Paradise BBQ Garden

4 star rating 36 reviews

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09 3691900

2/51-6 Hobson Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  Asian, Korean
11 AM to 2 PM, 5:30 PM to 10 PM


Reviews for Paradise BBQ Garden

3 star rating
by Floyd Moratti
17 hours ago

All your usual ingredients plus good service. Open late on a Sunday, serves a few good choies of alcohol and reasonably priced. Cheap looking little place though, appropriate for dinner with friends.

5 star rating
by Sarah Jack
15 days ago

Was introduced to this place by a friend and have come back with friends since. They have a good variety of meats, side dishes and buffet dishes. They re-fill everything regularly and change the grill pan regularly as well. Best things there are their kimchi and the bulgogi marinated beef *.* They also have a good selection of soup and beverages ranging from coffee and tea to soju if you want your alcohol fix and a rice juice drink. They make it quite sweet there but if you pour cold water into it it tastes great. The best part is that they have a $5 discount for students if you show your ID card *^.^* Always satisfied with this place and will happily continue to visit.

5 star rating
by Anna Fajardo
one month ago

One of the best BBQ places I've tried! The food selection was limited but the meat were so good I didn't mind at all. Definitely love that this place was open so I didn't smell like food after coming out. Will come back again definitely!

1 star rating
by Ronson Lee
one month ago

Think the place shut forever... I'm here in the cold 1226 pm... Hoping for a roaring fire korean BBQ... But the place isn't open... Total let down

4 star rating
by Razelle Icaro
2 months ago

I went here with my workmates to try it out, their cooking bbq grill/stove thing is different from the other one I went to. They also have a coffee/hot chocolate machine, and a variety of cooked food options. The place was clean and the staff were very friendly. They constantly change the metal tops which was good- it made sure there won't be burnt pieces on our food. Overall a good place for Korean BBQ

3 star rating
by Mandy
3 months ago

A very popular Korean BBQ buffet near Sky Tower

We came here on a Friday night at around 5:45pm and were seated next to another couple. We wanted to sit somewhere else but they were fully booked out so very popular! The selection of cooked foods were average, it seemed like they had been sitting there for quite some time and no classic fried chicken to my disappointment. The selection of uncooked meats were average too. We really enjoyed the little pieces of beef strips and of course, the pork belly. The chicken was dry and beef steaks were really chewy. They had "rice water" but it tasted like lemon water so maybe they ran out and also free hot chocolate/coffee. There was also soup, rice and a selection of sides to have with the bbq cooked meats. They didn't have any lettuce leaves but radishes were nice.


- The hot drinks machine and rice water area

- BBQ grill and selection of cooked food that I got

- Cabinet of sides such as radishes and kimchi

- Cooked foods and uncooked meats

The staff were really attentive and always changed the grills for us, sometimes a little too frequently. But apart from that, we enjoyed eating the pork belly and beef strips. We aren't too picky when it comes to Korean BBQ buffets but we do find this one didn't have enough choices but they deserve a 3 for their attentive staff and fast refilling of uncooked/cooked foods. For $25 and at a pretty central location, it's not too bad and we would come again but not any time soon.

1 star rating
by Et Bae Shim
3 months ago

Worst buffet ever.i felt waisted my money and time. Not a fresh meat. Pathetic lamb chop which is skinny than my fingers without flesh on it. Frozen cheap pork belly. Sauces are disgusting. Fried frozen food. Kimchi and vegetables look not feesh as well. Service seems ok as they keep change grills but i felt even so shame to customers especially kiwis.Sorry this is not proper korean bbq.if it was korea this bbq will be 3dollars value which is for reallt hungry uni kids.

4 star rating
by Tyrone Malie
3 months ago

The BBQ food is really nice the food that are standing are cold which is a disappointment. The service is very friendly and they change your hot place every so often.
It has gone up to $25 too.

4 star rating
by Zoe Huang
4 months ago

The nice thing there is they will change the bottom pan for you when it’s get burned. You won't get bothered using foil tin paper. The beef ribs are as nice as other BBQ restaurants. The speed of refilling meat item was fast but not for other food like dessert and veges. However, I like their rice drink, much better than Dea Bak’s although it's a little bit too sweet. Split payment and credit cards are acceptable. LIKE us if you want more nice restaurants in the CT~!

5 star rating
by Vanya Patuki
4 months ago

Great value for your money. All you can eat meat, side dishes and other food. Awesome hospitality :-) Always come here weekly for my 삼겹살 fix!

3 star rating
by Nia Tupouniua
4 months ago

Been here a few times for dinner. They top up the cooked food and raw meat frequently so that's always a plus. I'm always going for spring onion pancakes but would love if their were lettuce leaves and more variety of veges. Staff always helpful and changing grill regularly. Nice cheap eats with a group or even cheap date night.

4 star rating
by Sophia O-W
4 months ago

Came here with a friend for dinner and arrived at 6pm. We were immediately greeted and seated by friendly staff and were told how the process worked, as different BBQ buffets have different processes. We came at a relatively quiet time so this was good, and were told that the sitting was from 5:30-8:30pm. There was a good range of food (could have seen some more veges though) and condiments. The cooked food was always topped up by fresher food, and the raw food was topped up frequently also. While cooking, the staff would always check if our plate needed replacing and were very helpful doing this. Overall, I had a good experience here.
For $20 Korean BBQ buffet I would definitely recommend this place, as it's relatively cheap and has a friendly and good quality atmosphere.

3 star rating
4 months ago

I have been to MANY buffets, especially Korean meat buffets. However, I have never been able to recommend this place to my friends. As per normal, the meat here are frozen but their are a few good varities of seasoned meats to choose from. Unfortunately, this place isn't the cleanest. I used to visit this place quite often as a student back in the days as it was cheap and filling. $20 for a dinner buffet is not too bad. However, the sliding doors for the display unit in which side dishes are kept in are ALWAYS a mess. It really puts me off from wanting to eat food in there. With the cooked side dished that are displayed next to it, there is always pieces of food lying around. The taste of the food is ok in general. Also, the service is quite ok but one of the elder waitresses always  kind of scared me. I have never seen her smile once and just seems to be in an angry mood. Overall, a very average meat buffet that is worth going to if you're looking for something cheap. If you want quality, it'd be hard to recommend this place.

5 star rating
by Shaquille Stephens
7 months ago

Read the reviews on Zomato and was convinced to try dining here for lunch on my birthday. And who doesn't love buffets? 

Service -- The staff were helpful and instructed us on arrival on where the dishes were and what to do and switched the grill on for us, which made us feel comfortable.

Food Quality -- Besides two of the dishes being almost cold (the spring rolls and chips), majority of the food was quite good. I was very pleased as they had a huge selection of Korean food that I had been wanting to try for a long time (kimbap, dukbokki, sikhye) I personally really liked the Korean pancake and their Bulgogi. 

Food Quantity -- Some of the meats weren't stocked up and there was barely any kimchi but that problem was solved when we asked for more, and without hesitation they stocked up the food instantly. Which kept us happy!

Environment -- We visited during lunch time so it wasn't crowded, the environment was good.

Price range -- ALL YOU CAN EAT FOR $20 enough said, hah. 

Overall -- DEFINITELY going to become a regular customer here from now on, because you have the option of either grilling your meat or choosing from the buffet or even both. Aside from a few things that I mentioned (e.g. - the spring rolls) I'd rate this place 5/5 because their service made up for it.

1 star rating
by Lannahlee Taueu
8 months ago

We went here today expecting to be seated and enjoy a unique dining experience, but instead we walked in and there were flies on the food. We told the lady about the flies and she just smiled and said yes flies. So we walked out and was pretty grossed out by it all.

4 star rating
by Elva Zhang
8 months ago

I really like this place. It's clean and tidy.
And the waitress really kind to us. She help us to make the BBQ sauce and also recommend some food for us.

5 star rating
by Tre
9 months ago

First time at Paradise BBQ Garden and although we got there 45 mins before closing the staff there were very welcoming and friendly. Would like to personally thank one worker in particular - JEN. We have been to a few Korean Bbq places but we've never had great service. Jen was so polite, very helpful and she made sure we tried everything in order to enjoy our first experience at Paradise. Love this place and will be back for more :)

1 star rating
by Jason
11 months ago

Ate at this place and also saw what they do after hours.  Would not recommend.uneaten/leftover buffet food from customers on tables  such as bulgogi  is chucked back in the metal trays and reused for the next day. This is why the meat is not very fresh, has an off smell at times . Further the pungent stench outside is a result of them dumping oil into the gutter. Also the service is very mediocre.

4 star rating
by MissEstherZ
Nov 18, 2014

I really like the owners, they are so nice and helpful here. Me and my friends were running around not really knowing what to do when the owner lady came up with some side dishes and told us how to eat it. She was so sweet, and the owners son was always really helpful, changing our BBQ top a lot.

Their food however? I really like the spread of food that they have- sweet and sour pork, fried rice, ddeukbokki, other korean dishes and a lot of panchan. You can eat so much! And all of it is hot and tasty.

I went there for the BBQ lunch though, and I was sort of disappointed. There were no lettuce wraps! The place I normally go to has lettuce wraps. Because of the BBQ the meat took such a long time to cook, and a lot of the meat, such as the squid wasn't seasoned. They have a wide variety of meat and lots of choices for food- you will not be hungry, and they have this cold rice sweet water that I really liked by the dessert table. The seaweed soup was really oily for some reason as well.

However, I really like this place because the owners were such nice people, and a lot of people eating there were korean. If Koreans are eating at a korean restaurant, it means it's good! My usual haunt is normally filled with chinese people (such as myself) and Koreans don't really like it. They have a lot more korean food in bainmaries and a wide variety of different foods, so I guess that's why Koreans like to frequent this place.

I don't think I would go there again for the BBQ, only the buffet lunch. Family owned need support!

4 star rating
by Kezia Lobo
Nov 09, 2014

Best team bonding experience!! Cooking your own meals. Plenty of choices available no one went home with an empty stomach. We had the beef tongue, beef brisket, pork slices etc. try the kimchi it was yumm

3 star rating
by FlyingMonkey
Oct 14, 2014

We are a group of 3 who went on a Friday night. my first impression is that this restaurant was like a student food court, maybe is because of the value of the buffet. there is a range of food which i liked, and the quality is O.K, but i didnt like their display of food. so if you are a high roller, or over the age of 35, might want to try a BBQ restaurant with better environment.

5 star rating
by Tiffany Papuni
Sep 15, 2014

This was our 1st experience at a Korean BBQ place and we loved it! The wait staff there were awesome and helped us through it all!! We will be bringing our children with us next time we are in the area! We are telling all our friends too!!

5 star rating
by Mina
Aug 29, 2014

Went here for dinner and had an awesome time! 
There was a great selection of meats to chose from, constantly being topped up. The marinated beef was definitely a winner! There's also plenty of sides to add to your meal like rice, miso, dumplings, spring rolls, salads, pancakes, and my ultimate favourite - kimchi!

We ended up staying here for a while and the service was very friendly and helpful. I think they could tell it was our first time there, so a few staff approached us to tell us the best techniques and even made us some delicious sauce mixes.

Amazing value for $20. Stoked we tried it!

4 star rating
by Mira
Aug 28, 2014

service 4/5 environment 3/5 food 4/5 cost performance 4/5 drink 4/5 ( BYO)  I didn't eat dessert because they have only fruites.  I wanted to eat cakes or ice but I was satisfied with BBQ meat and korean sides

4 star rating
by LucyGoosey
Jun 20, 2014

Somehow, despite my lack of appreciation for buffets, I found myself at another one last night. Except this time, I got lucky. What an awesome place, I really enjoyed the food. Lots of salads and hot dishes to choose from, the sizzling beef is the best I've had. The wait staff were very helpful and friendly, once we had chosen our meat and were sitting at our table, a waitress came over and got the BBQ going for us and put our meat on to cook. I enjoyed experimenting with the different sauces and spices. There was also dessert - sponge cake, apple slices, Sikhye and hot chocolate. For $20, it seems all to good to be true. Only issues were the Kimchi pankake and the rice which weren't particularly fresh. Everything else was delicious and I would go back.

5 star rating
by Robyn Neville
Apr 30, 2014

I can't express enough how amazed I am at the quality of food, the price and the service that this place has to offer.

I have been here a number of times and have taken many different people with me so that I can spread the word at just how fantastic it is.

The manager (Jen I think her name is) is beyond great. She is always so friendly and helpful. She now knows my voice when I call to make a booking and we are greeted with such enthusiasm.

I would recommend Paradise Korean BBQ to anyone and I am extremely fussy when it comes to food, restaurants and customer service.

I even drive all the way from Hamilton to eat at this restaurant frequently.

Keep up the good work team.


A very happy customer.

5 star rating
by James Stringer
Apr 24, 2014

This place is great, a buffet with a difference as you cook yourself (like all Korean BBQ). Plenty of meat choices and lots of Korean specialties when it comes to vegetables and condiments. Don't make the mistake of eating any of the pre cooked foods sitting in the bain-marie's as I think they're just there to keep the westerners happy. BYO is free and they really just leave you to it. The restaurant is usually packed with Korean families and students, so I think you can be confident that the food is authentic, just book to make sure you get a space. The staff are fun, friendly and quickly change a smokey BBQ plate. Only thing to watch out for is the desert options are lacking (so no bowl of the ice cream for the kids) but by the time you have finished eating, there won't be room in your stomach for desert!

4 star rating
by Tony Ma
Jan 07, 2014

If you are starving and feel like a buffet, this is the place to go, especially if you are a carnivore! ALL YOU CAN EAT MEATS!

That itself is awesome, plus the BBQ and the price of just $20-$25pp!

Great to take a young Asian girl out on a cheap date too. Older ones like fancy places.

Service: 3/5
Wait time: 5/5
Environment: 3/5
Food Quality: 5/5
Food Quantity: 5/5
Price range: $25+ pp

4 star rating
by Pauline
Nov 18, 2013

First time there...yummy food... excellent service...great place.... highly. Recommend to anyone thinking of going there... affordable price.. our family enjoys it very much..

4 star rating
by Sally Shimmy Choi
Oct 06, 2013

FYI it is a Korean buffet
It has Korean side dishes and a range of (red) meat and sauces up for selection.
It is pretty good, all you can eat for $20 per person!

4 star rating
by Glen McRaven
Aug 24, 2013

Great Value ! Good Service ! Our Family enjoys this place !

4 star rating
by Rachel Schuurman
Dec 20, 2012

We had great fun here! The food is really yummy and interesting and it's fun cooking at the BBQ. Amazing value for money!!! The only downer was we had to ask someone to come over and explain what to do as we sat there looking lost for a little while and there isn't much customer service but we didn't mind at all considering the price! Overall highly recommended for a cheap and fun and yummy night out.

4 star rating
by Lucy G.
Dec 17, 2012

I had a very enjoyable Korean buffet for lunch today. To start with, the two soups were just beautiful - a soybean soup (which was very similar to Japanese miso soup, with delicious slippery bits of dark green seaweed in it). Plus a separate seawood soup - also extremely salty and yum.

I love the way Korean cuisine does its vegetables - and the big variety of sides is always a highlight for me. I felt like being semi-vegetarian today, so for the main dishes I stuck with the soft-tofu chilli stew (YUM), boiled rice, a very delicious translucent noodle salad (that was my fave dish), ricecake in quite long cylindrical pieces swimming in a lovely med-spicy orange sauce, and very very tasty little pieces of korean pancake. And other yummy things like fresh curled, split spring onions - with a brown sauce to drizzle over the top.

I was enticed to Paradise Garden by the $15 lunch 'buffet without bbq' offer. I noticed that there were other diners doing the meat bbq at their tables too during lunchtime. If I had been eating meat today though, I think I would have still stuck to the $15 buffet - because there were plenty of tasty meat options on the buffet without needing to cook extra up on the barbecue. (But I'm more inclined to not bother with the barbecuing process at my own table during lunch anyhow).

My one recommendation would be that the freshly cooked food on the buffet was already cooled down a lot by the time I arrived at 12pm. So... I think the Paradise team should make sure they get those little burners underneath the buffet dishes going as soon as you put the hot dishes on the table... Otherwise punters like me who arrive at 12 on the dot, are getting lukewarm rice! It still tasted great though, and they have a big A grade certificate on the wall, so I wasn't too worried - but I mentioned it to the waitress, and she apologized, and explained it had all been prepared at 11am when they opened.

Aside from that... I think this place is wonderful value, with a very tasty range of Korean buffet food. It would be a marvelous place to bring a group of friends and do the bbq buffet thing round the table for dinner too.

5 star rating
by Adeline
Jun 16, 2012

Awesome customer service, always quick to change the BBQ plate and very helpful staff too. Really really rare for a Korean BBQ buffet place in the heart of the city!
Food selection was great, the quality is top-notch and most importantly - they are quick to refill! :) highly recommended

4 star rating
by Sez
Jun 27, 2009

OMG...Everyone needs to DROP everything and go there NOW!!!..The food and service was AWESOME. Our waitress was Jen, she was always there with a smile answering all our questions about everything. Being Pacific Islanders, age ranging from 16 - 32, we had NO idea what to expect, other than trying out food we'd seen on certain Korean Dramas, but this experience BLEW us AWAY beyond our belief....SO, much food and it suited everyone's taste-buds, this was TRULY one of my BEST DINING EXPERIENCES EVER....Watch out PARADISE, you've got MAJOR FANS!!!..We'll be seeing you soon..

5 star rating
by Matt Bodley
Jun 07, 2007

Very nice 'REAL' Korean food. High quality meat and all side dishes, which is a total surprise from other Korean restaurants. If you want to experience real Korean BBQ that is/tastes exactly the same as what you would experience in South Korea, go here.