One Tree Grill

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09 6256407

9 Pah Road, Epsom, Auckland

  European, Kiwi, Steakhouse
11:30 AM to 9:30 PM (Mon-Fri), 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM (Sat), Sun Closed


Reviews for One Tree Grill

5 star rating
by Lisa Borrie
8 days ago

This would have to be one of my favourites. Beautiful food, great service and good wine.Both the food and wine selection is great and I would put the standard up there with the French Cafe and Merediths although I prefer this restaurant. The goats cheese with pistachios is absolutely divine, a must try! I have been here several times and never been disappointed so can happily recommend this classy dining experience. Decor and seating is simple and refined and lighting is perfect. The name suggests a steak and fries spot but it is far from that with well executed dishes of high standard.
Love it!

5 star rating
by Suzie Duthie
15 days ago

We arrived to a wonderful ambiance & atmosphere -& we actually able to talk ! The menu wasn't too long ! The meals were delicious & fantastic service - I'll b back !!

4 star rating
by Rajeev Dadhe
19 days ago

My favourite restaurant for a good evening dinner or for business lunch. Located near the One Tree hill a famous landmark in Auckland. You never get lost if you see this hill.
Authentic kiwi food. Try the Snapper or the lamb rack. Need to book in advance. Best grilled menu in town.
Have visited this place a number of times. The deserts are very nice. Chocolate mouse was our favourite.

5 star rating
by Gemma
one month ago

NOTE: This review is from April 2015, but the menu doesn’t seem to have changed

It was our first time dining at this restaurant. It had been rated one of the top eats in Auckland, and my Uncle recommended it. We were seated along a cushion row, while my parents had seats opposite us. There were three tables between us, so we had plenty of room. We were immediately given our menus, which were like mini Ipads! How cool is that! It was the first time that I had ever used a tablet as a menu in a restaurant! Everything was categorized for entrees, mains, sides, desserts, degustation’s, grilled and drinks. It included a description, a price, and if you clicked on the dish, then a picture would pop up! This allowed you to see what each dish looked like, which made it easier for me to decide!

We were given a complimentary appetizer to start off. It was a Hapuka ceviche in a spoon. It was tangy and refreshing to the taste buds. We were then offered fresh, hot buns (1each). They were crispy on the outside and soft and warm within. It came with a beetroot butter that looked like a sorbet, but it tasted like normal creamy butter. I couldn’t taste the beetroot, but I could definitely see it! Our entrée came out quite fast. We all got the trio, which you share between two. This consisted of a plate with seared scallops (1 each) with ham, a raspberry sweet sauce and a creamy sauce on top. This was my favourite. The steak was juicy and tender, paired with Portobello mushroom. It was topped with a spicy sauce, but luckily my piece had none (as I’m not a big fan of spicy). We were also given a spoon containing salmon sashimi. It was fresh and delicious, topped with green caviar and served in a salty/sweet Chinese like sauce. The entrée was beautiful and light. I love how you can taste bits of everything.

It was a bit of a wait until our main. I got the grilled tuna eye steak (200g). It didn’t come with anything, so sides were recommended. But I got to choose a sauce. There were so many to choose from. The waitress recommended the horseradish cream or the shitake soy sauce, even though she hadn’t tried them herself, which wasn’t very helpful. She said the horseradish sauce was creamy, so I opted for that one. While we were waiting, I went to the bathroom. On my way I walked over their wine cellar. In the ground was a square of glass, so you could see a man selecting a wine beneath. Pretty cool! The toilets were nice with hand censored taps, nice smelling soap and hand towels. When I got back, finally our mains arrived.

My tuna was a thick piece, served on a plate with the dish of sauce, and a little vegetable mix. Pretty plain. But we got 4 sides, so that’s ok! These were:

-Hand-cut potatoes: nice crispy and thick, covered in a curry paste

-Shoestring fries: served with aioli, it was yummy!

-Rocket, pear and Parmesan salad: nice and fresh

-Green beans with almonds: good to add some greens! 

My tuna was nice, as it was my first time having a tuna steak. It was pretty bland though, because the horseradish cream which the waitress said was creamy, wasn’t at all. It was like the pulp of horseradish, so I didn’t eat it. I ate it with the aioli instead, and the sides were nice. 

I was looking forward to the dessert since we got there! It was a tough decision choosing, but I got the chocolate mousse. It was rich, thick and creamy with a cake base. It was served with chai ice cream (which I wanted more of), freeze-dried raspberries, a chocolate crumble, pistachio sauce, and a bark of meringue with slices of fresh strawberries. The flavours all worked really well together. It was so good I cleaned up my whole plate! I also tried my brother’s coconut sorbet from his trio of gelatos. It was so refreshing, creamy and delicious. I wanted a whole tub! All of their desserts looked really nice!

Overall we had a nice dining experience. The décor was fancy, the Ipad menus were special, and the food was amazing! :D

5 star rating
by Aj Maglaqui
2 months ago

I went here for dinner, and I absolutely loved this fine dining experience!
Amazing service, with high quality food and very professional, from the entree to the dessert the food was absolutely superb! A bit sad the pork belly had run out, but I guess it's an excuse to come back!

5 star rating
by Charlene Weaver
2 months ago

This place is amazing! I like how its not amidst the busy hussle and bussle in town or ponsonby, instead tucked away in a more relaxed/quiet suburban spot in Epsom. 

Serivce is top notch - Love the use of ipads for ordering. Wine list is extensive, they even have a small glass floor where you can see the wine cellar below. 

Food is 10/10 I cannot fault the food here. Beautifully presented, meat cooked to perfection and flavours are spot on. I always order the lamb when I go here, once it was done with polenta and cous cous and the other time it was done with a creamy mash. Both were superb. Always a pleasant dining experience here and will continue to go back.

5 star rating
by Priscilla Khang
2 months ago

Very nice fine dining experience for my entire family. Took my younger siblings out for their birthday here - service and food was excellent. We got complimentary mushroom soup which was very nice and creamy. Overall the atmosphere was very quiet and luxurious

5 star rating
by Biohazard
2 months ago

I have been to One Tree Grill a dozen times and I have been a happy patron every single time. From the greeting at the door, to the friendly waiters, iPad menu with photos and brief description (I don't know why don't all restaurants have these!), and most importantly, the food!
Their menu change regularly, but all the meats are cooked to perfection.. And if you see the creme brûlée, order it, you won't regret it!

5 star rating
by Adeline
2 months ago

What a wee gem in the heart of Epsom. Never having even noticed the restaurant the million times we've driven past the traffic lights - finally giving it a go (we were invited by a friend for lunch) was a delightful surprise.

I was very pleased with my pork belly dish. The crackling that came with it was top notch - just how I like it! Yum yum! 

We ordered a couple of sides to share - the hand cut agria chips is a must try, while the roasted beetroot/candied walnuts and brussel sprouts/pancetta were absolutely delightful. 

One thing that really stood out for me were the desserts. Oh my.  I highly recommend the choc mousse/chai icrecream/pistachio/meringue/berry ... lovely lovely lovely! And so beautifully presented too.

Next time I return, I'll definitely go for the degustation option.
Highly recommended - the ambience was lovely. Look out for the underground wine cellar (which you can see right through the glass floor just in front of the bar ) - I wonder if I asked nicely they'd allow me to go under for a look-see? LOL

4 star rating
by Caroline Barrett
3 months ago

After reading all the great reviews I was intrigued to try out One Tree Grill.  I finally dined here and I have to admit that I was left a little disappointed. The experience was not bad; but for the price they charge I did expect higher standards of service and flavours.  The food does not compare to the likes of The French Cafe, FISH or Mud brick although presentation and atmospherics are very pleasant.

5 star rating
by Rachel Cullen
3 months ago

Just simply look for a restaurant and decided to try this restaurant..surprisingly the food quality is extremely awesome and amaze..service is good..the most important thing is you don't have to wait too long for meal being serve..value for lover..go for it..

5 star rating
by Rice & Kai
3 months ago

It's been a while since we were last at One Tree Grill, and we enjoyed it just as much as the last time we came.

They have certainly been busy updating their restaurant in the technological sense - the menus are all on tablets so you can see exactly what it is you're ordering, thanks to the beautiful photos accompanying each menu item.

The service was friendly and efficient, and we were given a lovely private booth for our meal.  It was definitely warm and welcoming inside.

The food was delicious.  My husband's pork belly was perfectly tender with a beautiful crackling finish.  There was an intense citrus powder sprinkled on top which balanced the dish nicely too.

I had the confit duck leg with smoked breast (which tasted like bacon!).  I really enjoyed this too (although I definitely envied my husband's pork belly).  To finish, I had the chocolate fondant which was very rich and decadent.  If you are a chocoholic, you should check this dessert out.

I really enjoyed our experience here at One Tree Grill - and a major bonus is because of its location, you're not battling for carparks either.  Definitely a great place for a special occasion.

5 star rating
by BellaDiary
4 months ago

Went here to celebrate the Bear's birthday. First off, it's quite an intimidating place but absolutely exciting place to dine! The interior is very modern and futuristic but takes a lot of design cues from nature and I believe the Koru (my opinion anyways) with the elegant swooping curves. The dark moody lighting may not be for everyone, but it does relaxes the eyes after a long hard day at work looking at a screen of code. You'll be forgiven for forgetting that the restaurant is situated by a main road.

I'll avoid naming all the dishes here (will put their names in the picture description) less it be too messy and cause confusion. If I had one word to describe the food it'll be "Perfect"! Everything was prepared and cooked to perfection, it doesn't get much better than this folks. Balance between flavours were well executed and most importantly for a fine dining restaurant, it was very well portioned. Unlike some restaurants which serve a tiny sliver or speck of food. Well worth the asking price in my opinion. 

The ordering system was very quirky and novel. They have ipad minis on which the menus were laid out. The pictures gave a good description of what you were going to get. The staff were very courteous and attentive. In addition to that well dressed and highly presentable. There is ample off-street parking around a block away, though you might struggle with this during lunch hours. 

This restaurant rates highly in my book and you should definitely dine here when payday hits. Until next time, Eat Well and Be Merry! =)

5 star rating
by Julie Tran
4 months ago

This is the second time i eat at this place, which is very good compared to the first time. Food came out very fast, not much waiting between courses is a huge plus.
I got the seared scallops for my entree which is amaaazing. Scallops were cooked just right with great seasonings. My partner got seared tuna that he enjoyed lots!! I then got market fish for main. Not sure what the fish was but it tastes like chicken :)), the flesh was tight and very different. My partner's eye fillet was cooked right to order and the mushroom came with it is yummm. Lastly my brulee was sooo nice, not too plain, not too sweet and the texture was perfect!!
I will definitely be back for more scallops and brulee

5 star rating
by Iamcii
4 months ago

This place was absolutely devine. I can't believe I've been living in the neighbourhood for over 15 years and haven't even gone to try this place. When you first walk in you're greeted by the amazing elegant decor and then you'll see the most amazing wine cellar right underneath your feet. We came here for a birthday dinner and they reserved a table for us in the back in its own separate area. It was cosy and away from the rest of the diners. They were very nice and accommodating, 4 of us wanted degustation and 2 wanted just mains. BY THE WAY... iPad menus?! Yes please! You even get a picture and description so you know exactly what youre getting.

Canape (complimentary): tuna tartare, pecorino, pumpkin seeds, truffle oil

Soup: Jerusalem artichoke and celeriac soup. Truffle oil, toasted seeds, brioche

Entrée: seared scallop and boudin blanc. Hoisin, karengo, samphire.

Entrée: wild venison loin. Smoked parsnip, chestnut, cherry, almond.

Refresher (complimentary): raspberry sorbet

Main (choice of):
lamb rack, dukkah, eggplant, escabeche, lentils, buttercup
Angus eye fillet, beef cheeks, mushroom, pea, smoked butter, celeriac
Crispy akaroa salmon, papaya, avocado, rice cracker
(The partner and I shared the lamb rack and eye fillet)

Dessert: vanilla bean creme burlee, grapes, kaffir lime sorbet, kiwifruit jelly, guava

We were absolutely blown away. The food was on point and we had nothing we could fault. Service was amazing! Sometimes we've found when you go to fancy restaurants you get these condescending servers who thing they're too good for you. Our server was in his early 40s(?) And he was attentive, explained our dishes and answered our questions.

However, its probably best that the whole table dines either degustation or a la carte. Because the other two had to wait a very long time for the rest of us to eat our entrees and be ready for the mains.

Would definitely recommend this place. It's probably the best of the best when it comes to fine dining. Though be aware its not easy on the wallet. So just come for a treat or a special date/ occasion. Be sure to register for their locals card. There are promotions going on every month. When I went last month it was buy one main get the second free. So a lucky friend got away with a free dinner.

Food: 5/5
Drinks: to rate (I had wine out of bottle, so that doesn't count)
Service: 5/5
Atmosphere: 5/5 (comfy spacious warm seating)
Value for money: 4/5 (to be fair their degustation is pretty affordable for 5 courses @$120) and if you join their locals club you get a lot of 2-4-1 deals

4 star rating
by Andrew @anjeats
4 months ago

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: I don't get to dine out with my immediate family much, so it was a nice surprise when mum and dad decided we would go here to celebrate a few achievements in the family. I was immediately impressed with the sophisticated decor and tasteful furnishings, and loved the crisp white table linen.

FOOD: To start with I had the entree tasting trio - this consisted of melt-in-the-mouth venison, a creamy and velvety rich goats cheese, and seared scallops. The scallops were a tad underseasoned but the other two were spot on.

I decided to go off the grill for my main and had the black Angus sirloin. It was cooked to perfection and was seriously the best steak I've had on a long time! It went perfectly well with sides including a tasty cauliflower gratin, green beans served with almonds, and classic hand cut chips.

WINE: With an impressive wine list, we couldn't say no to a glass of Montepulciano La Valentina. Luscious and velvety. Heaven in a glass.

SERVICE: I was disappointed with the waitress who showed us to our table. She appeared distracted and made little effort to ease us in or even ask why we were dining out tonight. The waiters who served us thereafter were friendly and efficient, but the first impression had already been slightly tainted. As this restaurant is renown for its high standards, I expected more from the level of customer service.

Service aside, the food was beautifully presented and well executed. My whole family enjoyed this dining experience and would go back again.

5 star rating
by Temptation Cakes (Janine)
5 months ago

Only been here the once as its a special occasion kind of place but it was so worth the wait brilliant flavour combination wine list to die for had an amazing time

4 star rating
by Gentlepig
5 months ago

One of the finest establishments in Auckland in my opinion - you do feel very special here, and the service makes you feel like it too. A tad tacky with the iPads being the menu, but each to their own. The food is very well done - flavours are distinct but not overpowering and in my opinion, creative but not to the point where the brazen flavours become the soul focus of the meal. One Tree Grill is an upmarket restaurant, but you would feel comfortable coming here on a regular basis (provided your wallet can dish out the dough).

5 star rating
by JolieJolie
5 months ago

We used a grab one voucher. $35 for 2-course A la carte lunch. It was really nice, worth it! The pictures tell you everything, is it possible to find a man who is: mature + good looking + gentle + polite + funny ~can cook like this .... Hehehe hahahahaah

5 star rating
by RH
5 months ago

We got just what we expected when we ate here tonight - excellent service and excellent food.

Monday night, so easy to get a table but we were surprised to see the place on its way to being full.

The food is extremely well plated with flavours to match. It is not cheap but worth it for that special night out.

5 star rating
by Brian Chan
5 months ago

Make sure you block out your evening and take your time when visiting One Tree Grill. We came here for their degustation and thoroughly enjoyed every course, rivaling the degustation at The French Cafe albeit with a different style of cuisine. The service was fantastic and attentive, and the wine suggestions were spot on. Unassuming restaurant but hits a very high mark. We'll be back!

5 star rating
by Vitale Eti
5 months ago

OTG is lovely. Even though it's been in Greenwoods Corner for years it still manages an air of coolness and sophistication. The food is exquisitely made and it's the kind of place you could take a first date to impress or take your family to. There's an amazing cellar that you walk over too. Even though OTG is a fine dining restaurant, it doesn't feel @ all stuffy. There's always something so nice about linen napkins. We've even attended a small wedding @ OTG also and it felt like the perfect venue for it. Looking forward to returning.

3 star rating
by Kenzi
6 months ago

The food is way overpriced! Came here on Valentine's with a bunch of my mates and most of us had steak, it was just average. The bread and thyme butter was delicious though. Wouldn't come back here again

5 star rating
by James
6 months ago

Tried this place with a group of friends. This is one of few fine dining I have been. I had vegetarian 5/6 course dinner. It was amazing.

Customer Service: 8/10

Food: 9/10

Atmosphere: 8/10

Date: Jan 2015

5 star rating
by UltimateOmNoms
6 months ago

I’ve passed One Tree Grill many many times on the way from and to the airport. As solid as a Meredith or French Café, it’s been standing for years but never with the hype of the other two. Needless to say, I was excited when Zomato invited me out for a meetup.

Upon arrival, I loved the variation of the seating options in the restaurant. Yes it is a low-lit white tablecloth restaurant, but well thought out concepts break up the suffocating formality that normally lingers around these restaurants. For one, a large fish tank brightens the friendly booth areas suitable for groups of 4-6. Also, below your feet lies an impressive wine cellar that glows through glass ceiling.

While waiting for others to turn up, we were invited to sit on the soft couches next to the fireplace - lifesaver given the recent cold snap in Auckland. After the crew all turned up, we were lucky to be seated at the private room around the back with beautiful warm wooden hues. Although we were there for a degustation menu, we were given these iPads to play with. One Tree Grill is the first restaurant that I’ve been to with iPad menus. Perfect for visual people like me who glaze over at words. 

First course: We kicked off with a smoked duck and sweetcorn soup – great for the recent cold snap in Auckland. The texture was smooth and velvety with a beautiful fragrance from the duck. I don’t normally like ordering soup for fear it’ll fill me up but not soon after the soup was served, you could hear the scrapping of spoons from everyone trying to get the last drop of deliciousness from the bowl!

Second course: The tea dusted seared tuna was done perfectly the way I like it with the outside lightly seared so the middle is nice and pink. My favourite was the beautiful pops of wasabi roe giving it a light and fresh touch. Paired with the sweet Riesling, it contrasted with the subtle flavours of the tea. 
Third course: Venison carpaccio with pecorino, capers, truffle oil. It was a real flavour hit with the pecorino cheese being quite strong. Our conversation turned to the topic of edible flowers and whether you would eat it as part of a dish. Would you? Personally I don’t mind smaller ones but I only had a nibble of the fuchsia before I wrinkled my nose and forked it aside. There was no real taste, but it was just too big for my liking!  

Fourth course: Black angus eye fillet with grilled sweet corn and black garlic. My favourite. Simply satisfying with the black garlic being the most intriguing part of the dish - caramelised and tangy. The portion was so generous it could have served as a main itself instead of being part of a degustation.

Fifth course: Strawberry bavarois with meringue, mint gel, strawberry balsamic and pepper sorbet. Hello dessert. And hello dessert wine! I loved the pepper in the sorbet – not enough to make you breathe fire but it left a playful tingle on the tongue. 

A special mention goes to the thoughtful wine matches. I should have known how serious they take their wines with the dedicated underground wine cellar but I was so taken back by how the pairings actually made so much sense. I’ve never had wine matched so well that it elevated the food and brought out the contrast in the flavours.

Service was never obtrusive and our conversations gelled with the waitress every time she discreetly came in to serve us. 

I would recommend One Tree Grill if you want to show off fine taste to business clients or for special occasions. It isn’t too pompous and formal, and the service would never make you feel that way.

It was a real treat to meet up with other bloggers. Thanks Zomato and One Tree Grill for hosting us!

5 star rating
by Julia Yang
6 months ago

Amazing food and service, thoroughly enjoyed it. Good range of food which include the pork belly which was very tender, the Angus beef steak which was cooked perfectly (medium rare) as it should be and the waiters were all friendly and helpful when deciding what to go for on the menu. The menu came on iPads and the atmosphere was quiet, relaxing and calm. Would highly recommend for a great fine dining experience

5 star rating
by Ariana Omipi @ Ari Eats
6 months ago

I really enjoy dining out at One Tree Grill and have been here on numbers occasions. The food is beautifully presented and tastes equally as delicious. The venison and chocolate dish is definitely a must-try. For any fellow foodies who eat with their eyes, you'll relish in being able to see photos of the food as you order off of their interactive menu.

Taste: 5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value: 4/5

5 star rating
by Donna&Shane
6 months ago

One of the best places to go for fine dining for a special occasion .... The selection is wonderful that it's a must to try from each course... The service is excellent.

4 star rating
by Khoa Le
6 months ago

I had dinner here a while ago with my husband! Was very impressed with the settings and the electronic tablet menu. The bar is a nice touch too and I'm glad they managed to fit it in next to the dining area. I mean with the price One Tree Grill is charging might as well make the dining experience worthwhile.

I've heard a lot of good thing about this place and I can clearly see why. If you don't mind throwing the Bucks out for a good fine dinner then I do recommend One Tree Grill. It saves the trip to city or Ponsonby if you are local in Epsom.

4 star rating
by Jo Y
6 months ago

Had lunch with a girlfriend and it was most enjoyable. Good consistent friendly service. As a long term One Tree Grill customer (nearly 15 years!) I do still enjoy the food and atmosphere but find the prices on the steep side for what/where it is, particularly for lunch. The pork belly was beautifully cooked but needed more moistness and sweetness in the other components. Will probably visit again due to location but you can spend the same money on a much better level of experience in other parts of town.

5 star rating
by Sweet Mama M
6 months ago

My husband chose One Tree Grill to surprise me for date night and I have to say that I think it is one of Auckland's better kept secrets. Situated unassumingly at one of Pah Road's many intersections, parking was free and easily located in the side streets. We entered the restaurant and we were immediately struck by the cosy ambiance, ideal on a cold Autumn night! We did notice the use of bifold windows however, meaning in summer the entire front of the restaurant could be opened to let in the breeze. The most striking architectural feature has to be the glass floor panel showing the extensive wine cellar below.

We sat and were quickly given our menus, surprisingly given through an iPad app. The menu therefore had accompanying pictures and I wondered whether each dish would have similar presentation. We ordered bread for our starter, and found these rolls ever so slightly on the too-crusty side but still definitely edible. Better luck was had with the mains, with the pork belly tender and delightful while the salmon was cooked perfectly with a delicious crispy skin. We ordered accompanying sides; the roasted beetroot and the green beans, both were delicious. At this point we were surprisingly full and split a plate of petit fours between us; the truffle being by far the most delicious of the four. To accompany our meals we both selected from their craft beer menu which endeavors, without being extensive, to cover a wide range of beer.

The service for the most part was spot-on, as you'd expect in an establishment of this quality. The maitre d' seemed a little flustered upon our arrival (something we assume was nothing to do with us) but our wait staff were attentive throughout the meal. My one little niggle would be that the waitstaff seemed to disappear after bringing us our dessert - I always like to be asked if I would like a further drink or indeed, the bill.

This restaurant would make a fantastic place to bring that date to make that special impression. While it is kid-friendly (with a children's menu and even high chairs) I'll be waiting a fair few years before I bring our ratbag along!

5 star rating
by Joanne Chiang
6 months ago

So good. Service was amazing!! Food was amazing. Atmosphere was amazing. It was just amazing overall! A really good place for a date night!!

5 star rating
by BeeQueUU
7 months ago

OTG is a great business meeting venue as my offices are in Central south. Dinner is probably where they excel. Twice here for degustations. As as guest the first time then so impressed shouted my Mum a degust. meal here. Service is first rate and ideally get the booths if you have a party of four to six. Won't bore you running thru the degust dishes but attached a menu.
Don't get why they didn't make this year's Metro top 50 as you won't see them in Metros Cheap Eats edition.
Revisited August 2015:
Had a standout black Angus Eye Fillet accompanying a beef cheek matched perfectly with a mushroom medley of some sort. Recommended!! 5/5 ;
Akaroa Salmon again faultless. 5/5
Found seared venison and seared scallop entree were a little underdone for my palate unless a good dose of sauce. Im not normally big on sauces. Ask for a more med rare rather than reject such divine produce. 4/5
Ho ho ho creme brulee!! Not too dominating or extreme in tastes and not too sweet quite a generous proportion.
Dishes were a little slow between courses but the place was packed out.
Wild Fire Pinot Noir Central Otago at $19 a glass was dreadful. A Rose (Atawere) was good chilled and warmer.

4 star rating
by LucyGoosey
7 months ago

For my 100th review, I decided to go to One Tree Grill, a restaurant I have had my eye on for a long, long time. Needless to say I was very excited! I love the atmosphere of this restaurant. Low lighting, white table cloths, cloth napkins and candlelit tables. The service here is excellent. Our waitress was very friendly and was knowledgeable about the menu. We didn't order entrees but we had a complimentary amuse bouche which was brought out at the same time as the bread we ordered. The amuse bouche was raw fish in coconut cream and it was really tasty. The bread was soft and chewy on the inside and crusty on the outside - perfect! The butter which came with it was so, so good! They use Lewis Road and have added something delicious to it to give it this amazing flavour. For main my friend and I both ordered the salmon. It came with broad bean risotto and buffalo cheese. Quite an interesting combination and definitely one that worked. The risotto was very good.  I had two issues with the salmon though. Firstly, I don't think it was a particularly nice cut of salmon. It was fresh but it tasted more like the salmon you get from a supermarket, not a fish market. It was cooked medium rare which was great but the skin wasn't crispy. I'm not sure what they meant by dill crusted. If they meant smearing a paste made out of dill on top of the salmon then sure, it was dill crusted. But when you think of crust, you think of skin! 1/2 a mark comes off. For dessert I had the chocolate mousse. I loved half of this dessert. The mousse was rich, fluffy and delicious and I really liked the meringue and fresh strawberries. But the other ingredients: pistachio, chai ice-cream and freeze-dry raspberries were not winners for me. The chai and pistachio took away from the beautiful flavors and textures of the mousse, meringue and strawberry. They made the dish too dense and there was too much going on. As for the freeze-dried raspberries, why would you use them at all, let alone using them when there are so many beautiful berries still in season?! Freeze-dried raspberries make me so enraged, 1/2 mark comes off. I was hoping for a five-star rating for my 100th review. Although I didn't quite get it, I still really enjoyed dinning at One Tree Grill and highly recommend it for a special occasion. The ambience is fantastic, the service is great and the food, although not perfect, is very good.

5 star rating
by Heartshrooms
7 months ago

Last week, I was invited by Zomato to One Tree Grill for a five course degustation dinner with wine matches. Now, I know that there are some people out there who doubt the credibility of the reviews of these meet ups (high ratings out of obligation), but let me assure you, this one is 100% deserving of the raves that are no doubt trending on the site right now. I was beside myself with excitement when I heard that the venue was One Tree Grill, having heard many romantic Valentines Day/ Anniversary dinner stories of this place from a few friends.

Upon entering, I immediately could see why it was a popular choice for special occasions. The interior was gorgeous- low lighting yes, tastefully so with the most comfortable sofa/ chairs to sink into. The structure of the dining room and furniture was made so that you feel like you are cocooned into your own little bubble of privacy whilst remaining present to the quiet bustle of the surrounding atmosphere of this esteemed establishment.

We kicked off the evening with a complimentary amuse bouche, followed by a Smoked Duck and Sweetcorn soup which was the perfect starter for a chilly night. The soup was creamy and smooth with the duck giving an underlying smoky, gamey sort of depth to the corn without the need for excessive amounts of cream that usually feels too rich. This was really unlike any sweetcorn soup I had ever tried before, it’s the little touches like this that make things stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The Tea Dusted Seared Tuna was the most interesting mix of flavours that was a true tribute to its famous sashimi origins from Japan. The little pops of wasabi roe were just delightful pops of freshness to accompany the fatty tuna. The tea dust was quite subtle, it was more emphasized toward the umeboshi flavour in my opinion, but still a wonderful and complex dish where you can really taste and appreciate the effort in every bite. The wine match was simply PERFECT for this dish, it really elevated it to a new level- I felt this wine was almost an essential component.

The Venison Carpaccio will be a favourite for the meat lovers but as a seafood fan, I found this quite strong for me. Simply a matter of personal preference though, it was still delicious and I can easily see why it was a favourite amongst others, but not something I’d have normally chosen.

For my choice of main, I chose the Market Fish which was simply glorious with the curry spiced puree, with sweetness from the freeze dried lychee. I couldn’t get enough of it, and ended up finishing the sides before the actual Fish! Sweet and salty is definitely a favourite for me, but @mangoandbeans and I agreed the lychee would be nicer crushed- I was terrified it would go flying off my plate and propel itself into someone as I tried to cut it. Serving size of this dish was definitely generous, we were all a little flabbergasted!

The final dish was the Strawberry Bavarois, and despite knowing I only had room for a few bites, I somehow ended up polishing the dish off. It was THAT good. It’s not overly sweet either which makes it gentle on the palate and stomach, and again a perfect match for the sweet dessert-type of wine that accompanied. I wasn't convinced about the mint gel however, it may have been there as a palate refresher but somehow reminded me of toothpaste and didn't really contribute to the dish for me.

I really couldn't fault the meal or the service that night, everything was impeccably prepared, leaving me in a blissful food coma with all expectations met and exceeded.

5 star rating
by Amy @ My Dining Journey
7 months ago

From the generous hospitatlity of One Tree Grill and Zomato, six Auckland foodie bloggers including myself enjoyed a phenomenal five course degustation with wine pairing at One Tree Grill. Having been in the industry for nearly 20 years, One Tree Grill has evolved and upgraded from a small local bistro to a modern fine dining restaurant in Epsom. With an impressive underground cellar which you can admire from the bar to the chic indoor/outdoor seating and cosy fireplace, this eatery oozes charm.

To encourage our appetite, our meal started with a complimentary amuse bouche in the form of a refreshing ceviche in a serving spoon. The light tang of the ceviche with the wasabi roe was a delicate start to our meal.

Our first course from the degustation was the smoked duck and sweetcorn soup. With a velvety texture, this soup was the ideal way to warm us up during the chilly night. Having a strong smoky aroma, the slices of smoked duck complimented the sweetness of the corn. Garnished with a pinch of black seasame, we finished the soup with ease and we were all tempted to lick our bowls.

The tea-dusted seared tuna with cucumber, pickled plum and miso was our second course. The tuna was lightly seared around the edges leaving the inside raw, just the way I like tuna! A gorgeous fatty cut of fish with a mild sweetness which worked very well with the other elements on the plate. The cucumber was more towards the salty side, but this was nicely neutralised by the sweet riesling from the wine pairing.

Our third course is the venison carpaccio with pecorino cheese, capers and drizzled with a light truffle oil. Despite being able to smell the distinctive aromas of truffle, the flavour is faint which was rather disappointing because I love the taste of truffles.

Our fourth dish came in the form of a main and we had a few choices to chose from. I opted for the black angus eye fillet, cooked to rare. It sat of a smooth bed of herbed mash and served with grilled sweet corn and black garlic. Other main options include the vegetarian polenta and mushroom, berbers spiced lamb rack and the market fish.

The last dish for the night was also my favourite dish. A strawberry bavarois with strawberry balsamic sorbet, fresh strawberries and meringue. My favourite part of this dessert is the incorporation of pepper in the sorbet. The flavour of the pepper was not overpowering and left a nice tingling feeling on the tongue. The mint gel didn’t play an important role in the dish but was a nice garnish.

I had such a great time at the meet up. All my other dining companions were friendly and talkative and it was a lovely get together. If you want to check their reviews or dining acitivty, be sure to follow Heartshrooms, Ultimateomnoms, Mango and Beans, Amy Webb and Bunny Eats Design on Zomato.

5 star rating
by Jennifer Manalo
7 months ago

I was lucky enough to be a guest at a Zomato Meet Up at One Tree Grill earlier this week. All I can say is everything was amazing! The decor was lovely, it had a warm ambiance, great service and the food and wine matches were on point. 

We were treated to a 5 course degustation menu and each dish was presented beautifully and were very generous. 

Our first course was a sweetcorn and smoked duck soup which was a perfect starter as it was freezing that night! It was very smooth and flavourful. It was so good I wanted to lick the bowl clean lol 

Our 2nd course was the tea dusted seared tuna. It was a tad on the salty side for me but the cucumber and the Riesling wine balanced it out. 

Our 3rd course was the venison carpaccio which was really nice as well. It really worked with the pecorino and capers. 

For my main, I chose the market fish of the day which was snapper. It was cooked perfectly and It was served with mushrooms and cauliflower. It also had whole freeze dried lychees which were a little hard to eat. It would have been easier to eat if it was crumbled around the dish instead. 
Lastly, the dessert. It was superb! The strawberry balsamic sorbet had black pepper in it so it gave the dish a bit of a kick. The strawberry bavarois was delicious and had a thin layer of chocolate sponge on the bottom. YUM!!

I definitely recommend One Tree Grill for special occassions or for wining and dining business clients. The 5 course degustation is normally $120 and an extra $55 for the wine matches. If only I could afford to dine out like this all the time! I will definitely come back to try their a la carte menu :)

5 star rating
by Genie @ BunnyEatsDesign
7 months ago

I was honoured to be invited to a Zomato Foodie Meetup at One Tree Grill where I dined as a guest of One Tree Grill and Zomato. I arrived early for our 6.30pm start but it was fine to relax with a glass of wine in their bar and lounge area. 

It was quiet when I arrived but by the time we started dining, the restaurant was in full swing. Surprisingly busy for a Tuesday, though we were assured this was a regular Tuesday turnout.

The decor is inviting with dark wood furniture, white tablecloths, neutral colours, a large fish tank, fireplaces, comfy couches and ambient lighting. We’ve had a cold snap in Auckland but the dining room was warm. We had our own private dining area which was was nice and intimate. They have banquet seating too for those that would like privacy without being in a separate room. The dug out cellar with see-through ceiling (the bar floor) was a delight and said to me that they take their wine seriously. They have a great wine list with wines by the glass, bottle or half bottle.

We enjoyed a 5 course tasting menu with matching wines. They were the best wine and food pairings I’ve had. Ever. The pairings all made so much sense. Some had similar characteristics to the dishes so were an extension of the flavours, while others were contrast matches to bring out the differences. I am not usually a white wine drinker, but all 3 whites we tried were delicious. I tried two completely different chardonnays and loved them both. 

Their menus are on iPad minis. They have descriptions, prices and dietary info on first view, you can also select each dish to view a photo and drink pairings with every item. iPads are their own light which solves the problem of ambient dining rooms and hard to read menus. A pleasure to use rather than a gimmick. This really appealed to the foodie/techies in us.

We began with a wasabi roe topped amuse bouche. It was delightful.

First course was a soup: sweetcorn and smoked duck. The soup was silky smooth and fragrant. Smoked duck is like duck bacon. Delicious. The Californian chardonnay was creamy and buttery. Not a hint of acid. Perfect match.

Second course: Tea-dusted seared Tuna with umeboshi (pickled plum), miso and cucumber was served with a sweet Riesling. This was a contrast match. The tuna was an umami hit (savour) with miso and pickled plum sauce compared to the sweet wine. The chef, Eiji Ota is Japanese and this dish is beautifully inspired by Japanese cuisine.

Third course: Venison carpaccio with pecorino, capers, truffle oil and fuchsia flowers. This dish was a flavour hit. From the moment it reached the table, we could smell the aromas of the pecorino cheese and the truffle oil. The fresh flowers were interesting but not everyone wanted to eat fuchsia, I found them mild with a little pepper bite. Matched with a Primitivo (Zinfandel).

Fourth course: Choice of 4 mains (eye fillet, lamb rack, snapper or vege dish). I picked the Black Angus eye fillet which I requested to be served rare. This was served with sweetcorn, herbed mash and black garlic. The black garlic was intriguing, tangy sweet and umami with caramelisation, it reminded me of something I’d eaten in Asian/Chinese cuisine before. The meat was perfectly cooked, although maybe I could have ordered somewhere between rare and medium rare. So often I find medium rare is overdone to my taste so I ordered rare this time. With this chef’s skill, I could have ordered medium rare. The portion was huge considering this was the 4th course but I ate every morsel.

Fifth course dessert: Strawberry bavarois with meringue, mint gel, strawberry balsamic and pepper sorbet. Served with a late harvest chardonnay. The chardonnay smelled like honey and green tea and was very sweet. This wine was actually sweeter than the dessert.

I think my favourites were the tea-dusted tuna or the venison carpaccio, but all dishes were excellent. They were small(ish) but perfect, especially with the wines. The main of eye fillet was a bit too generous with not enough other parts to balance it, though I wouldn’t want to say that there was too much eye fillet on my plate.

The service was perfect and extremely knowledgeable. Dishes and restaurant tidbits were offered and all our questions were answered easily. Service was never intrusive, always double checking our dishes visually that each dish was perfect before serving and discreetly checking if everything was OK once served.

While this isn’t the kind of place I would usually eat at (even though I would love to), this would be a great one to show off our local cuisines or for a intimate celebration or treat. I would highly recommend One Tree Grill. Amazing.

5 star rating
by Benjamin Weeks
7 months ago

A night with a sommelier from maison vauron, every pairing was on point and none of the dishes could be faulted, watermelon and mint creme brulee was an a++

3 star rating
by Food Lover
8 months ago

Food was good, nice selection of wine and good dessert, however, service was not that good and restaurant looks a bit tired.
The back of my seat came off and hurt my head which was not pleasant at all.

5 star rating
by Snedden Dcosta
8 months ago

Came here on my first date, quite an expensive fair, but well worth the money. Awesome creations and combinations by the chef, exquisite wine and a awesome looking restaurant. What impressed me was the wine cellar that you could look at from the bar floor. This was impressive. The only thing that spoilt my dinner was a few business men sitting next to our table, who made quite a racket that night, but the staff could not do anything. All i can say if you run a restaurant with a fine dining service a certain decorum should be maintained. I'm in hospitality too, but does not give anyone the right to act rowdy as they did. All in all really enjoyed the food and wine.

5 star rating
by Foodiefeels
10 months ago

Amazing food! I am not usually one to go for steak in a restaurant but I got the Black Angus eye fillet  with sweet corn, herb mash & black garlic, doesn't sound that amazing but wow the meat was cooked perfectly and the mash was creamy just how I like it. By far one of the best meals I have had. Dessert was a bit of a anti climax after having an amazing main you would expect the dessert to be just as good, thats jut my opinion however (chocolate mousse). The dessert overall was ok, nothing spectacular, which is why I gave a 4.5.  Would have been nice to see a smile on the waiters face now and then but maybe he was having a bad night, apart from that the service was great. 
Would defiantly come back again, just not for the dessert!

5 star rating
by Stu
11 months ago

If you're looking for somewhere that epitomises quality local dining, this is the place.    May be a bit pricey to become a regular, but sits in our "regular special occasions" category.  Service is slick, polished and professional. 

Having the menus on iPads is a great touch - lets you see pictures of how the meal is presented, plus go through to wine matches and preview desserts so you can work out if you should save room (spoiler alert: you should!)

There's a good range of entrees - although I've found that an entree, main and sides leaves very little room for dessert !

You do need sides with mains (the chips and asparagus are my two personal picks) the mains are a good size, and we haven't had a bad one yet -The steaks from the grill have been consistently been cooked well (my partner is fussy with steak...). The chocolate fondant or creme brulee are my pick of the desserts.  

If you can do a degustation here, I recommend it (particularly if you can get a voucher from Grabone!).

5 star rating
by Rachel
Dec 01, 2014

One Tree Grill provides excellent service and amazing food. Would not hesitate to visit again. Each dish was tasty and surprising but also has a homely feel.

5 star rating
by Andre Dez Toparea
Nov 25, 2014

It Was a great experience in Epsom area staff delivered great customer service with high exceptional standards. well organised and established Environment good selection of dishes to choose from food was great. enjoyed the evening

4 star rating
by Ken Morrison
Nov 12, 2014

Visited One Tree Grill last night. Overall the service was good and the food satisfactory without being spectacular. My lasting impression was that this is a very expensive place to eat and for special occasions only. The mains were generally late $30s early $40s and came with nothing but the protein, so for a meal it was an easy $50+ before drinks. There are a lot of places in Auckland with as good food and service for considerably less.

5 star rating
by Holly Dhillon-Taylor
Nov 02, 2014

Yumm yumm! Went here for a birthday celebration upon someones suggestion. Service was awesome.. the glass floor - what a great idea! The private room we dined in was a unexpected suprise and a great touch to a special birthday meal. The food was also very good - alittle pricey but I would most certainley dine here again. :)

4 star rating
by Kelly Wu
Sep 27, 2014

Good food and great service.

5 star rating
by Captain
Jul 19, 2014

This is a bit of a late review, went here with a group of eight, had a fantastic night, the food was brilliant , the iPad menu was a nice idea, the decor was cleaver with the view into the wine cellar. Wait staff were great to, can't fault the place really.

5 star rating
by Dee Whitby
Jul 09, 2014

After enjoying a business lunch at the One Tree Grill some time ago we decided to give it a go for a Saturday night dinner. We were not disappointed. We received consistent, attentive service and there was no fuss about dietary needs. The food was delicious and the courses came out with good timing.

5 star rating
by Steff Bedford
Jun 18, 2014

We came here for our anniversary the other day and it was absolutely outstanding. We got the 6 course degustation deal voucher and it was great value for money. The food was incredible, every course was a real treat and all a decent size. Most of them arrived in a timely fashion except for a slight delay with the 4th and 6th courses which were acknowledged and apologised for. The service was also outstanding, efficient and friendly. We didn't particularly like where we were sitting and it was no problem to move us to another table despite being fully booked. Buzzing atmosphere and ambience as well. Overall a great evening, I would highly recommend to anyone.

5 star rating
by Adrian Jenkins
May 31, 2014

This is a lovely quality restaurant with fantastic service and excellent food. The fact that their menus are brought to you on iPad Minis with pictures of each menu item is very cool.

However, what I particularly want to praise this restaurant for is the way they handled my special dietary needs. At the time of dining, I was on a very strict diet regime of diet shakes, diet soups and non-starchy vegetables. The chef created a very tasty beetroot, babaganoush & rocket salad for an entree and then an absolutely divine vegetable stack for a main. This was completely not on the menu. The staff were also happy to make up my diet shake. I felt like I had enjoyed a quality dinner, even with the dietary restrictions. Throughout the dinner, the wait staff treated me very well and made me feel like a valued customer. The chef and the staff went above and beyond to meet my specific needs, and for that this restaurant deserves high praise!

5 star rating
by Gus
May 30, 2014

Went for dinner with friends, the restaurant was busy on a Friday night but the service was very smooth. My starter was the tea smoked wild boar with serrano ham and sour cherry sauce. The dish was very tasty, the boar was mildly smoked and not as gamey as I expected, the pickled cauliflower on the plate added some nice tartness along with the cherries. My duck breast and braised duck leg were beautifully cooked, the breast pink in the middle and the leg moist and falling off the bone. Others around the table had the pork roulade, the salmon and the eye fillet steak. There wasn't a lot of complaint with the quality of the fare. A rich valhrona chocolate fondant finished the meal off, all in all a very satisying 4.5 star experience

4 star rating
by Missk Khan
May 05, 2014

Went for a company dinner. Food was good, I ended up with fish scales on my plate, quite a few of them. My plate was taken away and they cooked a new fish for me, by which time everyone else had finished eating and the sides were all finished. Would have expected better from an establishment such as this.
In the end, dessert was god, and the drinks selection was fantastic. Would be back actually, think the fish scale incident would have been a one off as no one else was affect on the night.
Very comfortable seats and a lovely intimate atmosphere.

5 star rating
by Hannah Dyson
Feb 17, 2014

Went there for dinner and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. The waiter was attentive and knowledgeable, made sure we had everything we need. My partner and I both ordered steaks with sides. They cooked both our steaks perfectly and the sides we had (honeyed carrots, green beans and fries) were tasty and went perfectly with the steak. We both had deserts, which were amazing as well. A brilliant night all round!

2 star rating
by Tony Ma
Feb 16, 2014

Ordered the Lobster B. Soup. Very bland. I had to add a whole of salt & pepper to it.

I went for a run and came here to dine, was in gym clothes, wasn't treated with their full service, since I assume I wasn't in a suit and I was dining very casually.

The soup itself did not taste like a $21 soup.

The main I had was the tuna, and that took almost an hour to arrive.

It did taste great, however the shitake sauce tasted like sweet soy sauce diluted in water, and a shitake mushroom sitting in was a little disspointing and kind of ruined the nice piece of tuna.

If it wasn't for the perfectly cooked tuna, I would have given this place a 1 star.

Service: 1/5
Wait time: 2/5
Environment: 3/5
Food Quality: 1/5
Food Quantity: 1/5
Price range: $60+ pp

5 star rating
by Catherine D
Feb 10, 2014

We dined at One Tree Grill for the first time on Friday night. We had a voucher for the six-course degustation, and were thoroughly impressed with our experience. The food was excellent - we especially loved the lamb course, and our own mains which were the steak and salmon. The chef was even able to adjust one of our meals to cater for our dietary requirements. The service was first rate - attentive and very professional. The young waiter who served us was knowledgeable about the menu and was quick to help us with anything we were unsure about. The atmosphere was great and not too loud considering it was quite a full house on the night. Will definitely be back again - thank you!

4 star rating
by Nick Khoey
Dec 06, 2013

I really enjoyed our anniversary dinner at One Tree Grill.

The place is very nice and the staff are 1st class. We ordered entrees and they were FANTASTIC, so many flavor explosions in my mouth it was an experience. The waiter even gave us some little free tasters of an amazing mushroom soup.

Our mains were not as good, I ordered a well done (not black just cooked through ) steak and it was a disaster, not the best for a $50 dollar steak. My partners Pork was over cooked and dry.

The staff and the entree made up for the poor mains but I would return and give them another go.

4 star rating
by Sharlene
Oct 20, 2013

Don't normally write reviews but our meal was good enough to warrant one! Arrived into a very nicely presented restaurant and welcomed by a friendly staff member. A downside I though was that the maitre d' was more occupied with their computer than to look up... nice big tables out front by the windows looking to one tree hill and fireplace (although off) would be nice during winter... food was beautiful although soup to start was quite salty... rest of the meal was nice and our wine recommended by our young waiter was an excellent choice - The Q pinot gris (2010/2011?) - he was equally an excellent waiter, efficient and had extremely good product knowledge... restaurant got busy as night went on which is expected on a Saturday... thanks!

5 star rating
by Rachel
Oct 13, 2013

Excellent night at One Tree Grill, yet again. We dined last Saturday and have been once before, with both the food and service hard to fault. Delicious taster soup to start which was definitely a sign of things to come. Our table was great and was intimate enough to be able to talk privately while being in the main area of the restaurant. Our waiter, Sam, was absolutely a pleasure to have serve us and his knowledge of the menu was fantastic. We had him the last time we dined at the restaurant and it is good to see the continued high level of consistency. The food was very nice and there were some good variations on the menu. Definitely looking forward to coming back!

5 star rating
by Shelly
Oct 03, 2013

One Tree Grill is consistently good in both food and service. Love the glass floor over the cellar in the basement and the overall ambience of the restaurant is great for both a group meal and for the more romantic evening.

5 star rating
by Luke Paine
Sep 29, 2013

Great atmosphere, great service, awesome food. I went for the first time last night with my fiancé and tried the 4 course set menu. I would highly recommend this as an option for dinner weather its a first time or not. Wonderful options of entree and main meals. Dessert was nice and the cheese board to finish was a great end to the experience. It lived up to the hype for me and I will be going back soon.

5 star rating
by RaeRae Johnson
Sep 19, 2013

We went to One Tree Grill on a voucher deal and had an excellent night! We had always wanted to go to One Tree Grill and the voucher was a great way to try it out.
We had the vegetarian degustation menu and can only compliment the chef on well presented dishes that were thoroughly enjoyed.
Our waiter (Logan?) was very attentive, friendly and an asset to the restaurant.
A great restaurant well deserving of it's reputation for high standards and excellent food.

5 star rating
by Amanda
Sep 09, 2013

Superb!!! Great food, great service, warm and inviting atmosphere. I had angus beef which was cooked perfectly, the recommended wine to accompany my meal and vanilla bean crème brulee, absolutely delicious. Will definitely be back for more. Cant wait :)

5 star rating
by Ngaire Crampton
Sep 05, 2013

Smart restaurant, fantastic food, knowledgable and helpful service, comprehensive wine list. Chef even changed one item of our tasting plate to suit our taste. Probably the thing that first blew us away was the menu with plate description and pictures on mini IPad, NO food envy or disappointment around our table that night! Couldn't fault our night, left with a big smile.

3 star rating
by Sean Urlich
Sep 04, 2013

Food is nothing special.

The layout of the restaurant is nice, and the wine is great but I have had better food for a third of the price.

The appetiser was great but was underwhelmed by the rest of the food.

Need to visit again in order to give them a fair chance.

5 star rating
by Nicole
Aug 29, 2013

Every time my partner and i drove past this restaurant we said, 'we must go there' we liked the look of it. When we did it was great, the service was out standing. The staff were very polite to us and made sure we were comfortable. I really liked that we got to order off our very own iPad mini, I have never seen this before at a restaurant and I thought it was very clever. It had pictures of all of the things you could order, very handy. The food was amazing I had the lemon chicken which was cooked perfectly and my boyfriend got a steak and he said it was the best he had ever had!.

4 star rating
by Michelle
Apr 19, 2013

Sorry the food didn't taste much special. But glad to have a good service and I like the layout.

5 star rating
by Vicki Ginders
Mar 04, 2013

Yum! Service was very good and food delicious, especially the bluff oysters. These were not on the menu but knowing the season had just started I had to ask and they miraculously appeared. Perfection for a kiwi visiting from Australia!

4 star rating
by Monica
Jan 31, 2013

Very nice, well set place with friendly staff. Service was good and meals came at the right time though it wasn't too busy so I can't speak for a busy day. Meals and sides were yum and very well presented though it could be a bit overpriced for the portion you're getting.

5 star rating
by Jennifer
Nov 20, 2012

Was taken for a business lunch. The food, service and atmosphere was so perfect we stayed till late afternoon. The hot rolls were just the trick to keep us interested until our food arrived. Three at our table had the steaks and all pronounced them perfect. I had the pork belly = perfection. The desserts were beautifully presented and absolutely delicious. I especially enjoyed the chocolate dessert. Must really commend the staff for knowledgable, attentive service.

5 star rating
by Caleb Kennedy
Oct 07, 2012

My girlfriend and I decided to have a splurge after watching so many great looking meals in my kitchen rules we decided it was time to see what an amazing meal tasted like and not just looked like, and we certainly were not disappointed.

Really we got more than just a great meal; the atmosphere was great we were seated at 630 one table away from the gas fire which looked beautiful and kept us cozy, we were asked a couple of times if it was too warm by the friendly wait staff which showed good courtesy.

We ended up leaving around 930 after our degustation meal with matched wines thourally satisfied with food drink atmosphere and staff thanks a lot!

4 star rating
by Hank Bao
Oct 02, 2012

Went here for my Birthday last year and OTG is definitely memorable in a positive way. The steak I ordered was tender and juicy, the sauce was great and the sides were delicious. The wait staff and service overall was very pleasant as well.

My only complaint is in terms of value for money. While more than acceptable as an occasional splurge meal, one can certainly get steaks of similar quality for lower prices in Auckland.

Still, it's hard to fault OTG's ambiance, food or service so I will be very happy to return the next time I have a special occasion.

5 star rating
by Geoff New
Sep 02, 2012

We went for a family celebration. From the moment we stepped into the restaurant, we were struck by the ambiance, friendliness and close attention of the staff. We have several different waiting staff seeing to us and it was seamless. Every one of them knew exactly what point we were at in terms of ordering or eating. The food was exceptional. Generous servings - especially the sides.This celebration was a once in a lifetime one for us and One Tree Grill ensured it was a once in a lifetime memory. I had read the other reviews here and had some anxiety having read some of the negative reviews. However, the responses to those complaints seemed well-reasoned by OTG. And I can now say there was no need for us to worry. I have no hesitation in recommending OTG to any one.

5 star rating
by Karla
Apr 14, 2012

Superb. It was exactly what we were looking for to celebrate our 5th anniversary together. We felt welcome, being only two. Despite several large groups we were never overlooked. The food was perfect in every way. The service was wonderful, the gap between courses just enough.
Highly recommended.

4 star rating
by She N
Apr 09, 2012

Yummy!!! Service excellent, food well presented, very tasty and reasonably priced. Would definitely go again!

2 star rating
by Diane Cathcart
Apr 06, 2012

My family and I went there for my birthday and we were somewhat disappointed. We were seated by the kitchen which was a busy area. There were other tables available. In the corner above where my son's girlfriend sat there were cobwebs. We chose to have miniscule bread rolls served with butter and olive instead of entrees.They were okay. We all ordered steak for our mains which came with a choice of sauces. Those who chose sirloin steak enjoyed it. Those who chose the eye fillet didn't, as it was cold and tasteless. The sides we ordered were mediocre as was the wine. We all had dessert which was pleasant enough but we all felt the prices were exorbitant for the food and service we received. The place lacked atmosphere and the waiting staff seemed quite serious and unfriendly. I wouldn't eat there again and was quite disappointed.

5 star rating
by Johanna
Mar 26, 2012

Love this place! I often take Clients to One Tree Grill for a business lunch on a week day. I went last week and the food and services was just fantastic. We had a lovely window seat, bluff oysters which were divine and beautiful entrees which we had as mains as the bread & dips together with oysters was a good start. The food and presentation of the food is of the highest standard. Beautiful.

3 star rating
by Amy
Dec 06, 2011

I think One Tree Grill is slightly overrated. The food was good, but I would expect amazing for the price. Didn't leave me with much to be remembered. We have been twice, just in case our first "its ok" experience was a once off, but came away the second time feeling the same way. The first time we were seated at a terrible tiny table right next to the wait station which really impacted on the how pleasurable the experience was. The table was tiny and just felt like we were sitting in a walkway. For the price you pay, I expect everything to be just right, and that was a real let down ... so if you are going, perhaps worth asking where you will be sitting.

2 star rating
by Ian Wilson
Nov 23, 2011

Dear, dear, drove 50km for a night out with friends. Average, very average. The Vodka Salmon was bland, what is the point of marinating it in Vodka if it still just tastes like plain Salmon? Clever but where's the wow factor?

The grilled chicken was hopeless, it looked terrible on the plate and was overcooked and dry. Luckily one of us ordered Lamb shanks and got an extra shank for some reason. The extra one was transferred to the person who ordered the chicken. I had the market fish which was good.

In saying that the atmosphere and decor was good and the service above average. But they need to up the wow factor to justify the price. I get the feeling they have a loyal local following and have got a little to comfortable as a result. But hey if it works why change... Giving it a 2 for good service and maybe the chef had a bad night. $500 for four people, I was expecting more...

4 star rating
by Linda Kendall
Sep 14, 2011

Went to the One Tree Grill for dinner with friends and visitors for the RWC. We had a lovely meal, brilliant food and exemplary service, but unfortunately this wonderful night was marred by the fact that on returning to the car the window had been broken, glass everywhere. There was nothing in the car to take (and the delinquents made sure to check, even dropped the back seats to see if there was anything in the boot). So my review, a great restaurant, a little on the expensive side, but in not so great part of town. Would I go again, probably not, as I would be worrying the whole time if the car was safe. Shame, totally brilliant night ruined by the dregs of society!!

2 star rating
by DH
Jul 20, 2011

We had been to OTG on other occasions and had nothing to complain about so a booking for a special event was in order. The restaurant was very busy but initial service was good. Orders were taken in good time and a "chef's special" was proferred. So far so good. The entrees took a little while but acceptable given the patronage. They were delicious. Then the wait began. It took almost an hour from the entree being cleared to the service of the mains and by this time the restaurant was less than half full. Was the kitchen understaffed? Were they sharpening up our appetites for what was to come? Who knows. It was unacceptable. So much so that despite the excellent meals we decided that we would not have any dessert. Too bad OTG because you lost that part of the sale.
Would I go back. Only if I knew I was the only customer and even then I would probably have an exceessive wait. It is always sad that when you think of a place to eat that there is a "yes....but" response.
Food excellent. Service good. Waiting between courses. Appalling

4 star rating
by Richard Wong
Jun 29, 2011

Food is fantastic, the restaurant itself is very nice and service is not bad.
But price seems a bit too expensive compare to other restaurants.

4 star rating
by Charissa
Jun 13, 2011

Have always loved this place and love the feeling of walking and looking down on the wine cellar!! Food was good except for the pork belly but the entree of venison was great.Small portions so there is room for everything plus special coffee after! Wait staff is OK but not exceptional.

2 star rating
by Jason
May 13, 2011

Visited One Tree Grill after meaning to dine here for quite some time.

We were pleasantly greeted and seated in an adequate fashion.

We ordered our entree and main.

Whilst we waited a cute little cup of complimentary mushroom soup was provided. This was a nice touch we thought.

5 minutes later, the entree arrived in a timely manner.

Thats about where the pleasant experience started to take a turn.

We arrived at 8:15am and the restaurant was not exactly packed to the brim.

40 minutes after our entree, the mains finally arrived. By this time the anticipation of waiting for a lovely meal had disappeared.

Although the food was really we'll presented and tasted excellent, I feel it was over priced by about $10 per main meal. For what we received anyway.

When paying for the meal we were asked "How were your meals?" by the front of staff. My reply was "very nice, although the mains took 40 minutes". We were then advised that the reason why the meals took so long was all other restaurants microwave their well done steaks, but they cook theirs in the pan. Pffffffffff, what sort of an excuse is that! I have eaten at many fine restaurants and have never had to wait that long for a well done steak. I'm sure other restaurants would not like to be thought of, of microwaving their steaks!

All in all, the experience was tainted by the long wait and I won't be thinking of One Tree Grill for my next dining out experience nor recommending to friends or family.

5 star rating
by Danielle
Apr 20, 2011

Best meal I've ever had out. Everything about the food was spectacular, as was our bottle of wine from the extensive wine list. The staff were excellent and very attentive. Its been on my list of places to visit for a couple of years, and I'll be definitely going back - the price of the meal was thoroughly justified!

2 star rating
by Jim
Apr 17, 2011

Quick Summary - food Great. Service lacking.

Last visited One Tree Grill 3-4 years ago and remembered it as a great place to dine. Visited again last night for a special occasion.

The waiting staff seemed poorly organised and not well co ordinated. Whilst other tables were receiving complimentary bread while awaiting their entrees, our side plates and knives were taken away without explanation. We had to keep asking for our new glasses of wine to be brought to the table (we were ordering by the glass) as they appeared not to notice when ours were empty, and my water glass was filled at the start of the meal and never refilled. Our waitress also didn't know the menu and had to go find a copy to check the wine match for one of the mains we'd ordered.
From our table near the door we witnessed staff nearly yelling at each other as to who was responsible for seating the new arrivals that were piling up. I had wondered if there were perhaps not enough staff on, but did a head count and there seemed plenty for the whole restaurant, but quite inattentive and poorly organised.

On the plus side the food was fantastic, and quite justified the high prices.

Unfortunately due to the service, I probably won't be back in a hurry.

5 star rating
by Roz8
Apr 12, 2011

Absolutley fantastic food and service! My partner and I first received complimentary bread rolls with butter and olive oil which was nice... I would however like to suggest the restaurant offer reduced balsamic vinegar with their olive oil as this would have made it 5 times nicer. It didnt really matter though because next came out 'compliments of the chef' which happened to be a delicious mushroom soup. And I have hated mushrooms my whole life! It was scrumptious. The two of us ordered the pork belly entree to share, one of this autumns specials, and we both ordered a steak off the grill for our mains. The service was fast and our mains came out quickly but we had to ask where the entree had gone! They handled the situation VERY well, the entree was out in a few minutes and we received a complimentary dessert platter as an apology. The steak was mouth wateringly fantastic. I had the cabernet jus and my partner had the garlic butter. Both were fantastic and we had the beans and chips as sides. Overall a fantastic experience dispute a minor hiccup. Will go again the next time I have the chance!!

4 star rating
by C Brown
Feb 21, 2011

Recently had the pleasure of having lunch at this restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed my meal. The only gripe I have is that the Squid and Chorizo entree was mostly salad with hardly any squid included. Although the flavours were yum and the chorizo plentiful, it would have been nice to have twice as much squid as was presented. Other than that, the portions for the mains and desserts were a good size and very tasty. The service was excellent and even though the restaurannt was nearly empty, the place had a great feel and was very welcoming.

5 star rating
by Darren
Feb 15, 2011

Food was fantastic, service was exemplary and the atmosphere, as always, was bustling without being intrusive. Knowledgeable, friendly staff and a really impressive wine list - just love the place! We were given the option of a special Valentines Day menu but stuck with the full menu. The squid, scallops and chorizo starter was divine, and the pork belly was cooked just right. Too full for dessert, but enjoyed port and liquers over a small cheese board that hit the spot perfectly. Really can't recommend this restaurant highly enough, and the perfect place for a special occasion.

5 star rating
by Eric Harding
Oct 16, 2010

Totally dependable good quality food and service. I use it for business meals and I've never been disappointed. I shan't lose any weight while the pork belly says on the menu.

5 star rating
by David Boshier
Oct 16, 2010

One Tree Grill is one of our favorites for special occasions and we have been there a number of times over the years. Not once have we been disappointed with either the service (they have mostly male wait staff which seemed to have been there forever, which is unusual in Auckland) or food.

There is an extensive wine list both by the glass or bottle and their advice on wine matching is top notch. If you are entertaining for business it is a good option as even on a Monday night the place has a busy atmosphere and it is somewhere different outside the city.

5 star rating
by Kevin Lepper
Sep 11, 2009

A party of 4 we cruised pass and stopped in without a reservation on a Friday night and where warmly greeted, coats taken and promptly seated in a lovely booth seating.

The place has a warm cosy atmosphere and was about half full and this was at 9:00 pm on a Friday night.

One thing I loved and in fact we all loved was the really nice and low background music and you could actually talk to each other without screaming.

The menu is A La Carte so make sure you order the sides.

There was plenty of choice on the menu and yes the meals are not large but the presentation and quality is top notch. The steak we had was cooked as requested and comes with your choice of sauce. The fish was delicious, fantastic flavours and not overcooked.

The side dish where will presented and flavourism.

Plus there was a Thai soup courtesy of the chef that was absolutely delicious.

We didnt sample the deserts as we where simply to full but they sounded delicous.

Overall the service was prompt, helpful, courteous with lots of Sirs and Madams.

The price was reasonable for the quality and service we received.

We will be going back and recommend this restaurant highly.