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Oedo Japanese Restaurant

4 star rating 14 reviews

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09 2152288

115 Great South Road, Epsom, Auckland

11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, 5:30 PM till Late (Tue-Sun), Monday Closed


Reviews for Oedo Japanese Restaurant

5 star rating
by Chris Nelson
5 months ago

Good food, friendly staff ,have been back a couple of times and taking a party for dinner again ,quickly becoming a favorite !

3 star rating
by Arthur Chen
Sep 13, 2013

Not owned by Japanese, but really how many are these days. The food was not too unauthentic.

We ordered lunch sets which with your choice of meat/seafood and the stirfry beef was good. It came with small amounts of salad, sushi, sashimi and rice. The portion size overall however was much smaller than the price suggest and smaller than a typical japanese lunch set.

The sashimi platter (large) was on a beautifully decorated plate.

I did find the hostess a little pushy with menu items, which threw off experience there.

The place looks great, all the furniture and decor feel quite Japanese and a samurai armour greets you at the door.

5 star rating
by Emzone11
Mar 19, 2013

My partner and I went to Oedo, after reading the reviews it was everything that I thought it would be and wanted it to be. Being a lover of Japanese food Oedo left me with a very happy and satisfied dining experience. The ambiance of the interior is hidden by its outside appearance, it was lovely,calming and peaceful, with an inviting high end finish.
The service could be an example to many other businesses in how to make a customer feel special and valued. The staff did this hands down, excellent service. And the food was everything, the flavours and tastes were all so distinctive, the freshness was superb, and the presentation was typically beautiful and artistic, which complimented the entire dining experience. And of course value for money.
I was totally impressed as was my partner. We are big foodies and have visited many Japanese eateries, and Oedo is by far one of the top Japanese restaurants we have eaten at. Soto would come reasonably close, but Oedo is definitely my top Japanese culinary experience. I also liked the fact that my casual appearance wasn't an issue in entering what could easily be classed as a high end eatery.

2 star rating
by Tomiinnz
Sep 08, 2012

The last time I went to OEDO was a year ago and I was very impressed with the food and price as its taste was something I would expect to find in Japan, and was reasonably cheap for Japanese restaurant in Auckland. However, this time, it seems like the business has been changed and I was very disappointed with the food we had which was not authentic Japanese (I am Japanese) and the price was over valued considering the quality of the meal and its portion size.

3 star rating
by Tom Ou
Aug 08, 2012

Felt like some jap food last night so my partner and i headed over to oedo since we go past the restaurant quite often yet have never tried it.
Warm greeting but felt slightly over greeted, maybe its just me but the enthusiasm could be toned down a little in my opinion.
We had the soft shell crab sushi, tofu salad and the wagu beef.
The quality of the sushi and salad was expected and average. Wagu beef was very nice and medium rare like we asked, but this was also expected as it is top quality meat.
The decoration inside was very nice, loved the bar, and there's a little japanese looking hut in the middle of the restaurant which was pretty cool.
Overall, great decoration and good service. Food was not much different from other japanese restaurants we've had though.

3 star rating
by Sunny
Jun 28, 2012

4 of us went last night because we had a voucher from the Ent. book and because of the good reviews on this site. Loved the 'new' Japanese decor - charming and warm - great place for a quiet dinner - very good service too. The food was beautifully presented and tasted delicious, but the portions are quite small and on the pricey side, even with the discount. The menu for dinner is also briefer than other places and it looked like the lunch menu might be a much better value? Really enjoyed the whole atmosphere though and look forward to trying them again, but probably for lunch.

5 star rating
by Sally
Jun 06, 2012

Today I went passed Oedo Restaurant, and found out they are still open, they had closed for a while, so I thought they had closed down.
Me and my two girlfriends were thinking to go to the Thai restaurant nearby, and had changed our mind to visit Oedo.
They had changed the exterior and the interior look, we chose to sit by the window, with good lookout view. Not only that, they had changed all the staff and chef as well. Maybe now its new owner? I came here twice before they closed for the change.
No more pictures for their menu. The waitress is very friendly, she recommended their special and explained about the menu.
Three of us, we ordered two drinks each, and we ordered our favourite assorted sashimi, the fish is fresh! And we tried their scampi tempura, very sweet and juicy, different from normal prawn (A++). Another one is chicken Karagee with five kinds of different taste. Overall, excellent meal. We spent under 100 dollars. Everything is better than before. Would definitely take my family back for the next visit.

3 star rating
by SteveM
Jan 26, 2012

Freshest sashimi I have ever had, although the atmosphere was a little dry. We went because we had bought a coupon for a sashimi boat for two and a bottle of wine. The sashimi was a lot smaller than the picture on the coupon, and they had run out of red wine. Bar and waiting was a little inefficient, possibly because they are inexperienced? Change the atmosphere to make it feel warmer, and polish up the service and it will be a winner, but because of the above glitches I only give it three stars. Maybe in a year's time it will get four?

4 star rating
by Lynn L.
Jan 09, 2012

Have visited this Restaurant twice, once for dinner (23/11) & lunch (11/12) dinner was a la carte we had grilled pork, ox tongue,octopus balls with its dancing fish flakes,mixed tempura,raw snapper on the advice of the waitress, in fact the fish was so fresh one could think it just came out of a live tank.assort. sushi,chicken and edamame.What a feast every dish superbly cooked and presented.
Lunch was their famous Oedo set lunch, it could not be faulted green salad,miso soup,mix tempura, sashimi & sushi,assort. tempura, rice,side dishes of dipping sauces & condiments.Great range of Sake tried 2 types Jumai Tatewaki (dry),Karantanba(very dry) Definitely we will be back.Very reasonable for Japanese and excellent food and service.Only weakness was in the dessert section not much choice.
Have no qualms in recommending this establishment to the most discerning diner.
Lynn L.

4 star rating
by Tejpal Singh
Nov 09, 2011

fantastic food, lovely environment and extremely pleasant staff..

Will be back soon!

2 star rating
by Chelly
Oct 25, 2011

Our family of four went to this restaurant for lunch last Saturday. Admittedly, the stark white exterior does look odd in contrast to the very lovely 'Japanese' interior of this restaurant. However, I have driven past the location for years and the outside has always looked like that as it was, and probably still is, a part of the motel downstairs.

We all decided on the Ji Bu Ni Set. There was a lot of food served in that set, and it is very reasonably priced for what you get. I didn't finish my meal, and the others struggled too.

The quality of the food was great. Everything that was meant to be hot, arrived hot. The salads were crunchy and fresh. The flavour of the food was excellent. The noodles in the soup were not overcooked.

The staff were wonderful. Chef worked in full view of patrons preparing sashimi. They girls encouraged my daughter to speak to them in Japanese when they found out she was studying it at school. We were also shown their beautiful private dining room for large groups.

Overall, the meal was extremely good and very reasonably priced. The food presentation is very tidy and appetising. The staff were friendly and professional. The dining experience was very enjoyable.

Whilst there, we perused the dinner menu and it looks impressive. We will definitely return to Oedo in the future.

Went back to Oedo a few months after my original review because I liked the food, and we were in the area.

Unfortunately, it was like a completely different restaurant. The place looked the same, but the service and food quality was way below what we experienced the first time around.

The staff were not at all attentive, nor did they seem interested in any of the customers. They got our order wrong and then forgot the sushi that was meant to come with the meal. When we pointed it out to them, they challenged that the meal was meant to come with sushi. We showed the the photo, and only then did they apologise. We ended up having to take the sushi home in a takeaway container because they took so long making it!

The food was below average and somewhat tasteless. I would have even questioned the freshness of some items. Miso soup was cold. None of us really enjoyed anything that we ate.

Shame this place dropped their standards because it could have made regular customers out of us.

4 star rating
by Victoria
Oct 21, 2011

We took 6 to dinner tonight, we ALL loved it. Superb range of food, delicious, speedy, fabulous friendly waitress who explained the menu thoroughly and helped us choose what we liked. Real range of guests with us and they all enjoyed teir food and said they would be back. We live nearby so expect to see us bi-monthly! Great to have good Japanese food in Epsom/Greenlane.

4 star rating
by Sec
Oct 09, 2011

If you can get past the awful pseudo Mediterranean exterior you'll find a lovely bar & restaurant decked out in traditional Japanese style. We love Japanese food & were pleased to see that the place was nearly full on a Tuesday night and that most of the other diners were Asian - always a good sign.
We sorted through the menu and were pleased to see a couple of dishes that the other places we favour didn't offer. From jellyfish to Harumaki roll - an unusual but delicious "spring roll" filled with prawns, bacon and cheese. Dishes arrive Japanese style, in no particular order, for all to share and are served on lovely Japanese pottery plates and bowls.
The only complaint I would make is that wine glasses & a couple of plates had finger marks on them which was very off putting. Overall though a very good meal and we left very happy to the usual Japanese shouted farewell.

5 star rating
by Food Voyeur
Sep 09, 2011

Gorgeous food, and the mood of the place is so fabulous. It's brand new, and is stunning inside. we absolutely loved the incredible flavours: crisp, sweet & juicy tempura vegetables in their light batter was our starter. And then my partner & I shared a crunchy pork Katsu which was really tender. Then my favourite: a delicious grilled eggplant topped with cheese, and finally a grilled hokke (a smallish sized butterflied whole salty delicious fish).

Both the surroundings, the food, and the service make us want to go back there again as soon as we can get another baby-sitter!

One point for improvement, would be that I'm really glad I looked at the picture menus on this site before I went, because I needed those pictures to figure out what to order.

The place is brand-new with lots of aesthetically charming features including the purpley-blue tone of lighting. And, I LOVE that the whole staff, chefs included call out a friendly greeting to guests on arrival. How cool!