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Parkside Cafe & Vietnamese Cuisine

4 star rating 37 reviews

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09 8151885

775 New North Road

  Vietnamese, Cafe
07:30 AM to 3 PM (Mon-Tue), 07:30 AM to 3 PM, 5:30 PM to 10 PM (Wed-Fri), 8 AM to 3 PM, 5:30 PM to 10 PM (Sat), 8 AM to 3 PM (Sun)


Reviews for Parkside Cafe & Vietnamese Cuisine

5 star rating
by B D H
21 days ago

The best Vietnamese in Auckland at the moment hands down. Awesome service, yummy food. The pork belly is to die for. Reasonably priced and great for groups. We have been back so many times!

4 star rating
by Sheena
one month ago

I'm on a mission to find the best pho in Auckland. Parkside is definitely a contender. We came to Parkside on a Friday afternoon for some brunch! I've been here once before for dinner, and the portions were a lot smaller than I thought they were going to be, but that's because they're meant to be sharing plates.

This was our first time dining at lunch though! I ordered the beef pho in a large portion. Viren ordered the Vietnamese chicken salad and we both got a iced mocha each. Food came relatively quickly, and service was friendly. For a large portion, I managed to finish my soup, and I almost drank all the soup as well hahaha. In terms of authenticity, I don't know how authentic the pho is because I'm not Vietnamese but I've been told from a Vietnamese friend that Parkside is quite authentic Vietnam cuisine. I actually like the whole pile of coriander on top, because it made the soup taste really fresh! It also came with a lemon wedge and fresh chillis. I can't fault their pho, I enjoyed it a lot!

Viren had no complaints about his salad, only that he wanted more meat because the chicken was so good. I loved the dressing in the salad! Coffee was okay as well, but it's a pity they don't do Vietnamese coffees in the day.

I will definitely be back! :)

4 star rating
by Thomas C
2 months ago

Went here on a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning with regulars. Customer service was pretty decent.

The atmosphere was ok. The windows looking out on to the road were absolutely massive which was fantastic.

Food was decently priced and presented to match that price yet, was still quite tasty. Everyone at the table was satisfied.

One thing that really stood out to me here were the windows mentioned above though, how good the milk in my coffee was. It was rediculously silky. It was either the best milk I've had since taking note of coffee quality or potentially, the best milk I've ever had.

I'd certainly go back here again and definitely recommend it.

4 star rating
by Jayne
2 months ago

Delicious food, a bit spicy, quick to come out, nice atmosphere. Highly recommend if you love Vietnamese food as you won't be disappointed.

1 star rating
by Andrew
3 months ago

Half cafe, half restaurant, and it does both half-arsed. Ridiculously overpriced. Avoid unless you want to pay through the nose for tiny portions of bland, boring food. Suggest you cross the road and get a dirty cheeseburger from big boy takeaway.

4 star rating
by HJ
5 months ago

Vietnamese food can sometimes be abit hit and miss but Parkside has a more cafe style take on Vietnamese. This place is perfectly suited for a group dinner, me and my foodie partner ate here and it got busy really quickly.
We ordered the fried tofu with salty duck egg and the braised eggplant with tofu and perilla. Both dishes were rich and hearty. For tofu lovers the deep fried tofu was amazing and would highly recommend. But as the name suggests it is quiet salty! Portion size was decent - sharing two dishes and rice was only just enough for us but on the smaller side compared to other places we have been. Service is friendly and pleasant. This is one of the better Vietnamese places we've eaten at, I would probably return just to try out the breakfast menu as it looked pretty good!

5 star rating
by Richard Tran
5 months ago

Food and atmosphere are great! Very western cafe touch to a Vietnamese inspired restaurant. Had a very typical Mt Eden feel to it. I had the big breakfast and the pho. Everything was cooked nicely and complimented each other perfectly. Unfortunately I came in time for the lunch menu but I will hopefully be returning for the dinner one day as their dinner menu looks just as enticing

5 star rating
by Michael Laird
5 months ago

i came here for the Pho , as i love Saigonz so much , i wanted to try others for comparison, and this did not disappoint.

FIrstly i just enjoyed sitting in this very welcoming place, run by an efficient and understanding team, high accolades  to a very experienced wait staff.

The Pho , was good  value for size presented (large $16) , however is quite different to Saignnz, ( i prefer saignonz very hot chillI paste , freshly chopped onion, bean sprouts and more coriander , ), and still my favorite, but i would still very much recommend this place and will be back to try something different at dinner time,. Very Good!

4 star rating
by Diyani Desilva
5 months ago

This is my go- to place for lunch or breakfast on a weekend, especially if Im craving Pho. The chicken pho is light  but has lots of flavour, and comes with a side of chilli slices and lemon for those that like more heat. the large size is often too much for me to finish but is great for if your hungry. The Laksa is also great, a bit thicker and creamier than the typical version but still tasty, with lots of good sized shrimp. I love the atmosphere here, the windows looking out to the street are fun for people watching, and the staff have an awesome sense of humor.

5 star rating
by Stevie Clutterbuck
5 months ago

Awesome coffee, friendly staff, just an all round great place :)

4 star rating
by Hungry Hungry Hippo
8 months ago

Waitresses here are hilarious and great to talk too. They know their menu well. I worship their brunch menu. Hash browns are the best and the eggs benedict is crazy tasty. Portions are surprisingly huge which made me very happy and very full. Great location too! Right on the corner of New North Road and Wairere Avenue so you can just sit at the window and stalk passerbys walking/driving along the footpath/road. So fun!

4 star rating
by Linny
9 months ago

I had decided to come here as I had heard about this place as a cafe that also served Vietnamese food.  It was early on a weekend morning and hubby was craving pho and we were in Mt. Albert and I thought where on earth am I going to get pho so early in the morning?  I then remembered this place which is how we ended up here.  We had no idea if it would have it as I had thought it would be at night but they do it during the morning too.  Fantastic!

We had wonderful service when we were here.  The lady was so kind and attentive and really made the experience pleasant for us.  The food was just average, I ordered the corn fritters and only ate half of it and the pho was in a really small bowl and for the price was quite expensive.  The flavours weren't quite there either so it was a bit disappointing but overall I can't say it was a bad experience.  I think if they seasoned the dishes this place would be amazing!  Prices were very fair too.  Great location across the road from the park for the kids!

4 star rating
by Lisa Edgar
Jul 15, 2014

Parkside cafe is a great cafe in the heart of Mt Albert. I love coming here simply for the ease of parking, good coffee and great service.

Furthermore, the creamy mushrooms here is by far the best I've ever had (big call!) However when we went last Saturday, the hubby's creamy mushroom's taste was all there but what was on the plate was only a fraction of the quantity to what we were used to (pictured) I ordered another item on their specials board - the corn fritters stack. it was beautifully presented and the poached egg, when broken poured over the corn fritters nicely. Once again, just wished there was more of it.

Parkside cafe transforms into a Vietnamese restaurant by night, I had a peek at their menu and it's definitely on my wish list.

5 star rating
by Maxine
Jun 13, 2014

My favourite local night time eatery. I love the Vietnamese menu and have enjoyed every dish I've tried. The tofu in tomato gravy is the best tofu dish I've ever tried. I also enjoy the waitress and always feel comfortable eating here, whether alone or with company. The only thing they could better would be a better dessert selection, however I really don't go there for the desserts.

In the daytime there's good coffee and great poached eggs on wholegrain.

5 star rating
by Roger Cook
Mar 01, 2014

Went for dinner with my partner, and had a wonderful experience. The staff were friendly, informative and attentive and the food was delicious!We had the fresh summer rolls (great dipping sauce!) and the "shaking" beef (melt in your mouth..), and found both to be packed with fresh ingredients, herbs and spices and full of great flavours.
Not huge portions but the sort of food where you feel energized after eating healthy, tasty food.
The glasses of wine were generous and good value.
We'll be back - very soon!

0 star rating
by Bech
Feb 01, 2014

Funny to think a Vietnamese restaurant could be such an amazing breakfast/brunch cafe too... but it really is! My new favourite local spot for breakfast. Delicious eggs benedict, awesome friendly service. Give it a go! :-)

4 star rating
by Jun S
Jan 01, 2014

Went there for the breakfast. Nice staff, fast and professional for a cafe.

4 star rating
by Birdy
Dec 30, 2013

We usually frequent this café for brunch. It's always consistently good. Service is good as well. Love their grain bread and I haven't had anything like it anywhere else either.

5 star rating
by Tim
Dec 19, 2013

Last night my wife and I went to this restaurant for Vietnamese dinner.
My goodness, the food is phenomenally good.
It is no different than eating in Vietnam.
The flavours are intense, the dishes are packed full of herbs and spices you would taste in Vietnam and I could not fault any of the dishes in anyway.
We had fresh spring rolls, spicy lemongrass chicken, green papaya salad and caramelised pork belly. Grand total of $69.00. Fantastic value to.
We will definitely be back again and again.
What a find in our neighbourhood!!

2 star rating
by Victor Ho
Sep 29, 2013

We attended this cafe for a weekend brunch. From our previous experience usually in any Auckland Cafe you would expect a Big Breakfast (sausage, bacon, eggs, toast, tomato, sometimes mushrooms and onions) or similar on a cafe menu. This is the first cafe we've come across that doesn't have this option. Since that's what we were looking for when we want to eat there we had to settle with something similar plus add-ons to make it like a big breakfast. We went for a bacon and egg meal (can't remember the name on the menu) - which consists of 2 thin rash of bacon, 1 egg and fried potatoes. To make it a breakfast that we wanted we have pay extra to add a tomato ($3) and mushrooms ($4). So in the end that breakfast cost $26.50 - which doesn't even equate to a Big Breakfast option at other Auckland cafes which is around on average say $20. The staff there was fine they certainly did a fine job upselling their inadequate cafe menu. The quality of the food is average and it is certainly not worth the cost. I can't comment on their Vietnamese cuisine which I see others here are happy with. But from what we got on that cafe menu that day there is no way we would return there again for cafe food. If the owner is reading this I hope that you guys take a serious look at revamping your cafe menu so that it is competitive with other cafes around your area.

5 star rating
by Julie
Sep 27, 2013

Very friendly staff and wonderful smoothies! During our last visit we ordered french toast and the chicken noodle pho. The pho was great and while I preferred the vietnamese options over the regular menu, my boyfriend quite liked his french toast.

I can't reiterate how much I like their smoothies though! Thick and fruity with great texture. Yum!

5 star rating
by Rozanne D
Sep 24, 2013

Brilliant cafe for families. The staff are so accommodating to young children. The food is superb. I have been for loads of breakfasts and coffees and once for dinner. The Vietnamese food was yummy but I just love their breakfasts. The best poached eggs around, fantastic coffee and the perfect portion size. Have to say again that the staff are so nice and make things easy when you have a toddler in tow. They are right next to rocket park so they see plenty of children and they certainly know how to treat their customers so that they keep coming back.

4 star rating
by Carmella @ Easy Food Hacks
Aug 21, 2013

Vietnamese food is appearing all over Auckland, or perhaps I’ve only started noticing them. Most places are cheap, tasty and pretty decent, just like how street food should be. My experience at an upmarket version, Café Hanoi, left little to be desired, overwrought, under-flavoured, expensive food. All flash and not nearly enough substance, and to my astonishment, it garnered accolades in the media. When another posh-ish Vietnamese place opened on the scene, I was hesitant to say the least.

But its location won me over. Anything in Mt Albert has to be good, it’s not on the tourist track, and few people from out of zone, apart from fervent chowhounds, make their way there.

Parkside Café serves typical café food during the day, but come 5:30pm, this place transmogrifies into an intimate Vietnamese restaurant. The staff appear to be mostly Vietnamese which is a great sign. The menu is well edited but entirely in English; I wished they had included the Vietnamese names, as I find menus the best way to learn a little of the language of where the cuisine is from.

We started with Bánh xèo, on the menu as Vietnamese savoury fried pancakes with braised pork, prawn, bean sprout, mung beans. This omelette-lookalike is actually made from rice flour and turmeric. My favourite version of this is thin, crispy with a good balance of pork to prawn to slightly wilted bean sprouts. Parkside’s version is doughier with too much seemingly raw sprouts.

We continued with Hanoi fried minced pork with young green rice (cốm). The green rice had a grainy texture but a nutty taste. Delicious and intriguing.

The squid salad with mango, pineapple, green banana, carrot and red onion was blander than I expected. There was little mango to speak of, though the squid was nicely tender. I’ve never had green banana before, it had a crunchy slightly astringent taste. I think the dressing needed more sweetness to balance out flavours.

The other salad, spicy lotus root salad was really spicy! I admit I am a wimp in the chilli department and gave up after my second mouthful, but the others in the group enjoyed this.

The wok-seared ‘shaking’ beef is the pick of the evening. A decent serving, with meltingly tender beef, seasoned perfectly.

The wok-seared spicy lemongrass chicken was delicious as well, though it could have done with a stronger lemongrass flavour.

There were no Vietnamese desserts on offer, but we succumbed to the perfectly acceptable chocolate tart and crème caramel.

Overall, I enjoyed my visit. The staff are courteous and friendly. My friends brought their guide dog puppy-in-training, and this was readily accommodated with a table at the corner, without any fuss. There are some delicious dishes on the menu, and the atmosphere is cosy. Parkside Café is well worth a visit.


4 star rating
by Stacey Head
Aug 17, 2013

Great little vietnamese restaurant at night. Beautiful food and great service.

Had the shaking beef -amazing! Beef pho and summer rolls.

Been twice now and loved it just as much as the first time we went.

5 star rating
by Andrew Nguyen
Jul 18, 2013

. Went to Parkside cafe recently for lunch with my partner.This was my first time visiting there after heart so many good thing about it . The staff are super friendly. The menu is great.
Great coffee . My mushroom on toast with bacon was amazing and my partner was very impressed with the spicy lemongrass chicken salad.
Highly recommend this cafe and would definitely come back to try another dish soon.

1 star rating
by Chelsea
Jul 09, 2013

I had eggs benedict and the eggs were overcooked and not runny at all - the best bit of eggs Benny. If you can't get poached eggs right, you need to reassess your breakfast chefs. Not enough hollandaise sauce, average bread. My mum got corn fritters which were just corn held together by a thin layer of batter, and a tiny, tiny dish of hollandaise sauce. No salad, nothing. Coffees were unreasonably small for the price, although they were the only redeeming factor of the place.
Each meal was about $18, a price reserved for excellent cafe fare which this was definitely not. If we didn't have a 25% off Entertainment Book voucher we would have refused to pay for at least one of the meals.
Disappointed, will definitely not be back.

3 star rating
by Crystal Chan
Apr 28, 2013

The coffee was great but the food is not the best. The Blueberry pancakes have way too much syrup in it. Should have left the customers to pour the amount. It was like swimming in syrup.

3 star rating
by Stella T
Apr 22, 2013

no warm welcome for us this cold wet evening just "have you booked?"
the food was fine although a little pricey (ive just returned from Melbourne where good cheap vietnamese is readily available so i was surprised at the prices, and portion sizes were small here too)
the best dish was claypot pork belly, full of fat but delicious! the pancake and the squid dish were average.
nice wine selection
probably will try elsewhere for vietnamese in future

5 star rating
by Alannah Hunter
Apr 06, 2013

The food at night is amazing Vietnamese food.

We love the atmosphere and the food is the best Vietnamese I have had in Auckland.

Price is good too.

Yay so glad it is in our hood.

We have had the pork belly, the summer rolls, the squid cakes and the green curry. All has been mouth watering.

The wine is well priced it is the perfect date night venue for the locals :)

5 star rating
by Tim Harman
Nov 21, 2012

The staff here are very friendly, plus I love that they have a regular menu (eggs and bacon etc) but also an amazing Vietnamese menu. Their Vietnamese food is always lovely and fresh and the prices are pretty reasonable.
We're fairly regular customers now.

Highly recommended. Shame they can't shoo all the people standing outside at the bus stop away.

5 star rating
by Jackson
Oct 14, 2012

Great place to have a quick catchup with friends. The service is great and the coffee is even better. Many cafe's serve coffee warm and not hot -like pyrenees across the road. But not at Parkside, coffee is assuredly hot ever time.
I haven't tried the Vietnamese food they serve at night time but, I can't wait to try it.
If you're in the area I cannot recommend this place enough.

5 star rating
by Olivia Winston
Aug 12, 2012

Lovely, friendly and efficient staff.
Beautiful eggs royale - benedict with smoked salmon was very delicious.

Came cause I saw the kids menu mentioned on here... I had 3 young lassies in tow, who really loved their pancakes. I ordered a kids fruit salad too, and asked the waitress to split it across the 3 children's plates. No probs at all, very obliging, and a lovely fresh selection of kid-friendly fruit arrived, sliced up thinly atop the pancakes with ice cream and maple syrup on the side.

Great coffee. 

Only thing slightly amiss, was the Crazy placement of hand drier over sink in bathroom, which made for some hilarity and screeching children as it frightened the living daylights out of them each time it accidentally roared to life! LOL!

An efficient, friendly cafe... Perfectly placed opposite the 'Rocket playground'.
It's a nice light-filled cafe, with polished floorboards, and comfy tables and chairs.

5 star rating
by Sweet Ninja
Jul 15, 2012

I have been here twice for brunch and both times have been super impressed with the service and food. I found the coffee really nice, and today I had an omlette with avocado, portobello mushrooms and wilted spinach - YUM. Friendly staff and pretty quick service.

2 star rating
by Hans Sanderson
Jun 10, 2012

Ordering was fine.
When I received my eggs on toast with a side of sauce they came in a puddle of water and the sauce was a very small portion.
I also ordered a tea. The weakest tea I've ever had.
I was not even half way through my meal when I went to the counter to order a anzac biscuit. When I returned to my table it had been totally cleared. This was odd as I wasn't even half way through.
I went back to the counter and said. Someone just cleared my food and tea away. They shrugged. I asked for another tea to go with the biscuit, this came out and was weaker than the first. They made no apology for the clearing of the food or offered to replace it, instead the waitress asked me to pay.
I sat back down to have my biscuit and it was the oldest, driest biscuit you can get. Before leaving I used the bathroom and it was really messy. There was water all over the floor. When I came out 4 staff members were behind the counter chatting.
Generally pretty bad. I'm not going again. I ended out going to another cafe and ordered the same thing and that all worked out fine. Parkside you owe me $20.

3 star rating
by Juku
Jun 02, 2012

If you're in the area, just go to Cossett - much better food, coffee and atmosphere. And organic!

Coffee and scone was OK. Didn't seem to use any organic ingredients. The waitress was super friendly but I guess the lady who was the boss wasn't. I was working an a document on my computer and she just presumed that I was using their internet and told me that the internet time was limited to 1 hour. I felt very unwelcome if I can't go there to do some work. It also seemed a bit stingy. But that's also the impression that they left on me as they didn't close the cafe for the day after their window had been broken into over night. So while the glass workers were getting out the entire window, which was a bit noisy and drafty, they continued their normal service.

3 star rating
by Sallybrown
May 02, 2012

This Cafe is in prime location, reliable coffee and simple cafe meals available here, worth checking out if your in walking distance.

4 star rating
by Walksinauckland.com
Apr 01, 2012

Really nice little cafe that serves good cafe, in a great location. Pleasant place to stop after a walk along Meola Creek and a climb up Mt Albert!