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Penang Cafe & Restaurant

3 star rating 9 reviews

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09 2700668

6 Station Road, Otahuhu, Auckland

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10 AM to 3 PM, 5:30 PM to 10 PM (Mon-Tue, Thu-Sun), Wed Closed


Reviews for Penang Cafe & Restaurant

1 star rating
by Jessica Callistus
one month ago


My family have been coming here for years and years but I haven't been in the past year or so. The food was absolutely delicious (regardless of having a stomach ache or two after). Everything use to be super tasty, packed with lots of flavour and you walk away feeling really satisfied.

I am currently sitting at Penang cafe so disgusted at the quality of food I have just eaten. The hainanese rice is a bright yellow (completely off from actual proper hainanese rice) and tasted like ordinary white rice with drops of food colouring, the Asam fish is now diluted and has a horrible lingering after taste in your mouth, and If the taste isn't bad enough.. The fish soup had fish in it that hasn't been scaled.

I have no idea how a restaurant can get this bad in a year. A once loyal customer is not one anymore. Disgusting. Don't waste your money here, it would be better off at McDonald's.

3 star rating
by Kelly
4 months ago

I love the Hainanese chicken rice here!
Restaurant has been open since I was young, family used to regularly come here as this was one of the few Malaysians operating roughly 15 years ago.

Since then there has been many more Malaysian restaurants opening all around Auckland. We still come back here for probably the best Hainanese chicken rice in Auckland.

Service is a hit or miss, since we've been regulars for so long we get the better end of the stick when it comes to service, most of the time haha. But I do agree with the rest of the reviews that the staff can be. . . Inconsistent with their service.
Anyhow, food is delicious here! Across lunch and dinner all the dishes we've tried are always satisfying and delicious!
Will be back for more food 😁

1 star rating
by Priya Sharma
7 months ago

Found this place driving by and thought to try it out as I love Malaysian cuisine. Walked into the restaurant to find the owner lady/hostess just stare at me and not acknowledge me at all. I asked her if I could order some takeaways please, to which she took a copy of the menu and shoved into my hands and walked away. I should have walked away then, but decided not to judge the food by this lady's hospitality. I tried asking her about the vegetarian dishes, but she was just rude and abrupt with her answers. Left the restaurant with sambal beans and sambal chicken for my partner, got home, only to find that my dish was definitely not 'sambal' beans. Was something else, had a funky taste to it and was made from frozen beans. My partner pulled apart his chicken to find it pink inside! So definitely not going back there again. What a rip off at $19 a dish and extra for rice!!

1 star rating
by ChilliLover
Sep 09, 2014

Like usual, my friend dragged me to the dark sides of the city in search of restaurants like searching for jewels in the dark. We found this Malaysian restaurant packed with people. So, we pushed ourselves through the door like we needed to be punished for our sins. We stood there like idiots to be shown to seats. A lady (owner) showed us to a dirty table which she said would be clean in moment. We sat there for a while starring at the curry stains in the table cloth. The lady came and quickly wiped the sheet and gave us a single menu. Dear god, the prices were high for an alley way establishment. This could only mean one thing, either we are going to feast on delicious food or we are going to get ripped off.

We ordered the beef rendang and some vegetable stir fry on a side of rice (which costs extra). The food took a while and tea was absent. Asian food without tea is unholy and the whole alley way experience was getting a bit annoying.

The plates arrived after a while or you could say were acrobatically placed on the tables. The cutlery said don't eat the food and try to gap the place ASAP. We received the vegetables first before the beef. I think the lady wanted us to have some fibre before devouring the cow. We finished the heavily salted stir fry vegetables with the cold rice.

When the rendang did finally arrive after my friend did a pilgrimage to the counter, we felt an overdose of salt kicking in. The beef was tender but the spices did not infuse well with the beef. This was a disappointment, after all rendang is a jewel to Malaysians.

The experience was disappointing and we asked for the rest of the rendang to be taken away as we did not want to waste it. The lady was kind enough to give us a take away container that we had to scoop the curry ourselves.

2 star rating
by Dee Smith
Aug 01, 2014

The menu is different, and the place was recommended by a friend - so we headed to Otahuhu to try Penang. 

The food was not authentic unfortunately for us, was definitely diluted to Kiwi tastes. The sambal did not taste anything like it should be and was sweet :( Not happy..

2 star rating
by Gavin L
Jun 18, 2013

Went there for a lunch one day after meeting a business associate in Otahuhu. Beef rendang was not well prepared.

Received poor service from the lady behind the counter (possibly the owner). Found out that she actually hails from Mainland China (her last name is Zhou) and not Malaysia. Talk about authenticity....


2 star rating
by Jana
Oct 09, 2012

I have been here twice and have got sick both times after dining here. I eat out a lot and have never had issues elsewhere. Have to admit the food is delicious. Checked their rating on the council website and it's a B. Obviously room for improvement. Not sure if I am ready to go back yet.

4 star rating
by Carol Smith
Jun 24, 2012

We have eaten at this restaurant a few times over many many years and never been disappointed. Their coffee pork is quite frankly superb! Its not a big place so would recommend booking. Service very good and staff always friendly. Thoroughly recommended for a cheap and cheerful meal.

4 star rating
by Megan C
Apr 28, 2012

highly recommend tropical chilli fish! the sauce is amazing :O
also, the Special tofu is crispy on the outside, silky on the inside. the hainanese chicken rice is tasty.
a bit of a shame that there is only one person working in the front though