O' Hagans Irish Pub

3 star rating 22 reviews

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09 3632106

101-103 Customs Street West, Viaduct Harbour, Auckland CBD, Auckland

11 AM to 11 PM (Mon-Fri), 9 AM to 11 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for O' Hagans Irish Pub

3 star rating
by Fylde
one month ago

I tend to come here on Tuesday early evening to participate in their 5km fun run which is good value and highly recommended - you get a free drink afterwards and the have spot prizes. The food is ok but pretty basic pub fare. Good friendly staff and nice atmosphere.

2 star rating
by Leigh Donaldson
3 months ago

Shared a platter of food for $45. Portions were so small I could have eaten the lot. What held me back was it was all deep fried rubbish. Yes it's a pub..sorry for this price you could make it fresher & jazz it up a bit. Money bags were so overcooked..burnt. It reminded me of food from the eighties. ..

5 star rating
by Goutam Nayyar
4 months ago

Good food and beer selection.. Guinness is a good enough reason to go there with your buddies for some quality time. Staff is nice and always welcoming. Love this place!!

4 star rating
by Will
10 months ago

I have been here twice and found the prices to be fair especially for the viaduct. The food is good too. This is obviously not fine dining but if you are after a hearty meal, a tasty Angus rump and reasonable service this pub can be very enjoyable and make for a good night.  I would recommend this restaurant and look forward to the next time I have a steak eggs and chips here.

3 star rating
by Bex Ellis
11 months ago

I have to admit that a few drinks had already taken place before eating here. That aside I ordered the seafood pasta and was a but disappointed. It sadly contained only two clams, three mussels and three prawns. More mussels would have been great, considering how cheap they are. The pasta itself was over cooked. Despite this the others in my party ordered steak sandwiches and were very happy with their choice.

2 star rating
by Bigspender
Jun 04, 2014

I am not sure where to start on this one....
The chicken.... Way to much seasoning... The mash.... Way to much seasoning.... The coleslaw way too runny.
The only positive things I can say is it's a good place for students who want cheap and nasty food. Which all come with chips and beer.
As for the place it self, other than great location
There is nothing else I can compliment on.

The prices are decent. Menu is far too big. Staff.... Polite. Attentive.

2 star rating
by LucyGoosey
May 26, 2014

This place needs a good clean.

Went there for a late lunch on Sunday and was not very impressed, apart from the service.

I ordered chicken and mash and my friend ordered the calamari with chips and coleslaw. The food came out promptly which was good. But oh dear, my chicken was completely covered in burnt herbs. The chicken itself was good, not over-cooked but it was, well, nearly inedible. Herbs should complement the dish, not over power it. It appeared that the chef had grabbed a bunch of herbs, without any idea about how particular herbs should be used, cut them up, burnt them, created a thick paste and then smeared it all over the chicken and stirred it through the mash. The meal was accompanied by two and a half green beans and a little jug of gravy. This meal could have been quite good if the herbs had not been abused, and if the chicken skin was crispy. The chicken skin was so fatty I had to remove it. My friends dish was nice and she was kind enough to go halves with me on our meals. The only issue with her dish was that the coleslaw was very runny.

My other problem with this place is that it is in need of a good clean. The glasses and cutlery didn't seem to be washed properly and when my friend asked for an extra plate to split our meals, it had grease and a bit of burnt cheese on it. The pub itself needs a clean. I know it was a Sunday afternoon but the place was more hungover than it's patrons.

There is one good thing to say about this place and that is the service. Our waitress was friendly and attentive.

Perhaps I just ordered the wrong thing, but I probably wouldn't go back. There are much better pubs in Auckland and whilst the service and atmosphere are good here, the abuse of herbs and dirty crockery leave much to be desired.
I don't recommend this place unless you just have a beer (but remember to bring your own glass.)

1 star rating
by C L
Apr 23, 2014

Came here after deciding not to wait at the nearby Chinese restaurant which was packed to the rafters for the yum char crowd. What a bad decision on our part!

Food-wise, we eaten much better. Pretty average for the price you're paying although the portions are decent enough.

What fails this restaurant is mainly the attitude of one particular staff member who apparently is some sort of manager/senior wait person too. There were 3 of us patiently waiting in line to go to the ladies but this staff just barged right through ahead of us and pretty much cut queue to get in the cubicle. When she came out, I queried if she's staff which she promptly replied she is. I then politely asked if she thought it's appropriate for her to push her way through when there were other ladies waiting in line for the toilet. Her answer: "Oh, I am ENTITLED to as I have an upset stomach". And with that brush off, she walked off without another word.

While it's understandable that she had to go in quickly, her general attitude is appalling to say the least. The general behaviour would be at least to ask if it's acceptable to jump queue and more often than not, most people would happily move aside. Obviously this staff doesn't have basic courtesy and has never learnt any manners. She also doesn't think that there is a possibility of others in the queue being in the same position that is 'busting' to go. This incident has left a really poor taste in the mouth and ruined the entire lunch for us.

Possibly what is worse is when I commented about this to another staff member, the other team member replied that it is well-known amongst the team of the rude manner of the said staff person. Unbelievable that this sort of carry on exist in the hospitality industry.

That said, the rest of the staff were attentive. However, one rotten apple just spoilt the whole cart.

4 star rating
by Sue B
Mar 16, 2014

Excellent Service, and great they had the breakfast menu available till 12pm unlike other surrounding restaurants. Very happy with my pancakes, and liked that you could have breakfast and coffee or juice inclusive.

3 star rating
by PeterMS
Oct 12, 2013

Well located Irish pub on the waterfront, around the corner so to speak from the main part of the Viaduct Basin. Good range of drinks, staff are efficient and welcoming. Food is satisfactory and not outrageously expensive.
Preferable to some of the other watering holes in the area which have pretensions,but cannot live up to them
Have enjoyed some good evenings here.

5 star rating
by Glen
Jul 16, 2013

Used one of those deal vouchers which is intended to be a means to get new customers. All was great until the "Food flavoured Salt" AKA the Platter arrived... I know salty food and Beer are used to help sell each other but this was a shocker - especially the mini hot-dog shaped thingies!
Didn't try other food fearing it would be similar. Shame as other reviews rate their other food highly.

Update a few weeks later: Used another voucher and the Platter was far far less salty than last time and was accordingly very good. Well done. 2 more stars as the service was great as well.

5 star rating
by Tony
May 05, 2013

We went for a meal at o'hagen last night and it is the second time we have been and can only say that we were not disappointed. We ordered the 750g rump steak and it was cooked just the way we wanted it and included plenty of chips, onion rings, mushrooms and sauce of our choice, I cannot recommend this place enough, really enjoyed the meal and th staff are friendly and very helpful

4 star rating
by Pauline Bennett
Apr 14, 2013

4 of us were here for lunch on Friday and enjoyed the fast service, friendly staff and value for money pub grub ! Everything was good quality, cooked well and presented nicely. We'll be back.

4 of us back again in September ! Same comments as above, we cant fault them.

1 star rating
by Julie Gerlach
Jan 29, 2013

We went there for lunch - the food was disgusting! As garlic bread they gave us 5 day old bread rolls with heaps of butter! The mains were just tasteless and looked like thrown on the plates from a great distance. Never go back!

5 star rating
by Lucy Chapman
Mar 15, 2012

I came here with my boyfriend for Valentine's Day and we decided to try the early bird supper menu for $19.50. We were unsure as we'd never normally eat at a pub but we were so delighted with what came out of our evening! The food is very nice and good portions too. Also, I had never liked coleslaw before I had O'hangan's'. It seems to be a side that comes with most of their meals. Great atmosphere and service was great too despite being rather busy. We also were able to get a pint with the $19.50 menu :D Great value, will come here again.

4 star rating
by Kay Adams
Feb 07, 2012

Went to dinner with a few friends and really enjoyed the food you would refer to as pub grub. Hearty portioned meals, making it a challenge to finish everything on the plate. I had the steak sandwhich which was massive and included onion rings and a basket of chips too, as well as the usuals you would find on a sandwhich. Staff were friendly, constantly clearing empty glasses and plates which is great to see in a pub.

4 star rating
by Kate Swan
Sep 20, 2011

Fantastic service and always friendly staff. Do the 5km run on a Tuesday at 6pm for $7 and get a complimentary drink at the end.

2 star rating
by Kelvin Hilton
Aug 07, 2011

We thought we were onto a winner here the place has such nice atmosphere. However I have never come across meals that lacked creativity. so lacking in taste due to the absence of sauces. If we had not added a side of wedges to our mains we would have starved. Prices were way over the top for what one actually received. Top restaurant prices for below RSA quality food. The so called chef and we did ask if they had a qualified chef should be ashamed of the stuff he serves.

1 star rating
by Satan
Jun 22, 2011

I don't know what's happened to the food, but quite frankly... it's rubbish! You used to get generously sized portions that left you with the feeling of getting value for money. Now, it's a case of having stop at Macca's on the way home... oversized plates with undersized portions. Very disappointing.

4 star rating
by Mike Taylor
Apr 22, 2011

Great Bar, great food, fantastic staff. Always enjoyable, has become our regular when heading over into the city!
I reckon they need T-shirts being sold over the bar, cause I want one! We'll be back tonight.. Tobesuretobesure!
Mike & Liz

5 star rating
by Rua
Jan 01, 2011

We spent New Years Eve at O'Hagans.The service was excellent, the food perfect and the music great.
We really appreciated the complimentary drinks when we had to wait for the meal.
Well done to all the staff and we'll certainly be back soon.

4 star rating
by Michelle Stephens
Jun 10, 2010

Have been here twice for lunch. Have had the wedges which were delicious & huge and also one of the sandwiches. Very good value for money and would recommend to anyone. Wait staff were fantastic. Lovely to sit outside on a sunny day!