Pita Pit

3 star rating 3 reviews

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09 2156830

65 Lunn Avenue, Mt Wellington, Auckland

  Healthy Food, Fast Food
9 AM to 9 PM (Mon-Fri), 9:30 AM to 9 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Pita Pit

2 star rating
by Arnav Shetty
5 months ago

I love Pita Pit, I think it is an excellent option if you are on the go, and have had only good experiences with other Pita Pit stores in Auckland. I live in Mt Wellington, and the nearest store to me is the Lunn Ave one. Firstly, the staff who work there (particularly in the evenings) are generally grubby and not professional in their serving of food. Secondly, I would like to comment on the quality of food on one particular visit. I ordered a large cheddar pita, with avocado spread. After toasting, I ate it in store, and there was a horrible smell that came from it after a couple of bites. I then went on to find where this smell came from, and it was the avocado spread, I ripped a piece of pita bread off of my pita with only avocado on it to test this theory, and it was correct. Although the serving of food that is off is not a professional thing to do, when I complained and asked them to consider this smell, they rejected it and said that "all their food is fresh". I asked to talk to the person in charge and he also simply said that all his food is fresh, even though it clearly wasn't. This service that I was shown was despicable, and I ended up throwing the pita away and never going to that store again. I still eat from this franchise, because I do love their food, but the service at this particular store was much below par.

4 star rating
by Woollen03
9 months ago

Have been here many times. Very healthy option, and best is it had a genuine loyalty rewards. Stay chicken and caesar chicken is something that I can recommend.

5 star rating
by Lucy G.
Dec 20, 2012

Love it. Pita Pit are offering delicious healthy food, fast. The staff were smiley and efficient when I went again this week. Only complaint was that I had trouble hearing what the staff members were saying. Am I going deaf?! LOL! All taken in good humour though.

I like that they have a much bigger range of ingredients than at some other sub takeaway places. You pay more, but I think ingredients are fresher and with more variety. Babaganoush; feta; beetroot, etc. Yum.