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Orleans – Britomart

4 star rating 37 reviews

Telephone 09-309 5854

48 Customs St East
Auckland Central
Auckland City

Cajun / Creole, American (New), American (Traditional)
Mon - Thur 11:30am - Late
Fri - Sat 11:30am - 4am
Sun 11:30am - Late
Provided by business


All things New Orleans, in downtown Auckland. Restaurant, bar and live music. ~~ Orleans at Britomart offers a food menu that features the diverse cuisine of Southern US. Freshness and intensity of flavour abound. Try roasted sweet potato salads with chilli, kale, and feta whip on top. Or crab cakes accompanied by ‘burnt’ chipotle. Then there’s your classic desserts like apple cobbler or pecan pie. ~~ You’ll find intimate tables for indoors, or the cobbled Roukai Lane for outdoor seating. Antique Southern paraphenalia feature to complement the exposed wooden walls and the antique-style lighting and flickering candles. ~~ Cocktails are a special part of what Orleans has to offer, along with unique entertainment in the form of live music.


Photo of Orleans – Britomart
Steak with burnt brocolli, spring onion & chimmichurri
Heritage tomatoes with clevedon buffalo mozzarella, fennel seed, chili and basil.
Baked gnocchi with napoli, burnt eggplant, buffalo mozzarella, walnut and basil.
Almond polenta cake with lemon syrup and sweet corn gelato
Flattened pork belly with grits, pickled peach & mustard seeds

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Reviews for Orleans – Britomart

1 star rating
by Dana J.
19th April 2014

When first walking in I had high hopes for this unique restaurant. Being a huge fan of southern food, and culture it seemed like a great choice.

Amazing decor, ambiance and music the place was simply buzzing. Expectantly busy for Good Friday the small wait, was actually appreciated.

However, what was not appreciated was the pretentious attitudes and glares of all of the waiting staff that evening.
Not even an ‘excuse me’ when rushing past, while our group were waiting for an absentee waitress to seat us. Then asked to supply a credit card as so we wouldn’t run off without paying apparently, yet no other table was given this thoughtful privilege.

A friend and I shared a pitcher of a terribly mixed fruit bitter punch, that tasted more like aniseed rather than fruit not to mention excessive ice and coriander making it further hard to drink. When the food arrived, each dish one by one it was rather disappointing. Jalapeno corn bread $4 for 2 very small triangles was great, but definitely not worth it. The baked gnocchi was absolutely revolting tasting more like bland porridge than anything, along with foul burnt eggplant. I mostly ate the other dishes bar a disgusting salad drenched in olive brine.

It was obvious as the night draw on that the staff did not want us there. Finding more fun in casual chats with their friends than tending to tables. Rudeness continued as a friend and I were pushed on our way from the bathroom from a waiter with no apology.

Overall if you like bland food, being dissapointed and one of the worst waiting staff I have ever experienced, please by all means visit Orleans.

3 star rating
by Fleur P.
14th April 2014

I had really high hopes for Orleans, after reading rave reviews etc. Unfortunately, I was disappointed slightly.

It was very busy – which we expected, we were told a half hour wait for a table, despite there being several empty spots. We grabbed a drink from next door and sat at an Orleans table that was free. No one asked us to move and no one offered us service. We sat there while we waited for…a table…even though we had one…at Orleans….

Hostess came over 40mins later and said we could just order from where we were sitting if we wanted. Obviously that was the sensible option and we would have appreciated being advised that half an hour earlier.

We ordered and the drinks came out relatively fast which was a bonus. I found the food lacking in flavour to be honest and the food portions in my opinion are just too small for the price.
Lamb ribs are considered a large bowl, we were given 4 ribs which were each about 2 inches squared.

If you want cheap Cajun style dining and to be full when you leave, I prefer Miss Clawdys.

Between 3 of us we spent $115.00 to eat here, not really value for money.

5 star rating
by Rachel S.
12th April 2014

I am in love with this place! The food is amazing and so unique. Loved the corn bread, po boys, sweet potato salad = amazing! Also really great iced tea and funky atmosphere. Can’t wait to go back in the evening and enjoy some live jazz.

5 star rating
by Marsha L.
26th March 2014

Delicious food and great service. There is one particular girl that works there that makes your experience there a fantastic one.. Keep up the good work!
The portions of food is just perfect for sharing a meal with a group of girlfriends; highly recommend.

4 star rating
by Julez
14th March 2014

Visited Orleans for the first time last night and thoroughly impressed. It is by no means an up market eatery rather a relaxed, humming spot with dark wooden features and a romantic yet mischievous environment.

Low point in the dining were the fact that food arrived at different times, although our waiter did inform us that this would be the case. This was however the only downside to the night. The food was delicious and perfectly portioned. The service was classy and attentive. The music, a mix of soul, jazz and latin sealed the experience.

Will return.

5 star rating
by Francis
12th March 2014

Gorgeous staff, live music, bustling atmosphere, stunning cocktails and an old friend from across the ditch made for one of the most enjoyable restaurant experiences I have ever had. I battled North Shore peak hour traffic and arrived at the front door of Orleans annoyed and tired. The charming door man greeted me with such a warm welcome I snapped right out of my traffic woes and in to Southern American homeliness. Water and peanut nibbles were swiftly brought to my table while I waited for my girl friend. Stuck in Auckland traffic herself I decided to start with a cocktail. The Ramos gin fizz was delightful with every mouthful and surprisingly refreshing. As soon as Angelica arrived we ordered what seemed like a mountain of food and more cocktails. The food came quickly which is masterful for such a busy restaurant, we were hungry. Arancini balls with jambalaya, smoked ribs which fell off the bone – not messy, salmon salad, chicken waffle, sloppy joe bun sandwich and my favorite the baked gnocchi!

The live music added something magical to the place. It’s not like a live band from a pub, these guys are the real deal. The American drummer announced the band and the vocalist had me on the first note. Utter perfection.

Our waitress was love on a stick! (said with an American accent). She talked me through the dishes and highlighted her recommendations and specials. The front door guy made cameo appearances and you can see when a hospitality staff member is a professional. He tidied any loose ends and made us feel very comfortable.

When we left the bill came to $69 each. I have paid $120 per person at some fine Auckland establishments and did not get half of the experience. Thanks guys will be back with the team from work soon.

3 star rating
by Gastronaut
11th March 2014

First up, if I could, I would give Orleans 3.5 stars.

As a recent visitor to the real “Big Easy”, we were keen to see how authentically Louisianan this place actually was. In this regard, it is a mixed bag…

The interior is fantastically over-the-top in true American style. Stained glass windows and live blues really set the mood. The service was also quintessentially American too, i.e. extremely friendly and helpful.

The food was fairly good, but not great. We tried a mix of the small plates and, although everything was fine, nothing was a stand-out. The dishes were also a little on the small side, even by Auckland standards. Perhaps my expectations were too high, but I was hoping to be taken back to my gumbo-slurping week in New Orleans last year.

That said, while the food didn’t take me back to my hazy nights on the infamous Bourbon St, the bartender’s take on the classic cajun cocktail, the Sazerac, did. He should be commended.

It is probably best to approach Orleans as a bar first and a restaurant second. I’ll go back, but probably just for a drink.

5 star rating
by Jeremy
25th February 2014

We’ve been here several times now and I keep promising to do a write up as these guys are deserving of some praise! I’m a fan of Orleans as I married an Orleanian! The food is amazing and beautifully presented (not over salted like the typical cajun creole mess you find in New Orleans). The atmosphere is energetic and playful. The staff see to your every need from the door to the table. I am one of the “high maintenance” patrons that every waiter despise but these guys deal with me with a “can do” attitude. Consistency is key and I feel like it’s the place you get highly valued as a regular guest. Well done Orleans and the guys who run the place, I’ll be back again and again.

5 star rating
by Alice B.
13th January 2014

After wandering around Britomart for dinner with a couple of girlfriends, we found Orleans and dove straight in. The atmosphere was great and the staff very friendly on arrival.

Our waitress was very attentive, and we easily got into conversation with her. Not knowing how many dishes to order, she suggested a large and small plate each, even though we were sharing. She was spot on.

The food was incredible – every plate was better than the next. We tried the chicken and waffles, burnt broccoli, smoked lamb, the asparagus, Smoked Fish Po boy and the buffalo mozarella. We loved it all so much that we had to try desert.

We had the pie of the day (caramelised apple) and the Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream Sandwich. I was in heaven with the Ice Cream.

For the three of us to have all of that and drinks it ended up being only about $36 each – such good value for money. We left very content. I’ve raved to friends about this place since I’ve been and I will continue to do so. A great little find and will definitely be back.

3 star rating
by Deborah K.
12th January 2014

Incredible food, but the same cannot be said about the service. Maitre’d was very welcoming and apologetic for making us wait 45 minutes for a table, offered us complimentary curly fries as a compensation. However, we were seated on a table that required sharing with a separate group of diners. It was quite obvious they had forgotten about us. Like many reviews before this, found the staff to be selectively attentive to clients… They would have a good old chat and laughs with other tables, while setting our food down impatiently before returning to a different table to have another chat. They also started clearing up our plates even though we were still not finished with some of the food on them, which made us feel quite uncomfortable, as if they were rushing us to leave. We felt like we were snubbed the whole night for merely asking why it took so long for us to be seated while groups that came after us were seated before we were. 5 stars for the food… but the service, or lack of, left a bad taste in my mouth, and I will have to think twice before coming here again.

4 star rating
by Brooke
21st December 2013

Despite the waiting time, which by now any self respecting Auckland city dweller is used too, Orleans is definitely a source for entertainment, laughter and good food! I’ve often found that those that have a bad opinion about a restaurant have unrealistic expectations regarding bang for their buck. If you want lots of food on your plate and a cheap price stay at Denny’s at any burb around Auckland. If you want a good night out and have NO expectations but a good feed and entertainment then Orleans is it. The Maitre’d is a vision (and believe me, I’m critical regarding fashion and I LOVE her risk taking colour and cuts), the decor is sooooo ultra american vintage chic and the music (depending on the night you go in) is smooth without intruding on personal conversations. My partner and I live in the city and have waited so long for something different. The food and atmosphere is unique and totally up my alley. As vegetarians we tend to order the same dishes every time we go there: Sweet potato salad and the Cornmeal gnocchi is amazeballs!!! yep i used slang but it was that good:) Hope you enjoy it and just remember, go in with less expectation and you’ll never be disappointed:)

3 star rating
by moshimoshi
14th December 2013

Food was relatively cheap and there are lots of options, however flavour was lacking. Disappointing as you would expect flavourful food due to the restaurants style and menu. Service was average. Was told we could pick where we would like to sit. However after about half an hour we were made to feel awkward by being constantly stared at by waitstaff as they stood infront of us, while telling others around us to move outside. Just as we had finished our food we were questioned as to whether we would now be leaving. Was quite uncomfortable. Perhaps instead of pressuring customers to move they should focus on selling and serving to their in house guests. Am now not keen on returning due to the dread of being made to feel like I should be leaving whenever staff start to stress about being able to quickly turnover their customers.

4 star rating
by Adeline
8th December 2013

Having visited Miss Clawdy’s, I was really looking forward to Orleans. Menu-wise, Orleans offers a wider range of dishes (and slightly tastier too).. but cocktail-wise, I would have to say Miss Clawdy’s scores better (and their shrimp popcorn po’boy is yummier too).

Regardless, we still enjoyed our overall experience at Orleans. The servers were friendly, attentive and helpful (especially when we were asking 101 questions about some of the ingredients listed on the menu). We especially enjoyed the cornflake chicken waffle (the waffle was crispy as! yummo) and green grits and shrimp (we were told the green grits was something like mashed polenta – yumm!). Will definitely come back!

5 star rating
by Suzannah G.
6th December 2013

Food was outstanding at Orleans. My favourite dishes, best-first were:

Firstly, the ‘Green grits & shrimp’ – tasted AMAZING! The name ‘green grits’ is the most underwhelming name I’ve ever seen for such an overwhelmingly tasty dish (were those really shrimps? They were almost as big as prawns, I thought!);

Second favourite dish was dessert: Peanut Butter Semifreddo Sandwich with grape jelly. Left me speechless with its deliciousness.

Third fave was the Southern Stew with clams, andouille (a very fancy-pants little artisan sausage), market fish & okra. The okra & stewy tomato-y sauce were sublime. Sausage was so flavoursome.

Curly fries with a spicy dipping sauce were great too.

Then the “Torn Buffalo Mozzarella with broad beans, asparagus, fennel seed, chilli & lemon oil”. It was good, though I’m not a fan of broad beans I now realize… and this needs to be eaten PRIOR to eating the ‘green-grits & shrimp’ – because once your palate has experienced the dizzying heights of the green-grits & shrimp, there’s no going back – your palate won’t enjoy the subtleties of the mozzarella dish as much!

Our waiter (a fun blond guy) was really great – full of character, and really comfortable with himself yet without a hint of arrogance. He had a great mix of being very respectful while also managing to bring a bit of lively banter to the table. Top marks.

It’s a great environment, with fabulous choice of music (Jonny Cash, Elvis, etc) and we loved sitting in the cobblestoned alleyway, where the neon light from the bar-sign glows orange and gives it an ambiance that’s just right.

4 star rating
by Wolfie W.
4th December 2013

Great vibe, tasty food and excellent service – what’s not to like?

We came in early on a Thursday, and were shown straight to a table – and we were offered a choice of where to sit. The space was hip and interesting, and the music was great – a nod to the 40′s, very glam. The dining room filled up around us and everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves. Our long deliberation over the menu was received patiently and when we did order – Curly Fries, Pork Po Boys, Grilled Asparagus, Chicken Crackle Salad & Torn Buffalo Mozzarella – the food arrived in waves quite soon after. Loved the Chicken salad, and the Po Boys, and all the rest were good. Add to that two glasses of wine – total bill $61 – and we couldn’t eat anymore if we had tried. Great value. I have to say that the service we received was absolutely top notch too – friendly, chatty and with professionalism and skill – well done.

2 star rating
by Paul A.
28th November 2013

Great food, but let down by the service. We had a strange experience where a waiter kept giving our orders to the girls on the next table and when they said they didn’t order it, he replied ‘it’s complimentary!’. This happened a few times during the meal, maybe he was trying to impress them. Lost the curly fries to them, but the desert found its way to us eventually.

2 star rating
by Chloe-Mae R.
23rd November 2013

We came to Orleans for after work drinks one night,
Walked in and LOVED the décor and vibe of place…
First we noticed the staff attending to a table what appeared to a group of there friends… having a good old chat to them, then the staff were walking around the restaurant drinking there coffees and soft drinks, while me and my Husband sat and waited to be served, we had to ask for there attention to order a beer.
While the beer sat at the bar for a good 5-8minutes while the staff walked past our beer and they stopped and sipped there own drink some more…. Was very un-professional. work should be work NOT a social occasion to favor your friends (coming from someone who has worked in hospo)
Anywho food came fast was Delish but ended up going to Mc Donald’s on way home, but cant complain as I wasn’t expecting bigger at that price =)
Over all would give a 5star ONLY if staff were more attentive.

5 star rating
by Mathilda C.
17th November 2013

Went here for a date night and more recently a work do, loved this restaurant! Felt well taken care of both times and continuity is hard to find at these “high volume” places. I understand Orleans has only been open for a couple of months and their menu changes frequently, love it! This new menu is fresh and packed with flavor. The smoked lamb ribs as well as the Shrimp and Grits were my faves, followed by the Peanut butter Ice cream sandwich with the cornflake milk shot! The band was different on both occasions, they create such a vibrant atmosphere. We will definitely be back again and again.

2 star rating
by Miriam M.
12th November 2013

Went here for a lunch recently after hearing good things but were all very let down. Being a lunch service, we should have been attended to well, seeing as it was not busy, but we were ignored (cutlery just dumped on the table, no chit chat). After 5 minutes of being seated had to go and ask for menus. The main issue for me was that the cocktails came out once we had finished our food, perhaps either put the food on hold or tell us the cocktails take a while to make BEFORE ordering, not at the time of delivery. The food was fine, and I’m not one to complain in person, I just wanted to let Orleans know how they could improve their service. Order of service and friendliness just had an unfortunate impact, bringing down the vibe we were after.

1 star rating
by Michael
12th November 2013

Made an account just for this place. I feel like this place was probably a lot better when it had a lot less clientele, but they haven’t quite kept up the standards with a lot more people.

Which is a shame, as the music was lovely and the interior was really something, but all in all it fell way below standards.

As an example, we were made to wait two hours while the busperson kept assuring us we were to be at a table in ten minutes. Then it became thirty. Then another ten. Then as soon as possible. Shame on me, I guess.

Quality of food definitely lacking. Po boys for 8.50 weren’t as flavourful as I’d have liked them to be, and portions in general were very small. Definitely not what you expect a restaurant.

Do not market your bar as also being a restaurant. It is not a restaurant. That’s just misleading. I came in expecting to be fed, and I left still hungry.

5 star rating
by CC
11th November 2013

Delicious food! Deep fried okra is worth a try, and the Po Boys are real good, packed full with tasty fillings in a soft bun. My only regret is that I couldn’t try more of the menu. If you still have space do try the dessert, the sweet pie of the day turned out to be a pecan pie on my visit, and it’s the best dessert I’ve had this year. An affordable place too, and the mix n match style of plates suits far better than a $30 dollar main!

4 star rating
by Rey
6th November 2013

Must visit if you are looking for a classy night out.

This one is a triple treat with great food, drinks and atmosphere. I’d recommend the curly fries, pecan pie (if it’s available as pie of the day) and the chicken waffles.

Only downside was the small tables and hard chairs. Things were close to falling off the table. Disliked that meals came in at different times too but they were upfront about it from the start so we weren’t too disappointed.

Edit: they’ve replaced the chairs with significantly more comfortable seats!

5 star rating
by Jayne S.
4th November 2013

I have been hearing great things about Orleans and finally got the chance to go last night. I was not disappointed. We arrived at 7pm and were told the wait would be an hour but we could have a drink at the bar. We only had to wait 40 minutes for a table and were told by the front of house that we had front row seats for the band, he said that because we were a group of young people we wouldn’t mind the volume which was true. The band was great. I love the interior decorations however the seats are high and have bar stools which some people may not like. It was loud, which is to be expected, so maybe not a place to take the grandparents. We started with the curly fries, fried okra and pecan and sweet potato salad. I was surprised at how fast they were brought out. Yum! I couldn’t fault any of them. We then ordered a fried chicken po boy and orleans cornflake chicken waffle. Both had the same fried chicken so I wouldn’t recommend ordering both. Go for the chicken waffle, it was truly amazing. I have had fried chicken waffles elsewhere but these were on another level. We then ordered the pulled pork po boy and chicken crackle salad. The salad was probably my least favourite dish of the night but the pulled pork po boy was up there with the chicken waffle. A must try. My dinner companions were not seafood fans so look forward to going back and trying the sauteed prawns and grilled salmon collar.

5 star rating
by Emma H.
19th October 2013

Before coming here I had heard very good things about it and it definitely lives up to expectations! The inside is incredible and the stuff are friendly. The chicken waffle was great as well and the potato salad. It is busy with no bookings but it will be worth the wait.

5 star rating
by Sam P.
7th October 2013

I have really genuinely enjoyed Orleans both times I dined there.
I felt comfortable and like I was attended to very well.. relaxed but helpful friendly wait staff
Two favorites so far were the Sweet potato/pecan salad and the polenta gnocchi, both simply delicious.
Everything else I have tried I have enjoyed also.
Great food, very good service, cool atmosphere and value makes it in my opinion a very welcome addition to Britomart (and Auckland)
Will return.

5 star rating
by Jaclyn B.
6th October 2013

This would have to be my new favorite place to dine. The service is friendly, the atmosphere makes you feel like you’re on holiday and the food is tasty. Love the Cajun chicken, the salmon and the corn bread. So many more dishes to try though.

4 star rating
by Robin S.
5th October 2013

Had our Doctorate reunion dinner here recently. Had a wonderful time. My son works in the area and recommended Orleans restaurant as we travelled through Louisiana earlier this year, spending most of our time in New Orleans. I have to say if you have experienced the Southern States’ dining you will find that the presentation is not a focus and the food will definitely add a few extra pounds! This was the opposite at this delightful restaurant. The meals were fresh, portions just perfect and I dare say the service will compare to my favorite upmarket restaurant in Wellington. The atmosphere is vibrant and a great match with our celebrations that night. I frequently buy the salmon collar so great to see the cut on a menu and beautifully presented. Our friends indulged more than I did and one of the couples even joined the dancing near the stage! Thank you for a lovely time.

5 star rating
by Lilly M.
5th October 2013

Had lunch at Orleans with my family after visiting the Britomart Saturday markets in Takutai square. This is why we will make this our weekly local: As soon as we arrived we were greeted like old friends, love that. You sit at high table leaners, much more social. Our waiter came over with some complimentary nibbles and took our drinks order, mum loves her Chardonnay and the waitress made a great recommendation. Dad is now a fan of American beers, I think he tried all of them on the Orleans list! I ordered food for the table and again, the recommendations from the waiter was educational and perfect for us. We weren’t terribly hungry so the small bowls were perfect all round. Love the vibe, music is so important and is sometimes overlooked but these guys know how to put a great playlist together. Favorites: Dad – chicken waffle. Mum – Salmon salad. Sis – blackened chicken. Me – all of the above. See you next Saturday!

5 star rating
by Faith K.
5th October 2013

Chicken Waffle, Jambalaya, Sweet potato and pecan salad, Ginger gems wrapped up with Southern Soul, great service and delicious cocktails. I love the adjustable chairs, I am only 5ft tall so it always feels like I am a child at a dining table!! My waiter quickly adjusted the chair for me which was such a nice touch. Last night was my second visit so I felt compelled to give these guys some praise on a job well done. Hard to find consistency in new restaurants that open up. My only bit of criticism would be that the food came out very quickly, but I suppose for most this would be a good thing. I love Orleans and I love Britomart, definitely Auckland’s “place to be”.

4 star rating
by Alisha S.
28th September 2013

Awesome location, chic atmosphere and divine food! We went for lunch on a Friday, the place was packed. The maître d was very apologetic that there were no tables inside, but we were happy to sit outside. Once a table freed up she moved us in. The waiter we had was also really nice, he helped us make up our mind about what to get as it was our first time there. I got chicken and waffles with a side of onion rings. The food was delicious. The chicken and waffles were a bit small but it was a perfect size for lunch time (probably wouldn’t be satisfying as a dinner meal). The only downfall was that everyone’s food came out at different times and our sides came out after our mains. It may just be a learning curve for them since they had only been open for a month or so! Would definitely go back!

4 star rating
by Joshua P.
18th September 2013

My wife and I recently dined at Orleans. We travelled through Southern America 2 years ago and loved the cuisine, atmosphere and colorful characters. So when a work colleague told me a Creole restaurant opened in Britomart I immediately phoned and was told they don’t take reservations. So we tried our luck for a table on Monday night. We were seated straight away, joining another couple on a large table.
The staff were great. A blonde girl from California served us, very authentic! We told her to please order for us, and within 10 minutes plate after plate of delicious food came to our table.
We couldn’t fit dessert but we will surely be back to try your pecan pie.

Will recommend to all.

Joshua Petrie

4 star rating
by Tina T.
18th September 2013

A group of us had an early dinner before the rugby on Saturday the 14th. Orleans was recommended by one of our guests and yes they lived up to the expectation! Food was great, service friendly and their house lager is a great beer. We returned after the rugby from the Britomart train station and had one of the best nights ever! The space turns in to one big dance party and we were still drinking cocktails at 3am. Highly recommended for a great night out.

5 star rating
by Jolie S.
17th September 2013

Haven’t had a date night in ages so I had to make up for lost time. Orleans to the rescue! When we arrived a lovely host informed us it will be a 30 minute wait. We sat in the courtyard area and enjoyed a cocktail. The manager escorted us to our table and at that moment the band started playing! My hubby ordered for us so we had the privilege of sampling heaps of different dishes. Loved the chicken waffle and the corn bread, while he raved about the blackened chicken and the pork po boy. We left satisfied and new fans:) Oh yes and have the baked cheesecake!

1 star rating
by Caitlin B.
17th September 2013

Uninspiring and under flavored food. Broccoli and collard greens were in cold watery soup. Corn bread was super dry and a tiny portion. British girl serving was really nice but service was chaotic. Mostly disappointed in food, there are so many places doing Southern cuisine these days. Go to one of the others.

4 star rating
by Ellie M.
17th September 2013

I tried Orleans for the first time last week and am going back again tonight, less than a week later; while the service was a little bit all over the place (everyone was super nice but I think having been open barely a week at the time that everyone was still learning tables numbers/sections etc, so I can’t really fault it), the food was delicious and flavoursome (and really well priced) and the atmosphere was pretty cool/casual.

They don’t take bookings so as long as you’re flexible with your time (they’ll happily take your details and call you when a table is available) and/or you’re happy to share a table with strangers (really, why not?) you’ll be in for a treat.

1 star rating
by Kylie S.
17th September 2013

I had the misfortune of dining at this lacklustre diner recently. Tiny menu, tiny portions, uninspiring food, terrible cocktails, a surly maître d and a rude busser matched with Britomart prices made for one very disappointing meal.

I left hungry and with a sizeable hole in my pocket all for the pleasure of being treated with attitude – I simply will not return again. Such a shame as it is a lovely little restaurant with great décor – I had really hoped for great things.

My suggestion – do not waste your money, there are far better restaurants, with better food, better service and value for money in the area.

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