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09 5246168

277 Broadway Level 2, Westfield Food Court, Newmarket, Auckland

  Mediterranean, Pizza, Fast Food
Mon - Wed 9am - 6pm Thu - Fri 9am - 7pm Sat 9am - 6pm Sun 10am - 5pm


Reviews for Pita Fresh

1 star rating
by Jemima McDougall
Apr 21, 2013

Usually my favorite place but now I am so put off, on Sunday the 21st of April there was a man working there by himself in the morning and I asked for a regular meat lovers pizza, he asked me what to put on it and made it with the wrong base and didn't put all the meat on it, and only the centre of the pizza was covered. I tried to tell him but he didn't really get it and kept asking me what he was supposed to put on it! Usually don't complain but did not feel happy with my meal which usually I am so excited for!

5 star rating
by Liv Winstone
Nov 15, 2012

This pita place totally exceeded my expectations. Firstly, the ingredients tasted extremely fresh, and their salmon/fish/meat selections get cooked on skewers, and the succulent-looking pieces get slid off the skewers into the pita pocket. They did some freshly grilled salmon for my pita, as they were just about run out of the pre-prepped ones, so it was hot and meltingly good. The range of salads was excellent, and if you compare it to rival Subway, I think the value here is outstanding, as this place doesn't have the over-processed wads of meat, etc.

There's a series of 4 or 5 steps where you choose your options. I ordered the 'salmon grill pita', and had babaganoush (yum!) as the base spread. I got to choose 6 veges from about 11 options which had classier choices than I've seen at other places - like mesculin and fresh spinach leaves, red pepper, etc, as well as the usual things you'd expect like cucumber, tomato and so on. Then you get to choose your cheese - I had feta - Mmmmm. Plus you get to choose more condiments - like tabouleh. And THEN you then choose a couple of sauces - garlic yoghurt / etc.

I got a large pita and a Coke Zero, and think I only spent about $12.50. The large pita was too big for my ladystomach, so next time I'll get the small. It was so delicious that I scoffed the lot, even though my tummy was bursting at the seams. Oops.

My only recommendation for pita fresh, is that maybe they could get one more staff member on during lunchtime? The queue waiting got to about 8 people long, but it did move fairly quickly. The 5 minute wait was defnitely worth it.

Also worth mentioning is that staff were really smiley and seemed genuinely proud to be working at this place serving all their healthy food.

Nice one!

5 star rating
by Sirpa ConveyancingShop
Mar 12, 2012

We regularly buy lunch for our office from Pita Fresh. The food is much healthier than other fastfood options out there and always tastes great! What I like best is that you can choose the toppings for your pizza or pita wrap and they get made really quickly. The staff are always very friendly and efficient making it our all time favourite lunch spot in Newmarket.

5 star rating
by Harry
Apr 17, 2011

The pizza was really great. It was fresh and yummy. The price was just $5. I loved that healthy and fresh food. Come and try it.

You can create your own pizza on the spot the way you like it. What amazed me was that it was baked only in 90 seconds!!!!! Fresh Yummy and fast.

5 star rating
by Jo
Nov 20, 2010

i loved my pita from here, the service was quick and friendly, the food was fresh and of excellent quality. I'll be back and will also be spreading the word, keep up the good work!

1 star rating
by Naiane Denardin
Aug 31, 2010

Poor quality, quantity & temperature of the ingredients!
I had a salad and a pita bread rolls, both with a very small amount of meat!