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591 - 595 Sandringham Road, Sandringham, Auckland

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Reviews for Paradise

5 star rating
by Stango

Visited this evening as a group of 5 for dinner. Upon arrival there was a line of people waiting for tables to dine inside. I have never seen Paradise so packed before! We decided to put our name down for a table and come back in 30 minutes. After we were allowed inside there were even more people queuing at the door! When we were seated we were told to order at the front (which is not the usual procedure here, but I believe must be due to how busy they were). We ordered a half-serving tandoori chicken (4 pieces), tandoori pomfret fish, lamb pasinday curry, Indian butter chicken (customisable spiciness, made to order), prawn malai curry and naan bread. Surprisingly the food was quick. Our tandoori came first and curries just a minute later. As for food quality; there's not a thing for me to complain about. It was absolutely top-notch! The only thing which I wish had been different was larger rice servings at the beginning (enough for 5, rather than 3 small bowls). My fave dishes include the lamb (creamy and a generous serving) and the prawn curry (had a lighter, fresher coconuty flavour). Special mention for the plain naans; very buttery and fluffy textured. The staff were extremely friendly and offered great service. This was definitely a standout experience.

5 star rating
by Jason
2 days ago

I was recommended to go here by a colleague at work who is Indian as this is, in her opinion, the most authentic Indian food in Auckland. Without having been to India myself I can't confirm, but it certainly tasted unlike any other Indian food I've ever experienced.

If this is authentic Indian food, I am hooked. I liked Indian food before, but now I love it. I actually don't know if any Indian food I ate previously can even be considered Indian food in comparison, this might be my official first experience. 

I will be going back to Paradise a lot! Highly recommended.

5 star rating
by A Fa
9 days ago

Absolutely excellent service and food. Don't go past Paradise if you are considering catering for a large function.

Paradise catered for a function I hosted for about 130 people. I dealt with the owner, Salah. He was a pleasure to deal with. Very honest, genuine and delivered on his promise. The food on the night of the function was delivered punctually at the agreed time. Paradise staff efficiently organised the buffet. The food was hot and of the highest standard. Paradise staff then took away all the serving dishes etc after the function. 

Thanks Salah!

4 star rating
by Matt
9 days ago

Ordered the Butter Chicken. Very authentic, well priced. Heard alot of good things about this place, did not disappoint. Would defenitely go back again.

4 star rating
by Kishore Mitra
14 days ago

Long waiting times, crowded and pressed for space. While these are generally a turn off, they also mean that this place is incredibly popular, serves very tasty food and is reasonably priced. Have been to this place many many times since it opened up about 4 years ago.....very impressive growth since then. Good food and quick service inside (if you are lucky enough to get a table). But for some like me who has frequented the place since it's early days, the taste has changed slightly. The Biryani....only fans of the Hyderabadi biryani will really like it.  Overall, recommended.

5 star rating
by Alexandra Hogg
15 days ago

I would definitely recommend this restaurant. One of the best indian cuisine restaurants ive been to and maybe the best in auckland. The prices are reasonable but the food exceeds the price. The only down fall is the amount of people being rejected because of the place being full. Thankful that it wasnt for me. :)

1 star rating
by Orca1 K.
22 days ago

Not sure what all the fuss about this place or why there are lengthy queues most nights out the door but despite the friendly customer service,  food is average & more India cooking than Fiji or Gujarati, read other reviews bout the naan bread and was hoping for something scrumptious sadly it was like chewing pizza bread & not proper naan, ordered chicken dish in cream & the initial spice kick was just the top layer rest of takeaway dish very mild & unfortunately hardly anything was consumed. Guess different strokes for different folks but definitely recommend the customer service.

5 star rating
by Yong Ma
23 days ago

After I heard so many positive recommend of paradise, {uid:27152638} and I decided to visit here. We had the chef's special chicken and spinach lamb curry for main. Their paradise mixed platter is in a large size for an entry as well. They have well balanced the spicy and flavor. From the main curry dishes, I can actually feel the deep and earthy from the blend of spices. we had to order from the counter was a pity. It lowered the level of our dining experience. However, it is good they kept this way to remember the origin of their business.

5 star rating
by Lance Legend
25 days ago

Well of all the other Indian takeaway/restaurant, I really like this one, I usually order my favorite Chicken Biryani and some other main, surprisingly a lot of them tasted pretty good.

3 star rating
by Georgia Vossen
25 days ago

Went to get butter chicken as my boyfriend and I like trying new places and a user of zomato who I follow recommended it.
I went expecting a little quiet Indian place between some takeaways or something. But the place was paaaacked, obviously extremely popular spot. We called up to order for takeaway, the lady on the phone was semi easy to understand very polite, but omg she just couldn't understand how to spell my name. I literally spent about 3mins in the end trying to spell my name out to her over an over.. I just gave up in the end and I think she ended up spelling Georgia something like jerrgia.
The food.
Butter chicken was extremely disappointing, I was really hyped up from it an expected it to be heavenly exspectially with how packed the place was. It was soooo tasteless, didn't have a butter chicken smell to it even, we couldn't smell it in the car on the way back. It wasn't sweet, spicy, hardly creamy. I could only really taste the rice. Was really really disappointing. The garlic naan was extremely nice though, I really liked it. I might go back to try the authentic butter chicken but never the butter chicken again, I'll stick with curry zone in titirangi.

4 star rating
by Reonr Di
one month ago

Yummy popular india dishes in Auckland
Price 3/5
Food 4/5
Service 3/5
Atmosphere 4/5
Recommend any curry and tandury chicken
Try again soon.

5 star rating
by Nhenz N Nhatz
one month ago

Best biryani in auckland and i loved the chilly chicken too!!! I just they have an option of making mild dishes for the non chilli lovers but apart from that yummy!

4 star rating
by Asif Rahman
one month ago

The food is really tasty over here, if you compare it with the other indian food joint in New Zealand. i have tasted food from this place since 2011/12. maybe more than 100 times.  
some time their customer service goes below the standard and at times really good.

i am noticing the change in quantity in recent times. it is getting lesser than what it used to be.
One thing they can really improve is not to rush people to eat and get out during the busy period. They need to understand that entree and main dish are not supposed to be served all together. we want to enjoy the food not swallow and get out of the restaurant.

please don't get me wrong, i will still be going to this place for my taste buds.

5 star rating
by Ameri Lim
one month ago

Recently my family have decided to try curry from an Indian restaurant for the first time. We have always been curious as we recognised the quick expansion of this restaurant within our community. They offered the options of take away or dine in which I have experienced both. I have tried the normal masala chicken, lamb, butter chicken and the paradises special masala chicken on the takeaway menu. I would highly recommend the paradise special masala chicken as it has become my family's favourite dish at Paradise. However it is not found on the dine in menu, but the other  night when I dined in, I discovered another new favourite dish on the menu called Harabhara chicken. It is covered in green herb sauce as it shown in the picture which was unexpectedly delicious but I must warn you that it was quite spicy. 

Overall, I am completely satisfied with the foods and services for both take away and dine in experience after multiple visits over the past few months. So I would highly suggest you all to try it if you love curries which tastes authentically delicious.

4 star rating
by Stifany Anwar
one month ago

We had an awesome lunch here! I ordered butter chicken- which a bit too sweet and chicken 65-savory and spicy chicken with curry leaves and masala (my favorite😁) also warm naan bread. The service was good too but I think they need to expand the restaurant lol! Because it takes 1 hour to be seated during dinner time😢😢

2 star rating
by Suresh Vengetaraman
one month ago

Last week I went this shop to buy takeaway and asked me to wait. after waiting for 15-20 minutes, I noticed a guy came in after me got the order, when I asked for my order I was told that I ordered 5minutes ago, which I was not happy when I asked again. they replied me take the order and go out, THAT WAS NOT REALLY A GOOD COSTUMER SERVICE FROM ANYBODY'S POINT OF VIEW. Finally ended up refusing my order and would never go back again and would also advice the same to my friends to keep their dignity.

5 star rating
by Inez
one month ago

If you're after an Indian restaurant that is consistent, delicious and authentic, it is definitely Paradise. Biryani is always fantastic (though sometimes spice/chilli level differs) and the tandoori chicken is wonderfully cooked. Try out haleem when it is available!

5 star rating
by Shazrina
one month ago

Absolutely loved it ?? the food was great and the staff was even better. Only problem is the seating arrangement, it was a bit congested because of the limited space. But overall i had a good time definitely going there again. ???

5 star rating
by Sungsam7
2 months ago

The best Indian food I've tasted and according to our son who has been to India is the closest you will get to authentic Indian...anyway we had to try and we were not disappointed at all. We love everything on the menu but what we find excellent value for money not to mention really tasty is the biriyani! Chicken lollipops are good too. I'm hooked and it's our only go to Indian place now. Other Indian places don't rate any longer so I hope we are never disappointed with Paradise.

5 star rating
by Manpreet Singh Bains
2 months ago

One of the best restaurant to try Indian food. Food is freshly cooked as you can taste it as this is my fifth visit and I always enjoyed there food.

1 star rating
by Grady Finlay
2 months ago

Very average, cheap and nasty. Came here based off high rating and was very disappointed. How is this place so highly rated? Would not recommend this to anyone, will be interested to see how this compares to the many restaurants nearby...

4 star rating
by Adnan Topiwala
2 months ago

Great food, pretty authentic compared to the other Indian restaurants around NZ. Prices are fairly similar as well. Hard to find a table on the weekends so if you want to dine in, you may need to wait. Alternatively, a separate take away section is a lot faster if you are in a rush.

The biryani, hara bhara chicken, indian style butter chicken and chicken lollipops are definitely winners for me.

5 star rating
by Leonara Lim
2 months ago

Indian food - LOOOOOOVE! Why? Well, the question is WHY NOT? Indian food is spicy, full of flavour and curries are my favourite food. Dhal and naan, kormas and biryani, vindaloo and rogan josh. All wonderful meals that I never tire of. If it's done properly, it is the most exciting and wonderful cuisine in the world...

Sooooo. Today i decided to go Paradise for my cheat meal!!! Been eating so bloody healthy lately i need some distinctive spices in my life to electrify my taste buds. 

We ordered:

1) Mutton Briyani Family Pack Combo and it came with raita, gravy, chicken 53 and dessert. ($45)
I've always love Briyani, i can have it any time any day! If i could eat this for breakfast i would. I had 4 big plates with raita on the side, curries on the top, mixed it and ate it with my fingers like a true Malaysian. Wish you all could see me feast today, ate it with such passion and joy. The raita was nice and the chicken 53 was delishhhhh! So much flavour in one container, never fails to make me happy. The dessert that was different, but in a good way. After the 2nd plate, i was completely stuffed and i decided to start on the dessert (Kheer - rice, milk, dry fruits) and ohhhmyygooddddd it was on point. It had this unique flavour to it that made me feel.... unstuffed (LOL) and continued with 2 more plates of briyani. I've never felt so fat in my life. 

2) Butter Chicken ($14)
Good ol' butter chicken! I'm sure if you ask anyone to name the first indian dish that comes to their head, it would be this. I'm actually not a big fan of butter chicken, BUT Paradise makes it so well that i would inhale it all LOL This butter chicken isn't the typical curry you have at food courts, it's not as sweet and the spices in there triggers your taste buds like no other!

3) Lamb Masala ($14) 
Anything Masala is yummy. As its in your mouth, the turmeric, cumin and ginger kick in. So many flavours in one plate! Definitely a recommended dish if you like a little adventure in your mouth. 

Overall, my experience at Paradise was superb. Unfortunately, i didn't get to dine there. I really wanted devour the food where i felt comfortable like a true fattie. It was my third time here and every time I'm there, from the ambience to the staff to the food, it's been a wonderful experience. All i have to say is, it's the best indian food i've ever had in Auckland so far. 

..... P.S
The stuff we ordered... it was a feed for two. Totally smashed it! #TheFatLife

2 star rating
by Loved By Katie
2 months ago

When I entered there was this weird and unpleasant smell - a mixture of curry and a cleaning product fragrance. Thankfully my friend got us an outside seat.

We ordered a mixed platter to share ($18) which came on a sizzling plate. Chicken was okay but the rest was unrecognizable with cabbages burning at the bottom. One sausage-like meat was too herby for me so I couldn't finish it. I chose Butter chicken ($14), a safe choice, but it was quite creamy compared to other Butter chicken I've tried elsewhere. My friend made a bolder move by ordering a Chicken dum biryani ($12), a fried rice with meats. Maybe I'm not familiar with Indian cuisine but it tasted strange. Chicken was stuffy and dry and rice wasn't seasoned enough to be a special dish. However the place was packed with people lining up so maybe it is just me.

5 star rating
by EssJay
2 months ago

Love their Biriyani, love most of their curries. The $8 lunch menu is also great. They have kept the place tidy and the prices are pretty good as well.

4 star rating
by Jemimah
2 months ago

Decided to venture out to Sandringham on Saturday for dinner. It was our first time here and was a bit taken back as to how crowded it was. We left out name and number with the front staff, and were seated about 20-30 minutes later.
In house staff were very welcoming and friendly. We ordered half a tandoori chicken to start with which was one of the best we had had in Auckland, being very authentic, with the smokiness from the tandoor.

For mains, we had ordered the Indian butter chicken (a must try) and the balti lamb which both came with rice. Both dishes were delicious, with the Indian butter chicken being our favourite, again, able to taste that the chicken was cooked in the tandoor, as well as being able to see the spices. The rice was also delicious, being fluffy and not heavy.
We had also ordered naan, which we were sadly disappointed with. It was quite sweet and tasted of bread which similar texture to pizza dough, something we're unlikely to order again.

Paradise is a lovely place for authentic Indian dishes. Be prepared to wait for a table, reservations are recommended.

***had visited another time trying the lamb chops which were delicious, and the lamb biryani which was a bit of a let down being a bit too dry with not enough gravy***

4 star rating
by Rebecca Bennett
2 months ago

My girlfriends and I dined from the takeaway menu last Saturday night.  We shared an array of curries, such as chicken khorma, lamb spinach, fish capsicum masala, and the balti paneer.  The curries were so creamy and flavourful.  Fish curry is not really a dish I would normally go for, but out of all the curries this was my favourite.  Next time I'll be dining in.

4 star rating
by T
2 months ago

I had Biryani Chicken, Paradise special chicken masala and garlic naan. I'm not a big fan of Indian food but these food were tasty. They came in generous portion that me and my boyfriend couldn't finish and had half of biryani for lunch next day. And the whole thing cost only $31.

We finished our dinner around 6.30 on Thursday night and the place was full house already. Obviously it's popular!!

ps. do you like that massive onion flower in the curry? hehe

Second time visit - I went there again week after first visit for take-away. The service was super fast!! I waited less than 5minutes and got my chicken biryani and chily chicken ($10 for 2 meals portion).

If you are big fan of spicy food like me, please please try chilly chicken here. It's not truly Indian food (it's actually under Indian Chinese option). It doesn't look appealing but mannn it tastes soooooooooo good!! I LOVE IT!

5 star rating
by Vitale Eti
2 months ago

Best Indian in town, use to always drive past this place, and there was always a line of people. Decided to phone an order through, ordered the indian butter chicken hot, I can tell you that it does not taste the ones you get at the malls, gravy it full fresh ingredients, and the taste, was fantastic, can't forget the nan to mop it up. If you want awesome Indian food, I highly recomend.

4 star rating
by Rice & Kai
2 months ago

I've had takeaways from here before, but this was the first time I had dined in.  (I tried their family pack chicken biryani last time - definitely an affordable way to feed a crowd.  It's massive!)  We found the service to be very friendly and efficient, and they were particularly understanding of our toddler and the little mess of rice and naan she had made around the table!

We enjoyed the meal and I loved how you could see the man working the tandoor ovens at the front of the restaurant.  One of our favourite dishes (the chicken tikka) was cooked in the tandoori and it was smoky and juicy.  I would really recommend that you try something that's cooked by this method here.

We ordered two curries - the chicken jalfrezi and the dum ka ghost.  I've never had chicken jalfrezi before and liked it.  My husband had had it before in England and said it was creamier and less sour than the ones he had over there.

We enjoyed our meal here and will definitely be back.  Good food and good service.

5 star rating
by Team Thomas
3 months ago

HELL YEAH! Best Biriyani, by far, ever! Whenever in Auckland we get two boxes, one chicken and one mutton and they are never anything short of amazing. (when work colleagues head to Wellington I get them to bring them too). I would highly recommend this place if you are in the area... or a short detour on the way to the airport for a delicious takeaway dinner (or lunch, or breakfast, or plane snack) ... just that good. Awesome!

4 star rating
by Radhika Nagori
3 months ago

After long time when my family was craving Indian Food (though we always make indian food at home, restaurant style indian food is different for us) we decided to visit Paradise.

The owner stood at the entrance and greeted us with nice smile. The food is always delicious and they try to deliver authentic indian flavours to peeps in New Zealand.

I recommend Paradise if one is looking for spicy and delicious food to fulfil cravings for his/her taste buds.

Good Service
Good Food
Pocket Friendly

5 star rating
by Sinae Yang
3 months ago

Well...this place was recommended by my colleague who is an Indian. She said it was one of the best indian restaurants in Auckland and she was right!! We ordered chicken 65. Indian butter chicken, just butter chicken, and chicken tika masala.. obviously with some naan bread (garlic, cheese and normal one). The portion was generous and we thoroughly enjoyed every bite of them!!!! We will definately go there again !! Thanks for great food team Paradise !

4 star rating
by Vaidyanathan Balasubramanian
3 months ago

By far the best biriyani I've had in New Zealand. I would love to have here repeatedly as long as I as I am in Auckland. The chicken and Mutton are well cooked but I would still suggest in reducing the price a wee bit.

3 star rating
by LucyGoosey
3 months ago

Grabbed some takeaways from here last night and not quite sure what all the fuss was about. I've had much, much better Indian food in Wellington. The butter chicken is flavoursome and tasty but not amazing and the nann is too thick. We also ordered some onion pakora - is this meant to be crispy? I am accustomed to onion bhaji which is AMAZING but onion pakora was not crispy like bhaji is, although it has a very similar flavour. It took us around 10 mins to get home and by that stage the curry was luke-warm. It should have been hotter even after a ten min drive home. The service here is friendly and quite fast considering how many people were ordering food. I would be keen to come back and dine-in as this place has some wonderful reviews, however, I will need some more convincing.

5 star rating
by Ririchan
3 months ago

I love this place! Always have to wait for 10+mins but I don't mind! Also my dad loves this place as well.
I always have palak paneer(spinach and planner cheese curry) quality and quantity is just amazing for the price.
Love this Indian, definitely come back a lot more in the future!!

3 star rating
by ZP
3 months ago

good when given enough time but as with most indian places - drastic fluctuations in flavour and service. some good dishes such as the biryani and a decent tandoori chicken.

5 star rating
by Don's Food Fiesta
3 months ago

My favourite authentic Indian joint to dine and takeaway!! Friendly service and good quality food. The chicken chilli here will keep me coming back

2 star rating
by Snedden Dcosta
4 months ago

Been coming here for ages now, but just thought ill review this place, as its gone down in terms of quality, I usually come with friends and have a good time, but the last few occasions have had to deal with bad attitude from staff, and under par food. On one occasion we had the waiter vacuum the carpet while there were guests dinning, i do understand its an Indian restaurant, but we are no more in India. And the food, well it was average at its best, even though it was made to order the chilly prawns were rubber bullets and they ran out of the special at 2pm on a Sunday, then why advertise. only good thing i can say that the tandoori pomfret, reminded me of home. 5 star to that. Guys you better up your game.

5 star rating
by Amit Tripuraneni
4 months ago

The takeaway service is great and great value for money for some of the best tasting Indian food in Auckland. Chicken Makhani, Hyderabadi biryani, Tandoori chicken, seekh kebab, Kheer, Chicken 65 are some of the favorites. Dine-in is a weird experience, you are shown a table but then you have to go to counter and pay for your meals first before they are brought to your table. And the price for the same dishes for eating in is slightly more expensive. Take away is the way to go.

5 star rating
by J Hough
4 months ago

I've been going to Indian restaurants for 2 decades and this one's the best! Recommended by a chef friend. Try the lamb pasinday. It's beautiful!

5 star rating
by Mana Katsukawa Otimi
4 months ago

My partner showed me paradise and we can't stop coming here, Lollipop chicken is the best ! Amazing indian food. My favourite place to get takeaway curry.

5 star rating
by Prem C
4 months ago

This place is my favourite after home food and it’s about
time I give them a review.

I have been going to this place since 7 odd years, right
from the beginning when it was a small takeaway in Ponsonby. I used to go just
for the haleem during Ramadan season, tasted amazing.

It’s a whole different story since Mr Salah took over and
started the new place in Sandringham. The biryani is the best I had so far in
New Zealand.

There are some occasional hiccups with service etc. but it is
part of the game. I have seen them take the responsibility and as long as they
do that, Paradise will be in the game for a long time coming.

As I said, food taste’s amazing and biryani tops the chart
and what I would like to see at paradise is more quality bread from their
kitchen to compliment the curries. Rumali roti, tandoori roti and a lots more

I am already craving for some biryani just writing a review J

5 star rating
by Foodiesfeast
4 months ago

One of my favorite spots. Awesome flavours,fast service, good price. Authentic indian cuisine that can not be faulted. A positive of this restaurant is that if you cannot sit in (as it gets very busy) you are able to takeaway from right next door. Definitely worth a try.

4 star rating
by Lucyeats
4 months ago

It's not often that my Indian friends will actually recommend an Indian restaurant to me but Paradise is one place they'll admit to having better food than home. 

We ordered the onion pakora, butter chicken and chicken tikka masala. We came on a quiet weekday for lunch so the service was quick and our food came quickly. I was impressed by the very light and flavoursome pakora and found the curries to be quite excellent.

5 star rating
by GF
5 months ago

Exceptional authentic Indian takeaways! Highly recommend the paneer naan with the Indian (I.e not Kiwi) butter chicken. Well worth a visit but place a phone order, unless you're happy to sit and wait. GF.

5 star rating
by Myfoxycorner
5 months ago

This place is pretty much my local when it comes to delicious indian food. Their biryani is amazing and their curries never disappoint. 'Nuff said.

5 star rating
by Naman Taluja
5 months ago

Really nice indian butter chicken the best so far in auckland. The service is bit late may b coz they are bzy always but although the food is really nice.

5 star rating
by Chris Gin
5 months ago

Fantastic place, great Indian food and a bit cheaper than other places. Their chicken tikka is amazing and I love the Chinese Indian dishes too (especially the chilli chicken) .

5 star rating
by Becky Hunt
5 months ago

Great food! I haven't had a decent Indian meal since I moved to west Auckland a year ago so I was very impressed. I will be coming back. The place was quite busy and had an unusual way of doing things but it's all part of the fun!

5 star rating
by Rhys Armstrong
5 months ago

Awesome authentic Indian food. Well worth the wait you always get. Can especially recommend the biryani! No idea what the restaurant is like for atmosphere, only ever had takeaway (takeaway dine out of separate shop)

2 star rating
by Puneet Gambhir
6 months ago

It was very bad experience with Paradise Restaurant.... we came from wlgtn and it was disappointing evening. The person who was dealing the customer was shit guy he doesn't know how to talk and behave.... totally bloodly shit a big ass was average... in naan so much yeast & sweety also.... biryani also many people  recommend this resturnt.. but i  will dnt waste ur money & time...

5 star rating
by Maaz
6 months ago

As always, worth the wait. Biryani is simply the best in Auckland. Have been coming here for a while and it never disappoints. Just have to be patient as the long queues can take a while to clear.

4 star rating
by Bijoux Bazooka Blanca
6 months ago

Great authentic Indian food, thats why gave them 4, service is poor with them trying to shift you on different tables even though its not indian guys serving you are rude.

2 star rating
by Geve Narielwalla
6 months ago

I'll be honest, I've not eaten at this restaurant but got takeaways sevetal guess one in his right mind would order takeaways several times unless the food is good, delicious.....and it is. You must acquire a taste for spicy Indian food......and this is about the best.
There seems to be a dramatic down down in hygeine ......... recent takeaway Biryani and Chiken masala and am in a bad time with my tummy. Something has gone terribly wrong with these Paradise folks Beware. (March 2015)

2 star rating
by Zara Abaid
7 months ago

The first time i went to eat here i thought it was the best food 
But after my today's experience on my Special day out with my 
husband i had the worst Birthday Dinner my food had no salt
or spices ?
i wont be going back ever again

4 star rating
by RJ
7 months ago

We went to Paradise for dinner on Sunday. Food was good, service was quick. You need to get there early as they are crazy busy on weekends. We ordered Vegetarian food and it was not disappointing.

4 star rating
by Emma Forbes
7 months ago

Not a bad curry but not outstanding, great if your looking for a quick curry fix. Definitely better than the Indian chains like Masala or Bollywood.

5 star rating
by Kezia Lobo
7 months ago

The food here is just stellar. I mean which place can boast a massive queue every evening of the weekend. The Indian butter chicken is what a real butter chicken should be ( get the made to order one not the one premade). Line up for the Tandoori fish on the weekend it is worth the wait. I got a tandoori fish, chicken lollipop, paya soup & mutton biryani all for $50 & they threw in a free desert.

5 star rating
by Vikram M Vyas
7 months ago

It's a good Indian food and the new addition to the list is the rumali Roti... Which is great addition to the menu .... Just love the food and the ambience of this place .....

5 star rating
by Mariam
8 months ago

This place is grr totally recommend it!

5 star rating
by Ania
8 months ago

What can I say - the food is absolutely delicious. I'm addicted. I was introduced to Paradise by a friend who said that you haven't had Indian food until you have had Paradise. The amount of different people this friend of mine has introduced to Paradise and got them all hooked on it. I drive there from the others side of Auckland once a fortnight to get a takeaway dinner on a Friday night. You get 2 dishes for just under $30. One thing I am slightly disappointed is with their naans... They are a bit sweet. Otherwise you don't have too say much about this place as the business speaks for itself and the very high turnover of customers on any given night.

5 star rating
by Rajiv Ram
8 months ago

Amazing food.. Amazing service.. We were in Auckland for 3 days. We went to Paradise on the second day for dinner. We loved it so much that we went again on the third day. Will go back again and again.. Me and my wife can't get over the food at Paradise.!! Please open a branch in Wellington soon

1 star rating
by Saket Kohli
8 months ago

Overhyped. The curries don't taste good at all and naans are the ones you get at Countdown. They just microwave them I suppose. Never going back again.

5 star rating
by Marina Samountry
8 months ago

An institution in Sandringham!

Food: I came for lunch and ordered the Chicken Capsicum Masala and a Paneer Naan. Both were excellent and to my surprise made in less than 10 minutes. There were three other tables and I have no reason to believe it was heated up. There was plenty of chicken in the curry and the rice was not the usual basmati but a lovely yellow rice with vegetables. A refreshing change! The Paneer Naan was delicious but could have possibly been crispier. It was probably because it was almost overflowing with lovely paneer but I won't complain about.

Service: my waiter was a European man who knew his stuff. I was impressed at his knowledge and friendliness. As mentioned the service was fast at least for a mildly busy lunch time. The restaurant was clean and trendy but not pretentious.

Overall: for a great a well priced curry look no further. There are plenty of interesting options for the more adventurous. It was also well patroned by the local Indian community which bodes well! Some of the best Indian I've had in a long time.

5 star rating
by Sonam Kumar
8 months ago

Food is amazing, Indian and Indian Chinese with big portion sizes and a cheap price. Can get a main, rice, naan and coke for $17-$22. Great for people who love spicy food. Also, good how you can pack leftovers and take it home as the portion sizes are massive for 1 person.

5 star rating
by Nazah Ali
8 months ago

Paradise is always a good experience! Ordered the afghani kebab which was as always delicious along with the yoghurt it's served with, tried the chilli prawn which wasn't as spicy but more sweet than what I had imagined and the butter chicken was awesome as always. Tried the mango lassi which was deliciously refreshing after the spicy meal

1 star rating
by Sun Rahaman
9 months ago

My wife bought briyanai last Friday. Me and my other friends had food positioning from that.
Couldn't go to work next day.
I send them e-mail.
Didn't get any replay from them yet.
I will definitely I won't go back. And I will tell my friends too.
Shame they don't bother replying e-mail.

3 star rating
by Shharukh Issani
9 months ago

Has Indian food but I would not say it has all the authenticity of Indian spices used. Could only consider once in a while takeaway . Biryani is average but their Chicken fried rice is best indo-chinese dish so far. Service needs lots of improvement , environment is average.

5 star rating
by Parik Kansara
10 months ago

Great place to get your desi food flavor. Order does take time but understandable cause this place at any time ive walked in had over 30 patrons.

5 star rating
by Jerome D'Souza
10 months ago

This on 30th August'14 Saturday last week :-)...had a family occasion and had ordered food through the  great guy in one of the  pics Salah. He was fantastic and so accommodating with our requests. The Chicken Tikka masala, the Veg.pulav long grain rice, unbelievably long grain was sooooo tasty. The Butter nans were just fantastic and believe me this did create a long lasting impression on my  family and guests. They were so impressed and have decided to get the food catered for their family get together's in future.
The serving dishes and the works that he organised made my day. Thanks to Salah and his team, Awesome, keep up the good show. Highly impressed mate. Thanks...Jerry

4 star rating
by Cynthia Vanisha Paul
10 months ago

You don't need to go anywhere else for biriyani! Paradise has an array to choose from and delicious side dishes to keep you coming back for more. Their mutton biriyani is to die for!

4 star rating
by Charlee Brown
10 months ago

Havent been to a lot of indian restaurants in nz, but the food here was great. Good punchy flavours, and the mango lassi is delish.

4 star rating
by David
10 months ago

This place has had re furbish since I last came. And the food is yummy as ever. Unlike before they are happy to make most dishes to the desired level of spiciness. Will go again!

4 star rating
by Pete Kenny
10 months ago

Great food, good value, and surroundings appropriate for the type of restaurant. About the only negative was the room itself was a bit cold, otherwise  may have rated 4.5

5 star rating
by J.T547
10 months ago

Personally, I think this is one if the best, most authentic Indian restaurants in Auckland. Fresh, tasty food. The tandoori chicken is a speciality. However, due to popularity you do need to wait about 45 minutes for a table, but well worth it.

4 star rating
by Manu Viswan
11 months ago

Go there for the biriyani. That's the best. Affordable, neat and clean, place for friends and families alike.

5 star rating
by Fairy-Anne Glenn Guiang
Jul 08, 2014

I was introduced to this place by an Indian who knows his curries. At first I was hesitant because Indian food is not a preferred cuisine in my country and no dish prove me wrong until I came to eat in Paradise. The food is just divine and unpretentious. The menu is just simple and affordable. I've had Chicken & Mutton Biryani, Cheesy & Garlic Naans and I swear I'll try more if I ever grew tired of ordering these. The place is fine but they can do better with the interior but as I say this place is unpretentious. They are just doing what they love (food and cricket). They may need to open another branch though.

5 star rating
by Carson L
Jun 18, 2014

Paradise is a real gem of authenticity. I had the Chicken 65 which was fantastic. The restaurant itself is very open and relaxed. Prices are very reasonable and the service was great. I love how you see the kitchen from the front and can see how the naan bread is made.

4 star rating
by Ravin Malarao
Jun 17, 2014

My wife and I had Chicken biryani for lunch. It was very good. We will go again. We are senior citizens and we had a bit left over from one serve. Great

5 star rating
by David L
Jun 15, 2014

Without a doubt, my favourite Indian restaurant in Auckland. The food is always brilliant, I've eaten here pretty much weekly for three years now and never tire of the menu. The curries on offer include ones that I can't find in other Indian restaurants around town. The naan breads are always fresh and amazingly tasty. Along with the food the atmosphere makes it feel like you are in India, it's always full and humming, and as a cricket fan I enjoy being surrounded by the memorabilia on the walls. Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar can't be wrong! Service is quick and the waiters are always happy to suggest new dishes to try, or ask the chef to make a dish not listed on the menu. I've recommended this place to friends and they're all regulars now as well. Keep up the great work guys!

4 star rating
by Blair Stanford
Jun 13, 2014

Love it.
Authentic Indian food at affordable prices. Feels like being in India. The lamb curry was so tasty and beautifully spiced.
Naan bread, I could eat ten of those. I will be back soon.

5 star rating
by Nelson Macwan
Jun 11, 2014

Went for dinning out on Saturday, restaurant was pack - waited 20 minutes for the table.
Ordered zafrani chicken, lamb pasanda, kadai paneer and the naan bread it was real Indian taste so delicious..... prices are so reasonable.
And hearty quantity, keep it up Paradise.
Service A+
I will recommend to everyone

1 star rating
by Hana
Jun 09, 2014

Ordered takeaway here since I'd heard good things about their curries. We were so disappointed! The naan tasted strange almost as if it had too much yeast in it. Both our curries were unappetizing and the masala was covered in pools of oil. Would not recommend this place at all! Seems as though it has gone down hill.

5 star rating
by Andrew Tidball
Jun 05, 2014

We haven't dined in yet - restaurant always seems packed. But we have phoned takeaway orders through and collected. Order is always ready and well packaged when i arrive to collect. Very efficient. And the food is excellent! Highly recommend for a tasty takeout! The lamb shish kebab are so tasty! I have suspicions that the dine in experience might not be so great just because it looks too busy!

5 star rating
by Michael Diaz
Jun 03, 2014

I had my 55th birthday on the 23rd of May, I invited my kiwi friends from the New Lynn RSA where I play 8 ball pool. I ordered my dinner from Paradise, it was fish masala, chisken makhani, mutton biryani and chicken lolipops. My kiwi friends so enjoyed the food they had so much so that they took food home for lunch for next day. Hats off to Paradise. I recommend their food to everyone. Cheers guys. That reminds me going back few months I was invited to Dermot English, Mr Bill English's younger brother celebrating his 50th birthday we had to take a plate my wife suggested chicken lolipops, they were a hit Mr Bill English enjoyed them too.

5 star rating
by Dean Quate
May 24, 2014

The made to order takeaway is excellent. Because it exceeds my expectations I will not hesitate to give this place a 5 star rating. Patrons predominantly of Indian heritage which is a great sign. High turnover. Also a good sign. A busy takeway midweek is a great sign. I live in Titirangi where we have Masala and Handi- both of these are absolute shi.t.
I haven't tried the curries in a hurries that are sitting in the water baths but they look good. The premises is clean and the staff friendly. Finally an Indian takeaway that isn't in central Auckland that isn't full of white mans blandness and from a PakNSave jar. Keep it up fellas.

3 star rating
by Laura Lock
May 22, 2014

We ordered takeaways from here, as our local Indian takeaways are closed on Mondays and it had been recommended to us from some friends.

We ordered a Butter Paneer ($10) and a Chicken Khorma ($14) with plain naans ($2.50ea) to compliment. In total it came to under $30, which is great for the amount of food. Each curry came with a container of extra long grain rice (seriously, crazy long).

I only managed to try a little bit of the Khorma, but the bits I did taste were nice - nothing too flavourful or offensive. I found it quite salty, there was not much spice even though we asked for it medium. My Butter Paneer sauce was lovely, not too sweet and a nice creamy texture, had a good amount of spice to it, ordered medium as well - considerably more than the Khorma. The paneer was a bit of a let down, it was in nice bit pieces and there was a lot of it, but it was very firm and rubbery - I'm used to softer and nicer tasting paneer. The butter paneer also had cauliflower and beans in it which was a nice surprise.

The naans were really soft and fluffy - could tell they were very fresh and well made - yum!

I'm really glad we tried paradise, as it's been on my "to-go" places for a few months. Nothing stood out as extremely amazing, but nothing was awful either, a genuinely nice place for Indian takeaways (I hear to eat in is a real treat if you are a cricket fan).

I would go back to try more of there extensive menu.

Laura | Laura Laura Blog

1 star rating
by Amira Afridi
May 22, 2014

This is the worst Indian restaurant I have ever been to, don't be fooled by some of the reviews you read, trust me everyone was saying it's the best it's the best but
they are nowhere close to being called good.

Firstly, waiters don't even know what's on their menu, they lie they, are full of sh*t. Secondly, I went to the counter I only ordered halwa, the manager said to me , why don't you try the main? I said no thanks, he said no try it if you don't like it I'll give your money back, so I took his word, I tried the famous afghani chicken, he said, I didn't like it one bit, I said I want my money back, he acted like he never said that! Made a big deal, thirdly, halwa came, I grew up eating halwa , I know what halwa looks like, this wasn't halwa it was like dry halwa it wasn't even close to halwa looked like it had been made 3 months ago, it didn't taste or look like halwa neither the texture, I guess people have really bad taste when it comes to Indian food to think this is good. Yeah paradise shouldn't be called Paradise should be called Bakwaaas Indian Food

5 star rating
by Daniel
May 21, 2014

I enjoyed the food and service. A nice selection of Indian cuisines. I ordered the afgani kebab for a entrée followed by a chicken tika curry which was nice and spicy. I would recommend paradise because its variety of curry choice. There was even a prawn masala and tandori fish which I would like to try next time I visit.
Thanks a lot guys!

5 star rating
by Gabriel Tan
May 19, 2014

I'm not a frequent patron of Indian food, but when I had asked a taxi driver once where a good place to go to, I was told to go no where else other than Paradise on Sandringham Rd.
I went with a group of friends on a Friday night, and had the chance to try a range of their food. Entrees started with an assortment including the lollipop chicken and chicken tikka. Very tender and full of flavour.
The mains we had the chicken 65, chicken kadai, lamb pasinday and the lamb briyani, all of which were fantastic.
We left the restaurant around 8pm, and there was a big queue outside! make sure you go early. definitely be back for more

5 star rating
by Doug Thomas
May 18, 2014

The best eggplant infused with lime juice dish I've had anywhere in the world. Service was very good also therefore I highly recommend this restaurant. Their cheese & garlic naan bread is the best in Auckland in my opinion as well. A great place to take friends.

4 star rating
by Charlotte
May 17, 2014

Delicious take-aways from Paradise Indian Food. Had to wait a while, but that wasn't surprising with how busy the place was. Very happy with the service and the meal. Will become regulars here for sure.

5 star rating
by Azhar Bhamji
May 12, 2014

The best Indian food in town. My experience with their staff, the quality of food was A+.

Value of the food was exceptionally well priced alongside the portion of the food also.

I would recommend all to go and taste the food of Paradise.

I certainly am going back there for sure

2 star rating
by Foodie
May 05, 2014

I used to like this place only for food, the service is horrible, the staff have no manners no courtesy no politeness. Recently they have increased the price for main course from $12 to $18 which is pathetic for that kind of service and quantity of food. Also they make everything so hot that it's inedible for a normal person, when asked to make it medium spicy they say they can't do it. I think the owner only wants to earn money and doesn't care about service and feedback. They are happy with people coming in as it seems to be packed most of the times but I don't think it will be the same any more with that kind of service, price and inedibly hot food. The price really needs to go down if they want regular customers coming in. It's better to get a takeaway from food court for $10 than to spend $18 here for bad food and service.

1 star rating
by Parul Goshar
May 02, 2014

Very bad and unfriendly service.
I was clear when ordering my food that I cannot handle chilli. They said they can make it.

The food was absolutely spicy (chilli hot) and they tell me they tasted it, it is not.

Being allergic to chilli, I (my body) completely rejected it. But the staff didn't quite care to apologize to make up for it.

Just the worst place in Auckland!!!

1 star rating
by Hament K
Apr 21, 2014

I dined at Paradise for lunch today and can say that I was less then impressed with the food and the level of service. To begin with their was no greeting or welcome, felt like we were an imposition and were seated in an area that had felt more like a thoroughfare then a eating space. When we asked to move to an area with a little more privacy we were treated very rudely. I ordered the Chicken Maghlai, a personal favourite, which tasted bland and was not very appealing at all - not sure how long it had been sitting around as it did not taste fresh at all and was only luke warm. Considering that the price of the food has also gone up, I was very disappointed that the food and the experiences missed the mark on so many counts.

5 star rating
by Xeno Vert
Apr 12, 2014

Wow! Best in Auckland. I've dined in twice and had take out last night. I must be getting soft because the dish I bought last night was soooooo hot! I don't remember it being that hot but it has been a year since I last ate it. Also bought a vegetarian dal for my friend who is pregnant. She loved it and said that she would go and get some more.
My favourite is the Kheer dessert which is like, semolina with milk and sliced roasted almonds. Would recommend this place to dine in and as a take out.

4 star rating
by Saiprasad Shetty
Mar 31, 2014

Went twice..had dum biryani both the times...enjoyed it..good treat....

1 star rating
by Jenny K
Mar 30, 2014

Went on a Saturday night. Opted for takeaway. Was served within 2 minutes and sat aside waiting for my order. Waited for 10 minutes, still no food, waited another 10 minutes still no food, I could see other people who ordered well after me taking their food away but I still hadn't received mine. After 25 minutes of arriving and still no food I spoke to one of the staff about what's happening with my order (which I might add had already been paid for) the guy looked at few packed bags in front of him and said it's coming so I waited again. After 35 minutes of arriving my patience was running out so I spoke to another staff member who also had a look around by the counter and went to the back then came back looked around the counter again, looked at me puzzled and asked what I had ordered. At this point I told him my order again and said I've been waiting for more than half an hour what is happening? How much longer is it going to take ? He didn't respond but began to process my order himself.

Took 35 minutes to receive food after speaking to staff twice!
Food= ok
Service = terrible

5 star rating
by Treena
Feb 25, 2014

I have been looking for a Indian food place and have found it. What a wonderful feast I had, it was takeaway, I had chicken korma, chicken biyrani & naan. Although a little spicy for my liking, it was superb.
I will most definitely be making a visit there for Indian cuisine in the future.

5 star rating
by Shiwani
Feb 17, 2014

My friend's son was visiting me in Hamilton and there he comes with a big black plastic bag, I asked what have you brought for me, he said ' you always miss Bombay biryani and that is what I have brought for you', I asked him are you joking, he said, open and see , you will not believe, it was Paradise chicken briyani and I was so thrilled with the aroma, I straight away helped myself and started to eat, Oh man ,it was really yum and the taste was so good and I could not stop licking my fingers.
So, I have decided whenever I go to Auckland, I must visit Paradise Indian Food and also bring back some food home. I shall always recommended all my friends & family to visit Paradise and try their Biryani and other stuff .Well done,Paradisae, keep the good work.

1 star rating
by Kathryn Kleboe
Feb 08, 2014

What a disappointment. The food looks and smells lovely but the staff were so rude that we walked out before eating. We sat down at the only table available (a table for 4). We started to organize what we were going to have and I was about to order when a waiter approached me and asked how many people were in our group. He then gestured to 3 Indian guys outside and asked if we could just order then wait around for another table...what??? But we had been there almost 5mins but they wanted us to give up our table for someone else who arrived after us! We started to leave when he gestured to another table (table for 4 also) and asked if we wanted that table...a table which was filthy with half eaten food on it. Why the hell would I want a filthy table when we already had a perfectly good and clean table-except we didn't because clearly the waiters would prefer to favor Indian customers before us so we were going to be treated poorly regardless. No stress we can get good Indian food and rude service cheaper at least a dozen places in Sandringham so why bother with Paradise...unlikely they are any better or ruder than other places.

5 star rating
by Satoko Kaneko
Feb 07, 2014

I love the Paradise mix grill as entree and chicken biryani!
I like the fact all the food I ordered are not covered with oil like cheap Indian take away shop.

I have been to this shop many times and always absolutely love their food :-)

1 star rating
by Pramesh Sundarjee
Jan 27, 2014

1.Service...Service...Service. How mush does it take to smile. Fantastic food but very poor service. Guy at the counter thinks we are doing the biggest favor in the whole world by ordering from there. The owner is awesome but staff members are horrible.
2. Timing is a major issue....staff said food will served in 15 minutes but came 40 minutes late. Will be nice if they actually told the real wait time
3. Asked for water, no water came. Had to walk to the next door dairy shop to get my own water.
4. No privacy....Tables are so close that you hear what the person next to you is talking about.
5. When paying bill, zero appreciation...did not even look up to see who the customer was, no eye contact
6. Limited parking.......this is out of their control.
Solution: We are happy to come back but please, look at your customer, make eye contact, smile. If it will take time, tell me the real wait time. Overall, food is 100%, service sucks!!!

5 star rating
by Mrs T
Jan 21, 2014

My family and I are quite fussy when it comes to Indian takeaway. Paradise takeaway (we have never eaten in) delivers on taste for sure! You get more than gravy and a few pieces of meat, instead it's decent sized chunks of meat filled to the brim and every dish we have ordered has been delicious (we are now regulars going about once a fortnight).

Be ware though, when they say hot the mean HOT!

4 star rating
by Dhakshi Gamage
Jan 15, 2014

My boyfriend and I were looking for a good biryani place in Auckland. After a quick search and a bit of asking around, we decided to try Paradise Indian Food for the first time. When we walked into the restaurant, it was empty, but it quickly became full as more people streamed in. We asked one of the staff whether one biryani could serve two people, and he said we needed to order two (a lie!). My boyfriend ordered a mutton biryani, and I a chicken. The biryani arrived promptly, and it looked, smelled and tasted divine. And each portion was HUGE. One biryani could serve 2-3 people for only $12. We were very impressed with the value for money. I think this place rivals, or even surpasses, the more upmarket Indian restaurants I've tried (e.g. Oh Calcutta). The service, while a little cold, was attentive and prompt.

We have each since been to Paradise twice for takeaways and continue to be impressed with the quality of their biryani. I look forward to visiting the restaurant again, and trying some of their other dishes.

3 star rating
by Kshitij Garg
Dec 27, 2013

Paradise is one of the most popular Indian restaurants ducked in a Suburb close to the town. I decided to visit the place with my friends after a positive word of mouth for the place. The restaurant looked packed. It's a decent restaurant where you might have to wait for long as they do not have enough space to handle the customers on the peak times. The wait can be really long. The restaurant doesn't serve alcohol and the ambiance is pretty decent, nothing flashy at all except for the cricket memorabilia. As you reach the counter you look up at the menu and the first thing that comes to your mind is that this is way to less for me. Yes, the list of options at Paradise is quite less. They make the usual only. But they do make the usual with good taste. The Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Biryani are the highlight of the place. Paradise won't come too hard on your pocket. The staff is friendly and they make up for any muck up with your food. You can certainly expect it here. Out of three times, I have visited Paradise, one time the chef forgot to put salt in the food and the other time, we didn't get one of our dishes. But the staff made up for it. I would say this is a place where I would prefer to go to order a takeaway. The place in itself is not appealing at all. They don't make the popular Dal Makhani. It's hard to imagine an Indian restaurant not making Dal Makhani.

To summarize, Paradise is low on pocket, below average ambiance, decent food, with waiting time. You pick if it's worth it.

5 star rating
by Rushik Dave
Dec 20, 2013

There are so many things I can talk about Paradise, the name itself says it all. It is indeed a Paradise of Indian cuisines.
You will not find such quality anywhere else in New Zealand.
When I asked the owner to open up another branch on North Shore, he said he may not be able to maintain the quality of both places and he can not take the risk of compromising the quality.
I can eat here everyday for the rest of my life and yet won't get bored with the taste.
I have said Subhan Allah on every bite I have taken here!!
I am glad we have Paradise here in Auckland :)

Thank you Paradise for giving such an amazing experience away from home.

1 star rating
by Ian
Nov 24, 2013

Went to sample their famous birynai, 2 pieces of meatless chicken bone in a bowl of rice that was spicy but flavourless. Dhaal & kebab were chili hot but had no actual flavour, willing to travel for decent food, but certainly won't be back here, not worth the visit. Staff were busy randomly spraying cleaning fluid on glass surfaces around the food at one point that is what I could taste over the chili.

5 star rating
by Jasmin Sheikh
Nov 22, 2013

My family loves Paradise food. We go there almost every week. Everything on their menu is unique. Their Afghan kebabs are so delicious. Flavors are authentic. Lamb/chicken biriyani is the best in town, meat is so tasty and tender. The aroma from the spices they use in their food literally takes me to paradise. My son loves chicken 65 - fresh coriander n curry leaves adds great flavor to it. Very friendly customer service, lovely staff, great value for money, excellent mouth watering food. Everyone must try. Highly recommended :-)

1 star rating
by Gaurav Bhutani
Nov 19, 2013

I used to go to this restaurant, it used to be a good restaurant but now it is really pathetic. The staff are rude and the quality of the food has became terrible. I ordered the Lamb Biriyani and the found that the Lamb was partially cooked and don't have the right flavors. I think the cook which was good has left and the popularity has made the staff rude.

5 star rating
by Stacey Stormcloud
Oct 30, 2013

Great service, great value for money, delicious food! Serves Indian and Indian Chinese food. The Onion Pakora was divine, as was the Chicken Tikka. Totally halal. The place was pretty busy even though it was only Wednesday night, but we still had timely and friendly service. Highly recommended.

4 star rating
by Easyfoodhacks
Oct 21, 2013

Paradise Indian Food is a popular place. I don't think it's because of the cricket memorabilia decorating the walls; I’m guessing Wasim Akram is someone really, REALLY famous in the cricketing world. It could be the intriguing Indian-Chinese dishes (Chicken Manchurian anyone?), or the uber efficient, prompt service. But it’s most likely the excellent Hyderabadi food.

Paradise is great for a quick lunch; there is a good range of their most popular dishes ready to serve, with their mesmerisingly brilliant hues.. Anything not on display is a quick 5-10 minutes away. Our dishes came out one at a time as they were cooked which was a great delight every time a new dish was served.

We started with a mixed platter ($15) of various tandoor cooked meats with a refreshing raita; I had a piece of smokey delicious tandoori chicken. The naan bread were light and nicely charred. I really enjoyed the dum ka gosht ($12), which is lamb (gosht) on the bone, marinated with yoghurt and spices and cooked in dum style (steaming over coals). The lamb was perfectly tender, and the savoury sauce was heady with fragrant spices.

The Paradise special paneer masala ($14) is cottage cheese and green pepper cooked in cashew and saffron sauce. This is another excellent dish, the cheese has a great chewy texture, somewhere between a halloumi and a mozzarella, and the smooth nutty sauce is delicious.

For the rest of the review and more photos, see

5 star rating
by Analjit Sen
Sep 15, 2013

Addicted to the food!! Better than back home any-day!! I am there 6 times a week at least .... I tell the owner that he is packing happiness not food:-)
Had a dream that my doctor says there is no guarantee that I shall live after an operation.....I tell the doc please wait ...and call Paradise to order some Biriyani, sounds crazy but this is what the food does to you. So please don't waste any more time, just don't think....go and EAT at the true Paradise.

5 star rating
by Kevin
Sep 13, 2013

Great place to eat. Fabulous Indian food, authentic and the service was top notch - my wife and I were recommended this place by an Indian who knows his stuff.
If you are looking for a great meal at a very reasonable price you will not be disappointed as the chef at this place really knows how to cook up a storm!

4 star rating
by AJ - Flava
Sep 06, 2013

At last an Indian restaurant with some Indian flavour to it. Good food and an ok ambiance for dining.

4 star rating
by Mazhar
Sep 04, 2013

Good food. Timely service. They could do a lot in the ambience space though. But seriously consider going to this place if you are confused about where to go..I visit there almost 3 times a month.

5 star rating
by Food Voyeur
Aug 21, 2013

Oh yes! Their afghani kebab was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It was chicken, done in the tandoor I believe. It was so tender it practically melted in your mouth. Flavours incredible.

Then came the carrot halwa. Stunning. Never tried that dessert before, and you wouldn't think from it's description that it could possibly be that good. But it really is!

This was the sixth and final restaurant on the Sandringham Spice Tour, and it was a shame I was so full... but I will definitely be coming back here. Paradise Restaurant's food is actually a kind of paradise.

Can't think of anything to critique them on. A good interior too, and friendly staff.

5 star rating
by Jaspreet Sangha
Aug 04, 2013

Excellent food..specially biryani's. I order it every weekend. The fact is most of the Indian restaurants fail to maintain the consistency in their food but PARADISE since I have started going there almost 2 years, their food tastes the same, no up n downs....very good for family dinners...:-)

5 star rating
by Marlee Craig
Jul 27, 2013

Went here today with ny friend, nephew and nieces, we really enjoyed the food. The waiter gave me an honest opinion about selections. He saw that I had three children with me, and suggested i buy two plates instead of three. He said that the
Portion sizes are quite big and that two dishes will be sufficient. I really appreciated his honesty because two dishes instead of three, were more than enough for the kids :) staff were friendly not rude, they kindly made allowances for our party and were always on hand whenever there was a need. The best part was the food. The portion sizes were enough. The taste, the texture and the smell was absolutely divine. We cleaned our plates. The kids wanted to kno if we could come again the next day for breakfast lol. We will definately back :) when we want quality Indian grub we know where to go, thank you paradise for a meal divine, great service and honesty, shalom :)

4 star rating
by David Philip
Jul 10, 2013

Awesome food, awesome staff, as a first time visitor I was pleasantly surprised especially the ambiance of the place, the friendliness of the staff and the lamb spinach was heavenly, must have been in Paradise. I will certainly recommend this place and visit on a regular basis.

5 star rating
by Sini Boshoff
Jul 03, 2013

WOW! I love Indian food and have eaten at many Indian restaurants but this has to be one of my favourites! The chicken Tikka Masala was delicious, nice and spicy and would highly recommend the Paneer (vegetarian) dish too. Make sure you book a table because it is very busy. Paradise, please open a restaurant in South Auckland.... I don't want to have to drive all the way to Sandringham for my favourite food :)

5 star rating
by Benjamin Harris
Jul 03, 2013

Paradise Indian is the heart of Sandringham!

When I think Indian food, only one word comes to mind. Paradise.

They serve excellent food, with a broad range of dishes on offer to cater to everyone's tastes.

If you're one of those people who looks at the menu for 5 minutes, only to then decide to get the "Butter Chicken" then I highly recommend trying a few other things they have to offer. (Don't get me wrong, the butter chicken is amazing, but it doesn't just stop there.)

I have been coming here religiously for the last 2 years (Almost every week. Sometimes even twice.)

Rather than basing a place on a few 1 or 2 star reviews, just go and try it yourself. Make your own opinion. I'm sure you will not be disappointed with these guys.

Keep it up Paradise!

5 star rating
by Anita Farland
Jun 27, 2013

I have been here several times this year, I was introduced to this place by a friend and I have not looked back since.

The Afghani chicken is amazing and I always order extra. Their food is delicious and the place is always busy so book if possible because it can be hard to get a table.

5 star rating
by Sudhakar Sundaram
Jun 26, 2013

I am a True blue hyderabadi...I have been overwhelmed by the quality of the biryani and kebabs...every time I try a new dish I am blown away....keep up the good quality and great service's the best hyderabadi food overseas....

2 star rating
by Shaundey Katana
Jun 21, 2013

Went there last year for our work lunch, food & service was awesome. Took my dad there this year for his birthday food was good I enjoyed that but the service come on you can do way better than that it sucked big time. I asked for a bottle of water from the guy that was working on the floor, he nodded his head and goes yes but obviously he did not understand a word I said did I receive my water NO! The guy at the counter was a douche no smile no thanks at all not even a your welcome nothing. If you are so miserable at your job then leave no excuse to stay there and give crap service.

1 star rating
by Charlie
Jun 16, 2013

would not go hear again. the service is appauling. the food was alright but sadly the service was just so bad. ordered two curries and got no rice I asked them to come but no one responded. the waiters didn't even serve the food with a smile, looked very serious maybe cause they get paid under minimum wage but that's no excuse.

1 star rating
by John Paul
Jun 06, 2013

me and my wife took tandoori chicken and it wasn't up to the stranded of Indian tandoori it was just coloured chicken and in the sizzler there was burned cabbage and no one can eat it.There was no chat masala in it .
Second thing like garlic naan my favourite was too salty and not stuffed like a garlic naan........ like my kind. the curry was salty and there was no much taste for it.

4 star rating
by Rita Crowe
May 25, 2013

The ONLY fault with this is the space, it is SO popular because the food is SO amazing, that it's always packed out, so quite crowded. They need to win lotto so they can wipe out the shop beside them and expand. :D The food came quickly and pleasantly. The naan was the best I've had and generous serving of rice with my AMAZIN curry. We also ordered an entree of the onion rings, they were SO tasty, we did ask for a dipping sauce which never came, but didn't bother us too much. Just SUCH good food, definite winner :)

5 star rating
by Vishal Anand
May 25, 2013

The best restaurant in town, I love it just your quantity is getting lower every day, last year the chicken 65 was so much that we could eat it for dinner as well for the next day. But now there is a lot less, we can only eat it in the dine in and none left over for the next day.

5 star rating
by Sakifrancis Agana
May 15, 2013

Best biryani and curries in New Zealand...I just keep on coming back! Great ambience, friendly waiting staff.

You don't need to look anywhere else for the best Indian food around. As I'm from the Philippines, I highly recommend Paradise to my fellow countrymen who love Indian food.

5 star rating
by Huang.X
May 12, 2013

My friend recommended me this restaurant, we went here last week, we really liked their food. The customer service was great, I feel it is the best Indian food in Auckland, I will go back with my friend again.

5 star rating
by Mary Yap
May 07, 2013

We eat out regularly and I am very impressed with this restaurant. Great customer service, polite and helpful. Delicious foods. Most of all is the price, cheap cheap for quality foods. We definitely will go back again.

3 star rating
by Vyshnavi S
Apr 30, 2013

There is no doubt that their food is amazing but their customer service needs to improve. It really wouldn't hurt to smile a bit more and me more friendly. One of them always acts like he's doing us all a huge favour by serving us. Food is great though. Esp. their Chicken 65 and my new favourite Paneer Butter Masala! So good! :D

5 star rating
by Matt Smith
Apr 01, 2013

Awesome. I would eat here every day if my wife would let me!

We are regulars at Paradise Takeaways and we have tried a few of their dishes which all seem great but it is hard to go past our favorites - Chicken 65 and Manchurian Chicken. Fantastic flavours and great value.

We recommend this place to all our friends and some of them even drive from across town to get their Indian takeaways from here now.

If you love good solid Indian flavours then this place is for you!

5 star rating
by Jawad
Mar 14, 2013

Hi guys, I highly recommend this place for all events I placed an order here for my 21st birthday Party and people could not stop complimenting the food it added so much value to my Party! I would definitely recommend everyone to get good for any occasion it's simply so tasty and amazing.

5 star rating
by Sumit Samant
Mar 01, 2013

Paradise has the best Indian food I have tasted outside India. And, having lived a foodie's life in the UK, Australia and NZ, I believe that is a very high achievement.

The hustle and bustle, sights and smells, cricket and Bollywood on the TVs, the chefs working away in the kitchen.... Its like a small representation of the subcontinent. Grab a chair, enjoy people-watching and soak in the atmosphere... but not for too long as the service is fairly prompt. Do not expect the staff to fall over backwards - they are insanely busy. But do expect them to be very serious about what they do. The owner Salah, in particular, has the hands-on approach needed to be on the top of the game down to a fine art. From getting stuck in at work to constantly experimenting with his excellent chefs to bring innovative dishes, he does it all.

My biggest regret in moving to Wellington was not being able to eat at Paradise as often as I would like. Nevertheless, I make it a point to go there every time I am in Auckland.

5 star rating
by Anita
Feb 28, 2013

I lead the Sandringham Food & Spice Tour through the village restaurants and Paradise is definitely one of the best that we go to. We have now come visit four times and each time owner Salah is very attentive and describes each of the foods we try. We have tried afghani kebabs, chicken tikka (both made in tandoori) chicken lollypops (weekend special) and of course the delicious desserts such as carrot halwa and kheer. They do not take reservations and they can become very busy most evenings, even on a Tuesday! Be patient, it is worth the wait. Or come try them out for lunchtime in their new Takeaway restaurant next door...

5 star rating
by Amanda Pavese
Feb 21, 2013

My absolute favorite place to eat anywhere in the Auckland area is Paradise. I discovered it through a friend while living in Auckland in 2012 and quickly became a regular. If you like great Indian food then this is certainly the place to go! Also, because it specializes in a specific region of Indian cuisine, you will more than likely find something totally new to try! If you are new to Indian cuisine, it's a great place to start as they are very helpful in explaining the dishes and letting you know the spice intensity.

I think the most important thing to note about Paradise is that it is consistently great every single time. You will never be disappointed. The only thing I miss more than the amazing friends I made in Auckland is eating with them every week at Paradise.

5 star rating
by Natasha F
Feb 18, 2013

Sandringham road is full of Indian restaurants, none of which, in my opinion surpasses Paradise for its flavour, variety, variety and exceedingly good service.
Its a gastronomic delight!

The menu is a happy blend of the reassuring and the experimental; with enchanting dishes from all over the sub continent.
The chicken lollypops and Afgani kebab will leave your taste buds watering. The pepper paneer and Lamb Pasanda are mindbogglingly delicious, not to mention the Biryani which is the best I've ever tasted.
I've even been pleasantly surprised by their sweets- Indian cooking isn't exactly famous for its deserts, yet I somehow manage to always find a space for the scrumptious bread pudding. I simply can't leave without having some.

I could write all day, but my mouth is watering... It's simply the best Indian food in Auckland!
Try it for yourself.

5 star rating
by Ron Ward
Feb 15, 2013

Paradise has the best tasting food I've found so far. Their service is very fast and the food is delicious (especially the Biryani and the Chicken Tandoori) The food is very well prepared, very authentic Indian and very tasty and Great authentic atmosphere,wonderful place to dine-in or birthday parties. This restaurant is a very good value for the money, highly recommended.

5 star rating
by Neil Walker
Feb 14, 2013

Not your standard Indian restaurant. Entirely different menu that is amazing. Need to try everything on it. I'm not a vegetarian but the paneer special masala is incredible. Also, give the chicken lollipops a go, you'll never stop eating them. Very comfortable place and fast service too! 5 stars

5 star rating
by Hadley Parsons
Feb 13, 2013

Its very simple, the biryani at this place is without doubt, the best thing I have ever eaten in an indian restaurant and takeaway. Add some of the mint sauce that comes with every order and you wont be able to see anymore because all your senses have focused to taste and smell. This is one of my favorite meals ever and therefore my favorite indian without question.

Thank you for showing me how food can be served. Salah, you sir are a legend.

5 star rating
by Anna-Marie Scroggins
Feb 13, 2013

Paradise is quite simply a gastronomical delight.
It been a favourite of our family since we discovered it through word-of-mouth, several months ago.
It's bustling, energetic and suitable for both large groups, couples or families. You are made to feel welcome by the team as soon as you walk through the door and the service is excellent.
The food is the best mogul style Indian food I have ever had the pleasure of satiating myself with. Lollipop Chicken, Afghani Kebab and Paneer Masala are just are few of the delectable dishes I love.
Finally the price........ For less than $20 a head we walk out of this restaurant with our food bellies bulging, feeling utterly overindulged.

5 star rating
by Alice Henry
Feb 13, 2013

Paradise has become a favourite for me and my friends. The staff are friendly and accommodating. The food is incredible and so well priced. I don't feel like I need to recommend any dish in particular as everything I've had from vegetarian dishes to biryani, bhagi to naan have been excellent.
I'd also recommend the new takeaway section of the restaurant. I can't get enough and regularly travel from the North Shore to pick up a meal.

5 star rating
by Albert Hee
Jan 30, 2013

Best Indian restaurant in Auckland and indeed New Zealand!
For one, it's priced cheaply with all mains under $20. Given the quLity of the food, this makes it excellent value for money.
The highlights to try include Chilli Chicken (chicken fried with onion and green chilli in a brown sauce), Manchurian Chicken (chicken with soy sauce and coriander) and Ginger Chicken (a curry with red ginger and spice gravy that goes great with rot).
The Biryani is also very tasty. Cool your mouth with Kheer (Indian milk and rice pudding), a great finish to the meal.
Add to that friendly and helpful staff and you get the true star restaurant of Sandringham and Auckland. Wish the business the best for a fruitful and prosperous future.

5 star rating
by Steph Harper
Jan 12, 2013

This is by far my favourite Indian restaurant! I don't live in Auckland but every time I come up here I make a habit of going to Paradise. Their food is just delicious, every time! I find the staff to be very lovely, and they are very willing to accommodate to any special dietary requests. Every time I have been there it has been absolutely packed and people come in and out every literally all the time, and they are mostly Indian (a great sign). I can't speak highly enough of this place, I just wish we had something like this in Tauranga!

4 star rating
by Hailey Tran
Dec 22, 2012

I was amazed to see how this place was crowded with Indians and the people lined up outside the restaurant. The service was not so great, wouldn't harm if the staff could put a smile on the face. We had lamb and special chef chicken curry which were ok, the chef special chicken curry was below average. Later we found out this place is famous for their Biryany and kebabs. Will def come back to try the Biryani :-) There are a couple of Spices Shops on the same street, you must go there and see, those spices shops are amazing.

5 star rating
by Jana
Dec 17, 2012

Wow! This is one of my fav cheat meal places in Auckland. Best biryani in town - simply delish. Also tried the chicken 65 and lamb balti recently and they were both spectacular.
Have heard rave reviews of the weekend specials - can't wait to try it! Keep it up team Paradise :-)

4 star rating
by Rustom Kambata
Dec 09, 2012

We visited Paradise for a Sunday Indian style food dinner with a group of friends. The place was full to the brim, people enjoying their evening meal so happily. The staff were the most courteous I have experienced in a long time. Their service was very prompt. They were able to deliver our order correctly & served us impeccably. Full marks to all your extremely well mannered staff members. To me that was a truly excellent experience. Their food selection is authentic Hyderabadi Indian cuisine, the flavors were uniquely exquisite, the meats absolutely tender & beautifully prepared. Not too hot for the Kiwi palate but not too mild either. Kiwis rave about such authentic Indian cuisine. The Biryani is superb & highly recommended. Their portion was hearty. Overall it is a beautiful symphony of Indian food in a lovely atmosphere. Great staff, attending to your requests promptly; a true mark of a great dining experience. Feel free to use your fingers if need be, as the food is truly finger licking great. The demand must be high for such lovely food, as they have opened their takeaways next door. You can watch the Chefs through the ‘window' preparing those magnificent tender kebabs & the fluffiest Rotis. Indeed a great taste of Indian cooking right in the heart of Sandringham. A real delight. Very highly recommended after a superb dining experience by yours truly & friends.

5 star rating
by Tim
Oct 26, 2012

The best Indian food me and my wife have tasted ever.
Been there twice in a few weeks now and will not go anywhere else from now on.also, excellent value with large very tasty servings. Nice and spicy curries,perfect naan and biriyani
Easy parking on the street down side road to,unlike other places in Auckland where parking is near impossible.
I see even the Indian cricket team has dined there.
A brilliant find.

5 star rating
by Wakachangi
Oct 15, 2012

This is by far the most authentic and high quality Indian restaurant in Auckland. I don't go anywhere else for my Indian food now. Afghani Kebab + Chicken Biriyani + Lamb Masala = Happiest man on earth. Fantastic service with a comfortable atmosphere. Keep up the great work and I will continue to come in every week!

5 star rating
by Amber-rose Sampayo
Oct 01, 2012

No doubt that this is the best Indian restaurant in Auckland!! The food is delicious and my fiance and I are frequent diners. Our favourites are the chilli chicken and their naan bread! So incredibly buttery and fluffy. We've never walked out of Paradise unhappy with our meals!

4 star rating
by Deahne Lakatani
Sep 23, 2012

This is got to the best Indian food place to eat. The Best. Food is awesome. Love this place.

5 star rating
by Serene Chuah
Aug 20, 2012

Absolutely love the food at Paradise. I've tried almost all the dishes on the menu and I absolutely adore the Chili Chicken and Chicken 65. I live in the city center and I would go all the way out there just to get my Paradise fix. The portions are value for money and it is by far the best Indian food I've tasted here in NZ.

1 star rating
by Shiva Kumar
Jul 24, 2012

Very poor customer service and the biryani served to me was very disgusting, and I'm not gonna go back there and I don't recommend my friends and family to visit there.

As I went on Friday I understand it was a busy night for then but I still expect a quality product as I am paying for it, the biryani was served to me was just a boiled rice and meat pieces tossed in it.
The taste was terribly bad as I took a takeaway I was trying to call them but nobody answered. As I was about to order a biryani for 50 people the next day for a family gathering lucky I tried it before I ordered it.

5 star rating
by James
May 12, 2012

Been searching for the perfect Indian restaurant from kaitaia to bluff in invercargill. I've tried few of them but I can't find the real indian taste like the ones I've patronaged when I was still living in Dubai. My friend/colleague from Kerala told me about Paradise. Men, I thought I found kerala and Dubai in Sandringham. The dishes are not made for the kiwi tongue (as most indian resto in NZ, sweet and nothing but sweet briyani...yuck!), but Paradise has that natural indian taste, reasonable price and excellent staff and patrons. It's superb, totally highly recommended. I don't mind travelling several kilometers to come to's worth it with Paradise resto.

5 star rating
by Adeline
Apr 15, 2012

This place may just overtake Top in Town's reputation as the best and cheapest Indian food ever. Loved the briyani rice, the curry was flavourful, the onion bhaji tasty and mango lassi heavenly. You can also eat there (apart from takeaway) - and the friendly service is just unexpected! :) Thumbs up!

5 star rating
by Cam W
Apr 10, 2012

Best Indian in Auckland! I have eaten at more than a few and this place is by far the tastiest. Excellent prices too.
The Lamb Biryani is unbelievably delicious, ultra tender and moist and if you are into your Vindaloo's their beef Vindaloo is perfect. We have eaten here once a week for the last 2 month's and have yet to experience any thing worth complaining about. Fast friendly service.