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5 star rating
by Suze Dyson
4 months ago

My family and I dined at O'Sarracino last night for my dad's birthday and we had such an enjoyable experience. As soon as we walked in we felt incredibly welcomed and were excited about what was to come. We had the mixed platter to start and it was absolutely delicious, the highlight for me was the eggplant, I could have eaten a whole plate of that to myself it was that good. For main I had the chefs special, duck ravioli with prawns in a truffle oil which was beautiful, everyone loved their mains, seafood lovers rejoice! For dessert we all had Italian versions of molten lava cakes which I can honestly say were the best I had ever had. We all left feeling full and satisfied and I simply couldn't fault the place. We had a fantastic evening and I cannot thank O'Sarracino enough for pulling out all the stops and making for a great dining experience.

5 star rating
by Nat C
4 months ago

O'Sarracino is one of my favourite places. We came here last year and loved the food, so when we saw the GrabOne deal (four courses) we saw it as the perfect opportunity to return. 

First course was the Antipasti, delicious sauteed vegetables along with mozzarella and tomato and a really moreish cheese and bacon bread. I would recommend that everyone tries the antipasti, so many different flavours. Next was the pasta course - homemade ravioli with a really tender meat ragout. 

Then for the main course I had the fish and prawn dish with cabbage. I'm one of these weirdos who loves cooked cabbage so it was perfect for me. The fish was great and the fat juicy prawns were also tasty. My partner had the sliced steak Parmesan cheese and rocket. It was cooked perfectly but there were a few too many whole peppercorns for my liking so I just put them to the side. 

My partner knows the chef Gaetano, so for dessert we got something a bit different from the menu. Along with the panna cotta he gave us a donut sprinkled with rock salt and served with a dark chocolate sauce. It was different but very enjoyable. He also gave us a mini raspberry/chocolate mousse cake with a crumbly biscuit bottom. It was rich but the perfect size.

Another great experience. I've only been to Rome and Florence but sitting in O'Sarracino with amazing food and such welcoming staff I definitely felt like I could be in Naples rather than Eden Terrace.

2 star rating
by Wendy
4 months ago

A group of us went last Friday and was extremely disappointed with the food and the service... The veal that I ordered was tough and tastless. Others with me had the fish which was overdone.  We had over an hour wait for our meals and when we spoke to the waitress and the maitre d, they were both arrogant and dismissive. This was my first experience and it will be my last experience of O'Sarracino.

3 star rating
by Anthony Spalinger
4 months ago

This was a surprise. This couple ate there 2 Saturdays ago.

We two rate O'Saraccino as a present C level restaurant.

Reasons why:

1) The sea food was doused with an extraordinary amount of squid sauce. One had to clean one's face a lot afterwards.
2) The sea food was tasteless and appeared not to be fresh. Serious questions remained afterwards concerning this matter.
3) The ravioli was overpriced by a great deal. It was meatless as ordered.
4) The wine costs are very high. Indeed, higher than the Pulman in Auckland
5) Ginas, a few minutes away is better.

5 star rating
by Tanya Brand
6 months ago

The food is amazing - every dish ordered was superb. This combined with faultless service meant our evening at O'Sarrcino was one of the standout dining experiences we've had. We look forward to returning!

5 star rating
by Angela Tsai
8 months ago

Recently had my brother's Graduation celebratory dinner here. Welcoming and attentive service. Stunning flavours and quality as always. My family loved the fresh flavours of the mixed antipasti platters. The paccheri (Neapolitan pasta) with gurnard, cherry tomatoes, capers and pumpkin cream with a basil droplet special from Chef Gaetano was delightful, as were the Panzotti al “Ragu Napoletano", Spaghetti Nero di Seppia, and Ravioli di Mare from the normal menu. The squid ink was simply sensational. Thanks again for being consistently awesome!

5 star rating
by Dragan Jovanovic
8 months ago

Excellent food, we accepted recommendations from the host and we haven't regretted. It was ideal for sharing and enough for everyone. A very unique taste and very well balanced dishes. The service was fantastic, a home hospitality touch with sincere desire to please. The whole ambient in the restaurant was warm, a birthday celebration next table to us, the proud owner making his presence, ... Well done everybody who worked that night. Highly recommended.

5 star rating
by Doug Wilson
9 months ago

One of the best meals for a while. Excellent service, good wine and excellent food

Glad we went there. Without comment, they were happy to let us share a main after the ample antipasto.


5 star rating
by Campbell Brenton-Rule
9 months ago

I've always wanted to go to Italy and dine on authentic Italian cuisine. Why go there when we have it here right in Auckland
Thank you for a superb meal
The Squid Ink pasta is to die for
The seafood soup was amazing
And you looked after my children with an incredible meal followed by a luxurious desert
I look forward to my next visit
Thank you Gaetano and Nadia. All the best!

5 star rating
by Rebekah Clair
9 months ago

This is the only place I have been in Auckland that gives a true Italian restaurant experience. We visited on a weeknight (including six year old) and the food, service and atmosphere were superb. The Casatiello, Parma ham and salami in the antipasto were beautiful, the antipasto vegetarian for my sister excellent, and a real traditional southern style insalata di mare. It's not purest Napoli in a fussy way - which is great because they include snapper in their ravioli di mare, and had a Sicilian Cassatta available for dessert. Good price for wine. After many years of the real thing in Italy, can only complain it's not open for the marathon weekend lunch. Il fine settimana è troppo breve per mangiare e bere male !

5 star rating
by Alesha Murray
10 months ago

Fantastic night. We had a work dinner there. Very welcoming people and very helpful with the menu'. The chef offered to do to a degustation menu' for us. It was phenomenal!. The pasta was cooked just perfect, and the sauces were balanced not overpowering the dishes. It was father's day when we went so the chef prepared some typical Napolitan desserts "Zeppole". I would definitely recommend this restaurant for a truly authentic Italian experience in Auckland.

5 star rating
by Kevin C
10 months ago

Walked in to give it a try and so glad we did.
Nice friendly and accommodating people.
We started with a antipasto casa which was a taste delight.
For mains we tried the special a Gnoochi Tartufo and a Panzotti Ragu.
Both looked so beautiful it was almost a shame to disturb them.
But the taste .... just superb.
So rich and full flavors.
May well be the best meal I have ever had.

Thank you for a great evening

5 star rating
by Emma Fraser-Smith
10 months ago

I recently held a conference dinner for approx 25 people at O Sarracino's. Nadia was awesome at the planning stage, helped me with the menu, gave us different restaurant options - price was great. We were able to book the entire restaurant for a very reasonable price. I was somewhat apprehensive about what I was going into as I hadn't taken a conference party to Italian before but I had nothing to worry about. The service was amazing, staff very friendly and very happy to help. A real Italian Family environment, which we loved! We had a couple of hiccups with delegates being late and our speaker running over time, but the restaurant worked to our timings and everything came together superbly.

The food was devine and incredibly authentic. I had people who commented the food was better than found in Italy. Flavours were amazing and the food just kept coming! My personal favourite was the gorgeous Desserts. YUM! I wouldn't hesitate to have another dinner here.

I'll definitely be going back.

5 star rating
by Nadine Plet
10 months ago

We went last night to O'Sarracino on the spur of the moment. No booking. The service was excellent. Well explained. Specials well described. The food was brilliant and the dessert to die for. [St Honore]. I recommend it. This has to be one of the best Italian in town. Perfect service not overpowering. We definitely go again. [This was our fourth visit]

5 star rating
by Tina Cole
11 months ago

Absolutely fabulous, authentic and delicious food accompanied by Italian wine. Prices were very reasonable and affordable for a very upmarket restaurant. Italian feeling to the venue which we loved. Service was excellent, added with some humour. Could not fault anything. We will definitely return and highly recommended.

5 star rating
by Maxine Gay
11 months ago

Dinner last night was superb. Food, wine, atmosphere and service were faultless. Lovely friendly staff. When the chef asks if you want to trust him say YES. You won't be be disappointed. Will definitely go again.

4 star rating
by Rochelle Turner
Jan 30, 2014

What a wonderful evening. I went with a small group before Christmas. The new owners were very welcoming. The staff who served us were happy to explain the dishes in Kiwi terms and the food was delicious. The new owners mentioned they were renovating during the Christmas break. I am looking forward to returning to see the new decor.

3 star rating
by James Holliday
Aug 25, 2013

Antipasti outstanding. Mains outstanding. Dessert and wine disappointing. Expensive and our waiter was good but manager came across dismissive.

5 star rating
by Easyfoodhacks
Aug 21, 2013

O’Sarracino has all the elements of a great Italian restaurant. Apart from the robust flavours and generous servings of the authentic Neapolitan food, there is a heart-warming backstory (see website), the cosy restaurant is decorated with many family photos and a famous poem about ragu ('rrau in Neapolitan language) by the Napoli writer and poet Eduardo De Filippo graces the backwall. The staff are gracious, and best of all, owner Gaetano really looks after his guests. When Gaetano suggests ordering for you, the right thing to do is to immediately say ‘I am in your hands’, and you can be assured of a scrumptious outcome that will far exceed your expectations.

O’Sarracino has single-handedly restored my faith in Italian cuisine in New Zealand. After three highly forgettable Italian meals in succession, I was close to closing the book on ever finding Italian food beyond factory-made pasta, rubbery gnocchi and pannacotta that is more jelly than custard. O’Sarracino specializes in Neapolitan cuisine, food from Southern Italy, and predominantly from Naples, the hometown of owner Gaetano, and does it brilliantly.

As I was part of a group of 12, we were on a set menu ($62), which consisted of shared plates of antipasti, followed with a choice of 3 mains and 2 desserts. There is also an option, which includes a shared platter of 5 mains, and desserts. Once you are seated, your drinks order is taken. As the only teetotaler in the group, I had a choice of orange and lemon juice (happily, these were San Pellegrino Aranciata or Limonata).

5 laden platters with 6 antipasti quickly set my taste buds alive. These are glorious morsels showcasing different specialties. The lightly seasoned squid was succulent and tender. The mozzarella was fresh and chewy, and the little cherry tomatoes on the bruschetta were sweet and fragrant. There was also deep-fried bread, crisp and tasty. I was very impressed by the homemade bread with salame, pancetta and mozzarella; this would be a perfect lunch. And there was also deep-fried eggplant, sautéed vegetables and pancetta. I could not believe these were just the opening act!

It was difficult choosing from the three main course option. O’Sarracino has kept to the Napoli tradition of slow-cooking their ragu for 6 hours (anything less cannot be called a ‘ragu’). In the end, I ordered the duck and porcini ravioli in a white truffle sauce and prawns. This was a delight; the aroma of the truffle hits you as soon as the plate arrives. The duck and porcini filling were deliciously savoury, and the pasta was perfectly al dente. And the prawns were sweet and generously sized. The third option was the brasato al vino primitive (beef braised in red wine) and served with mashed potatoes with black truffle. A minor letdown; the complimentary bread tasted stale. A couple of diners in our group could not decide between the mains, and Gaetano brought them a half and half of pasta with ragu and the duck and porcini ravioli to their great delight.

For dessert, we had a choice between tiramisu and panna cotta. My panna cotta was fresh, creamy and lifted by the chocolate flourishes. One person in the party asked Gaetano to decide for her, and she received three desserts!

At the end of the evening, I asked for some tea. Gaetano explained that he doesn’t like tea, so doesn’t offer it. They do have coffee though. When I hesitated, he said he would bring me a traditional lemon digestif. This was lemon rind seeped in hot water until soft and it releases the fragrant oils and flavours (which it turned out, was on the house). Gaetano’s remark was that he doesn’t charge for hot water! It was a very lovely end to the meal.

This was a fantastic evening; Gaetano and his team at O’Sarracino know great food and great service. I can’t wait to find another occasion to go back to try the other offerings on the menu.


5 star rating
by Mark Van Boxel
Jul 07, 2013

Wow amazing food and a great host,would dine there again in a heart beat.
The Antipasto was authentic and delicious,both my partner and myself were struggling with what to order,the owner in his very pleasant Italian manner took care of everything and served up the most delicious mains,melt in your mouth beef,perfect pasta and spectacular seafood.
Highly recommended.

3 star rating
by Virginia Alpe
Jun 02, 2013

Four of us dined here tonight as a birthday treat, and were looking forward to our first-time experience of a restaurant which had been highly recommended by friends.
Definitely did not reach expectations.
We started with 4 small plates of a antipasto, which was a lacklustre assortment of deep-fried bread and cheese, roast veg, seafood and another I can't quite remember.
Our mains arrived promptly after.
One of our party found her ravioli very delicious, the other three meals were a veal dish with mushrooms,and a beef done in the pizza oven,which was presented as flat firm meat pieces with cheese on top, and some rocket. Altogether a rather uninspiring meal....nothing "hearty", no jus to mop- up...basically very basic. Not what you expect for $30 plus.
When we asked for salad..we were advised by our waiter that one would not be enough, we would need two....then he arrived with four salads, (one for each of us).
As it was a birthday dinner treat, we didn't feel like making a fuss, but did feel we had been a "bulldozed, and then charged for 4.
In a nutshell, our meals were unacceptable, from a restaurant which claims to be one of the best Italian restaurants in Auckland.

O Sarracino has a cosy, atmospheric dining area, but is perhaps resting on its reputation.

5 star rating
by Kali Windmill
May 28, 2013

Came here tonight with my partner we both enjoyed the lovely food and host was very nice,setting was cosy had a relaxed atmosphere.If you want authentic italian food you must come here we both fully enjoyed the dining.

5 star rating
by Theresa Tagavaitau
May 28, 2013

I went with some friends and had a great night! I loved how the owner came to our table and explained everything. The food was great, the service was great and I felt we had an authentic italian experience.

From the moment we entered, the restaurant setting was cosy, comfortable and had a relaxed atmosphere. Everything from start to finish was awesome!

Grazie Mille!!

5 star rating
by Mario
May 04, 2013

This is the first review we have ever written about anything. However, our experience last night was so exceptional that we are compelled to take the time to share some strong words of praise and recommendation! The combination of excellent food, service and the relaxed but intimate atmosphere encapsulated all things Italian.
Having lived in Napoli 2 years ago, we can attest to the authenticity of the food and the atmosphere delivered by the friendly staff. We started with the antipasto platter for 2, followed by pesce of the day (snapper), and duck-filled ravioli special. Each mouthful was a religious experience, from the first to the last - but we were so full we could not finish! The wine (Canapi nero d'avola) was delicious. Honestly, the best food or meal we have had since leaving Italy 2 years ago - maybe even the best ever! Not to mention we were made to feel like we were the only ones in the restaurant, and being last to leave we were never rushed out the door. Grazie Gaetano and your wonderful crew for a perfect night! We will certainly be back for the next special occasion.

5 star rating
by Robyn Douglas
Apr 21, 2013

A group of friends dined at this restaurant last night as a farewell dinner before our trip to Italy, it was amazing. The staff were great, so attentive and I asked for a real Italian experience and got it. The food was beautiful and so fresh, everything was given an explanation about what the dish was and its orgin. Gaetano was so helpful and accommodating I can't say enough except if you don't go to try this place it is well and truly your loss. MOLTE GRAZIE to the staff and Gaetano for a lovely evening.

5 star rating
by Robert Richardson
Apr 13, 2013

One word bellisimo....it was absolutely fantastoc. Gaetano you are the perfect host. We are returning with a group of friends. We started with the antipasto platter for 2 followed by the Ravioli snapper and prawn special and four hour slow cooked beef and topped all this off with two Tiramisu desserts...yum yum yummo. Best Italian food we've had in a while.

5 star rating
by Gus
Mar 15, 2013

One of the most enjoyable Italian dining experiences to be found in Auckland. The food was fabulous, I am a big fan of proscuitto with rockmelon but the use of fresh figs instead was inspired. Gaetano runs a friendly establishment and I would absolutely go back again

5 star rating
by Mat
Aug 16, 2012

Absolutely the best Italian restaurant i have been to. The food is amazing and staff are excellent... and at times have gone beyond what is needed in regards to service.

Always well treated and the Chef always makes a point to ask how our meals are. It is one of those restaurants you look forward all day to go to.

Cant wait to go again.

5 star rating
by Monica Ma
Aug 04, 2012

Great experience here. The antipasto was ok - not sure about some of the ingredients on the plate. However, as Ragu lived up to its reputation- it was divine. Shame that I did not order it and got to taste the leftovers from a fellow diners plate. My fish in a tomato and olive base was divine. The suits meal - fish with fennel was also very good and thank god the fennel was very subtle. Gaetano also did a dessert platter up for us and suggested some wine. The night was a success after our suit who loves to hold court was bowled over by the quirkiness of our host. I still remember that he stated a wine that we thought was half way decent Italian was not good because he did not live in the region. All in all a very good meal, antipasto a hit and miss but the mains, wine and dessert - all top notch. Please note that this is not at the cheap end of Italian dining but it is worth it for authentic Italian. If you want boring Italian that you think is proper, don't' bother coming here as this is the real deal. I will be going back again.

5 star rating
by Jade Lim
May 15, 2012

YUM! I first tried O'Sarracino at my company's Christmas dinner last year. I knew this was the place I wanted to bring my family for an authentic Italian meal. We went there for Mother's Day. The Squid Ink was yum! I had the SPAGHETTI CARTOCCIO (Seafood spaghetti cooked in the pizza oven with our focaccia pizza topping). Very unique dish! :) We also had the GNOCHI and Venison Ravioli. Little bit pricey from other Italian restaurant, but it's definitely worth the money! :)

4 star rating
by Leigh
Apr 05, 2012

Was very authentic as far as I know, fresh ingredients and raw products used, was a different experience, going to the source soon so will be more informed then, would go again but not with my husband, he didn't come the first time but not his thing so def not take there

4 star rating
by Gemma
Dec 03, 2011

You must try this little gem! The service was fantastic, the waiter recommended a fantastic bottle of Merlot to us, allowed us to finish our entree' before taking our mains orders and he knew the menu incredibly well. The waiter also politely asked our names early in the evening which was a nice touch.
All of the food was divine. We both ordered the evenings specials for our mains: fresh pasta with king prawns in a cream sauce with black truffles and a 'half a half' 6 hour cooked beef and beef ravioli.
Great atmosphere, great food and lovely staff.

1 star rating
by Julia
Aug 29, 2011

Absolutely terrible service. I have been here several times and loved it but my recent experience was like something out of a movie.

Long story short, they were unbelievably rude!

We had a table of 13 women and when we arrived they automatically opened sparkling water for us (at $12 a bottle) We immediately said we didn't want it and they said we had to have it as it was now open and argued with us about it.

They doubled up on our entree's and then charged us for them at the end of the evening - luckily we caught it in the bill! They kept opening wine bottle after wine bottle and we hadn't asked for it.

The owner was pushy and aggressive and we felt like he was taking advantage of us all!

There is no doubt the food is lovely but I will definitely not be going back!

5 star rating
by Nicky
Aug 15, 2011

This place is amazing. I went with my parents who are notoriously fussy and quite small eaters. I have never seen Dad devour pasta with such relish. The food is delicious, authentic Italian, the service is polished and the overall experience sublime. Just wonderful!

5 star rating
by Melissa Bell
May 24, 2011

Without a doubt the best meal I have had in Auckland (and I ahve dined at a number of 5 star fine dining restaurants that were much more expensive!). I have holidayed in Italy, and the Naples area a number of times and I think that my recent meal was better than any I had in Italy! The special snapper stuffed ravioli with prawns, mussels, crayfish, squid and clams was simply out of this world and worth the the $50 price tag. The tiramisu was divine. I loved the ambience and the service was good. Thank goodness for this little slice of Italia in Mt Eden!

5 star rating
by Gregf
May 17, 2011

Without a doubt the best "Real" Italian meals I have had here. My partner is Vegetarian and she was well looked after. The service was impeccable. we went for Chefs choice for everything which was bang on except for the desert which I will choose differently next time. Will definitely be returning

2 star rating
by Nikki
Jul 11, 2010

We found the menu a bit limited. Some lovely mains but not great if you don't want seafood or fancy a pizza as even though they have a pizza oven, there is no pizza on the menu! We wanted bruchetta to start which also wasn't on the menu, but they made some especially and it was delicious. There were some nice specials and I had the ravioli with spinach and ricotta which was divine.

My partner ordered the ravioli seafood special which was also nice but not worth $50 for a bit of pasta, a couple of mussels and prawns and a very small piece of crayfish. They also failed to disclose the price until we got the bill so that was a bit of a surprise. They were rude when we mentioned the price when it came to pay the bill saying they made no money on that dish! We weren't complaining, merely suggesting that they tell customers the price, especially when it's twice the price of the other mains on the menu.

Another member of the group ordered an ice cream desert which was so frozen that it was inedible for at least 15 minutes and pricey at $13 for what seemed like a Sarah Lee desert. When he mentioned how solid it was, the waiter was very rude and defensive.

Although some of the food was nice, I wouldn't go back. It's over-priced and lacks real choice and the staff are rude and unable to take criticism.

5 star rating
by Andy Carruthers
May 07, 2010

This is an outstanding Italian Restaurant.
amazing fresh food, amazing staff and such a great location - cnr symonds st & Mt Eden road. Carpark opp. Used to be funeral parlour! Get the anitpasti platter - they will design it for you. Don't order off menu - talk to the staff and they will offer you things that aren't on the menu. Bookings essential.

5 star rating
by Tony
Oct 10, 2009

Please don't tell people how good this restaurant is, otherwise we will have to book weeks in advance!!! The anti platter is just the best ever.

5 star rating
by Marina Humberstone
Sep 02, 2009

Went there on a Tuesday night for my birthday. We received the best service we have ever received from a resturant. Our Waitress was superb all her reccomendations were excellent and the food was five star. THey even sang Happy Birthday to me in Italian. I would reccomend Sarracino's to anyone who wants a top rated meal and staff who treat you as though you are the only person in the resturant.

5 star rating
by Perry
Aug 26, 2009

You are great! The lemon cello is fanatstic, the service great, the food superb!

5 star rating
by Rachel
Oct 09, 2008

Amazing food, friendly service and a romatic atmosphere.