Peony Restaurant

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09 6388955

164 Balmoral Road, Mt Eden, Auckland

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11 AM to 11:30 PM


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4 star rating
by Danny Lam
Apr 15, 2013

Peony Restaurant definitely is at the top of Eastern Chinese Restaurants.

I have to stress the strength of presentation at this restaurant: not many Chinese restaurants outside of China make the effort to have nice looking food, but Peony does it quite well. The pork belly aspic dish was one of my favourite, it was meaty without being 'pork-y' and was delightful to look at.

Every dish, even the ones that are meant to be pungent and spicy were so clean tasting. Their pork broth is delightful; however some of the lighter dishes should not be eaten after the more flavourful ones because the tongue does not deal with the sudden contrast well and it will taste underseasoned. I made the mistake of trying the hot oil fish soup before eating the pork balls in broth.

As a whole, Peony restaurant is definitely not what it seems, as a small restaurant that is placed beside a petrol station and is nearly invisible to passers by.

I am planning on visiting again; I do not believe I have encountered a better Eastern (Jiangsu, Zhejiang) Chinese restaurant.