to try the “Number Five” very generous offer for the Five Course
Degustation Meal. We arrived at 7.30pm to be greeted by the owner. However, she
said that we had booked for 8pm and we would need to wait for our table. We
thought this was strange because we always book dinner tables at 7.30pm.
Anyway, not an issue, we didn’t mind waiting.

We were standing at this stage in a very small entry area (door opening to the wet and windy
street). There were  two armchairs. The owner asked if we would like to wait for our table there or wait at a large
table in the restaurant.  We chose the latter. A very pleasant, very young but  very inexperienced  waitress
approached and asked if we would like water. We said “Yes please”, and I also ordered a beer. The waitress seemed nervous and rushed away to fine a more senior colleague who returned to take my order for the beer.

Time is now 8.05pm. The owner approaches ; “To be honest” she says, “We are short of tables because at the last minute we were asked to accommodate the Canadian Prime Minister for dinner and we have reserved a large number of tables for him and his entourage”.  “Not to worry”, we say genuinely and politely, “These things can happen”.

So,  here we sit, my wife and I, feeling somewhat conspicuous at a huge round table in the middle of the dining room, surrounded by other diners all eating their meals. Also,  no more then five feet from where we were seated was the bar  to which the aforementioned junior staff carried ( presumably from the kitchen)  one or two plastic  tubs full of soapy water. We were intrigued! Tubs in position they then began to wash and polish the cutlery. Right in front of us! Don’t forget this is a Five Star establishment. In the end the Canadian PM was a “no show” so at about 8.30pm we were allocated a table as another couple  vacated. The owner went home without a further word to us.

Our table was positioned right next to a very high and wide window (circa 1800s).There were no curtains. The windows were totally bare which meant that for the remainder of our evening we sat in clear view of the cleaners in the foyer of the next-door office building mopping floors and carrying black plastic bags of rubbish. Nice! Did I mention that this is supposed to be a Five Star establishment.?  We also had to ask the young staff to turn ‘their’ music down. The were very polite and were happy to oblige.

Now for the good news. The food was absolutely superb! Beautifully presented, adequate
quantity and with doubt a wonderfully exciting meal. Thank you Chef!!

It came for us to leave. By this stage we were  more than a  little disappointed, so disappointed that I decided to check the bill.  There was a charge of $11 for sparkling water. A tiny charge but once a patron is
already disappointed then it’s easy for them to progress to annoyance.  We were now conversing with a senior member of the staff to whom I said; “We did not order sparkling water”. “Yes you did” she says. “ Our waitress would not have served it if you had not ordered it”. (Remember the inexperienced youngster who served us when were first seated!) So, we are at first disappointed, then annoyed and now we are plain  ‘hosed off’. We stare at the waitress and politely wait. She then says, “Okay then I will take the money out of my own pocket and pay for it myself”. An unbelievable response! I reach for my wallet, I take out the cash I give it to her but I say I will never pay for it on the bill. The waitress declines my cash offer, and removes the water from the bill. 
Note; This encounter has been civil and polite, no huffing and puffing  no rolling of the eyes. None-the-less we leave very unimpressed.

As for the Maître De, he appears to be very unhappy in his work both on the phone when booking and in person.

(At the table next to us three American women arrived to dine. They were staying at the
Langham next door.  When it came time to leave we heard them discussing a ‘tip’. They refused to leave a ‘tip’ such was their displeasure in regard to the service.)

5 star rating
by Louise Mason
Jul 05, 2014

Went to Number 5 on Friday night with a voucher for Mid Winter Xmas 5 course meal. Not sure if people who were unhappy about the size of their meals were big eaters because we left having had perfect amount of food, any more would have been too much, and we had no sides.

Entree was Duck Liver Parfait - absolutely delish, would have eaten a tub for the rest of my meal if given the chance, but then I wouldn't have had the opportunity for the Duck served with Potatoes, Peas, Baby Onions and Bread Sauce. Worth going for this alone. Stand out dish of the menu and one of the best meals I have ever had. Sauce was amazing, onions were perfectly matched for the flavour of the dish and the little bits of duck bacon were to die for.

Dessert was good, not too sweet and overpowering as the whole menu was quite rich and the Mulled Wine a perfect way to finish before going back out into the cold night.

Great service and even better food from start to finish.

1 star rating
by Laynie Fox
May 25, 2014

Would not go back. We waited 45 mins for our dessert and after asking how much longer it would take after 30 minutes no one come back to us with an answer. Food was average. We also did the wine pairing with our seven course meal and about 5 of the 7 wines were from the same vineyard. When we asked why we were told it was a promotion they had on at the time with the vineyard so not based on which wine actually complimented the food which was supposed to be the whole point. We had our wine spilled twice by the waitress and they didn't even offer to change the table cover. We also had to ask what the food was a couple of times so we knew what we were eating with one answer being just venison. People were also sweating as it was so hot and a few people including myself opened the windows and even had to go sit outside to cool off. Well over priced for what is offered and service was bad.

3 star rating
by Kat M
Mar 27, 2014

My family and I had a 5 course degustation at Number 5, food was nice however portions were TINY!! Like laughable size.. I understand a degustation is small but many courses so you get to taste everything but when paying a lot for dinner you would expect to leave feeling satisfied, but we were starving when we finished! And we ordered sides as well. I would say the kebab shop next door probably get lots of business from Number 5 customers.. If we were to return we would definitely order off the regular menu.

4 star rating
by David Glen
Feb 24, 2014

We always enjoy our visits - great ambience, attentive staff and wonderful food

Top marks for the Duck and Akaroa Salmon - yum

3 star rating
by Food Lover
Feb 16, 2014

For the price you pay at this restaurant the service and food is average.

The waiters are not trained to work in an expensive restaurant and they were almost rude.

We went to this restaurant on Valentine's day and they had a set menu, food was good and we enjoyed it but we ordered a bottle of wine, the lady owner comes to us with a bottle way more expensive than what we ordered and she wants to up sell that one to us, pathetic

And at the end as the restaurant was empty and they wanted more people there, they deliberately delayed our dessert we had to wait almost 45 min for desert

I wasn't too impressed for the price we have paid

5 star rating
by Meagan Kerr
Feb 02, 2014

Number 5 has a great atmosphere and exceptional service with wonderful staff who are always attentive (but never overly so). I have a number of food allergies and a gluten intolerance, and it is never a problem to cater for those. The menu is always divine, with great options for vegetarians.

5 star rating
by Kate W
Dec 20, 2013

Went here again two nights ago for our fauxmas with a grabone deal. This place NEVER disappoints - every course was a winner. And I had a glass (or two) of my fave sav which is the oaked Spy Valley Envoy. Amaze. The mozzarella and tomato first course sounded simple enough but was bursting with flavour, the beef was a knkock out dish - beef cooked two ways - braised and a steak..the steak was the clear winner for me but my OH liked the braised more win! Not much to the dessert but probably the right size to finish off all 5 courses. Was and always will be a fave.

----- 18 Nov, 2013 -----
A bit of a special treat but totally worth the price (unless you use a grabone voucher in which case, it's a steal!). Always superb food...I've done a few degustations there now and it's pretty much the only restaurant in Auckland where every dish of the degustation is amazing. The oaked Sauvignon Blanc (2010 Spy Valley Envoy) that I had here once as part of a degustation is now my fave and I'll always order it whenever I see it. Little touches are fantastic like when a group of 4 of us ordered a glass of bubbles each, the waitress advised that it would be cheaper to get the whole bottle...brilliant! It's tucked out of the way so that it's not full of tourists, only foodies - perfect.

5 star rating
by Kim Mohr
Oct 08, 2013

Came here for dinner with the Mr for our anniversary. The food I have to say was perfect. I can't fault a single thing. The Mr and I decided to share entrees so we could each try. The chicken liver parfait was set in front of me and at first bite I wished we hadn't decided to share - it was melt-in-your-mouth divine!

The other entree we had was the Venison Carpaccio - a rather interesting mix of flavours; in addition to the thin cut meat there was licorice, cherries, hazelnuts and cocoa. This was a dish for the more adventurous so I ended up giving the rest of my parfait to the Mr as he is more on the safe side but the Carpaccio certainly wasn't offensive - in fact, I finished the entire plate even though licorice isn't normally my favourite. It somehow just worked!

We had been considering trying the degustation menu so decided to slot in an additional entree in between entrees and mains that caught our eye to share. This was the Spring Peas. Sounds boring but wow!!! Best thing I have tasted in a long time! Even the Mr who is a carnivore through and through loved this vegetarian dish that was immaculately presented and had the perfect mix of flavours.

The next round was mains - steak for him, duck for me. Mr loved how there were two different cuts of meat on his plate and I enjoyed the duck with its crispy skin immensely. While we were pretty full by the end of that (having devoured every morsel!) we decided we should give the dessert menu a try. While the Hot Chocolate Pot was calling out my name, we went with the more sensible panna cotta which turned out to be a perfect dessert to end a meal such as this one; it was light and contained fruits. Just beautiful.

The wait staff were very attentive without being overbearing and I couldn't fault them at all. They could see we were after a little privacy without losing the ambience of fellow diners and seated us at a quiet table with a view. Mr chose a whisky from the liquor trolley and the staff kindly bought the bottle over when requested so that he could take a photo of his 'new favourite' so he could purchase a bottle to add to our domestic collection.

I would recommend this venue to anyone; this meal to celebrate our anniversary will not be forgotten! Perfect location for a romantic dinner/special occasion.

5 star rating
by Jo Somerville
Sep 13, 2013

We celebrated our engagement here 10+ years ago. He must have been sure of my answer with a chauffer, rolls Royce and dinner at Number 5 booked.

Forget the detailed analyses you'll read below - this is a top notch restaurant that is passionate about food and cares about your dining experience. If you are looking for a special night - book a table.

Mr S had a tasty pea entrée - followed by the beef and me the lamb rump with pinenuts and dates on a bed of pumpkin (as you can see - MUCH more attention paid to my own food!)... We shred a selection go 2 cheeses - accompanied but caramelized walnuts, pear poached in saffron and a delicious chutney... the complimentary port was just divine... beautiful aroma and taste... perfecto!!!!

There is a reason they have been doing this for 25 years. Great service, divine food and even a complimentary port with our cheese to mark our 10 year anniversary. Thanks for a wonderful night!

2 star rating
by Darin C
May 05, 2013

We made a rash decision to purchase a voucher deal for this establishment like Silver A's review.

1/ First of all the food was very nice.

2/ There was very little of it (we had the 5 course) through the voucher that was on the coupon site.

3/ The wait between meals was below par by the time you got your next meal or more frankly your tasting you were forever hungry for the whole night , my wife and I and 6 others all ate there and have never left a restaurant ever in my life feeling hungry after waiting approx 3 hours and spending $400 bucks on food and that's with our discounts. and ordering the cheapest possible wines on the menu two bottles and a soft drink that came to $280 All of us would never go back very disappointed would never recommend Number 5 to any one unless you hated then or wanted to play a practical joke on them.
4/ My advice is don't bother with this place, the sad thing is that the food (nibbles) was great, if there was a more of it and quicker service.And especially with the discount vouchers not sure whose saving here your clients or you on the food quantity after looking around and seeing whats on the plates of other customers.
5/ The waitress we had (French) was very hospitable and friendly top marks for her alone. You had class. 5+++
6/ There is two restaurants in this building one is ""Great"" however Number 5 very disappointing.

1 star rating
by Silver And Gold
Apr 01, 2013

We made a rash decision to purchase a voucher deal for this establishment. Firstly, our background - we eat out in Auckland a lot, we love to experience fine dining and 5 star food and service. Coming from Europe and being used to Michelin stars, we are real foodies.

When we saw a voucher deal for Number 5 we were apprehensive about purchasing it, as selling vouchers to get customers in can be a bad sign that a place that should be doing well is not turning over what it needs to in order to survive as a business. And one always has to ask why.

However, we decided to give the Number 5 deal voucher a go, hoping we would be in for a pleasant surprise!

By March, we had forgotten we had purchased the voucher deal, and once we realized it was about to expire, we booked a table for a Saturday evening.

We were looking forward to trying the degustation menu (which we hoped would be delicious) and as we had some reasons to celebrate, a couple of bottles of Bolly (like there has to be an excuse)!

We walked into the restaurant and were almost bowled over by several staff members. We were not greeted or even afforded a smile or acknowledgement. A bad sign, it was the type of welcome one would expect at a road side 'greasy spoon' where the staff are over worked, under paid and under trained. Not good! We should have listened to our gut instinct and turned around and walked out there and then.

When we were finally noticed, we were ushered upstairs by an irritated looking maitre d, once again without a smile or any sort of cordial welcome. Absolutely useless and unpleasant maitre d, he is clearly in the wrong job.

Once upstairs, we were seated by the maitre d in the corner. Upstairs in this place is 'the cheap seats' but I think it's reasonable that you would seat your voucher customers in the cheap seats, so I have no complaints about that. Unfortunately for us we ended up in the cheapest of cheap seats tucked away in the corner farthest from the window. But that's ok, someone has to get that table right? No complaints, but after feeling so unwelcome in the first instance, it kind of irked us that we were seated here.

We were starting to become apprehensive and uneasy about the evening ahead at this stage. The warning signs were there, the giant neon writing was on the wall!

Next, quite a sweet waitress came to ask us if we could present our deal voucher. She was only doing her job, but we wondered what kind of place we had come for a meal in, what kind of clientele does this place attract? Do people really eat and run here? Are we really being asked to pay before our meals? We have never experience this before so we actually genuinely did not understand what we were being asked for. Hmmmm.

Note that we has not been offered a wine menu at this point. We were offered water and not a drink yet were expected to show the voucher.

In addition, we had to ask twice for the wine menu. Goodness knows why the maitre d did not give this to us when he seated us.

The maitre d then showed a couple in, and seemed to be giving them a choice between tables. The couple opted for a table by the window. My partner watched this unfold and we had a brief discussion about why the other couple might be offered a choice of table. Personally I don't know why, but I feel it might be because we were not recognized as a couple since we are 2 women, and perhaps the better tables were being reserved as romantic tables. Who knows, maybe that couple were not having a deal voucher menu that night.

At this point, before we spent $170 on a bottle, we decided that we could not tolerate such abysmal Fawlty Towers-esque service and we left and took our cash elsewhere (into Peter Gordon's pockets to be precise). We left leaving our bottle of water untouched.

We eat out too often to waste our time in places where the service is worse than mediocre when there are so many better places out there, where the staff CARE about their customers experience, and where the staff know that if they give their customers a great dining experience, the restaurant will get repeat business and recommendations.

The odd thing is that Number 5 clearly needs the repeat business, or they would not be trying to put bums on seats with voucher deals.

Unfortunately I cannot review the food, but the menu looked reasonable, and we were looking forward to trying it.

My advice is don't bother with this place, unless you hear they have over-hauled their front of house service.

The sad thing is that the food could be amazing, but with service this bad, the kitchen will be over shadowed.

Give Number 5, or should it be -5, a miss.

4 star rating
by Gus
Mar 15, 2013

We had a Xmas function here. It was my first timeback after a couple of years but I found the food and service to be of a suitably high standard. No.5 won't push the culinary boundaries, but they don't pretend to. If you want well executed tasty european inspired food, with excellent wine, in a quite setting with good service give this restaurant a go

4 star rating
by Jason Leong
Dec 29, 2012

Had a deal voucher for Number 5.
Very pleasant evening. Good ambiance, tasty food - although portions were quite small.
Waiting staff friendly and attentive.
Would certainly go back.

5 star rating
by Sonja Jenkins
Dec 18, 2012

My husband and I took a business client to Number 5 late Nov 2012. It is truly a 5 star restaurant. The menu is diverse enough to satisfy most diners. The wine menu is extensive and I found the staff extremely knowledgeable and able to suggest wines that were perfect for the courses we ordered. The food was wonderful. Our guest was very impressed with his courses as were we. The restaurant itself is an absolutely beautiful and historical space to dine in. A relaxing ambience and clearly happy diners around us completed a fabulous evening out.
The lovely owner and ALL the wait staff were wonderful to us and I cannot recommend this restaurant highly enough. We have eaten recently at another "high profile" restaurant and were very disappointed there, not so with Number 5. We will most certainly be back.

1 star rating
by Simon
Nov 29, 2012

I went to Number 5 Restaurant in Nov 2012 to celebrate my wedding anniversary thinking that we would enjoy a lovely evening together, it turned out to be far from that. We were greeted by a ratty lady that was rude and incourteous. We had the degustation menu which was appalling. The meals were a disgrace to say the least, the service was so bad that after the third course of total bad food and lack of service we had enough. Each meal item took over 35 mins and when arrived was cold, undercooked and well crap in all honesty. Anyway when the third course arrived that was enough ... We put the cash on the table and left only to be chased by owner swearing at us in front of her customers ..........never seen that before! Anyway we left and were still hungry, we went to our favorite place and had a fabulous time and meal. Give Number 5 Restaurant a miss big time, there are a number of fine dining restaurants around that live up to their name in terms of food, service and delivery and most importantly customer care!

2 star rating
by Roger Barker
Nov 28, 2012

I felt compelled to sign up and leave this review after reading a very good review for Number 5 over the weekend.
We have eaten here many times over the last few years (mainly with a voucher for degustation) and never been disappointed.
So we were delighted when friends invited us to go A LA CARTE.
From reading other posts it seems obvious that the service is not something they pride themselves on, and that has always been evident. My main gripe this time was, if you smoke, chew some gum, we don't want your stink near us.
On to the food. Snapper starter looked stunning, and the fish was so delicate, but there was no synergies to the dish, and far too much salt. Style over substance I'm afraid.
The tried and tested Chicken pate and rabbit were not to their usual standard. A slightly tarte taste in the chicken made me question how old it was, while the rabbit had bone and no seasoning.
Duck leg was burnt on the bottom and chewy, while the breast self sauced the dish with blood seeping out every where.
My beef looked great, but was charred on one side and almost uncooked on the other and pretty chewy.
The lamb was under cooked and not rested.
However the fish main was excellent, lovely flavours.
Again we questioned the freshness of the food, when the cheesecake came out with a soggy base and firm jelly.
We've had the chocolate before but was different this time and really not even worth a mention.
A totally disappointing night, which was why I was so surprised to read a great review on the same dishes we shared a few days later.
So we will not be returning to Number 5. A new chef and some new ideas, but as the old saying goes if it ain't broke din't fix it.

Thanks Martina
We didn't speak to your waiting staff as they were sadly not interested in us or our experience.
I have seen a few negative reviews on a few different websites recently so perhaps your menus not as well received as you think.
I appreciate your comment, but there are too many good restaurants out there to waste time on ones who are just going through the motions.

2 star rating
by Peter Wilson
Nov 22, 2012

We dined using the deal vouchers for the five course degustation menu.

I made our booking for dinner to celebrate a 40th birthday back in July and received confirmation of my booking by return email at that time. When we arrived for dinner, there was no record of our booking and it took for me to show the person who met us upon arrival, the physical copy of the booking email to convince him that we actually had a booking, which he accepted upon seeing the email.

The staff then frantically bundled together a table setting for six in a space that would not seem to normally hold six people as we were cramped into a corner which required the waiters to squeeze around us to serve us.

My expectation was that because I had booked such a long way in advance, and because I had expressed that we were celebrating a special birthday, that we would have been sat at a better sized and better positioned table, rather we felt 'shunted in' at the last minute.

Our waiter was excellent, and did a great job of making amends and serving us throughout the night, though had to shuffle around a cramped table.

The food itself was good in flavour, though all of us expected more than three small slivers of venison for the main course, especially as I looked around the restaurant at the serving sizes of other diners receiving main meals. I hope that this was not as a result of the deal vouchers which I have read reviews online comment about.

I raised my concerns directly with the restaurant after our experience, which unfortunately they have not responded to as they indicated they would.

Overall, while we made the most of the evening and enjoyed ourselves, unfortunately Number 5 did not live up to either our expectations or the hype, and given the other fine dining restaurant choices around Auckland we are unlikely to return.

**Following the original review above, we have had correspondence with the owner which we have not been happy with, and have refused the offer of a complimentary meal based on her response**

5 star rating
by Craig Stott
Oct 07, 2012

What an awesome evening out. Deal voucher - Degustation menu... Wow! Impeccable, friendly and knowledgeable service and wine recommendations. Every course was delicious and just when you thought it couldn't get even better the next course was even tastier. Yes I may have still been slightly hungry at the end but I have a voracious appetite and that wasn't what the evening was all about. Can't recommend this restaurant highly enough for a special evening out :-)

4 star rating
by Tania Lee
Jul 11, 2012

Although not a favourite, I'd still recommend giving this place a go, the food is a little on the pricier side but the ambience and atmosphere makes up for it. the old Victorian style building gives a warm feeling and the staff are all very friendly and prompt.

1 star rating
by Jo W
May 28, 2012

Sad but true, smaller portioned meals than others at different tables for deal vouchers. Would not bother with restaurant that adhere to these con techniques in the future. Unaddequately cooking technique ruined the meal for us, dry food and overcooked food. Lovely reception though.

5 star rating
by Angie Smith
Apr 18, 2012

We tried Number 5 last night and had an exceptional evening. We started with fresh oysters which were amazing followed by the 5 course Degustation menu...each dish was memorable and the service impeccable. We'll definitely be back & would highly recommend Number 5.

5 star rating
by Gerard
Mar 24, 2012

A flawless fine-dining experience in central Auckland really. I visited recently with my partner for our anniversary and it suited well as the ambiance is private, very comfortable and the expert service struck exactly the right balance.
I highly recommend the varied Assiette (assortment) of Beef and indeed the beef and lamb dishes are standout.

5 star rating
by Charissa
Feb 16, 2012

Love this place! The decor, the food (always try the degustation menu divine!) and the wait staff are attentive but not in your face! They have the knack for good timing in taking away glasses/clearing out plates in between meals.

5 star rating
by David
Jan 20, 2012

It's been awhile since I have been to Number 5, I was not disappointed the first time and this time was even better. The food was outstanding and wine was great. It is so good to go to a place were the staff are so friendly and knowledgeable. They really know their stuff when it comes to matching the wine to the meal. I will be back and sooner rather than later.Well Done Number 5 and thank you for a great night.

4 star rating
by John Taylor
Jan 04, 2012

Eaten here many times but not for a while, but friends booked us in for new years eve.
First class food and the matching wines were excellent.
The clear winner was the beef main course which was outstanding. so many elements from the animal and all ate beautifully together. The lemon meringue dessert was the perfect ending.
One small gripe was that they were very busy but the two older ladys at the bar still had time to stand there chatting all night. That said "Manny" was fantastic and really made the night for us.

2 star rating
by Phillipa
Dec 23, 2011

Well as a long time patron of this (my favourite) restaurant, the last few times I have been to dinner here I have been so disappointed.
The waiter (a young gentleman) told us they didn't have it and I must be mistaken because he had never heard of it. I opened the wine menu and surprise there it was on the menu. It arrived warm! We then waited and waited, then and someone came to take the glasses away and asked if we would like our bill?
We kept having to ask for things i.e. cutlery, someone to actually tell us the specials and even to take our order. We would have been served by about 4 different wait staff, as no-one could actually be bothered with proper service and were too busy running around.
We eventually asked to speak to someone in charge but didn’t bother as the so called manager/waiter was chatting a way with young lady.
So disappointed that our favourite restaurant seems to have disappeared!!!!!

4 star rating
by ST
Sep 05, 2011

This is one of our favourite places to go to spend some discretionary cash and indulge our appetite for delicious gastronomy.

I particularly recommend the degustation menu. I tried it one season and I'm still desirous of more.

The favourites - the items which stay on the menu - are good. My experience with the changeable items are various.

One time I had Beef Wellington. I wish I could have more of it.

One time I had whitebait. I made better whitebait plate myself.

Service is excellent, always.

Verdict: I need more money to spend at Number 5.

5 star rating
by Roz8
Aug 16, 2011

Hands down the best lamb I have had and that is saying sometyhing! (Lamb and steak is all i ever order). Cute romantic views and friendly staff helped but the food was a great standout for me!

Love your work number five!

5 star rating
by J B
Jun 28, 2011

When I was ten, my mum was between cooks and we had no option but to go for every meal. We tried pretty much all the fine dining restaurants in Auckland, Number 5 was my favorite and still is. I remember numerous other restaurants that offered my chips and burgers due to my age, and try to talk me out of ordering from the menu, though occasionally some places end up letting me order from the menu, they will turn out half the adult size (usually only half the price). I was always told that adult flavors are not for kids, or I won't be able to finish the full size meal. The reality was, we would have to go somewhere else after dinner so I can have enough to eat. Number 5 was completely the opposite. The manager lady would greet me, sometimes offer me some oyster, or other sort of delicacy. I can order whatever I want from the menu, and sometimes she would combine two different mains together for me, or get the chef to make me something not on the menu. I found the biggest difference between number 5 and other fine dining restaurant is that number 5 doesn't treat itself like a restaurant, going to number 5 is more like going for dinner at someone else's place. There is a real sense of hospitality and pride from people working at number 5. The manager (or owner) lady is truly passionate about food and wine. Take for example the bathroom, one reason I absolutely dislike Orbit and Iguacu is because their toilet reminds me of the toilets in malls, number 5's toilet isn't decorated with fancy material or anything, but you can tell that the owner has put a lot of effort into making it comfortable, for example, providing good quality hand soap, the kind you use at home. The food at number are good, maybe not as exciting as some of the other restaurants from oversea, but it is consistent. I never had a bad meal from number 5 in my past 15 years of going there. Number 5 also has a very good wine selection, both local and oversea, the manager (or owner) lady tastes all the wine on the menu and she usually offer excellent advice on which wine to get, one thing quite a lot of other restaurants lack, I am not interested in some waitress or waiter memorizing the description of each wine, I much rather hear it from someone who tried it before. The price for wine are probably on the cheap side when you compare it to other restaurants that charge silly money for wine. The selection is very extensive, you have wine from 10 a glass to several thousand a bottle. I highly recommend number 5, and I wish there are more restaurants like number 5 around. (btw, if you wanna see the opposite of number 5 try Y Not).

5 star rating
by Steven Jones
Sep 12, 2010

Not been here for a while, but wont be leaving it so long next time. Enjoyable from start to finish.
Very friendly relaxed service(from a very young duo) and great food made for a great night out and left my table wondering why there were only 10 people in on a friday night.Big fat scallops and tender venison capaccio where the choice from the entrees, while duck and beef were devoured for our mains. Brave choice to use a cheaper cut of meat in a restaurant of this standing, but it was really nice.Best of all was the desserts, outstanding. Come on Auckland get behind this great little Bistro.

4 star rating
by Andrew
Aug 21, 2010

Went here on a Saturday night for a birthday dinner. Lovely decor, great service and a very extensive wine list. Being a beer drinker there were limited options - three to be exact but it made a nice change having wine instead.

Starters were excellent, especially the carpaccio. Mains were good, though a fellow dining partner did find the lamb to be a little chewy and had a bit too much fat on it.

Desserts were amazing. Definitely recommend the Lemon Curd Cheesecake and the brulee.

So 9/10 for food, 9/10 for service and 7/10 for price.

3 star rating
by Kathy Greg
Aug 11, 2010

not the best restaurant in the world - when looking for high class flavor - try sidarts around the corner - wine list is wonderful and the staff are the best - 2 out 3 isn't bad - i will come back again

3 star rating
by Sharon Lankshear
Aug 08, 2010

My partner and myself treated ourselves to a wet weekend in Auckland. We were faced with a challenge for enjoyable a meal out that wasn't Asian or deep fat fried products. To our surprise we were recommend to number 5 from another top end restaurant.
So there are people in business that know the meaning of networking...
Saturday night and a late booking, so we had to take one of the last available tables. Our hosts for the night were very attentive but perhaps a little eager at times, mainly with constantly returning to fill our water glasses and breaking up conversation flow. Overall, service-wise, we enjoyed our banter with the waiting staff.
Surroundings at "Number 5" were very pleasant and quite a contrast to other Auckland dining establishments. Loved the open fire and relaxed environment on a cold wet night.
Our meals were created using very traditional menu items. We felt it lacked a little excitement. We both felt our cuts of meat could have been of better quality, but what we did receive was cooked to our requests.
Value for dollars, the entrees and mains were both quite generous in size.
We once again have enjoyed a great weekend in Auckland and will continue to hunt for that special dining experience.

4 star rating
by Tony Buckingham
Jan 24, 2010

Always a good meal at Number five our steaks were excellent if rather large for our modest English appetites. The starter of Venison was superb we would never had ordered but for the recommendation from the waitress. As for wine the lady really is the best I have had some amazing wines over the years and have never been disappointed. Probably mean not giving last star.
Tony Buckingham

5 star rating
by Glen Souter
Dec 09, 2009

Been here many times and never fail to be impressed.Great service from knowledgeable staff, beautiful food(I personally love the duck entree that the last reviewer disliked. Always a good night out. My favourite in Auckland.

3 star rating
by Morgan
Dec 05, 2009

lovely little place - was enchanted by the decor. Tables with lots of room, which is fabulous. Service could have been better - when asked if we could move to the window seat, we were told "i do not have enough time to re-set that table", even though another waitress kindly moved us later on in the evening.

Had the duck entree - pretentious and so sweet it could be classed as a dessert - quite foul. The mains and desserts (black angus, pork, fondant and brulee) were just fabulous though.

service needs some sprucing.