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Phoenix Tree Garden Restaurant

3 star rating 26 reviews

Telephone 09 520 1099

354 Remuera Rd
Auckland City

Asian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai
Tue - Sun 11am - 10pm
Provided by business


Phoenix Tree is Auckland’s newest Garden Restaurant. Situated in the heart of Remuera, this stunning Asian eating establishment features beautiful, covered outdoor tables, plus cosy indoor areas for cooler days. Fully licensed and open for lunch and dinner, Phoenix Tree Garden Restaurant offers a tantalising Chinese menu and an Oriental ambiance. The story behind the name: the ancient Phoenix tree legend has been passed down through hundreds of generations. In China, The Phoenix is the king of all the birds. It is a sacred bird with a tail of gold and scarlet, and boasts majestic plumage. This immortal bird is able to rise from its own ashes, and has a beautiful song as its birdcall. The Phoenix symbolizes auspicious and peace forever in Chinese mythology. Glorious weather and abundant harvests will occur wherever the bird flies to, and the Phoenix Tree, which is the favourite resting place of a Phoenix, is therefore exalted and respected by all people. The Phoenix tree itself has a magnificent beauty about it, and as it is unsoiled and elegant, the Phoenix tree is often used as a metaphor for endless love in Chinese poetry. (The Pheonix tree is located where Fei Teng Restaurant used to be.)


Photo of Phoenix Tree Garden Restaurant
Chicken fillet,  Iran imported dried plum and apricot, walnut, saffron, homemade sauce.   ( sweet and sour )
Dragon roll
Money bag

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Lunch, Dessert, Dinner
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Reviews for Phoenix Tree Garden Restaurant

4 star rating
by Fabiola M.
13th July 2014

A group of friends went for the high tea with discounted vouchers. We found the customer service really great, friendly and accommodating.
The setting is very nice, looks clean and is was nice to spend a winter afternoon in the covered garden area.
The food was fine, the hot chocolate was delicious. We had a great afternoon.

2 star rating
by Lisa M.
24th May 2014

I tried the high tea but dont like it at all. Feel like some food were bought straight from Chinese supermarket. The taste is pretty average. Reception service was pretty cold. Don’t think I will go back again

1 star rating
by Mandy
16th April 2014

My friends and I went here for high tea as we had a deal voucher and luckily we did! The service was okay but the waitress had no idea what she was doing. She didn’t explain any of the foods on the high tea tray so we were left to wonder and explore. The cutlery was dirty and the place seemed like a fusion between Asian and European food. The food was okay, some tasted not fresh. A few of them I didn’t want to eat cause they made my stomach turn. It was definitely pricey for what we paid as there weren’t a lot of high tea options. Unfortunately I won’t be back as there are other better places for the same price out there.

4 star rating
by Annie
5th April 2014

Went today with three friends, we had purchased vouchers for the high tea and cocktails. The venue is very nice, garden lovely, and the staff were attentive and professional.

The food was lovely, we all enjoyed the range of foods for the high tea, with a mix of savoury and sweet, and even a little salad. Unfortunately one of our party is deathly allergic to prawns, so she wasn’t able to eat two of the savoury dishes, but she still felt that she had had enough to eat by the end.

I will be recommending this place to friends, and with the groupon deal it’s certainly well worth the money.

3 star rating
by Helen
10th March 2014

I bought their voucher for high tea online and went there yesterday with my kids. I would say the garden like surrounding was great and my kids loved the food. But I do think they are overpriced and I wouldn’t go again without the voucher. Also their service was not friendly and professional, my child played the small service machine on the table and touched the button accidentally, after a long time (we almost forgot it), the waitress came and tried to blame my child. Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant to my friends.

2 star rating
by JL
24th October 2013

A couple of my friends and I went for the supposedly “high-tea” at Phoenix Tree. I would say that the food is very average, and I wouldn’t pay the money for it had I known. The tea, supposedly “refillable” doesn’t seem like it’s worth having a second run of water. It tastes like water after a second pot.

They also messed up our booking. I booked for a Saturday, but when we showed up we were told we don’t have a table & they couldn’t find the booking in their records. I even called them a second time that day to move the time to be half an hour earlier, and they said ok. If they couldn’t find an original booking, how could they agree to move the time? In the end they found my name, but it was under a Tuesday. When I was trying to clarify it, one of the wait staff even said – oh, no you said Tuesday. I was adamant that I booked for a Saturday. Anyway, they found a table for us which was just vacated by previous patrons. We had to call their attention a number of times before they would bring things for us.

Never going back there again. Don’t be fooled by group deals or vouchers too.

1 star rating
by Kerensa R.
27th July 2013

If I could give 0 stars, I would.
The surroundings are very pretty but parking is poor, being Remuera.
I went for high tea last year on a voucher, and it was ok.
So I bought a degustation menu coupon, and it was worse than the reviews said. There was nothing not served out of the freezer, a jar or a can. It was awful, and insulting to customers. However, the service was trying hard.
I already had one last coupon for high tea, so realising it was expiring this week, I rang to book in to use it. I was told that as they are full until it expires they don’t honour coupons and they were full a week ago. So ringing two weeks before the expiry date would have meant the only time they’d honour the coupon would be when I was at work.
I have emailed treat me for a refund. It is a shame they are so bad, and no surprise they are empty most nights. They insult the customer with their appalling menu and refuse to honour coupons because they sold too many.

2 star rating
by Varsha
2nd May 2013

Me and my family went to this restaurant in the weekend and we had vouchers to redeem.
The service from the waitress was great, good presentation as well. But the food was below average. It is suppose to be fine dining, however we felt some of the dishes were frozen cooked meal, heated and presented to us.

We had additional vouchers which later when I went to redeem, were not accepted due to some error in their system. It clearly wasn’t our fault, but the staff did not go the extra mile to fix the problem. They simply declined my order. That was bad service from the restaurant.

2 star rating
by Marietta
21st April 2013

Went there to try their 5 course degustation menu. The presentation skills were good. However, the cooking technique was very disappointing. The appetizer was mostly cooked frozen veggies placed on a piece of lettuce. The Mackeral fish was a bad choice of fish to serve. It was extremely fishy and full of bones. The steak was unevenly cooked. One side medium rare, one side overcooked and tough. Will not be going back.

4 star rating
by Aline P.
20th April 2013

I like their high tea. It is unusual because they serve both your usual pastries and cakes but also a fusion of Asian savouries such as Vietnamese rolls, Malaysian curry turnovers, tempura and the like. Then you finish off with the sweet pastries. Aside from the usual teas, they serve a pinkish tea of herbs and flowers. Very aromatic. If you are coming for the first time, it is a must-try.

The ambiance in the outdoor garden resto is very relaxing and rustic while the indoor seats upstairs is set in a romantic and Zen like tone.

The staff is friendly and prompt but I would have liked a more polite manners on the phone.

3 star rating
by David & Beth R.
16th February 2013

Went there to celebrate a family birthday. We were well greeted by the staff, and then shown to our table. The staff were very attentive & knowledgeable about the food. The entrees were brought out very quickly. The clearing of the table was a bit haphazard though. The mains came quickly, but there had been a misunderstanding with one, and most people were nearly finished when I got mine. While delicious, beware of the chili meals, the menu shows one chili, but it is a hot chili And I love hot food! Over all a wonderful night, and a place we would consider going back to.

1 star rating
by Charlotte
15th February 2013

Four of us went here for dinner as its a new local place and we wanted to try it out. Setting is charming out the back and there is a fun function room upstairs for 15.
That’s about all the place had going for it. Despite being mid February the Christmas decorations were still up as were the Christmas greetings on the wall in the gazebo!
The food is over-priced and under-whelming – in fact the food is dismal, boring, very limited in selection and at $27 a dish ridiculously expensive. The duck salad was bland and the skin slimey and not at all crispy, the chicken the most boring of all dishes (they brought us the wrong chicken dish initially) and the entree platter to share something from a chinese restaurant 30 years ago. What a shame.
Avoid this totally.

4 star rating
by Monica C.
7th January 2013

Went here for lunch and ate in the garden area. I definitely recommend eating in the garden area if you’re giving this a try, the setting is lovely with a nice atmosphere. Went on a very quiet day, the staff were attentive and friendly and food quick to arrive, though I’m not sure how it would be on a busy day. I really enjoyed the food, especially the duck salad, however I would say if you’re looking for authentic Asian food this is not it. I do think it’s a bit overpriced, but it is a Remuera restaurant.

5 star rating
by Ben M.
19th December 2012

One of the best meals I had for some time. Attractive garden environment, good service and a excellent food.

5 star rating
by Jane L.
11th December 2012

We recently enjoyed an excellent experience at this restaurant. The food was the best Thai/Asian fusion, my husband and I have both come across. A misunderstanding regarding a voucher was managed very effectively. We will be returning again and encouraging others to try this restaurant also. If you do come, we recommend requesting the garden area.

1 star rating
by Margaret K.
26th November 2012

The location, the atmosphere and the garden settings are great.
But the food is average and well overpriced. A main was average $25-$32, and it does not come with rice or salad!! With the same amount of money we spent, we would have had a much better meal elsewhere. The waiting staff are friendly but absolutely inexperienced. Ordered a few bowls of rice and expected it comes in a bowl individually, instead they have put all the rice in one big bowl!! Had never been served in such a way, so inappropriate! The most disappointing moment was at the cashier counter, the lady was rude and pulled a long face when we told her we have a couple of the deal vouchers. Definitely not going back there even with any specials!!!

2 star rating
by Amy B.
19th November 2012

Location, setting and food were very good.
However the service was pretty bad. It appears the waiting staff have no experience and it shows.
We were moved not long after being seated as the table we were at had been booked by another group. Not a problem, except they attempted to move us to a table with a pole next to it and there was no way the 5th chair to the table would fit. We had to shift our own chair, the new table was not set up correctly and while 2 people had water, the waiter did not come back for the rest of us. We had to flag him down.
The food took a little while to arrive but it was tasty.
We were not asked if we wanted dessert and again had to flag down the waiter. Having taken our order he left all the menus on the table and the dinner plates etc were not cleared all at the same time.
When paying, 2 of our group paid cash and were not given change until another member asked if they were going to be given it. The reply was “they did not ask”. These may seem like minor complaints when added up, especially when you could tell they were trying to present an upmarket, classy establishment, just didn’t cut it.
Definately would not come back. There are far too many other good Thai places where the food and the service are good to bother with this place!

5 star rating
by Maxine P.
27th October 2012

First time diners and found everything Outstanding food environment, staff. My favourite was the duck salad 10/10. The garden seating was comfortable, and very spacious.Highly recommend this new restaurant would definitely go back!! Awesome, awesome evening. Thanks again to the chefs and staff!!

5 star rating
by Jim J.
17th October 2012

We are have been twice now and on each occasion received exemplary service and had two super evenings. The first time outside in the garden with another couple , also first timers the second inside downstairs for just two.
The menu varied but not too big, attention to detail in all facets of service excellent from first entry to ongoing at the table and we consider it very good value for money.
The decor is unique both inside (upstairs and at ground level)and outside and you are made to feel very special. In all two thoroughly enjoyable evenings.

5 star rating
by Derek S.
8th October 2012

We have dined at Phoenix Tree Garden twice and on both occassions enjoyed a superb evening. Our second visit was for our teenage daughter’s birthday attended by 14 of her friends. The organization and preparation by the folks at Phoenix Tree was outstanding. The food and service was wonderful. Similar to other reviewers we would highlight the duck salad, spring rolls, and dragon rolls. The outdoor garden area is dleightful and the upstairs dining area very intimate.
Special mention must be given to the restaurant Manager JOJO who is a ball of fun, Renald who is the epitome of charm, the 2 waiters who exude charm and good manners. Finally the owner Wen is exceedingly gracious if a little shy.

If price is not your overiding criteria we thoroughly recommend Phoenix Tree Garden as great eclectic Asian themed restaurant

5 star rating
by John D.
1st October 2012

We had an evening of pleasure in this delightful restaurant and were amazed by the variation in atmosphere. Nice traditional tables in the front with some amazing seating upstairs. Then outside to a completely hidden outdoor area. The lovely wait staff of brother and sister were very friendly and took time to chat about the food. The food itself was great and the best laksa I have eaten in a long time – including in Malaysia!! When something minor didn’t arrive at the same time as something else a free plate of garlic bread instantly appeared. I think Beverley P must have been to a different Phoenix Tree as I can’t wait to go back to this one. Looking forward to the ribs that I only saw from a distance!!!

5 star rating
by Olivia W.
28th September 2012

Had a lovely lunch here, with a splendid seafood laksa. I chose from the blackboard lunch specials, so it was only $12.50. Great flavours.

Extremely nice staff and good service.
I thought the surroundings were nicely decorated, and the chairs were particularly comfortable!

There’s a secret garden area out the back too, which is quite huge, and beautifully presented.

1 star rating
by Beverley P.
22nd September 2012

I have only walked out of a couple of restaurants in my life and one of these was the Phoenix Tree last night.

The service was appalling, with 5 adults and 1 child we had 4 entrees served and the 5th one never arrived. We then had 1 main served and a salad. 3 more mains turned up and the 4th one was not served. We gave up and left after nearly 2 1/2 hours of trying to have a family celebration meal.

Disfunctional, disorganised and extremely disappointing. Needless to say, we will not return or recommend. They need to go back to basics, employ some waiting staff and cooks who can co–ordinate to serve in a timely manner.

5 star rating
by Lancy C.
9th September 2012

I had been waiting for this cafe/restaurant to open since they put their signs up about two months ago and now it is! Tonight we went to give it a try and it was certainly worth the wait. What was once a drab looking Chinese restaurant (great food tho’) has now been transformed into a classy, warm dining experience with an extensive menu of Asian dishes (a selection of Thai, Vietnamese, SE Asian flavours) presented beautifully in good sized portions for a shared meal by four people (or individual servings). Everything was delicious starting with the duck salad in a delightful plum sauce, then braised spare ribs in a spicy broth, a mushroom medley, and on to dessert with fried banana dribbled in Valrhona chocolate sauce and french vanilla icecream. There is so much more on the menu that I would like to certainly go back and try. It has been one of the more pleasurable restaurants I have been to lately.

5 star rating
by Elisa K.
1st September 2012

Stunning garden seating, plush indoor seating, really enjoyed our meal here. The Dragon Rolls and Duck Salad entree were out of this world. Cant wait to return to try more dishes. Thanks for a lovely evening

2 star rating
by Robin S.
31st August 2012

The food is disappointing and overpriced. We waited at least half an hour for the starters, given that we were only customers that night.

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