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Palki Indian Restaurant

4 star rating 22 reviews

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09 3573848

279 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland

  North Indian, Indian
4:30 PM to 11 PM (Mon-Wed, Sat-Sun), 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, 4:30 PM to 11 PM (Thu-Fri)


Reviews for Palki Indian Restaurant

0 star rating
by Rosemary S
2 months ago

We had the banquet between two of is and it was fantastic. Highly recommend.

1 star rating
by Supreet Singh Sandhu
4 months ago

Customer service was worst than the worst. Even the food was like old one and cold as well. We ordered naan and when they came they were half cooked and all were broken like hell ... I am really disappointed with their service, food and staff.

5 star rating
by Sanket S
6 months ago

palki is a good choice for me and my family as we get both vegetarian and non vegetarian food there. Most indian restaurants sell very good non vege food and very bad vege food, but palki is good at making both. in my family i am the only non vege person and my family absolutely loves the dr raj naan and the veg crispy. along with the triple shezwan friend rice. one suggestion: i reckon theat palki should increase their quantity size so we get more value for our money. but still we always enjoy palkis food.

5 star rating
by Jayashree Sonar
6 months ago

ever since palki has opened, we have become their regular. everytime we get a great experience, great service, and amazing food. we always get welcomed warmly by Boman. being a vegetarian, the restaurant has a lot of choice for me and Boman special always gives us a different dish everytime. whenever we eat from there, we always return home satisfied.

1 star rating
by Workingharder
7 months ago

Humiliating, Insulting, Money Hungry Disrespectful Restaurant!

Called to check for specials advised NO! then hang up on!

Flatmate saw the Grabone deal great! 


Called to book for takeway for the 4 of us with 2 vouchers to find out

1. ONLY for DINE IN!?
2. Could only use 1 voucher!?
3. would have to pay $50+ as dine in charge as vouchers NOT accepted due to above!?

Tried to negotiate a few times gave up and walked out how humuliating and disrispectful to us and they expected us to come back and dine in to use the vouchers!!

Grumpy looking stuff nonnegotiable conditions! 

restaurant door wouldn't even shut properly it was cold inside and looks NOTHING like their pictures!!

Very misleading deal and NOT clear enough BE WARNED!!

2 star rating
by Tanya
9 months ago

Service - Terrible
Food - Average to Good

Went to this place about 3 weeks ago with my family. We had a reservation which was made a week in advance.
They seated us on a table right in front of the door (which was constantly left open bringing in a draft). We wouldn't complain if there weren't about 7 other empty tables that we could see. After about 20 minutes of waiting and politely speaking to numerous staff members, they moved us to another table.
By this time we hadn't even been given menus. After ordering we waited for about 45 minutes. All in all the wait was around an hour and a half.

Other cons:
- no toilet paper! And another 15 minute wait to get some...
- while we were waiting another group that arrived after us got better seats, a menu and food about half an hour before us. That always just makes restaurants seem so rude (especially since we had made a timely reservation and the place wasn't even that full).

However, when the food did arrive it was delicious - not mind blowing but they did make a very good curry.

In summary, this place needs to get management and service sorted because at the moment it's way below par. They need more staff and they need to be more efficient.
The cooks on the other hand seem to be doing a very good job.

Will I go back to this place? Most likely not because there are plenty of Indian places in town which won't treat me like shit and force me to wait for more than an hour for food.

1 star rating
by Eddy Daruwala
9 months ago

Not impressed. Food very expensive, not very tasty and pathetic service. There was only 3 staff members visible for a restaurant full of customers. We wanted to order for more naan (naan sizes were extremely small) however the waiter came only after 10 minutes and then took another 10/15 minutes to get the naan. In the meanwhile our food was completely cold. Had 3 deal vouchers of $35 each and we were 5 of us. Informed staff as soon as we were seated that we had 3 vouchers. Staff said that it was fine and we should use the voucher when we paid up in the end. When we went to pay, we were shocked to be informed that they will accept only 2 vouchers and that we should pay for the balance. The manager's (Pooja Sharma) stand was that we were only 5 of us. If we were 6 of us then they would accept the third voucher. This condition was not mentioned on my voucher. Pooja (the manager) was very rude and loud and it was very embarrassing in front of the other customers. I paid up as I did not want to create a scene. Please avoid. Totally disappointing.

3 star rating
by Rajj
9 months ago

Used to rave about this place but today the experience was not too great
Tried undo-Chinese after a long time and was really disappointed

4 star rating
by Saiprasad Shetty
11 months ago

Went here on a Tuesday nite. Wasn't too busy and was a great thing to dine nicely instead of dining in busy places.we were 5 and the starters were served quickly. Followed by main course!food was good especially we had a different roti this time named rangoli roti.try it!!!was a huge piece!enough for one person!overall a fine Indian dine.....

1 star rating
by Joyce Chandra
Mar 25, 2014

The worst Indian restaurant i have ever been to. I would never recommend anyone to go there. 1st time I have been there and no one to greet us. Only 2 staff on board and they took ages to take orders and deliver. The quantity is so little and the price so high. Just ripping off customers. Some one should really take action and improve the place because it's really disappointed especially when we are taking family and friends out for dinner.

4 star rating
by Deepak Saharan
Feb 12, 2014


I was advised by two of my mates about this restaurant. That food is amazing.
I went there last week. We ordered some Chinese food. It was good, yummy except for one soup. We called the chef and told him that this is not what that soup normally taste like.
What happened next was just unacceptable. Chef started arguing with us that I owns some good restaurants in other countries and I know what it tastes like.
So we very politely said to him that We have been having this soup from long time and its not exactly what we were expecting and we don't mind paying for that.
He was still explaining that I know what it tastes like and it is fine bla-bla-bla.
Waitress how served us was just working there no good customer service.

Apart from that, other food that we had was good. Specially Veg. Manchurian. So, I will still say you guys can go and try. May be you will get good customer service.

Do try.

5 star rating
by Anita M.
Nov 04, 2013

We have been there many times and we went there for dinner with our family for Diwali last night. Even though they were very busy, our food quality was excellent. There was a slight delay but we were advised of it while ordering and didn't mind so much as food was so yum!

1 star rating
by Apurva
Nov 02, 2013

We went as a group of 18 people on Diwali Day hoping to get A class service and good food. Instead we were served over an hour and a half late with just our entree order. Moreover the head server was rude and did not have the courtesy to give us an indication of when to expect our order and argued that "the naan was not a part of the order when the curry was ordered". Mate, it's common sense to have rice and/or naan served at the same time as a curry - I am not sure which one of your guests are happy with eating just the curry.

I've been here before in smaller groups and had a delightful experience but Palki, you most certainly have to up your service to cater to larger groups. You have well and truly ruined our Diwali dinner with your lack of service and etiquette in dealing with larger groups. Sort it out.

4 star rating
by King K
Aug 10, 2013

The first time I went there, there was no one to welcome. That's where the not so good experience ended as we went to Oh Calcutta.

We have now been to Palki umpteen times and I have had a good experience. I would suggest though that some of their Indian staff tone down their accents ( kiwi ); don't be too loud and don't make it sound like Punjabi as well :p. India accent is just fine ... Can't complain too much about it as they need to rope in the locals to run their business well :).
Now to the food and service otherwise, very good I have to admit. The elderly gentleman has a poise about him and is always friendly and nice to chat to on a variety of things. Try cauliflower manchurian, Peking style chicken, chili paneer, their Indian chicken mains are all worth a try. All in all it's a great place to go back to, and mind you I am a fussy person ;). I do wonder how Oh Calcutta does more business than them, as this place's food is better by a few notches and it's Parnell !

5 star rating
by Alana
Jul 09, 2013

My partner & I love this restaurant! The flavours are amazing, and with a wide variety of dishes on offer you are spoiled for choice. We love the traditionally cooked meals, which are simply delicious. We have a vegan friend, who is spoiled for choice at Palk'is, which is refreshing for him.
We were treated to a dish from the Chinese side of the menu & couldn't believe how unbelievably good it was.
If you want to give your taste buds a treat, head to Palki's - yum! Well priced too, so not an expensive night out.

5 star rating
by Scott Bradley
Jul 03, 2013

I am a very fussy eater & don't cook much, this is my go to takeaway place 1-2 times a week as excellent quality & flavour. I like spicy food but without coconut cream or cream & they are very happy to accommodate & is exactly what I want. Partner who eats twice as much as me does order off the menu & his favourites are the vindaloo & butter chicken as much more satisfying than any cheap mall or mall like places. If you value quality & great service this place will suit.

2 star rating
by Duncan
Jul 01, 2013

we went on my friends friends birthday. It is very expensive and not worthy. we order Chinese starter which is not really worthy with the amount that we paid.
for your main we ordered chicken vindaloo which is served with potato (7 piece of potato and three chicken piece).

not at all happy.

not going any more

not recommended

5 star rating
by Gareth Poley
Jun 08, 2013

This place is great, often enjoy their lunch special which comes with a free Naan. Tonight we went to have dinner and had a mixed entree platter followed by some really good chicken korma! Treat yourself at this little gem in Parnell.

5 star rating
by Alice Oborn
Mar 14, 2013

Dined here last night for the first time and it is the best Indian food I have eaten! We were guided by the delightful older gentleman waiter who suggested we try the real Indian menu and he advised on mild / medium / hot requirements also. They were all exactly to our taste and the flavours out of this world. The ambience and service were equally superb. I will be returning again very soon!
Simply a delight and great find. Thank you. Alice

5 star rating
by Ishaan Castelino
Jan 21, 2013

We have been to Palkhi a few times now and the food has been simply excellent. This coupled with the personalised service and the lovely ambience has been a pleasurable experience. The owners recommendation of different menu was always a surprise and the food was delightful. Would highly recommend this restaurant and we have already made this one the only Indian restaurant we would go to in auckland. Our friends who we have referred to are also full of praise.
P.s : try their hot and sour chicken soup

5 star rating
by Bruce Heberley
Jan 15, 2013

Being a new restaurant we had to try, and thoroughly enjoyed the meal ,and in fact have now been 3 times and look forward to more enticing Indian foods that is traditional Indian .
Having the owner working along side his friendly helpful staff ,recommending dishes , and ensuring that you enjoy your meal and surroundings,What more do you want.
And the price is, very reasonable.
If you are going Indian this restaurant is a must eat at.
I will be back

4 star rating
by Marie Murray
Dec 12, 2012

My husband and I have been to Palki on two occasions now and each time we have been very happy with the service, meals, price and lovely fresh and welcoming decor.
After the first visit to Palki we were so happy with the beautiful Indian meals (some of which was recommended by the owner) that we just had to go again a few weeks later.
We will also be going again prior to Christmas and taking along our good friends to let them try it out and get their opinion. I just know they will love it.