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1/117-125 St. Georges Bay Road, Parnell, Auckland

  European, Pizza
8:30 AM to 11 PM, 12 Midnight to 4 AM (Mon-Fri), 11 AM to 11 PM, 12 Midnight to 4 AM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for The Paddington

4 star rating
by Heidi McHolm

I ordered the Paddington mixed platter, meat lovers pizza, wedges and salt and pepper squid. The mixed platter was good but a bit spicer than I expected as was the Pizza. The salt and pepper squid was way better than I anticipated and the wedges where good.

2 star rating
by Monique Porteous
7 days ago

I've been here the odd few times and have never been that impressed. The only positive I find when I go here is how lovely the staff are. The service is extremelyyyyyy slow 🐨 and it will take you at least 20 minutes or more to get your meal (even if it is just bread and dips). The interior of the restaurant isn't too bad but the tables are a bit oddly spread out in some parts. The food is ok but I would not recommend getting the pizza breads unless you like a bunch of oil in your mouth 😩 all in all I wouldn't mention this place to friends for food or drinks, just the nice staff really! P.s make sure you triple check they got your order right!

4 star rating
by Emily Pavey
12 days ago

Nice little pub in Parnell. Came here on a weeknight evening for dinner and a catch up. Good service and menu. We both had grilled fish with chips and mushy peas. Fish and mushy peas were brilliant, chips ok. Good wine and beer selection.

4 star rating
by Frank
one month ago

Great pub with plenty of parking nearby but still close to the CBD and especially Parnell. Always liked going here, since there is plenty of ambience, service is always great and there are tables to eat at, plus higher tables for drinking etc. Definitely a welcoming place and great for socialising and catching up. Bar food is of a high standard, and you can watch sports action live here as well...

4 star rating
by Hamish Miller
one month ago

Buffet breakfast with the rugby.
Plenty of seats, good food. Eggs done well. Not usually a fan of scrambled eggs but these were good.
Big screen, good sound.
Beers at 8am.
No complaints

4 star rating
by Rohit Victor
2 months ago

Top quality burgers, great afternoon ambience and the perfect place to go for lunch with your office colleagues! Food was at a decent rate and staff were more than kind! Love you guys for such top-notch service!

4 star rating
by B D H
4 months ago

I used to work next door to the Paddington so used to frequent it a lot. It's nice and relaxed with a good selection of drinks. Their burgers are very very yummy. Not out of this world but pretty standard Pub Grub. We always go back.

5 star rating
by Gaffarsplusone
4 months ago

We stopped for lunch. Greatly impressed with the food portion. Staff was great and the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. Food was tasty and our orders arrived without waiting for too long. Definitely will be going back.

5 star rating
by Peter McDougall
4 months ago

Never been more comfortable in a bar in Auckland before. After being in a few pubs in Auckland (coming from the mainland) I felt I hadn't gone over cook straight. Dam I almost didn't want to go home.

5 star rating
by Flying Foodie
4 months ago

This is a super pub for hanging out late in the evening. The ambience is phenomenal and the grub/drinks are outstanding. Highly recommend. Will keep going.

4 star rating
by FlyingMonkey
4 months ago

I had such a good night at the Tuesday pub quiz. Excellent atmosphere, the whole pub was filled with people ! It's a weird lo location, the only pub in the area catered for the local communit and people working around the area.

We had a few pizzas to share around, a meat ball one, chicken and cheese. I really loved their pizza because they had really thin n chrunchy base. That's exactly how I like my pizza. We also had nachos and wedges. I preferred the nachos more as it was less oily than the wedges. I also had a mojito, which was not overly sweet, it was alright... Not the best not the worse I had.

Would really recommend the pizza here!

4 star rating
by Krishna Brannigan
5 months ago

After spending some time around this industrial/shopping district lunch was required. Warm cozy and inviting with great prices mulled wine and green lipped mussel chowder it was. A retro spot with great service.

4 star rating
by Brunchalicious
6 months ago

Great if all you are after is good old tasty pub food and decent portions... Good as a local or for a one off whilst passing by but not a place you take someone special

4 star rating
by Javier Yebenes
8 months ago

Amazing burger, good service and nice facilities. I would recommend this place for a snack or a beer after work or during the weekend. It seem to be very quiet during work hours but after 5pm im sure there a better atmosphere. Good food and friendly staff.

4 star rating
by PeterMS
Nov 11, 2014

my memories of this place go way back to it's earlier incarnation as The Nag's Head. More recently I have called in for drinks when staying in hotels nearby on visits to Auckland. I have yet to eat there, but have found The Paddington to be a decent watering hole. Suggest though that you walk if staying nearby or taxi as the parking can be difficult at times.

Good location and I have found the staff pleasant and welcoming.

Recommend for drinks and I am looking forward to tryin the food on a future visit. Ambiance good.

5 star rating
by Jessica Weston
Nov 05, 2014

Our Wedding at the Paddington!

The Paddington was such a great venue for our wedding - we feel overwhelmingly thankful to Stu and the team, for helping us create something incredibly special.

Our hope was to find a space that we could comfortably fit 180 friends and family into for an intimate evening ceremony followed by canapés, speeches, and dancing. The Paddington exceeded our expectations and we were delighted how smoothly everything went and how easy it was to plan and setup.

No venue hire, great wine & tap beer selection, fully staffed, plenty of parking, customisable staging, professional sound and lighting services included, and a closing time of 4am! What an unbelievable deal!

Another bonus for us was that we could have it as a blank canvas and move anything around and bring in anything that we wanted for decorations, AND it was closed to the public for the entire day for us to setup and have our function!

We went for a kind of rustic theme for our wedding – which suited the wood and brick interior of the venue. We had barrels and beer crates with flowers on them and LED candles in jars that created the isle leading towards the stage and curtain backdrop. Overall the place looked very moody (thanks also to their brilliant lighting guys!), and our guests turned up feeling like they were in a very magical place. They could grab a drink and spread out into the different spaces that the Paddington has. This was also a big draw card for us when choosing the Paddington. Other venues we looked at were mostly just one big room - which would be too noisy for some of our older guests, but the Paddington had lots of spaces for people to move around, including seating outside underneath the warmth of the gas heaters. 

We also found it was really convenient to have a venue that you could just pop into to look at things or take measurements… and after such a brilliant time there on our wedding day, we will be popping in for many years to come! 

Thanks to the whole team!


Dave & Jess

3 star rating
by Judge You
Jun 26, 2014

Came here a couple of days ago, great atmosphere in the restaurant and shiny wait staff, however, we ordered food and was not too good. Alcohol is certainly up there with the most expensive in Auckland.
Seems like a nice place for a pre dinner drink but not to many.

1 star rating
by Daryl
Jun 16, 2014

The mark of a good restaurant is not necessarily its size, but the quality of its food and the generosity of its staff. Along that line, some of the finest dining experiences I've had have been in the small pubs and eatery's I wouldn't have expected anything anywhere near decent. Regrettably, the Paddington in Parnell is not among these gems.

The location of the Paddington makes it appear promising. The owners were at least wise in this regard, having selected a central city spot in the more prestige Parnell area and a building with the look and feel of an old English pub.

I approached the bar to order drinks for my wife and friends before taking a table for dinner. Firstly, the bar staff seemed to be more intent on avoiding eye contact in hope of not serving me. When one of the two bar staff, at the empty bar, decided to serve me, she had a very poor attitude and took pleasure in snarling at me when I asked for a popular beer they didn't stock. I suppose I should have taken that as an omen, but being drawn in by my hunger and friends, and curious as to what such a well known bar's menu consisted of, I decided to press on.

The tables inside had dustings of crumbs and smears of sauce stains and were situated next to the breezy windows. I seated myself and company at the cleanest table I could find. Looking around, I only noticed six or so other customers. Since it was dinnertime on a Sunday evening, this should have been my second warning signal, but I still continued on in my culinary adventure.

After working out that I needed to order at the bar, I ordered a Salami, Caramelised Onion and Chicken pizza for myself and the same for my Wife. I also ordered a side of fries.

After about 25 minutes, my food arrived. I had already begun to expect little, especially considering the fact that, in the 40 minutes I had been there thus far, the only other customers I had spotted were the original six or so patrons I saw when I first came. I decided to give the hasty bar waitress lady a chance to redeem herself by asking her what sauces had been used in the Pizza. The information on the menu had been sparse at best and provided me with no clues. The bar waitress lady simply shrugged her shoulders and replied, “It’s the Salami and Chicken pizza,” before shuffling back off to the bar.

The pizza bread was dripping in oil and had soaked through into the crust, making it quite a task just to pick it up to take a bite. after two slices, I felt sick, as too did my Wife. It lacked chicken and only had salami and some mozzarella cheese.

The side of fried arrived, and fortunately saved me from going home hungry. They were certainly the highlight of the meal, consisting of both a zealous amount of crunch and flavor, accompanied by a very creamy aioli dip.

Visiting the Paddington in Parnell was certainly an experience to remember, but one that I never hope to repeat and would not wish upon anyone else. The saving grace from making this an entirely unpleasant evening was the company I had. If you are tempted by the luscious location and the intriguing English pub looking storefront, you would be better off trying somewhere else.

4 star rating
by Madicattt
Apr 28, 2014

Located at the bottom of Parnell, The Paddington appears to be another nice pub – think The Dominion, The Kingslander sort of deal.

After being lucky enough to head there with Zomato I was really impressed to discover it’s quite a bit more.

We got to try quite a range of the menu - from catering nibbles to wontons, caesar salad, pizza, cheesecake, pork belly burger and more. My favourite moment was the seafood chowder and the pork belly burger.

My ascension into seafood lover continues. A year ago I would have never ever ever tried a seafood chowder, but oh my. It was delicious! As for the pork belly burger… pork belly, coleslaw and the clincher – fresh slices of apple. The apple cut through the fat and made a refreshing twist for what would usually be a rather heavy meal. Sold!

Then there was the venue itself… which I have no photos of. But imagine brick walls, soft lights, big spaces for partying or small corners to snuggle into. I instantly thought, ‘this would make a great party venue’ and if you are looking for that sort of deal the management come across as really accommodating.

The really exciting bit though? The grandstand room, a room with tiered seating and av capabilities used for watching sports games. In my head I instantly saw, ‘this would make a great fringe show venue’ (ever the theatre goer eh).

The Paddington was really quite impressive. I’ve been there for a drink before but I had no idea of the possibilities on offer. The food was amazing (I will be going again!) the company just as fab and the venue itself quite impressive.

For more food reviews, photos and details head over to my blog! -

4 star rating
by Amy @ My Dining Journey
Mar 21, 2014

Eating is a hobby of mine (as you can tell from the content of this blog), I love to eat and try new places and it’s a bonus when you meet people who have the same passion. Last week, I was invited by Zomato to participate in their Auckland Foodie’s Meetup at The Paddington where food bloggers such as myself got to mix and mingle as well as try Paddington’s new menu and understand more about the gastropub and its potential.

Our night started with quick introductions and drinks to calm everyone’s nerves and we got to know each other before food was served. The Paddington was kind enough to created a tasting menu for the group which enabled us to try a bit of everything without having to commit to an entire entrée and main. We tried a total of nine dishes which were served in three different slots.

For our first round, we were served Hoegaarden cured salmon and tomato bruschetta. The confit vine tomato bruschetta was delicious and I loved the presentation. Each bruschetta is garnished with basil and a slice of melted cheese which allows the tomato to take centre stage and the combination truly assentuated the fruit. The Hoegaarden cured salmon wrapped in a cucumber ribbon was a slight let down as it tasted rather plain and lacked the distinctive wheat taste from this popular beer.

After a short break and more chatting, our meal moved on to our second round where we were served homemade mushroom wontons with a side of chilli dipping sauce and beef skewers. The wonton was surprisingly delicious and despite being deep fried, the filling kept its moisture and the crispy golden pastry on the outside provided a crunchy texture. The honey soy beef skewers, cooked medium rare, were nicely seasoned and this came with a side of chilli lime dressing.

After our second course, we took a tour around the place and was shown around the different areas where functions and events can be held. This included the conference room and a private room where they have a ‘grand stand’ style seating arrangement which can be hired for private events. After our tour, we went back to our table to enjoy some more food. The seafood chowder, one of Paddington’s signature dish, was my favourite dish from the menu and this is usually served in a cob loaf. The creamy chowder was packed with an assortment of seafood and the large pieces of prawns were a bonus. We were then served a Caesar salad with both chicken and calamari, chicken and salami pizza (which I didn’t have any) and a pork belly burger served in a slider form. The burger was another stand out dish. Tender strips of pork belly were combined with a slice of apple and slaw mixed with Japanese mayo; the pairing was spot on.

And because a meal is never complete without dessert, we enjoyed a rich Bailey’s cheesecake covered with a caramelised Guinness sauce. The base was not your typical affair and had quite a crunch, which I enjoyed as it gave the dessert a nice texture, but proved to be a messy way to end the night. I liked it so much that I even went back for seconds!

It was such eventful night and I’m so thankful that I was invited to this meet up by Yat-chi and Tamara from Zomato. It was a pleasure getting to know more about The Paddington and meeting other fellow Auckland food bloggers (Bex, Boni & Kelly, Carmella, Genie, Katie, Maddy and Tiffany), so please show some love and check out their awesome blogs!

For other reviews like this, please check out my blog:

4 star rating
by Loved By Katie
Mar 19, 2014

I was also invited to a Zomoto Foodie Meetup last week at Paddington.

Light was dim and there were TVs everywhere, however it wasn’t noisy like other sports bars. Tables were clean and nothing smelt bad which was a plus. The huge space was divided into different sections and rooms to accommodate small and big events. I never heard of this place before so it was a great surprise (Perhaps could use the word “pleasure” instead of surprise but up to you.) to find that their food was above bar food level. Paddington had prepared food for us to showcase their menu which we really appreciated.

Wonton and chicken pizza was average. However I did not believe it when I saw their seafood chowder. Chowder with a proper bread bowl? The shape of the bread was lovely – crispy lid and chowder full of wonderful seafood! It wasn’t too creamy so I enjoyed it very much. The beef skewers were tender and seasoned just right. The pork burger was delicious with Japanese mayo, cabbage and apple.
But the best surprise of the night was the Guiness & Baileys cheesecake. It was like crazy delicious. Caramel-like Guiness flavoured cheese top was soft which contrasted with the crispy and cookie-like base. My oh my. (It’s a shame that this dessert is only available on functions menu though)

I decided to revisit Paddington a week after this event. It was Tuesday night so the quiz night was on - we did anticipate that there would be some delay but sadly they mixed up our order which meant that the food was served even later than we had expected. Two dishes came first then the remaining two came after about 10 minutes which was a bit awkward.

I have a thing about trying new things instead of sticking to the best dish I had. So four of us ordered new things which turned out to be… not the best option. Market fish (23) was teamed instead of fried which gave a soft texture but not to how I like it. The potato that came with the dish didn’t compliment the fish well, however parsley cream sauce was lovely. My Prawn and calamari salad (18.5) was interesting as it had sun-dried tomato in it, but had no wow factor. Spinach cannelloni was delicious as we only took a bite of it but it was too creamy for my friend. Fish & Chips (23) was the best out of these four as it tasted wonderful with generous servings of chips, peas, salad and tartare sauce. What a value for money that was!

Please visit ♥ for more photos and stories.

4 star rating
by Heartshrooms
Mar 15, 2014

Like the comments below, I was also invited by Zomato to try the new winter menu of The Paddington. Firstly, there is free parking on the streets which is a relief in these kinds of areas where you will often find overpriced parking fees. The place is nice and clean, with a classy bar and lounge area. We were served a range of dishes in small samples but were also presented with a full size version of each dish which were ample in portion size and reasonably priced. Please read my blog for more photos and detail about my visit.

4 star rating
by Genie @ BunnyEatsDesign
Mar 14, 2014

I was invited by Zomato to sample The Paddington's menu earlier this week. We tried 9 items from the menu including salmon, bruschetta, wontons, skewers, a chowder, a salad, sliders, pizza and cheesecake. This is a great example of a gastro pub.

My favourite dishes were the seafood chowder and the pork belly burger.

The seafood chowder was creamy and full of seafood, the flavour was delicate and just right. Usually served in a hollowed out cob loaf, making this a substantial soup meal.

The Pork Belly Burger with sour apple slice and slaw with Japanese mayo was delicious. This is usually served on a fragrant sesame pide and includes chunky hand cut Agria chips and aoili.

The Paddington is an upmarket but classic pub with many areas that can be used for private functions. While they show sports on occasion, they aren't really a "sports bar".

I dined as a guest of The Paddington.

5 star rating
by Rebecca MacDonald
Mar 13, 2014

At pocketfullofdreams we love to eat out, so this week when I was invited to come along and try the new winter menu at The Paddington of course I said yes!

The Paddington is located at the bottom of Parnell and has been around for about 10 years. They have some great spaces available for functions as well as a grand stand for sport games! The Paddington also has a calender of events from hosting the Beer pong championships last week to live music and comedy gigs, check out their Paddington Live facebook page for more detail.

Click on the link below for the rest of the review.

3 star rating
by Steve Hall
Apr 24, 2013

Went for dinner, and made a booking, was explained it was quiz night and would be quietened down by the time we got there.

Arrived at the bar to get our reserved table and waited for a while to be served, very slow. then put at a table which had a loud quiz night speaker above us.

Service was initially a little slow, but once seated, the staff taking orders were friendly and quick.

I had the Baby back ribs, which was a large serving, and nice and spicy, the chips were nice, the coleslaw was a little bland and didnt finish it.

Enjoyed my food though, and was a reasonable price, would definately return if in the area looking for dinner.
Would be an ideal place for people to eat before or after Vector arena events, and save the drive (and the price) of heading out to mission bay etc

Plenty of people were eating the pizzas, and they looked very good, and would order one next time.

Given 3 stars, as there is no 3.5s and its not quite a 4, but a nice place worth a look anyway

4 star rating
by Jana
Jun 09, 2012

Had a lovely meal at Paddington's before heading to a concert at Vector. Location is great, it was easy to find parking and only 15 mins walk to Vector. The meals were reasonably priced and portions were good. Booked a table but reached awfully late due to terrible Friday evening traffic, however the manager was very accommodating and found us another table. All other staff were also very friendly. Would definitely go here again on concert nights.

4 star rating
by Food Voyeur
Apr 20, 2012

It's a pumping atmosphere here on a Friday for lunch. My friend & I enjoyed our shared Antipasto platter. We asked for 'less meat and more veg' due to one of us being a vegetarian. For $35, we received an ENORMOUS platter of delectable sun-dried tomatoes, baby-belle peppers stuffed with soft cheese (Clevedon Buffalo Mozzarella if I'm not mistaken), Olives, mushrooms, green beans, chorizo, chargrilled red peppers, gherkins, etc, etc. A lovely spot outside in the sun was a bonus. Only thing missing was the artichokes that were on the menu, and I was desperately craving! Oh, and more bread would have been really good (the four slices of ciabatta were very nice... but not quite enough for the size of the platter)! And we felt that a further $5 for another couple of slices that the waitress apologetically offered, was a bit unnecessary...

We both enjoyed the staff's recommendation of "The Ned" Pinot Gris, and I appreciated that the helpful young women at the bar offer me a tiny taster before I committed - fantastic :) They also warned me that the food would be half an hour, before I placed the order... so that was fine - the place was packed.

It's a very busy gastro pub, where you 'bags' a table and then head up to the bar to order & pay. (In other words, no table service provided.)
One more recommendation for the staff... can you please remind me to use my loyalty card? - I always forget!!!

A very pleasant way to spend a Friday lunch.

1 star rating
by Mel
Apr 14, 2012

Had dinner here a few weeks ago and it was bad, really bad. I ordered the pumpkin and mushroom risotto. What I got was some over boiled white rice with some hard, undercooked chunks of pumpkin and about three token slices of mushroom. My dinner date had a pizza which only had topping over half the base and needed another 10-15 mins in the oven (the cheese wasn't even melted in places. Worst meal I've had out in Auckland.

4 star rating
by Wokka
Nov 08, 2011

I had dinner here on a 6.30pm Tues. The staff were friendly, quick, and had good service. There was ample free 2hr carparks on 3 sides of the building. The place was neat, tidy, classy, and clean.

My companion and I ordered the Sirloin Argentina and Lamb Saddle (both $32 ea). The food was prompt, and the flavours were good. It wasn't 'excellent' though and I wouldn't liked to pay about $25-27 for it (instead $32).

However, all-in-all was a pleasant evening because of venue, carpark, professional staff, easy access, cleanliness, and reasonable food standard.

4 star rating
by Noelia Gonzalez Quiñones
Jun 30, 2011

Had a lovely lunch with my friend here today. The place is very nice and clean, the food was excellent, the apple dessert was delicious, and the service was friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend this place. A++