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09 9219332

AUT City Campus, 55 Wellesley Street East, Auckland CBD, Auckland

8 AM to 4 PM (Mon-Fri), Sat & Sun Closed


Reviews for Piko

3 star rating
by Kate
one month ago

Piko is the sunny cafe on AUT campus, Wellesley st! It's always warm and clean, with great efficient staff! Their menu is a bit more pricey compared to other uni cafes though great to catch up with friends and have a delicious meal! They also have Freash daily bakes from the patisserie students who make food not only taste good but really really pretty as well! Definitely recommend for those around this area just opposite the Auckland art gallery and a quick walk to Albert park!

5 star rating
by Nicole Mae Flores
3 months ago

Piko is a great place to hangout with friends after a long day in uni. The fact that they have students as servers and chefs slightly lowers the expectation but since they study hospitality and so do i, my expectations stays the same as other restaurants. On some days, the servers aren't as professional as they can be but on other days they're top-notch. The food has been quite consistent to me and I have tried way too many dishes that I can't really pick my favourite. The atmosphere is casual and fit for a good catchup with friends. Everyone should also check out Piko-to-go as they are quite affordable quick bites. Overall, I recommend this place to everyone and also to give feedback as it's usually students whoa re working and they could use more feedback on how they are doing which would help them in the long run.

4 star rating
by Sara V
6 months ago

Piko is a bit of a hit or a miss place, but you have to keep in mind it is a training restaurant for students. The service has been excellent at times, but then other times not so good - depends on the server.  The food is pretty good but sometimes takes some time to come out, which is noticeable when you are time poor or if the place is really busy. Really reasonable prices here too.  However, their takeaway food is definitely a steal price wise, and of everything I have tried, I highly recommend their quiches.

3 star rating
by MissEstherZ
Aug 22, 2014

AUT's student restaurant Piko is a very good place to eat that will actually help and aid learning if you eat there.

The food is alright. The tofu pot seems popular, and the hot food is tasty and not bad.

The dessert is not good, the tiramisu sounds really nice but isn't very good.

Also beware, the iced chocolate has nuts in it but it isn't mentioned in the menu?

The smoothies are okay, but the coffee is good! I only managed to take a picture of the banana berry smoothie which I thought was average but my friend didn't finish hers.

Good for meetings and coffee. Food, hopefully gets better with practise, but they are students so. Hopefully they can step it up and get a reputation for tasty food soon, I Iove AUT.

5 star rating
by Kevin Kantono
Aug 14, 2014

What else can beat a simple egg's Benedict for a brunch. Again I've never been disappointed with this place. Went here during lunch hours, yes it's a bit crowded yet the noise is acceptable. I've ordered Benedict and hot chocolate spent around 20nzd. Worth for each $ :) although the servers are students of AUT they've done a great job

1 star rating
by Perlie Hu
Jul 27, 2014

you will be surprised of the price. too expensive ! food is cooked by students which is not nice and not enough! people can go much better place with the same price! not worth to go!

5 star rating
by Tina Yu
Jun 13, 2014

Awesome food, great prices. Only downside really is that since I graduated its harder for me to get to their food as they're closed on weekends and semester holidays, aaaargh.

Really though, they have alot of really interesting food!

5 star rating
by Jesse James .
Jun 06, 2013

I went here for lunch today with some people from work. It was a really big group.
I can be very scathing in my reviews if I feel someone deserves it.
So the negative part was that there was HUGE confusion with ordering. There was a really long wait as well, and due to the confusion, they accidentally doubled up on plates.
BUT they are students, and their lecturer (a lady who worked at AUT) was with them and helping them and apologising and showing how to do things properly.
The food was amazing - it was like masterchef food - hard to believe it was kids in that kitchen!
They even gave us a discount for the inconveniences.
I think I would like to go back, but with a smaller group.
I would expect to pay far more for the food they served up it was incredible, and they were very attentive.

5 star rating
by Shayne Rasmussen
Oct 19, 2012

A really pleasant evening out - the food was great - with everyone in our group choosing something different - and everyone happy with their choice. the staff are attentive; the decor subtle but relaxing; the only down side is so many of the menu items sound great - so will have to go again to try out more.
Highly recommend with added bonus of supporting up and coming hospitality students!

5 star rating
by Gabriella Garnett
Oct 12, 2012

In a nutshell - impressive. Piko blew us away with the exciting fusion menu options, un-fussy and yet attentive service, remarkably low pricing for the dinner special (a mere $24 for 3 full courses!) and excellent quality food. Even the playlist was great and so was the ambience. We didn't notice the time fly by, even beyond closing, and kindly no one rushed us out. We will absolutely be back, and we'll bring our friends!! Thank you Piko for a great experience that ticked all the boxes.

3 star rating
by Amy
Jun 14, 2012

Went to have lunch today with a few friends.

Was quite busy. Service is quite good, bearing in mind that they are still students. I had the Caesar Salad, it was good but not great, a bit pricey for me as I'm a uni student as well. Their hand cut fries are good however!

4 star rating
by TheTaster
Feb 14, 2012

I really like the food and the place, as most of the front staff are students sometimes you can feel their anxiety in their smile and talking,but it's fine they're learning.
As I can consider myself a challenge customer cos I've some food intolerance, they always atend my resquest well being cordial and flexible., even sometimes I think the chef get stressed with my order.
Food taste greate and portions are generous, price is good valeu for money.

3 star rating
by NomNomPanda
Sep 10, 2011

As this place is full of student staff, both the food and the service can be variable. I've had a great meal here with everything just about perfect, as well as an average one with greasy hash cakes and rubbery poached eggs. The breakfasts are pretty good value for money, but the small plates are really entrees and you may want to supplement with a side (though the hand cut fries look more like oven chips than deep fried ones). I've never tried the large plates as they were above my lunch budget. The decor is clean and stylish at Piko, so it's actually a pleasant place to eat, if you are not too fussy, and want to support the next generation of chefs and hospos.

4 star rating
by Kristie Elphick
Mar 31, 2010

At these restaurants students cook and serve. I recently had lunch at Piko and the food is great, the chocolate mousse is the best I've ever had! Awesome value for money.