The Oyster Inn

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09 3722222, 09 9720831

124 Ocean View Road, Oneroa, Waiheke Island, Auckland

12 Noon to 11 PM (Mon-Fri), 11 AM to 11 PM (Sat), 12:11 AM to 11 PM (Sun)


Reviews for The Oyster Inn

5 star rating
by Sean
one month ago

Really enjoyed a lunch on the veranda. A nice view of the sea and main road below.
The local Oysters were a terrific choice along with some kumara sourdough bread with your choice of dipping oil.
For mains I enjoyed a well done fish and chips. It's a good spot if not a bit close to the main town. I'd like something out of the urban area ((like a vineyard)) but the food was great and that's the main reason you are there.
Super helpful staff too.

5 star rating
by MommyYummy
3 months ago

Beautiful place to visit when you go to Waiheke ! We went for Lunch in a quiet day with mum, baby and partner. The place is very well located just in the popular area of restaurants, bars and the beach. They have a beautiful sea view and a very nice, clean and simple Interior decoration. Food was delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹ we had a Oyster plate and Fish and Chips as we wanted to show our guest this popular dish. Whine Wines and beers where cold ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿท๐Ÿดand the service was casual and friendly. We want to go back to try the rest of the Menu soon. โ˜บ

5 star rating
by EpicEats
4 months ago

Loved dinning here, staff were very nice and accommodating as we had about 10 of us for lunch. We had just got off the ferry from Auckland and was looking around for a place to eat, so glad we stumbled across this place :D. We order the set menu, and to me it is well worth it for what we got. Would love to try more of what they have to offer and would definitely recommend.

5 star rating
by Folcarelli Stephen
6 months ago

After a terrible experience at Cable Bay we decided to enjoy a quiet glass of wine on the veranda at The Oyster Inn. What a difference in attitude and service. Great product knowledge, Great staff, Great service & Atmosphere. Well done to all.

4 star rating
by House Of Eats
6 months ago

We sat down to enjoy both the classic fish and triple cooked chips - with a starter of cream cheese/smoked fish dip served on toasted crunchy bread and a goat and beetroot salad! It was all so amazing!

4 star rating
by Jean-Pierre Lahausse De Lalouviere
7 months ago

Truly a pleasure dinning in this resturant. My wife and I enjoyed our dinner on the outside covered deck, with a welcomed overhead heater.
A starter of Te Matuku (local) oysters, kumara sourdough bread & a complementary plate of calamari (bday). The oysters were exactly what you hope for when you crave oysters, size was a bit on the smaller side, however it hit the spot. The matching vinegar sauce worked well. The bread was ordered with rangihoua olive oil, bread gave a warm homely feeling, a lack oil was frustrating, but the bread pulled through. Calamari was average, but the highlight of the evening which blew me away is the sauce accompanied with the calamari. A spicy sauce which I would never have thought of matching. A hint of ginger,cucumber and possibly cayenne pepper. I'm inspired to recreate this sauce in my own kitchen. Thankful to have the extra bread, it worked as a gr8 dipping sauce to.
Next the sirloin steak was served as ordered, accompanied with crispy kale, and garlic parsnip. The steak was good. The kale had a good flavour to it, however I don't feel as if it's a suitable side for this dish. The highlight of the dish was the garlic sauce found with the parsnip. Soft, juicy and melted in the mouth. Garlic sauce was fabulous.
Grilled market fish for the night was swordfish. Crispy on top and soft in middle, could almost be confused with the texture of a well done tuna, but certainly a change in a seafood resturant. The matching buckwheat, courgette yogurt salad was perfect. A great salad and compliments the fish so well.
Nothing more was ordered for the evening. The service was fantastic, it's so enjoyable when staff actually ask you whether you are enjoying your meal between courses.

For the island life and semi-fine dinning this is the all you can ask for. It's not the Sails resturant in mighty Westhaven, but you will certainly feel like is was worth the experience
Service 10/10
Food 8/10
Affordability is cheap for quality of food.

5 star rating
by Jack
7 months ago

This is something well over due.. My partner and I won a tab and nights stay here through a work challenge some time ago. Iv always wanted to say thank you to the staff for an amazing night. Everything was spectacular, the food, service, atmosphere, accomodation, wine and beer could not be faulted. The owners were especially hospitable even though we're weren't paying a cent. So I thank you all for such a great night. We will be back soon

5 star rating
by Benjamin Weeks
7 months ago

A great round of fresh and fried oysters, which lived up to the restaurants namesake. Followed up by epic ribs, thrice fried chips and rounded off with a live performance by Nathan Haines.

4 star rating
by Mekamak
8 months ago

I have been here a couple of times and I always like it. The food is nice and good sizes, a bit up priced but I can understand they might have a big cost in terms of surviving thought out the winter on the Island. They have a good spot as well, with a great view in the centre of the village. The staff is friendly and welcoming. They have hight chairs, which is extremely important for me. They don't have a kids menu but there is a lot of non junk food that kids can actually eat.
The menu in zomato is an old menu, but they are a seasonal food restaurant and they change their menu constantly. 
I will definitely go back.

4 star rating
by Dean Quate
9 months ago

Once you get past all the blatant mates rates free advertising these celebrity touting owners seem to receive and just accept it as just another restaurant you will actually be surprised to find a pretty decent eatery in a tourist trap section of the island.When we were there we enjoyed the experience. The restaurant almost has a Key West ambience and its refreshing to have staff in a tourist spot to actually have above average knowledge of whats on the menu.Most items on the menu are sensibly priced. The one thing that is diabolically priced is 6 bucks for one oyster...and theyre not even local waiheke oysters.And that brings me to something that gets me a little annoyed... why not source local oysters? They are available. Why not have a selection (rather than just one) of the local beers on tap... why Hallertau when you have equally good beer just a few kms down the road...The menu on this website is old.One small annoyance... you get the impression their risotto won a recent competition... participating and coming in third is fine.. but clever wording by the staff makes you think you won the event. I don't like word games.But other than that... a recommended place on a weeknight. On weekends its just too packed to enjoy.One free bit of advice... your choc mousse is nice... very nice... but the presentation on the plate... oh dear... youd think it was a poo. Maybe try and make that a little easier on the eye. Or serve it in a glass bowl rather than on a white plate.
Update: Since this visit have been back and they now have the local oysters. The waitress didnt use a notepad for a table of 6 and a few things got lost in translation. The fish of the day swordfish mains was bland and boring, the slow cooked pork delicious and thenthrice fried chips with the fish and chips was an abomination (not a chip but a solid brick), again a 4/5. But remember, if you run out of stuff on the menu tell your diners before they order that its not available...coming back 15 minutes later saying 'sorry, run out' is a bit silly.

5 star rating
by EatsByZee
9 months ago

The Oyster Inn was a great start to a fantastic long weekend of wining, dining and relaxing on Waiheke Island. We arrived late in the evening; most of us jaded and having traveled straight from work so we were looking for the perfect place to unwind.  The Oyster Inn did not disappoint!  The restaurant is located smack-bang in the middle of Oneroa town, up a secluded ramp with a private dining room and shop on one side and the main restaurant on the other side. As soon as you enter the dining room, it's hard not to instantly feel like you're on island time. The whitewash relaxed décor with Cape Cod styling were the ideal complement to the sweeping views of Oneroa Bay that the large balcony looks over.  Try and get a table outside on the stools to really maximise the views and experience.

As it's almost a crime to come to an establishment and not eat the dish of its namesake, we started with the Tio Pinot, Marlborough Sounds oysters ($60/dozen) served with lemon and Chardonnay vinegar and shallots.  These oysters were just as described to us by our waiter – fresh, creamy and fleshy.  In addition, we ordered the new style kingfish sashimi with chilli, sesame and yuzu ($21) as a starter.  

For mains, the girls opted for the grilled market fish (snapper) with Vietnamese style slaw and spicy nam jim ($34) and the boys chose the line caught Hauraki Gulf gurnard and triple cooked chips ($26).  The grilled market fish was cooked to perfection – flaky, delicate and crispy skinned with a refreshing salad and a very moreish hot, sour and tangy nam jim.  The triple cooked chips that came with the battered gurnard were fantastic and many chips were stolen off the boys’ plates…they really were that good!

To the disappointment of one of our fellow diners, there was no chocolate on the dessert menu however we still went ahead and ordered the Eton mess ($12) and the choux buns with vanilla ice cream and warm salted caramel sauce ($14).  The warm salted caramel sauce more than made up for the lack of chocolate – smooth, salty and the caramel cooked right up to the point of burning to achieve a delectable caramel flavour.  

Special mention must go to our very knowledgeable and patient waiter, Buster, who suggested wine tastings when we were indecisive over what wine to order, provided super service and maintained a professional yet relaxed attitude even though we were that "annoying" table that arrived half an hour before the kitchen closed and the last table left at the end of the evening!  If you are heading over to Waiheke Island, The Oyster Inn is a must to visit.  The food, location and people simply make it a pleasure to dine there.  It would be a seafood lovers dream restaurant to sit back, relax and “get shucked”!

1 star rating
by Sue_J
Nov 29, 2014

Been here this afternoon, and after waiting at the door for few minutes I started wandering around as other people did too.
Then I stood by a table and started looking around to grab someone's attention. The rude man showed up and put cutlery on another table signaling for me to move across. I asked can if I sit where I am instead (both were small tables). He yelled at me in front of all guests: "ONE PERSON YOU SIT OVER HERE".

I made my way out without uttering a single word as am not explaining anything to a person who's not worth any respect.

2 star rating
by Nick & Jayne
Aug 31, 2014

A girls weekend away from the kids to Waiheke was a huge treat to behold! The weather was glorious, the company couldn't have been better but sadly our dinner out was disappointing. After much deliberation not to mention an email trail over a kilometre long (!) we decided on dining out at The Oyster Inn. The location was lovely as was the wine list but thats where the loveliness ended -  only 2 of our meals out of 6 were deemed better than we could have cooked. My steak and onion rings were overly oily, the steak over seasoned and pretty ho hum, actually hubby could have done better on the backyard BBQ!  Was most definitely not worth the $39 price tag, came with no sides nor was I asked if I would like to order something green and leafy! The service while pleasant enough was not really very attentive other than quickly filling our wine glasses after each sip (!). We were not asked whether our meals were ok and to be honest when you are out with a group no one wants to make the first complaint without prompting so we all paid up and left without mentioning how disappointing our food was. Won't be going back and would not recommend :-(

5 star rating
by Wei-Kai Shyu
Aug 25, 2014

Had the honour of playing a Sunday afternoon gig here. The staff there are extremely friendly, especially the owner of the place. Very nice atmosphere, right by the seaside. The view is great if you choose to sit by the deck. Had the steak there and it was marvellous! Not too much, not too little but just the right amount to leave you satisfied and be able to leave the place happily without stumbling down the stairs. I would gladly dine there again.

3 star rating
by Gregory Hugh
Mar 12, 2014

Had a very enjoyable time at the Oyster House and we were more than well cared for by staff..but am still 'frustrated / annoyed' by ordering 'Tempura Oysters' which appeared to be cut-up part or half Oysters sourced form Helensville, in a Tempura batter at $28.00 for 6.. listed as 1/2 dozen Oysters. (Did actually see the kitchen staff cutting up the oysters as I arrived - not realizing that's what was going to be served). Ultimately very fun but really not good value (and maybe somewhat dishonest).

5 star rating
by Wendy
Feb 15, 2014

The Oyster Inn is Wonderful. Fresh quality seafood, divine desserts. We had the tempura oysters, lobster bisque and a lemon pie. Friendly, excellent service, clean quirky and beautifully positioned by the sea. Faultless. I'd love to stay at the inn itself and work through the menu!

0 star rating
by Justin
Jan 02, 2014

Perfect. This place is perfect in every way! From the moment we walked in, we were looked after in every way. The decor suits the view, with lovely touches of custom cushions on the chairs and fresh cut flowers.
We ordered each type of oysters, and were so good had seconds, to follow this the seafood pasta and the line caught snapper. Both were perfectly executed, and much bigger then expected. Unfortunately didn't have time for desert, but to top things off our lovely waitress from Colorado ran 250meters up the street to return a bag I forgot!

By far the best meal I've had while visiting NZ, and will be one very big reason while I will be returning.

4 star rating
by Kate W
Nov 18, 2013

Quite a long way to go for a restaurant when you live on the North Shore but what a fantastic day out. The new restaurant is bright, airy, fresh and very seaside-y. Local oysters were a hit as was the steak and chips. I only wish I'd had room for the banana toffee dessert. I had one bite of my partner's and it was incredible. There was so much on the menu i wanted, it was very hard to choose. Waiting staff were professional but friendly and the whiole place felt incredibly laid back yet efficient, not easy I imagine.

2 star rating
by Kathy
Nov 11, 2013

We had heard great things about Oyster Inn so decided to do a brunch there for my 60th.
What a disappointing experience all round. The Eggs Benedict that three of the party of six ordered were less than acceptable. The eggs were almost hard-boiled. We spoke to the waitress who apologised and said she would tell the chef. The tuatara fritters were very over-priced, two tiny fritters for $22.50!
A most disappointing experience altogether and as they say word of mouth is the best advertising. We shall be telling all our friends of our experience.

5 star rating
by Thai Qn
Nov 07, 2013

Neutral opinion about the Aussie groups-exp/

I like it here for their trendy rooms for stay, a busy restaurant is always going to miss something out..kind of sucks that it's you. I think it's a 'good thing' that this restaurant/hotel is over-staffed.

The Sirloin dish was definitely quality and not powder-pasted together cut off huge rolls... These people work really damn hard, clean their floors and they are very professional, just dine here as I'm sure they don't mean to leave you out.

5 star rating
by Kevan
Oct 28, 2013

Our family of four visited on the Friday of Labour weekend.
We had a booking and were shown straight to our table. The setting is relaxed, beachy batch style with really friendly staff.

We had a mixture of dishes including entrees and mains. The food was timely and very nice.
I really enjoyed the clam chowder enter and the fish pie. We all enjoyed our meals.

Nice to see these guys supporting the wild on waiheke brewery.

Thanks for a great meal.

4 star rating
by David Boshier
Oct 07, 2013

Like most eating establishments on the island it is not cheap but the food and service make it good value. You also need to book as this place is popular.

Right from when you walk in the door you are greeted with a friendly welcome and a smile. Our cocktails turned up quickly and it was not long before we were seated at our table.

The pork sliders are well worth a try as the come with a kick which is a good change from the norm.

If on the island for a few days, this place is worth a try.

1 star rating
by Rachael Hill
Oct 01, 2013

We had heard good things about The Oyster Inn restaurant, and with my girlfriends visiting from Sydney we decided to book dinner there for the Saturday night. Well... it seems our table was completely forgotten about, we were put down one end of the balcony and despite ordering our drinks and mains as soon as we arrived we waited 1hr 40 mins for our food, and in the meantime asked for more olive oil and breads given the wait time to be told we would be charged for it and twice we had to ask to order drinks. Once the mains eventually arrived the food was great but the service was enough to put a dampener on our entire evening.
On the Sunday, they had DJ's playing so we thought we would go for a few afternoon drinks and give them a second chance. We asked to order cocktails and were told we couldn't order these as they were too busy yet the premises was left than half full and then we were asked by our waiter twice to switch tables as other groups had come in..... We couldn't leave fast enough and took our business elsewhere. Such a shame, we won't be returning.

4 star rating
by Carol
Sep 23, 2013

You could almost feel that you were dining in the Florida Keys or Caribbean at the Oyster Inn..... lovely white decor, cool breezy atmosphere and a stunning view, as you sit on the deck gazing over azure blue water. Gorgeous! :)

We were made welcome by the friendly staff and were led to an inviting table on the deck. I chose the seafood chowder that was the best I had tasted in a VERY long time - very tasty and then went on to the sardines on toast, which were delicious. My partner couldn't go past the fish and chips which included triple-cooked chips - full of flavour! We both had a glass of local wine each - the Kennedy Point Cuvee Chardonnay and the Man'O'War Chardonnay - proclaming both fabulous choices!

We shared dessert of toffee and banana pudding - which was so freshly baked it was still warm - heavenly!

We enjoyed ourselves so much we visited The Oyster Inn a second time during our stay at Waiheke. Unfortunately the fish and chips (I had to try them this time!) weren't as fresh and tasty as the first time - the chips a little TOO crispy and the fish a bit tasteless. However, I had the fresh oysters which were truly delightful.

We would definitely visit The Oyster Inn a third time on our next Waiheke sojourn - a lovely place to stop for lunch in the village, especially on a fine day with such a stunning view over the water.

3 star rating
by Wolfie W
Sep 10, 2013

Nice fit out, and very stylish decor but it lacked any warmth of welcome - we stood for too long trying to see where we might sit as we were just in for drinks not dinner - a group of about 4 or 5 business types were dominating not only the bar but also had put their stuff (keys, glasses, phone) on the table where the only lounge seating was - we were unsure if they were heading to sit there or not and they most certainly weren't giving an inch! Had to squeeze behind one large man as he shouted in to his phone - almost completely blocking our way as we followed the waiter to a dining table which was our only option for somewhere to sit. The drinks took a very long time to arrive, and my effort to engage with the person that brought them left me feeling slighted and rather inconsequential. Disappointing, particularly as we hoped to stay in the accommodation here next time... that won't be happening. After a weekend of great hospitality all around the island I can only say the Oyster Inn is not on the list for our next visit.

4 star rating
by Jeanette Norwood
Aug 04, 2013

Views and service first class. Easy to see why the maitre d won an award this year. Range of prices allows you to tailor make the meal to suit the purse. The deserts are divine.

2 star rating
by David
Mar 28, 2013

Nice views and love what they have done to the place - the decor is great.

However the food was over-priced and average, the service was "in your face" overly attentive (great if you like that, but we didn't).

Lots of good things, but overall, disappointing.

5 star rating
by Callum Melhuish
Dec 27, 2012

Finally someone got it right in Oneroa. The refurbishment obviously spared few expenses, leaving a restaurant easily transported to the heart of Remuera and not being the odd one out. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, from owner to manager to bartender. Possibly over staffed but perhaps that's my own 9 years in the industry talking. Can't wait to come back and will surely recommend to family and friends alike.