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Olaf’s Artisan Bakery & Cafe

3_half star rating 46 reviews

Telephone 09 638 7593

1 Stokes Road
Mt Eden
Auckland City

Mon - Fri 6:30am - 6pm
Sat & Sun 6:30am - 5pm
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European Artisan Bakery Cafe


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Reviews for Olaf’s Artisan Bakery & Cafe

4 star rating
by Gus
6th July 2014

I have eaten at Olaf’s in the past and had no problems with the level of service I received. I have also bought bread to take away which is outstanding. Today I took away a selection of cakes and can safely say that they were delicious. The chocolate almond meal cake (bittersweet chocolate, the centre melted in my mouth almost like a fondant yum!!) the raspberry tarts and the raspberry and lemon bundt cake were to die for. I should have bought a lemon curd tart too because it also looked great. Something to look forward to next time I guess

1 star rating
by Andy H.
22nd June 2014

Not child friendly. It’s the worst experience we have been unfortunately a part of. Extremely rude owner who yelled out our children and attempted to charge for a broken glass, delegating the task to a reluctant staff member who was highly embarrassed by the event. Better choices in Mt Eden.

2 star rating
by Caroline
21st May 2014

Is Olaf’s one of the most expensive cafes in Auckland? Surely $13.50 for a sandwich and $5 for a coffee is extreme.

Comment from Olaf B. of Olaf’s Artisan Bakery & Cafe 3/06/2014   
Dear Caroline, My answer to your question is simply no. We only…    More »
4 star rating
by Genevieve V.
27th April 2014

Great cafe with very fresh tasty food. Its gives us a good excuse to go to Mount Eden.

5 star rating
by halfpie j.
28th January 2014

Recommended to me by colleague!
Knew it was in the Mt Eden village and thought it would be easy to find? Assumed it was on the main street in some old building! It’s down a side road a stone throws from the main drag! The place sits behind the Chinese fruit vendor in a modern looking clean building with a good rustic feel to it!
Sat by the window watching the old Chinese shopkeeper loading produce while our food was being prepped (Was told he is 100yrs old and his wife is in her 80′s) Opposite me you can see the baker diligently making his loaves thru the glass partition
Ordered the bacon n eggs and my girl had a Danish pastry of some sort along with coffees. The food was nicely presented and ever so tasty. This has got to be one of the best in Auckland and they do live up to their reputation with out being pompous about it!

We’d walked in about 8.00 so very few diners in there! Come 9.00am the place was like being at the train station, so many people amassed in the eatery. My girl commented that so many different languages being spoken by the pretty patrons. She thought it was quite cute

5 star rating
by Lucas P.
21st January 2014

Well, I don’t live in Auckland, and now I am extremely bummed because Olaf’s is fantastic. Delicious salads, soups and the bread, oh the bread. Great coffee too. It’s busy yes, but there is a reason for that, it’s because it is awesome!! Service was speedy and friendly despite a massive queue and stifling heat on Saturday. I’ll be back on every visit for sure.
p.s. get the fig sourdough and eat it with blue cheese, you will thank me.

4 star rating
by Eugene J.
4th January 2014

Excellent coffee and excellent food, both cooked and from the counter. Mt Eden residents love this place where you can watch bread being made. I’ve never suffered bad service and I have been regularly and at different times. its only problem is that it is a victim of its own success. Sometimes, getting a table can be tough.

1 star rating
by Joanne
4th December 2013

Very poor service! Ordered a cooked meal, hot drink, a salad, quiche and cold drinks. Hot drink came first, no other drinks came. Got cooked meal and waited for other cabinet food to come. Waited and waited, still hadn’t got other food. Told waiter and had to wait some more. Finally got cabinet food and was given wrong salad. Asked for a mixed salad and only got one type of salad! Complained to lady on counter who was very rude, said they would give us the other salad we had ordered. Time went by and we did not receive it. Terrible service, very rude and did not apologise for the big mix up! Will NOT be back!!!!

2 star rating
by Mark R.
8th November 2013

Twice now I’ve been and they haven’t delivered the coffee. I know they can get busy but that’s not a good thing in a Cafe. Luckily the good food earns them some forgiveness for the indifferent service. But it is high-priced for what is provided.

I’ve written this while at the Cafe and have downgraded another star from the rating as while waiting I was asked to pay again for the coffee I ordered, and after requesting they check I wasn’t paying twice they didn’t come back to me. I’ve also seen others have to dispute their orders.

Until the service standards visibly change I’ll go to one of the many other Cafes nearby when in Mt Eden.

3 star rating
by Brian S.
23rd October 2013

Busy place. Not a very relaxing place for meetings (very noisy). Service can be indifferent at times. The coffee quality can vary greatly depending on who is behind the counter.

5 star rating
by Rozanne D.
24th September 2013

The food and the coffee here is excellent. I love coming early for truffle eggs. A lovely peaceful start to the day. The staff are very friendly and obliging when one is in a hurry. Love the way it’s consistently clean and high quality food.

1 star rating
by Nicola
26th August 2013

Have been to Olaf’s a few times now with friends & we have always been disappointed with the incredibly slow service & expensive prices – $5.30 for a soy hot chocolate! Staff are often talking to each other & it takes forever to order. Recently I ordered a soy hot chocolate – as I’m allergic to dairy, when it arrived I could see there was chocolate sprinkled on the top, so I thought I’d better check to see if it was dark chocolate which has no dairy. The barista was so rude & condescending “Well if it’s chocolate of course it has dairy” he said. He then had to ask the manager if there was dairy in the chocolate & she confirmed they use ganache. He was reluctant to swap the hot chocolate for anything else & was yelling out the whole situation to the manager so a whole queue of people were listening. He then told me to sit down & wait & he would let me know if they could make me a tea instead later! My friends couldn’t believe his behaviour & one of the people in the queue also approached me to say she was appalled at the way he was acting. A simple thing like this would be easily fixed in any other Auckland cafe. Will never eat here again.

3 star rating
by Jason
7th August 2013

Just average cafe like others
Coffee wasn’t hot enough(soy latte was just taste soy not coffee)
Foods was just average….tried to make different but same same not different…and couldn’t figure it out this place is cafe or sandwich shop or bakery….no character……

4 star rating
by Aston H.
28th July 2013

Olafs is the best cafe in Auckland! I would go there every day if I could. The pastries are to die for. I would recommend the Raspberry tart and Cranberry Danish which my sister loves. It is unbelievable!

The coffee are not very nice though. My father prefers some other cafes such as Espresso Workshop for the coffee. Our whole family loves Olafs and thinks it is extremely tasty. Good service. We are regulars.

I would definitely recommend Olafs. I would give 4 stars if the coffee was amazing.

2 star rating
by Cara F.
7th July 2013

Love the feel of the place, and being able to watch the skillful bakers at work through the open kitchen. The baking is among the best I’ve had in Auckland – a blackberry friand, and an almond cake were perfect.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I will return because of a couple of odd incidents. The first was a hot chocolate, which being seated facing the coffee counter, I noticed was made with hot water being poured into the cup before the milk. Odd, I thought, but it tasted OK, so… and then I got to the bottom to find curdled chocolate!

Second was lunch last weekend, when three out of four of us ordered the fish of the day. They arrived looking lovely, but with a strange odour. It tasted like it was off, so we asked the waitress to pass our comments to the chef, and she returned assuring us it was fresh. We didn’t want to make a fuss, so tried again, but all four of us agreed that there was definitely something wrong with the fish, and so returned it to the kitchen. No offer was made to repair the issue, until one of us requested a replacement sandwich, and I had the toast – together the price of just one of the fish plates. The waitress was lovely, but I’m disappointed that there was no apology or any attempt to resolve our terrible meal!

5 star rating
by Nina H.
9th March 2013

Came here a few weeks ago and just wanted to say that we felt the service was absolutely excellent. The food was also great – fantastically presented and a taste sensation! I would definitely rate this cafe as up there with Auckland’s best!

5 star rating
by Kelly
1st March 2013

I came to Olaf’s last weekend with a group of friends. We were very impressed! The food was superb (I had the omlette- great!) and while I didn’t have a coffee myself, the other girls said their coffees were excellent. It was busy (a sign of a good cafe!) and still the service was very good- fast but friendly. Great atmosphere to top it off. Will definitely be back. Thank you Olaf’s!

5 star rating
by Katie B.
6th January 2013


I could not fault Olaf’s. Their coffee was the best I’ve had in Auckland for a long time, their service was friendly and delightful, their food was to die for!!! I had the pancetta de fungi (mushroom and pancetta gnocchi with what tasted like a lemon butter dressing and basil pesto) YUM! Could have eaten it a million times and totally reasonably priced considering the location. Other dishes ordered at my table were the BLT from the cabinet and the corn fritters from the specials board, both looked lush and were apparently equally delicious. When we left we picked up a couple of tarts and a loaf of ciabatta for later, not surprisingly they were great too.

I live in Wellington city where you’re spoilt for choice on delicious food and great coffee and while I have found a few nice places on my many visits to Auckland, none have impressed me as much as Olaf’s. I am so impressed. Definitely my new regular when I’m in town.

My only niggle was the $10 price for the cabinet salads, I probably would have had one if they were a more reasonable $8? But I haven’t tried them and they did look spectacular so they could be worth it.

2 star rating
by Maxi
5th January 2013

Heard that the croissants are to die for. Yes true to the word.

Ordered Americano…small jar of burning hot water was offered with 3/4 full cup of coffee. Small jar has no handle…spilled the whole jar into the coffee cup as it was too hot to handle which spilled on to my cloths. We had no offer or help to clean the table. Olaf you need to review your service or maybe get proper hot water jars?

Comment from Olaf B. of Olaf’s Artisan Bakery & Cafe 7/01/2013   
Dear Maxi, Thanks for your feedback. I am sorry for your bad…    More »
3 star rating
by Jane K.
5th January 2013

I’ve been here three times now and been pretty disappointed. Everything looks lovely and the staff are very nice, but the coffee is average (I used to be a barista and a barista trainer so I know good coffee), and every time I’ve tried the food its been dry and bland. I just read a comment saying they charge extra for butter, which I wasn’t told about when asked if I wanted butter with my scone. I can’t imagine how awful it would have been without the butter though! The prices are outrageous considering the quality of food. If the food and coffee were good, I’d be happy to pay their listed prices but at this point in time it’s just not worth it, especially when there are so many other options in this area.

4 star rating
by Biddy O.
10th December 2012

We’ve been regulars at Olafs for a while now. I agree, it has its good points and a few not so good points. (But I don’t think any cafe is good at everything nor strives to be.)

I really object to paying 80 cents for a small circle of butter. Items that need butter (scones, muffins) should have butter provided for free, as it is in most cafes I’ve been to. It’s not alot of money but it does make the muffin damn expensive when you’re already paying top price.

But as for their bread/cakes/muffins/pastries/sandwiches, they are excellent! I can’t believe someone posted here that the bread was no good, it is the best. Thank-you Olaf.

5 star rating
by Deanne
10th September 2012

Really cool Cafe. We went with a few friends for coffees and pastries. Magnificent!!!

One of our friends is from Germany and she was blown away by their breads. No wonder they have been awarded for their sourdoughs. Great stuff, we will definitely return.

5 star rating
by Dave
22nd August 2012

I have been to Auckland recently to catch up with a friend who recommended Olaf’s.

What an extraordinary place. Their staffs are up to speed, excellent coffee and delicious food. A bit on the pricy side, but when I talked to the Cafe Manager, she explained, that everything is made from scratch. Had a Hot Chocolate which is made with Belgian Chocolate – superb!

They have an open bakery were you can watch the bakers. What a great idea, especially for children. We forget these days where our food comes from. I can’t understand older posts, which give this place a one star rating. That is ridiculous. I am in the hospitality industry myself and my rating is thumbs up for Olaf’s. I will be back.

4 star rating
by Erwin P.
21st August 2012

I’m a German who has been living in New Zealand for five years and in all that time I have not been able to find real European bread. My search is over. Olaf’s Artisan Bakery Cafe makes bread the equal of any European Artisan Bakery. I will drive the 50 kms to Olafs twice a week from now on to get my bread. I would have given 5 stars but there was no sauerkraut on the cafe menu. I’ll have to keep looking for that.

5 star rating
by Geoffrey P.
21st August 2012

A friend recommended Olaf’s bread, so I went there for the Pain au Levain. The bread was excellent as I expected, but so was the food, the coffee and the pastries. The people here really know what they are doing. Everything we had was superb and the service was excellent even tho’ it was a Sunday morning and the place was pretty full already. Definitely worth driving across town for, but get there early as the bread sells out fast.

3 star rating
by Tornado
18th August 2012

We have been regular weekend visitors to Olaf’s. The staff have been very friendly and helpful. However, three times they brought the wrong order – when asked for Iced Coffe brought Iced Chocolate twice!

Food is good, however, its very expensive. On the whole, visit if you live nearby but not worth the travel.

5 star rating
by Jordanne L.
7th August 2012

I have always had a beautiful time here. I always get the Pain Au Levain with cream cheese, bacon, avocado and a milk chocolate ganache. There is a wonderful worker there who I have seen
Mostly at the till but sometimes on the coffees. He joyfully explained the difference between my usual earl grey and a “French” earl grey.
I’m always happy with the service and the swiftness at which they always deliver my food. I love this little place!

1 star rating
by Wendy T.
2nd August 2012

Went with my son for lunch last week. He ordered Calamari and I ordered Roast Vegetable Salad with Haloumi. The Calamari smelled (off!) and he couldn’t eat it. My salad consisted of soggy eggplant only and the couscous base was bland and came with two small strips of haloumi. When we complained to the staff no-one seemed to care or do anything about it. It was over-priced and inedible food and we won’t be back! We won’t be recommending it as there are much better places in Mt. Eden.

3 star rating
by Juku
21st July 2012

Pro: good opening hours, nice interior, good coffee, great salads
Con: Bread could be better

Open till 6pm! That is pretty darn good for a cafe, considering they often close much earlier. Being around the corner from Mt Eden Rd, I’ve never noticed Olaf’s and was very glad when my friend suggested to go there. The salad ($10) I had was amazing and also my friend’s sandwich ($12.50) was delicious. The Croissant was also good, but I’ll have to come back for the European pastries, which I found quite pricey.

The only thing which didn’t convince me was their bread. When I think of European (eg German) bread, it should be much harder and not so fluffy.

2 star rating
by Rachael W.
12th July 2012

Came in one weekend after hearing about this place from a friend. Nice for winter, probably not so good for summer – super hot inside! Coffee was mediocre, not the best i’ve had in mt eden for sure. Tried a couple of the pastries – got to say they may be the best i’ve had in a very long time (special mention of the blueberry tart, yum!). Unfortunately the service was disappointing, the waitress on the till came off as rude and snappy to everyone around her. Seemed to be lack of staff to clear tables? I don’t want to sit at a table with dirty dishes on it but couldn’t find a clean one… Likely to come back for the pastries only.

1 star rating
by Owen
24th June 2012

Great food, mediocre service and poor attitudes! Spent nearly $50 and they totally missed our coffees, so the rest of our party had finished theirs and two still had not arrived. When we approached them the barrista was quite aggro saying “Well, I made them” and the lady on the counter took ages to find the order. They remade them but when they finally arrived the cappuccino we ordered was a latte and the attitude was poor.
No apology offered! This was a first and last for us. They need to pick their act up.

Comment from Dave M. of Olaf’s Artisan Bakery & Cafe 8/07/2012   
The coffees were not missed; there were 7 people on the table that…    More »
5 star rating
by Alice
27th May 2012

Sad to see this quaint cafe garner such an average rating on this site for I believe it is one of the best in Auckland.

Delicious breads, delectable patisseries and damn good coffees Olaf’s Artisan Bakery & Cafe is a delight. You can even watch Olaf, the artisan baker and owner, perfecting his craft through the glass.

The temperature in the cafe is a tad too warm for my liking and the menu is pretty pricy but otherwise it is outstanding. Perhaps the bad reviews are just a tactic to keep this cafe for the locals :P.

5 star rating
by Anita
2nd May 2012

Olaf’s is one of my favourite cafes in Auckland. Such great European bread baked just perfectly is a rare find. Amazing pastries too (especially the linzer tart). I’ve never had any problems with the service – has always been perfectly pleasant, coffee is good too.

2 star rating
by Bill S.
12th February 2012

Read recent reviews before going . Thought they were a bit tough as enjoyed earlier visits. Sadly no. Coffee took nearly an hour to arrive , scrambled eggs with truffle was nothing special and service hopelessly haphazard. Could see some customers were using vouchers. If staff don’t have the systems , training and numbers to handle a busy cafe they should not offer vouchers. We would not have been the only dissatisfied customers. On the upside their patisserie items were delicious. Was our visit worth the wait. ? Definitely not. In Mt Eden ,Greenwoods Corner, Royal Oak and Market Rd there are alternative cafe’s offering more efficent service and as good food. Kenzie’s is one.

1 star rating
by Soo-Young L.
2nd February 2012

Just visited yesterday. Was looking forward to it as place looks great from outside. Walked in and found it way too hot. Staff friendly though and food looked great.

Sat by kitchen and my sister noticed person/owner making bread seemed to be unhappy with us which made her quite uncomfortable as she was facing him.
As it turns out it was my 3 1/2 yr old boy that he was unhappy with and as soon as my boy put his feet on the chair, we were immediately told that our boy was not allowed to do that. We got him to put his feet down but thought owner was a bit precious and OTT.
My sister took his shoes off just in case it happened again however kids will often sit on their knees so they can reach the food as adult chairs are too low. Perhaps cafe could think about boosters or something like that as it’s obviously an issue.

Food arrived. Sister said french onion soup very good.
My gourmet breakfast was underwhelming for the price. Baked beans and bacon were great however everything else under-seasoned. Only one little sausage and one slice of bread cut in half. Bland scrambled eggs, mushrooms and potato thing.

Because young children don’t seem to be welcome in this cafe, I will not visit again.

2 star rating
by Tim C.
7th January 2012

Delicious food. Great coffee. Prices a bit steep but quality nosh so not outrageous.
The service is infuriatingly slow. I just stood and waited while the guy serving went and asked a question from someone in the kitchen, while a line of people waited to be served. A few other staff members drifted by indifferently. This went on for what felt like about 5 minutes. Unbelievable. Quicker to walk across the road to Frazers and order, even though they’re busier.
Won’t be back

4 star rating
by HBM
29th December 2011

Spacious restaurant if you have prams. Food is delicious although on the expensive side for what it is. There’s a reason why it gets crowded so quickly.

1 star rating
by Krishna G.
14th December 2011

Tried their spaghetti carbonara, worst I’ve ever had, their menu didn’t state it would come with cherry tomatoes (which I hate) the figs ruined the whole dish I thought it might’ve been something I could move to the side but couldn’t since it had poured over the top of the dish, this was also meant to have crispy bacon, had no idea it would be in the form of “dust”. The taste was extremely bland the shavings of coconut didn’t help, WHO PUTS COCONUT ON A CARBONARA?

1 star rating
by Duraimani G.
11th December 2011

I had been to this cafe as I had a deal voucher.

I had ordered a big breakfast and my friend had ordered a french toast without bacon as she is a pure vegetarian.

The service was way too slow had to wait for 25 mins to get the food. when the food came it was a shock the french toast had bacon in it.

The big breakfast was the saddest one which i ever had in my life. As a chef i rate the Big breakfast 1/10.

the bread was dried and no butter was given one small bit of sausage mushrooms had no flavor at all, tomato was too dried out bacon was way too salty as if it was taken out from the sea directly. scrambled eggs were over done not worth $22.50 really disappointing.

Would never ever visit this place again nor recommend to any one else. waste of time and money :-(((((

5 star rating
by Luca
2nd November 2011

Going there time to time and as i am old European lad i love good flavours and great bread.
Well at Olaf’s everything comes together, i love their fennel sausages, they remind me Sicily so much!!then their baguette is crispy and crunchy just the real one i used to buy in St.Tropez years ago…i recommend this place to everyone who has taste!!!

3 star rating
by Dianna T.
23rd October 2011

Went yesterday and today. Yesterday and today the food was excellent. Ordered Eggs Bene with Avocado yesterday and with Salmon today. Perfect. Ordered a flat white yesterday. Drinkable. Ordered one today. Disgusting. Bitter and insipid. The milk was not creamy as it should be. Had a sweet pastry yesterday and today. Divine. Will be back for food but will skip the coffee and order a cold drink next time. Also, something needs to be done about the heat. It is so hot and hard to breathe in there.

4 star rating
by Christine F.
27th September 2011

Very friendly staff.
I have eaten here several times over the last month-with people of different ages.
The staff were extremely helpful with my 90 year old friend.
The cakes are superb.

2 star rating
by Premi
14th September 2011

Late luke warm. Avocado was the smallest in size I ever had anywhere in my life, it was brown with finger marks and portions like snack size. On the pricy side. Mt Eden has better places than Olaf’s.

5 star rating
by Anna W.
25th August 2011

Best coffee in Mt.Eden, probably in town, the food was absolutely excellent and very friendly, competent staff. Try the Linzer and my suggestion is either the duck risotto or the crumbed pork. And definitely taste some bread:-)

2 star rating
by lucy
23rd August 2011

Only reviewing the coffee…not very good, at all. Tried a few times, but had their last chance. Shame, Mt. eden could do with some good coffee!

4 star rating
by David B.
21st August 2011

Great new cafe in Mt Eden with a modern bright, welcoming layout. They also bake their own bread and there is a bakery within the cafe.

I can recommend the scrambled eggs with truffle. My other half liked their home made chai.

The only downside was that the coffee’s took a while to arrive.

Will be back.

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