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5 star rating
by Ryan Megson
3 hours ago

Have been here twice. First time we went the food was amazing so we ended up going again. The wait staff the first time we went seemed very boring like robots with no emotion or any kind of sincerity or even a mere smile. The food however was flawless. The second time we went the staff were extremely cheerful and great to talk to - even managed to upsell me on the craft beer of the month just purely on the enthusiasm the man behind the bar had for it. The food again was really tasty and well presented. Only one thing stopping me from clocking 5 stars and that is one of our meals (the tortellini) was really small and I would have rather called it an entree than a main. Other then that, great atmosphere, great staff and great tasting food. Will definitely be back!

4 star rating
by Caitlin Snodgrass
3 days ago

I come here often with my family. Food is good every time but I would never come on my own or with my partner as its slightly pricey but that's the target market however as its a classy Ponsonby restaurant. The chicken pizza is delicious I will say. Tried it for the first time the other night and was great. Loved it. Also the sticky date pudding was 👌🏻👌🏻 garlic pizza bread is just like anywhere else. The bread and dips is a little boring to be honest, I'd choose pizza bread over that any day. The snapper croquettes where very nice.

5 star rating
by Holly Southworth
11 days ago

Wow! Had dinner two weeks ago with my parents :-) lovely service ammmmaaazing meal. I had the oven baked snapper - wow simply wow! So Devine a little bit noisy inside so outside is the way to go! Delish!

5 star rating
by Maddie
18 days ago

My partner and I came here tonight for dinner and drinks are we were very impressed! We sat outside under the heat lamps with fairy lights above us ect. Really nice modern/cosy atmosphere. We were seated fast and given water and informed of the specials. Our waiter was great! 10/10 service, extremley attentive and was very friendly. For starter we ordered garlic pizza bread, schnapper croquettes and caprese bruschetta. The garlic bread pizza was still hot from the oven, thick, soft, light and had a nice mild garlic flavour. The croquettes had a nice flavour to them and were also nice and light and my favourite was the bruschetta. The tomatoes and basil were fresh and the mozerella was creamy and full of flavour. For main my partner ordered the surf and turf with a side of calamari and I ordered the eye fillet. Both steaks were cooked to absolute perfection! They were so soft, juicy and seasoned niceley. The parmesean crusted polenta was really nice and light on the side. The calamari was a little soggy and bland though. We were planning on ordering dessert because the dessert menu looked quite appealing and there was a decent variety but unfortunately by the time we had finished our mains we were past the point of full! I definitely recommend Prego, and we're planning to go back very soon!

4 star rating
by Sophie Ly
23 days ago

Prego is located in central Ponsonby and is definitely a place people in the area should try! Normally very busy, we managed to grab a table straight away. Our waiter (Nick) was amazing!! he had the most amazing customer service i've ever experienced (so thank you so much to him!) he explained everything in the right amount of detail! I ordered the Spaghetti Bolognese, and it was incredible!! everything you need and wish for, for a Spaghetti Bolognese! the flavours balanced each other out nicely and nothing was too over powering! My friend on the other hand actually got the wrong dish (which he didn't even realise because he forgot what he ordered, but i remembered!) nevertheless the ate what he received because he didnt remember what he ordered and luckily he loved it! besides this one mishap, everything else was amazing!! I also love how they offer you more parmesan cheese and grate it in this really cool looking cheese grater device!!

This is definitely a place i recommend people visiting, the customer service is impeccable and the food is good too!

5 star rating
by Sophia
one month ago

Located in the heart of Ponsonby, Prego is an Italian fine dining restaurant serving authentic, traditional Italian cuisine. Last week I was lucky enough to dine here with my girlfriends, which made for an absolutely amazing dining experience!

With a romantic, dimly lit courtyard, bar by the fire and large variety of indoor seating, Prego offers choice & comfort in style. It was full at 6:30pm when we arrived, so we waited at the bar while ordering some cocktails. The Honey Plum Mojito was a favourite while my friend loved her Espresso Martini! While I thought the Honey Plum Mojito was fruity, fresh and sweet, it wasn’t something I would especially return for.

The mains more than made up for this. We ordered something different each to share, and I got to try the Linguine Alla Marinara, Funghi Pizza and Spaghetti Agioli. They were all perfectly created, cooked and flavoured – all three were my favourite! I loved the fresh, succulent seafood in the linguine marinara, especially the big prawns. The Funghi Pizza had just the right soft (but not too soft) texture, topped with a generous mix of juicy mushrooms and cheese. And the Spaghetti Agioli had a garlic flavour that was delicious yet mild.

For dessert, we ordered every dessert on the menu to share – seven desserts amongst the seven of us! I loved the Creme Brulee, which had the most decadent, creamy texture and rich caramel aftertaste. The Marquise al Cioccolato was another favourite – the rich, sweet chocolate mousse is heaven for chocolate lovers. I also loved the Cannoli Alla Ricotta and its blend of crispy & creamy textures complemented by candied orange and white peace gelato. Though these were my top three, all the desserts were absolutely incredible!

Altogether, it was an unforgettable fine dining experience and definitely one of the best Italian restaurants I have ever been to. I can see why it is constantly named as one of the top restaurants in Auckland! The mains, desserts, and customer service all made for a fantastic night, as well as the ambience (I especially loved the fairy light balls in the courtyard). I’d highly recommend Prego if you love Italian cuisine!

(Photos taken by me and last two photos from my friend’s Instagram)


SPAGHETTI AGIOLI Garlic, olive oil, salvagno olives, parsley, chilli, feta $22.5

LINGUINE ALLA MARINARA Scampi, prawn, mussels, cockles, tuna, white wine, garlic, chilli flakes $29

TORTELLINI Spinach & ricotta tortellini, butternut pumpkin puree, crispy sage, walnuts $26.50

SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE Beef, pork & pancetta, red wine & tomato ragu, grana padano $25.50

FUNGHI Portobello, Swiss brown & button mushroom, gorgonzola $26.50

RISOTTO ALL’ANATRA Roast duck, mixed mushrooms, aged balsamic, grana padano $32


ESPRESSO MARTINI Finlandia Vodka, Tia Maria, Kahlua, Espresso Coffee $17.50

HONEY PLUM MOJITO Mt. Gay Silver, Black Doris Plums, Honey, Muddled Limes, Sugar, Mint $16


CRÈME BRÛLÉE Anise berry compote, cinnamon crisp $14.50

TIRAMISÚ Traditional espresso dessert $14.50

DOLCE DI DATTERI Sticky date pudding, vanilla poached pears, ginger ice cream, hot caramel, pistachio crumb $14.50

MARQUISE AL CIOCCOLATO Valrhona caramel chocolate marquise, salted peanuts, caramel sauce, chocolate pearls $14.50

CANNOLI ALLA RICOTTA Ricotta, pistachio, chocolate, hazelnut, candied orange, white peach gelato $14.50

GELATI GF Mixed gelato & sorbet, sesame seed wafer $14.50

RABITOS ROYALE BON BON Chocolate & brandy fig bon bon $14.50

5 star rating
by Thao Nguyen
one month ago

Consistently good food, ambience and service. Thanks for a yummy lunch yesterday. Snapper and risotto was delicious! Date pudding and ginger ice cream were fabulous also!

4 star rating
by Maia Churichkova
one month ago

Came a couple months ago. The whole not taking bookings thing is a little annoying but that seems to be quite common among restaurants now. Garlic bread to start, steak for main with a side of potatoes and the broccoli. The food was really nice, and service was excellent. The only qualm I had was with the broccoli - it tasted like it had been bathed in lavender oil. Maybe I'm just sensitive to it, but I love broccoli and it was inedible for me at Prego. Highly recommend the steak though, it was perfectly cooked :)

4 star rating
by Jotori
one month ago

Lucky enough to be able have been here a few times. Service was warm and welcoming. Calamari is a big YES! ! so tasty and perfectly seasoned. Steak was cooked perfectly.

5 star rating
by Kelwin Kanunga
one month ago

Delicious food and awesome staff. Beautiful ambience
Definitely a must try restaurant. One of the best restaurants I have been to in Auckland

5 star rating
by Melissa Pond
one month ago

Great lunch and service even with little Thomas in tow. Kids menu, colouring in and including in all without hassle. Food amazing as usual had to finish every bite. Thanks for making Friday lunch enjoyable for mum, poppa and little man.

3 star rating
by David Arthur
one month ago

Four of us went to Prego on Thursday evening.  At the start it was ok, but then we got surrounded by tables of families with young noisy kids.  This was rather annoying.  It would have been more peaceful at McDonalds!  I didn't realise that Prego is a family and child friendly restaurant.  I guess the Ponsonby families go there instead of McDonalds!  But, the food was good and the service was good.  The question is - Would we go back? The answer is NO.

5 star rating
by Anna J
one month ago

Always love dining at Prego! Service is top notch and food is always delish. The waiter got my drink order wrong but it was quickly remedied. I had the chicken saltimbocca, the most amazing cheesy sauce. Definitely recommend this dish! My friend had the tortellini which was also yummy but if you are hungry, best not to order as the dish was very little.

1 star rating
by Luke Meadowcroft
one month ago

The pasta had way too much cheese but desert was pretty good. But the service was terrible got the order wrong twice on two different occasions. I ordered a loaf of bread and got garlic bread then order pasta and was given the wrong type of pasta. Wait times were also very long for the amount of people that were in the restaurant.

4 star rating
by Chloe Mae Repia
2 months ago

Came here for a family lunch-
Great spot food was very rich but I ordered something out of the ordinary for me. Will be back was pretty good 👍🏻

3 star rating
by Max Clark
2 months ago

Celebrating a friends graduation dinner, Prego was chosen and I felt quite biased considering I lacked enthusiasm from the beginning but I went as open minded as possible.

Unfortunately it idled on my predisposed expectations.

The service was really good. Very formal. At times I felt it was trying a little too hard but apologies are always good when the food takes a while.

The food itself wasn't exciting at all.
Typical 'fancy Italian food' for the masses.
I got the lasagne - because nothing else caught my eye, so I felt inclined for some home styled simple food.
It was alright, it lacked a lot of flavour and funnily enough triggered a little nostalgia for days when Pizza Hut used to do lasagnes. But at 5x the price, it was embarrassing that it tasted so similar!

The atmosphere was a little bland. A lot of loud people wanting to be seen in Ponsonby can be a bit of a drag...

5 star rating
by Tafara Chaparanganda
2 months ago

Amazing Italian food ! Best in Auckland by far! Had an original margarita pizza! Yum ! Also went and had the special pie they had on their winter menu! Ammmmmazing! GideonMarisa MasterchefNz2015 #g1

5 star rating
by GideonMarisa MasterchefNz2015
2 months ago

Legendary dining spot! Great Italian done right! Good for a good summers evening ! Top selection of wine and still has the best pizzas by farSarah Forsyth #g7

4 star rating
by HJ
2 months ago

One of those places you can always depend on! Great ambience and good service. It's constantly busy at Prego so don't be surprised if you have to wait for a table. This restaurant is ideal for a date or group outing!

With so many appealing dishes on the menu we decided to go with the fettuccine Alfredo and the Vegetariana pizza. Both were full of flavour and authentic Italian. Portion sizes were just right and this was plenty for the two of us. The prices are mid ranged, most mains are $25+

Will definitely be back to try out more dishes! Keep up the good work guys

5 star rating
by Paige Eriwata
2 months ago

Prego is a long time family favourite and home to the worlds greatest lasagne. We've tried most of the menu and have never been disappointed with our plates, the pizzas and pastas are authentic and the ingredients taste fresh every time. Visit here for quality Italian dishes and top service!

4 star rating
by M_92
3 months ago

My friend and I decided to dine here tonight as we wanted to know what the hype was about. Prego is arguably one of the best Italian restaurants in Auckland as voted by consumers. However, I beg to differ.

I ordered the lasagne and expected to be blown away, unfortunately I was let down. The dish immensely lacked seasoning... I had to season the dish after every 2 spoonfuls I ate. Meanwhile, my friends dish (the gnocchi) tasted rich and authentic so I'm happy about that. Our waiter was very nice, he was also attentive. When it came to pay, the lady at the counter was a bit snobby.

Overall, average experience for us... This place is preferably suited best for families, so if you're looking for a good venue for a family get together, this is the place! (They also provide colouring in books for children - cute and clever tactic)

3 star rating
by Rhiannon Sinfield
3 months ago

I had rather high hopes for Prego which unfortunately fell short due to an incident. I dined with my 4 friends, and we had a 'funny' waiter who sadly let down my experience. I am left handed, and apparently he didn't like the fact that I had moved my serviette and cutlery to the left. He picked it up, and walked away saying "you're on your own". I could not believe he had the audacity to do this at a restaurant. I understand he was trying to be funny but the 'joke' was just so tasteless in my opinion. I ordered spaghetti bolognese, which was quite delizioso. I enjoyed the ambience and can see why it is a popular Ponsonby pick - just a shame that I felt rather awkward during my time there.

4 star rating
by Meg Balmes
3 months ago

Good place for lunch. Nice looking restaurant in a great location. I had the duck risotto which was delectable even if a tad too salty. The staff are very attentive and friendly without being overbearing. Overall pretty good dining experience.

4 star rating
by Lisa V
3 months ago

I went to Prego with a friend who was visiting from overseas. We decided on prego after searching for a place we hadn't been to before. The service was great, staff were attentive and friendly. We sat outside as it was a nice warm summer day. The food was good however not the best. I felt that it was slightly over priced for what it was. My pizza was a bit soggy however my friends steak was very good. Dessert was absolutely delicious. Best sticky date pudding I have ever had!

5 star rating
by Laura Hunt
3 months ago

Amazing! The atmosphere hits you as soon as you walk in. Buzzing with people, you're pretty much ensured immediately you're going to have a good time. We were a party of nine so we were able to make a reservation. There was someone near the entrance that directed us straight to our table, semi private at the back of the restaurant. Perfect!

The service was awesome. Our waiter was very attentive and entertaining. He was also very informative about what Prego had to offer. Unfortunately I didn't get a name, but he made us all feel welcome and comfortable. Additionally - I was super impressed that our waiter got all nine orders correct without writing it down, even with the noise level! I can't count the amount of times my order has been wrong when a wait person tried to memorise it instead of writing it!

Everyone enjoyed their meals, which is petty rare when there's a larger group. The duck risotto and fettuccine were rich and flavourful, the carne dishes were generous and well cooked, while the snapper meal was huge and perfectly cooked! My only complaint would be that the pizza lacked a bit of flavour, but based on the rest of my night it didn't take away from the experience at all.
Two people got desserts - the sticky date pudding and chocolate fondant. Both were insanely good I regretted not getting a whole one for myself!

I really can't wait to go back to Prego! No joke I was planning my return on my way out.

5 star rating
by Monique Porteous
3 months ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE! This place is an absolute gem, I have never in my whole life in New Zealand, had Italian food this amazing. I had the spaghetti bolonegse and I can honestly say it brought me back to my visits to Venice. The pasta is extremely well made and fresh as well as the meat sauce. I also tried the tiramisu and oh my gosh!! It melted in the mouth and the coffee to cream to cake balance was just right. An extra gold star is added on to the staff, absolutely loved the cheeky waiter we had, made the evening even more enjoyable. Lastly, be sure to try an espresso martini from here if you're heading out for the night - strong but full of caffeine

5 star rating
by Ali
3 months ago

I had been wanting to go to Prego for some time after hearing really good feedback from colleagues and friends.

My partner and I decided to go for lunch 1st of August joined with another couple.

We were seated in the courtyard, I immediately felt at ease - the staff were very relaxed and professional. I have to say this is the best service I have experienced in a long time. The staff were bubbly, professional and extremely knowledgeable about the food and wine (wine I enjoy but know little about).

Food came out efficiently and was delicious. We are vegetarians and the offering was very good. The pizza was the best we had ever had.

The service alone would be worth coming back for however our food was exceptional. See you again!

5 star rating
by Laura Darin
3 months ago

This is a favourite 'Go to' spot for our family Birthdays. Love the Fettuccine Alfredo! Never had a bad meal here! Sometimes there's quite a wait and you can't book but the food and service makes up for it.

5 star rating
by Blaine Stevenson
4 months ago

I've dined here over 10 times and it's great every single time. Also get takeaway since it's just a small walk from my place. Pepperoni pizza and spag Bol are my go to dishes. Absolute treat !

5 star rating
by Jay
4 months ago

Hopped over to prego after dinner at Blue breeze Inn just cause I heard rave reviews about their desserts...and they do live up to it. The ambience and set up is really average for such an establishment I felt. Nothinf special but I guess the food does the talking here. We had a creme Brulee, stick dates pudding that was staff recommendation and a I was a bit adventurous to get a tiramisu. Traditionally it's not my go to dessert but since everyone went for staff recommendations I chose to be different. And boy I was glad that it was perfect. Lovely really. Soft and at the right temperature. Tried a little creme Brulee too ans perfect temp. This is where lots of place get it wrong. A cold creme Brulee is just boring. This one was just right. Tiramisu was nice n rich n beautiful texture with the coco powder on top to cut through the richness. Massive portion size too. Gotto try the sticky date pudding next time as I could really smell the slightly burnt Caramel and that made me salivate but my stomach gave up and the wines caught up lol. So gonna go back for sticky date pudding

4 star rating
by Duncan Galletly
4 months ago

Ponsonby has so many new eateries that its easy to overlook the old ones. Prego is an example (It started in the 80’s). I went many years ago and on the weekend decided it was time to reaquaint myself. We went, as a group, for dessert and a glass of sticky.

In the evening the exterior is quite beautiful, the big sparkling balls of light are special and the entrance seems solidly established. But, when you enter, the ambiance isn’t brilliant. The walls and furniture are black and the lights are not sparkly halogens. The feel is basically very dim and to my mind not particularly cosy - slightly depressing in fact- I think it needs colour and some sparkle somewhere in the main dining area. In contrast, a large table past the bar area does have a good feel, and basically that comes from lighter walls, paler wood and red/amber lighting. Quite possibly the feel is totally different in natural light during the day.

The service was great, very helpful, lovely waitress who clearly knew her job backwards.

The sticky was a glass of Noble 1, which I always enjoy and, from the Dolci selection, a Tiramisu, Dolce de Datteri (sticky date pudding), and a bread and butter pudding with a rum soaked raisin ice cream and a creme anglaise.

The others felt that the desserts were delicious.

The sticky date pudding was reasonably light and the flavours were good, but was there an edge? - not really - its a classic so you could argue thats how it should be with no twist - don’t mess with it - fair enough I guess.

Same with the Tiramisu. Not edgy or interesting, just a nice plain Tiramisu.

I was more disappointed with the bread and butter pudding. The ice cream was pleasant, but the pudding lacked richness or any real interest. Perhaps I’m spoilt with bread and puddings at home full of raisins and the bread slathered in butter and jam, and stuffed with raisins - the Prego pudding was just bread and a few raisins.

Prego is clearly a Ponsonby institution, perhaps its been there so long that it can rest on its laurels, serving dependable classics with no need to move closer to the edge - and probably no desire from a fan base of loyal, reactionary, comfort food diners. In so saying the demographic was quite young on the evening we went.

Date night: The ambiance and lighting to be honest gives me reservations. He and she may not look their best - at least the wrinkles won’t be visible.
Foodies - if you havent been, go once.
Birthdays etc - I’m sure its seen plenty.
Kids and families: Yes.
OK for an older age groups?: Yes
Groups?: Yes
Value for Money?: OK for Ponsonby
Service?: Brilliant
Go back?: I heard the steaks are good.

5 star rating
by Andi Jandal
4 months ago

After dinner at Ponsonby's new Street Food Collective we headed to Prego for dessert.
As usual they were busy, & there was a 30 minute wait for an inside table, so we sat outside.

It was a cold night, but they have heaters & blankets, so it wasn't too bad.

Parking can be tricky in Ponsonby, but this isn't an issue at Prego - they have a carpark next door to the restaurant.

In terms of service, our waiter was great. He helped us with the menu & was patient & courteous.

We ordered the tiramisu, sticky date pudding, creme brulee & chocolate brownie. The tiramisu was delicious, I've had it before & it's always great. Master 9 loved his creme brulee (& also enjoyed the spoonful of tiramisu he tried) & the sticky date pudding was a hit also. Miss 10 found the brownie a bit rich - she isn't a big fan of dark chocolate & it was covered in a dark chocolate sauce. Lovers of dark chocolate would be in heaven though.

5 star rating
by Sinéad Rose Stayton
4 months ago

Friendly service, quick to make and a good atmosphere, a fav place of mine to go! Calamari is done really good and their desserts are super yum

5 star rating
by Gabriela
4 months ago

Going to Prego is like going to an Italian house on a Sunday afternoon. Busy and loud, warm and cozy, comfortable and friendly and full of every yummy Italian food imaginable. Even the cheeky waiter looks just like one of your relatives.

4 star rating
by Tiffany Sua
5 months ago

Went here last night with one of my cousins. We ordered the Spaghetti Bolognese, Fettuccine Alfredo and bruschetta (can't remember which bruschetta).

The bruschetta arrived shortly after and was delicious. There were 2 pieces and they tasted fresh and flavourful!
Pasta came a while after but were definitely worth it. The Alfredo had a rich sauce and thin ham topped with many mushrooms. The pasta was cooked perfectly and it was probably the best white sauce pasta i've had!
The Bolognese was nice but could get quite salty after a few bites. There was also lots and lots of mince throughout the dish.

Overall a good place to dine and I would probably come back here again! :)

5 star rating
by Emma
5 months ago

A great atmosphere here, with exceptional food and service. Last time it was incredibly busy, so we ordered takeaway pizzas. We ordered the pollo arrosto and a plain Margarita. Highly recommend both, not heavy in the stomach yet filling. Every single ingredient tastes like it's been hand selected and gives it that special "je ne sais quio."

4 star rating
by Sam
6 months ago

If your after something more than mainstream Italian this is the place for you. Good fast fresh food that consistently impresses. I love any version of mushroom pasta they make it always impresses. No bookings but they seem to turn tables around pretty quickly.

5 star rating
by Anna Ho
6 months ago

Delicious Italian food!! Came here a while back to celebrate my anniversary and it was a lovely evening. The lasagne was delicious - quite easily the best lasagne I've had. The waiter was awesome with a sense of humour which made the night very enjoyable!! A must-go if you love Italian food!! 🍝

4 star rating
by Elise Tan
6 months ago

Nice food and atmosphere, think will come and sit outside in summer. Most importantly, really enjoy the service! Recommend Italian foodies to come!

4 star rating
by JolieJolie
6 months ago

So cold / windy! My 3rd time at Prego. The entrée (Salmon ?? Forgot the name) was a bit salty for me. The main lamb loin and steak were quite nice but not super good. I really didn't want to have sweet food at night time.. But as soon as the waitress brought us the dessert menu •_• I... Haha, overall:
Food: 3.5
Service: 5+
Total: 4! Heheh.

5 star rating
by Hala Caco
6 months ago

The service and food we received at the restaurant were great. Our waiter was quick with his service and he constantly made sure everything was going good for us. He accommodated to our every request with a warm, friendly manner. Really enjoyed my dining experience here, will definitely go back again!

4 star rating
by Tane Nui
7 months ago

Prego is the closest thing to an Institution of the Auckland Dining scene having been in business at the same site since 1986! Consistency of service, food, standards is what makes this place so special and the sort of place you end up taking family, friends, and meetings along for a meal, drink and laughter.

Staff are wonderful, friendly but totally professional, the food is always of great consistency and the quality of the food is across the menu.

5 star rating
by Benji Ryken
8 months ago

I can't think of anything to fault them on. My wife and I went on a busy Saturday night for her birthday and even though it was fully packed and loud, the Matre D' gave us his full attention when we told him what we were there for. We had to wait 45 minutes for a table but that was fine as we sat at the bar and had a couple drinks.

When we got seated, the lady who served us gave us thorough answers to all of our questions. I had the eye fillet which was amazing and cooked perfectly. I like my steak rare and its as if they had used a ruler to cook is because it was evenly cooked around the whole steak. My wife had the John Dory on risotto which was also nice. The risotto didn't overpower the fish but still had a nice herby taste to it.

Service was amazing.
Food was amazing.
Just wish they'd take bookings, damn :(

5 star rating
by Juliet Ede
8 months ago

We had a wonderful experience here! Waitstaff were all very onto it; our waiter, an American, was very helpful in explaining to us the dishes we were curious about and was very attentive and confident. All the food was amazing. I loved our date pudding. Prego is also very child-friendly and not too pricey, so would definitely, definitely recommend this restaurant for anyone!

5 star rating
by Petra
9 months ago

Prego is my all-time favourite restaurant. It has the best wait staff I have experienced in Auckland, the most delicious food, generous portions and a homely feel. I order the Saltimbocca nearly every time, and it always tastes just as good as the last time. If I was to fault one thing it would be that the decor needs a spruce, but if ain't broke don't fix it, right?

4 star rating
by Tracee
9 months ago

We had a delicious marinara pizza - my partner raved on and on,  ...pressure on for me to make one at home..nope we will just come back to pregos i think...we managed to get a courtyard table on peak night, on peak time, which was nice.    Enjoyable relaxing evening and good service.   Tracee

5 star rating
by J.T547
9 months ago

Best Italian restaurant in Auckland. My family and I come here a lot and the food and service has always been so consistent. The calamari is to die for!! Prego is always our first choice to bring any of our friends that are staying with us from overseas. Never let down! I couldn't recommend enough.

5 star rating
by Trin C
10 months ago

After seeing all the lovely reviews on here me and my friends decided to go there for lunch. We were very happy with our meals! Will definitely go back there again!

5 star rating
by Sally
Nov 29, 2014

I'm always so excited to come back to Prego. It's my go to Italian restaurant and this will probably sound weird but I kinda love the fact that they don't take bookings because I hate planning where I'm going to eat, i think my dinners usually depend on cravings....

Food is always amazing... The calamari starter is actually to die for. I'm drooling just thinking about it. We were both happy with all of our dishes and we were satisfied - as always - with the cocktails. $24 cocktails are pretty steep usually, but prego doesn't use mixers so it's pretty satisfying ;)

Service and staff were all wonderful - especially Tom. Couldn't fault him.

3 star rating
by Tom Collins
Nov 24, 2014

Staff are so friendly, and really seem to enjoy their job, great energy about the place, Risotto was a bit bland, but cooked well, and the soup was a bit overpowering, my wife loved the margherita pizza and the Calamari.

5 star rating
by Nikita Kumar
Oct 21, 2014

Extremely good service and great food! Received a gift voucher for this place from a family friend, and was beyond impressed! Such a great atmosphere and really great food, with decent prices!!

3 star rating
by Uka S
Oct 06, 2014

We went there a few months ago with my sister and her family and myself, the new looked compared with the old Prego was surprisingly nice. The staff were incredible and nice with is always a positive for any restaurant to have and a waitress we had was very polite and nice enough to explain the menu with us and finally we had the home made bread and I had ordered a  pizza to share with the family and linguine for myself and my nephew to share. All of the food especially the bread with the dips was amazing and it felt and tasted as it came out an oven instead of a packet!

But the downfall for us during our night was that one of the other dishes that my sister and her daughter had shared had a small bit of goldie locks (the steel sponge used to wash frying pans and pots) was in their dish and my niece had bit into it and started to choke. She is 5 years old and this experience had made her uncomfortable which was such a shame with the food I had was good. It was good that they apologized for it but to have a such thing in a dish for anyone to experience is poor.

4 star rating
by Jazz Wilson
Sep 18, 2014

Amazing service great wines I only had pizza and salad but still pretty top notch

5 star rating
by David Savidan
Sep 17, 2014

Up to Prego tonight with the kids for a quick dinner. Calamari entree for the adults; ham & cheese pizza for the kids; fish with lightly herbed risotto for the adults. Kids ice cream. Bottle of wine. In and out in 75 mins. Food and atmosphere all fantastic. As usual. Reliably outstanding! Every time.

5 star rating
by Sonam Kumar
Sep 16, 2014

One of the best dining experiences we had. The semifreddo is amazing. Also well priced meals and drinks for the area.

4 star rating
by Celeste
Sep 08, 2014

Went here to celebrate mum's birthday as she loves italian food. Every one enjoyed our experience here although my broadbill fish was not very nice, the pasta and pizza's were very yummy! Staff were very attentive and helpful so A+ to them

4 star rating
by EatsByZee
Aug 16, 2014

Prego has been around for a long time and I can see why. The food is consistently good and can always be depended on for a delicious Italian meal. The pasta is fresh, desserts uniquely Italian and there is an extensive wine list. I would recommend for a weekday evening meal or long weekend lunch to fully savour the atmosphere and take your time with the food on offer.

4 star rating
by Grace Hall
Aug 14, 2014

After seeing many good reviews and happening upon the area, the boyfriend and I decided to have our shared birthday lunch at Prego.

We managed to get a table outside blissfully close to a heater and set about ordering the home-made loaf of bread served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar - one of the best life choices I have made. The bread is crusty yet soft, and just so tantalising with its fresh-out-of-the-oven aroma.

He followed the bread with the linguine marinara and I opted for the risotto. Both incredibly delicious though unfortunately I was unable to finish mine due to the discovery of a hair. The waiter was very gracious and quickly set about removing the dish from the bill.

Accidents aside, Prego is a very lovely restaurant with excellent service, a well-sized menu, and superb food.

5 star rating
by Rice & Kai
Aug 07, 2014

I've walked past Prego many times, but haven't actually eaten there before.  Zomato were kind enough to send me a voucher so we went along for lunch in the weekend.
Inside was warm, dark and noisy (not in a bad way though).  We had been a little surprised to see online that it considered itself a family restaurant (not many places in Ponsonby are family friendly), but they were more than happy to accommodate our pram.  There were many other families there with young children too.
We ordered the prosiutto pizza (mozzarella, rocket, truffle oil and prosciutto) and the linguine alla marinara (seafood pasta with white wine, garlic and chilli flakes).  Both were delicious and next time we find ourselves there, I would be sorely tempted to order the same things again.  The linguine looked amazing and they were generous with the seafood too (tuna, cockles, mussels, prawn and scampi) - really worth it for under $30 in my opinion.
We were very impressed with our meal here and found the service to be polite and efficient.  It was quite a pricey lunch once we ordered drinks as well, so it's a pity they don't have lunch specials (the menu is the same for lunch and dinner).  However, I guess the popularity of this place speaks to the fact that they don't really need to entice people to come in with deals.

5 star rating
by Eat Pray Love
Aug 02, 2014

If you're looking for authentic Italian food with excellent decor and service - Prego has got you covered!

My recent visit to Prego was for a friends birthday dinner and there was a large group of us (15). Staff were super attentive and friendly, especially since we had to plan a dessert surprise for the birthday girl.

My two best friends and I got three dishes and decided to just share them. We got the Pollo Arosto pizza, Fettucine Alfredo and Saltimbocca.

The pizza was delicious! The base was crispy and the pumpkin was an unusual topping. I'm a fan of pizza with a lot of cheese so I wish there a tad bit more cheese but overall it was a good pizza.

We made a mistake ordering the Fettucine Alfredo and Saltimbocca. They both came with similar tasting cream sauce bases (rookie mistake. When we read lemon cream we thought it would taste different). So these two dishes were getting overwhelmingly heavy but delicious none the less! Literally cleaned the plate up- that cream sauce in both the pasta and the chicken was to die for!!

The potato in the Saltimbocca was cooked to perfection as well. It was just an excellent dish. Would highly recommend it.

The Fettucine Alfredo sauce was yummy but it is your standard Alfredo, nothing out of the ordinary. So the Saltimbocca was more stand out!

For dessert I had the creme brûlée. Ah so good! Creamy and rich with the perfect burnt sugar crust. Delicious every time I've been. Comes with some candied oranges which does not add much to the dish. The brûlée on it's own is divine!

Also would recommend the Kumeu River Pinot Gris #yum

Prego is an all rounder! Excellent food and service, it is perfect for anything from date night to girls night!

2 star rating
by Fran Munro
Jul 16, 2014

So very disappointed.just back from taking our 20 year old daughter with us for an evening out.our entree platter fine,the pizzas my daughter and I had terrible( could have made better with bases from food town)my husbands pie so so.the service was sooo slow.we sat out side and did mention to the maître de if inside table came up we would move inside.people were dispersing as we arrived so. Many spare indoor tables ,but no movement.i guess when you hope a restaurant will be forever consistent Prego was not.we constantly get disappointed by eating out and realizing we would have done better staying in.i guess when it seems staff etc are more concerned with tending the supposed noters in auckland society something misses out.i have been to Prego a number of of times over the years but tonight sooo disappointing.

5 star rating
by Georgie @ Georgieats
Jul 10, 2014

I went to Prego with my family last year. It was a fairly cold night, and because it was so incredibly busy (you are not allowed to book), we had to sit outside. It was freezing! However, our table was surrounded by fire burners and our waiter gave us warm cuddly blankets to have for the night.

The food was amazing – all five of us shared the Wood fired Garlic Pizza Bread, the Wood fired Mussels and the Calamari for starters. The flavours are outstanding and there was plenty to go around. For the main course, I had the Lasagna Prego which was very good. Another main which was delicious was Linguine Marinara with a plentiful amount of seafood.

As for desserts, “WOW” is all I can say. Make sure you try the Budino di Datteri (sticky date pudding, poached pears, ginger ice cream, hot caramel……) melt in your mouth sort of thing!

Overall the food is delicious, the atmosphere perfect and service was very attentive. A must visit if you are in Auckland!

5 star rating
by Amy @ My Dining Journey
Jun 22, 2014

Prego, one of the finest Italian bistro in Auckland, has been a long standing eatery on the Ponsonby stretch since 1986 and it is still a popular joint for a spectacular Italian feast. I’ve eaten here on several occasions and it has proven to be a great restaurant time and time again.

Our meal started with their popular Pane della Casa which is a delectable house-made bread loaf with butter, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Served warm, it had a crispy crust and a soft fluffy center. I love freshly baked bread and it was a pleasing start to our meal.

With plenty of different options for lunch including pizzas, pastas, salads and assorted meats, we both decided to get seafood. My Linguine alla Marinara was bigger than anticipated and it was packed with mussels, clams, seared tuna, prawn and scampi. The linguine was perfectly al dente with a little bit of bite and the white wine sauce had a tangy hint of lemon. Appetizing and I managed to devour most of it.

My friend ordered the Cacciucco which is an Italian seafood stew which used ingredients such as fish, mussels, clams and scampi. The saffron broth has savory and rich flavours and it was a hearty dish.

We were very proud of ourselves because we managed to nearly finish our meals. I’ve walked past Prego on several occasions during dinner time and they are always full with customers nested throughout the large dining room and their secluded courtyard. They have a few allocated parking and if you are lucky, you wouldn’t need to circle the residential streets for a carpark. Prego rarely disappoints and with great food and attentive service, you could see why they are still striving in Ponsonby.

For more reviews, please check out my blog at

5 star rating
by Marty C
Jun 16, 2014

Brilliant. Best place in Auckland for lunch on a fine day when one can sit with friends in the spectacular courtyard.
Inside can get a bit cramped and noisy, especially if there are babies or young children.
Great food, great wines and great service, great Brandon.

5 star rating
by Tessa Hall
Jun 10, 2014

Best meal I have had in Auckland! Got the chicken scallopini dish and ordered a side of beans with feta and almond. Little bit noisy but the food is amazing!!!

5 star rating
by Jenni Doherty
Jun 01, 2014

Awesome lunch again today Prego ! I would eat the Seared Tuna and Veal with mayo and crispy capers on a weekly basis if I could !! Always a fab atmosphere and excellent service , but for me , Prego would not be Prego without you Brandon !

4 star rating
by Auckland Food Tours
May 19, 2014

I never thought too much of Italian food, I always believed it to be rustic home cooking, but Prego definitely shows you how great Italian cuisine can really be. I highly recommend all their pasta dishes which are full of deep and rich flavours.

The decor is modern and slick, and the wait staff are some of the best in Auckland.

It's definitely more on the expensive side, and unfortunately can be overun by pretentious clientele with unruly children from time to time, but it's definitely a great relaxed lunch option.

2 star rating
by Steffen
May 10, 2014

We went to this restaurant for dinner and unfortunately I wasn't impressed at all. The pizza menu itself does not reflect authentic Italian cuisine and neither did what arrived at the table (pizza & pasta). Furthermore, the service team appeared to think that it was a good idea to sit a group with small children right next to a couple when most of the restaurant was available for seating. Despite the restaurant being quite empty, the noise level was rather astonishing (unrelated to the children). It would be recommendable to work on the acoustics of the place a bit to make it easier for people to talk without yelling at each other.

4 star rating
by Carmella @ Easy Food Hacks
May 06, 2014

With all the distractions of the new and exciting restaurant openings, I had forgotten about an old favourite. A voucher from Zomato was the perfect incentive when a blogger friend came to town. While you can choose to sit indoors, dining in the courtyard under the fairy light spheres on a balmy evening is an idyllic way to catch up with friends. Prego’s longevity is not only built on the rustic Italian food they serve but also on the attentive and friendly (if slightly cheeky) service.

We shared a antipasto misto with a selection of caprese insalata, salmon lasagne, duck liver parfait, olives, crumbed artichokes, cotechino sausage, truffle & white bean dip and flatbreads. Each morsel was a delight and it was the perfect way to segue into the main meal.

For the mains, we shared a risotto ai Gamberi (with prawns), a snapper with Mediterranean vegetables and a side dish of polenta. The risotto was creamy and light. The snapper was perfectly cooked and well flavoured by the herbs, but my favourite was the polenta. Crispy on the outside, so buttery, cheesy and light on the inside. The texture was superb.

For dessert, we managed the crème brulee, a nice sweet end to the meal. For the 3 of us, with non-alcoholic drinks, the total came to ~$150 which was excellent value.

3 star rating
by Mary Underwood
Apr 19, 2014

I really wish I could rate this place higher. Maybe it was an off night? Not sure but either way I found it noisy and disorganized.
We approached the till to be seated. Very odd as it looked like we were trying to pay!
We were seated next to several noisy tables. Not my idea of fun when I was expecting a cozy intimate dinner with my partner.
We were brought water immediately and given our menus to order.
We settled on the garlic pizza bread with aioli. Odd combination but crisp and tasty.
Next came our pizza. Capricossa a firm favorite of mine I've eaten all over Europe. This one very sparse with the fillings and a bit dry to be honest.
Trying to get our bill at the end seemed a mammoth task. The once attentive waitress constantly refilling our water glasses suddenly seemed oblivious to our flapping arms and excuse me as she swanned past!
Not sure I would give this place another go. People rave on about it yet it was pretty average.
I'm sure there are much better trattoria type restaurants to try.

4 star rating
by Heartshrooms
Apr 15, 2014

I came here for lunch with a friend and we ordered the Vitello Tonnato- seared tuna, roasted veal, crispy caper and mayonnaise, and the Buccatini all Amatriciana- chili smoked bacon, garlic, red wine, tomato ragu. Vitello Tonnato- the tuna was fatty and silky smooth, melted in my mouth and was superbly fresh and crispy capers gave a nice textural crunch to the dish. Eating all the components of the dish seperately, then together was like a scene from Rataouille where different mini firework combinations started popping up in your head- they all matched each other beautifully. The Buccatini all Amatraciana was on the other hand, rather average. The pasta was cooked al dente, the sauce had nice flavour (although it had rather copious amounts of oil) but my friend and I were both were searching for the extra pizazz. I like how they have pink himalayan salt on the tables for you, and this was a type of salt that accompanied the dishes well. Overall, Prego seems to be a popular, local restaurant with a loyal customer base.

4 star rating
by Loved By Katie
Apr 03, 2014

We started with the Garlic pizza bread ($7) which was the best pizza bread that I had! Crispy but soft inside. I had a Seafood marinara ($29) which I hoped it to be chili, but I had to add a bit of salt to bring out the flavour. My colleague seemed to enjoy her Vegetarian pizza ($25) though. We had Tiramisu, Valrhona caramel chocolate marquise and Sticky date pudding (all $14) which we all were happy about. I have to say the service was flawless. Empty glasses were filled, dishes were removed without us noticing it, kitchen being flexible with special requests (yes I changed a ginger ice cream to a vanilla one)... there is a reason why this place is always packed.

Please visit ♥ for other photos and stories.

5 star rating
by Ashleigh Green
Apr 03, 2014

Wonderful service from our waitress and delicious variety of food. Highly recommend for a catch up with friends over good wine and atmosphere. Had the calamari salad, fresh bread, and cabonara Alfredo which were all wonderful portion sizes and cooked to perfection.

2 star rating
by Mark Craig
Mar 11, 2014

Surroundings - fun, bustly, lots of waiting staff running round, polite, quick, attentive. Lots of tables squeezed in which I don't mind it can add atmosphere.. Food came on time.

Food unfortunately was very small portions, as others have pointed out portion sizes can be small. I finished my $25 pappardelle in 3 forks half full and looking at the kids meals which were larger. Pasta costs nothing to bulk up nor the veggies that it came with so no excuses from management. Taste was quite nice but the one thing you want is to feel you've had enough. It's not like it was caviar to be rationed.
Kids food reasonable standard pizzas.
Vegetarian / vegan options quite limited and waiter was unsure as to what to advise when I asked.
Also only ice cream for kids desert no other options. And yes they should have options.
I think Italian food has to be really good, or at least be enough of it if you are going to eat out as you can make it pretty easily just about as nice at home. Overall impression, expensive for what I ordered.

5 star rating
by Geoff Lawson
Feb 24, 2014


To quote fashion designer Ingrid Starnes “with so many new restaurants opening in town we are spoilt for choice, but the classics are worth remembering”.

And that’s exactly what I thought as we sat down for lunch at Prego recently. We went for lunch as it was the only time we could get most of the family together for Ben’s birthday lunch!
Prego has long been a “go to” restaurant for us. We have been many times and it never fails to deliver.

As we went at lunchtime we were seated straight away. As an aside I still haven’t quite come to terms with so many of the restaurants not taking bookings. At times this doesn’t bother me but for special occasions I still like the certainty of being able to book.

Anyway getting a table was no problem on this occasion.
As always we started with the Pizza all Aglio (garlic pizza bread w divine garlic aioli) and a large Calamari Fritti for the 6 of us. You really can’t go past these two delicious offerings.
Being lunch I think we all went light for the main (well light-ish)!

I’ve always loved Prego’s pizzas so it was the Capricciosa (Ham, mushroom, tomato, artichoke, anchovy, caper) for me – as always. I especially enjoy the artichoke, anchovy and caper part. Deb had the Insalate Caesar (Cos, egg, pancetta, crouton, Grana Padano, anchovy mayo) which she declared as excellent. I’d like to be able to comment on this but wasn’t allowed a taste!

Rebecca had the Pesce (Market fish, coriander, dill & chervil risotto), birthday boy Ben & KLowe had the Fettucine Alfredo (Ham, mushroom, black pepper, parmesan, cream) and Dan, being another great fan of their pizzas, had the Pollo Arrosto (Chicken, pumpkin, pinenuts, pear relish & rocket).

It was one of those meals where I could have eaten any of the selections. Everyone was very satisfied with their choices. I managed to snag a little bit of fish (lovely and moist) and a spoonful of the pasta sauce (sooo good). The CLASSIC Prego had struck again.

Being lunch we didn’t have dessert but, in need of a birthday “cake”, Brandon arrived with one helping of their excellent Budino di Datteri (Sticky date pudding, vanilla poached pear, ginger ice cream, hot caramel, pistachio crumb) with one lit candle and 6 spoons – perfect. That is a stand out dish and my attempt to sneak a second spoonful was met by a stern frown from Rebecca,….and Deb.

I don’t normally talk about the drinks side but ever since I was in the UK last year I have developed a strong taste for cider. Such an under-rated drink but perfect for a lovely summer’s day – and of course for a cold winter’s day. So I had the Monteiths Crushed Apple Cider and it was sensational.

And the other thing I love about Prego is the service. Brandon, the maître d, was very friendly and attentive and our waitress Emilia from Argentina was a sweetheart.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of all these new places opening up. Sometimes though it’s so comforting to go places like Prego which has stood the test of time and delivers every time. You know the food will be great. You know the service will be prompt and attentive. You know you will have a good time. CLASSIC

4 star rating
by Auckland On My Plate
Dec 04, 2013

I had a good dining experience at Prego - well presented Italian food, the restaurant was very tastefully decorated and the service was excellent.

Having said that, I found the food quite overpriced and the portion size less than generous. I can recall a number of places in the city and Ponsonby, where I can get better Italian for less. I ordered the oven baked snapper and my friend ordered a risotto. Both were good, but left us strangely unsatisfied.

If you're looking to take someone to a restaurant where appearances are everything, Prego would be a great choice. Just don't be surprised if you find the food somewhat lacking.

4 star rating
by Patsy McIntosh
Dec 03, 2013

Stunning starter of fresh whitebait on diced potato and capers. Extremely tasty and a more generous portion size which when eating those little wriggles is a great thing. Crispy skinned snapper on risotto with hollandaise added to a perfect sea- food lunch... Unfortunately no time for dessert

2 star rating
by Zany
Nov 15, 2013

Got a table outside and it was very dark. Could hardly see what we were eating. We ordered one pasta dish, one rissotto dish and pizza. All lacked flavour and the portion size was very small except for the pizza. For the price we paid here we expected at least flavour packed dishes. But we left disappointed and ripped off. Guess this place is like a pair of Levi's jeans. You buy it for the brand name, but really it's just a pair of jeans you can buy from the warehouse.

4 star rating
by Halmen Lore
Nov 14, 2013

The world's best Tiramisu in my opinion!
I have been here several times and had many dishes. They food is more or less a hit and a miss but I will be coming back for deserts regardless of how my mains taste.
Service is amazing, professional and personal. The waiters even remember your names and know what you like!

4 star rating
by Neepz706
Sep 14, 2013

Food is amazing with a very reasonable price, had the Lamb shank and was cooked perfectly with a side of pumpkin and feta salad, unique yet pulled off quite well.

4 star rating
by Janak
Sep 09, 2013

Went for a dinner on Sunday night, had Garlic bread, pan fried John dory fish and glass of wine.
Fish was cooked perfect, very moist, just what I needed !!
Impressive wine list as well .

Thanks guys!

5 star rating
by Gabriel Long
Aug 26, 2013

Have been coming here since I was a kid, must be almost 20 years now. It was a treat then, and still is to this day. Always a lively place, have never once had a bad meal there. Drinks list has everything you could want. The courtyard is fantastic in summer. Great menu with lots of choices, both mains and pizzas. have spent many happy afternoons in the courtyard on business lunches.

4 star rating
by Shaye Hakaraia
Aug 16, 2013

Went with a group of committee members for lunch on Saturday 10-8-2013. Understandably it took a while for the meals to arrive - however once they did - everyone loved it. Waiter / Waitress / Chef came to our table and were very obliging. Prices are somewhat high - however it is true value for money.
One problem we experienced when a few of us sat outside, we were approached several times (including other customers sitting outside) by an old ragged woman wanting money and cigarettes. We noticed she went to other establishments as well along Ponsonby Road. No staff member told her to leave - and she came back several times. This experience kind of destroyed our visit. Ban all beggars.

1 star rating
by Andrew Hester
Jun 30, 2013

Decided to come as we were in the area and my partner had had a good experience here before. We arrived and the maitre'd (we assume as she was in a red dress rather than the uniform) asked if we wanted to sit in the one table for two available inside or one outside, we choose inside. She offered to take my coat which was nice, and asked us if we wanted water. The water, nor a waiter ever arrived, even though we watched a couple of tables around us being served water and drinks. After 20 or so minutes we gave up and approached the maitre'd to get my coat back. I asked if she'd forgotten us, she denied this and blamed our absent service on the waiter whose section we were in even though she was the one to take the water order! We would have been fine if she had acknowledged her mistake and apologized, but the fact that tried to shaft it off on someone else really annoyed me. I'm sure the food would have been amazing, and I have nothing against Prego as a whole, but on this night, it definitely needed better management. Instead we went to a new establishment down the road and had a lovely dinner.

4 star rating
by Maryana Hamilton
Jun 18, 2013

My partner and I went to Prego on Saturday last week for the second time in three years as we were going to an event later the same evening and had previously been to this restaurant when we were in the area.

We had been dreaming about having their calamari and seared tuna again since we last visited, because we have not found anywhere else that does calamari better, and we were not disappointed. The seared tuna is served with crispy capers and beautifully delicate veal, which goes perfectly together.

We told our waiter upon arrival that we would be sharing these two dishes, so we were brought two small plates and, and the portions of the dishes themselves seemed to be bigger than average, which was great.

For the main, we shared a pepperoni, kalamata olive and chilli pizza, which was crispy, hot and oh so very tasty! Perfect for sharing on a romantic date.

Even though we were pretty satisfied by that point, because we had some time to spare and were feeling quite contented with the restaurant, we ordered one portion of tiramisu to share, with the matching sherry. One of the best tiramisus around, for sure! Perfectly balanced and wickedly tempting, you just wanted to keep it all to yourself!

The wine list offered by Prego is quite comprehensive and would impress many wine connoisseurs. We recommend the Jules Taylor Merlot Rose and the Grasshopper Rock Central Otago Pinot Noir – lovely accompaniments to a wonderful meal!

We will definitely be back to Prego and wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone!

4 star rating
by Sam
Jun 08, 2013

Visited for a work lunch with a large group and overall had a really enjoyable experience. My main was the lamb dish which was easily one of the best I've eaten, only left wishing there was a bit more of it! I did like the extensiveness of the menu as it could suit everyones' tastes without the quality of the dishes suffering.

The wait time was considerable on this particular visit, but it was a big group and the staff were friendly so they are somewhat excused. I finished with the chocolate marquis which was enjoyably rich, the Tiramisu I tried of someone else also seemed like a good bet. I also really liked the heated seating.

2 star rating
by Angie
May 25, 2013

There are usually only two reasons I would write a review. One is to say how good a restaurant is and the other is to say how bad it is, hoping to warn others away so that they don't waste their money. Welcome to my Third category - mediocre.
We were seated in about 10 minutes, the staff at Prego are professional and unaffected. We started with garlic bread and garlic aioli and this was quite nice, it helps when you are really hungry! This was lunch so I ordered Cacciucco and my partner had market fish, which I think was king fish on a lemony(? ) risotto. I had a side salad of rocket, pear and Parmesan. I have to say that this is really basic fare, fish and rice - and broth and seafood. The fish was over cooked in both dishes, but worse, it tasted old. My broth was ... I can't find the words, it had no depth of flavour, nor was it hearty, it wasn't bad, too thin or too salty, it was just too boring. My rocket salad was the high light for me, my partner enjoyed the tiramisu I found it too wet and soggy. My suggestion - get an Italian chef in the kitchen and start trying to impress!

5 star rating
by Biddy O\'Keefe
Mar 01, 2013

Prego is the most consistently fantastic restaurant that I know of. I have been coming here for years. I can never go past the calamari, it truely is the best I have ever tasted. We went last week. Everything was great as usual; great service, delicious non-alcoholic mojitos for the sober driver, (me), fantastic seafood pizza with proper seafood such as scallops and prawns, etc.. I cannot fault this place and I recommend it to everyone. Oh and very reasonably priced for the quality of food they serve.

2 star rating
by Lisa
Jan 22, 2013

My partner and I ate here for dinner and were unfortunately disappointed. I had smoked salmon which was about the size of the palm of my hand, there was some kind of mash with celery and that was it for my dinner, this was apparently the main course dish, it certainly wasn't enough to fill me for dinner! It tasted really nice but it wasn't enough, I had some of the salami pizza my partner had as well! It too tasted nice but nothing fab. It was completely packed and we couldn't have a proper chat! The tables were too packed together, felt like I was dining with the table next to us. Staff were really nice and attentive.

5 star rating
by Steve Macdonald
Dec 18, 2012

Prego deserves its reputation as an institution in Auckland. Long a feature on the strip in Ponsonby this pace is always consistent and always meets expectations.

The woodfire pizzas are always a good start, but it's the rotisserie chicken that always wins me and my family over.

To finish definitely tiramisu with an illy coffee on the side.

5 star rating
by Kimlash
Aug 30, 2012

I have been going to Prego for 15 years now and it has never failed, either in how wonderful the food is or how knowledgable and helpful the staff are. This is, was, and probably, always will be, the best restaurant in Auckland.

5 star rating
by Stass
Jul 17, 2012

I went to Prego for the first time in July 2011 with my family for a leaving dinner. There were 5 of us, including a 12 years old boy. Prego is always so busy and we had to wait for a table to open up. Not wanting to wait at the squashed bar with a 12 year old we went next door for some drinks. The Prego staff gave us a call on our mobile when a table opened up which I thought was great of them. It is incredibly busy in there. There are children running around everywhere upstairs, it’s so loud and the staff are rushed off their feet. However, if you can overcome this busy atmosphere, it really is a fantastic place! The 5 of us ordered a calzone, a beef and fish special of the day, a lasagna dish and a pasta dish. They were all exquisite. We had a friendly chat to some of the staff and they allowed us to move to another table outside for dessert where it was quieter and where some of out party could smoke. I would definitely go back here, but perhaps not for a romantic first or special date.

1 star rating
by Tabe-Aruki
May 12, 2012

After dining at Prego a few times, we were impressed by their food (mainly pizza and tiramisu). However, our last visit was so awful I don't think we will ever go back there again.

The restaurant was quite busy when we walked in, but there were a few tables free. Three or four waitresses walked past us without guiding us to a table; not knowing what to do, we sat down at one of the free tables inside, and we managed to get a waitress to take our order.

We remembered from previous experience that the pizzas took a long time to arrive at the table, so we decided to order a pizza first, before choosing what else we were getting.

I was looking through the menu when a man who looked like the manager walked over to our table and rudely told us to leave, as apparently there was a long waiting list of people who wanted to get a table, and we did not put our name down. This would have been understandable (although it still doesn't justify the rudeness), had it not been for the empty seats we could see around us. It was also very strange that the manager (?) didn't even try to put our name down on the waiting list, and simply walked away, leaving us feeling very embarrassed and awkward, since other diners were trying to see what was happening.

It was clear that they just wanted to kick us out because they thought we weren't ordering enough food. This was a terrible experience, especially since all the good restaurants in Ponsonby were fully booked for dinner by this time, and we had to go back to the CBD.

It's such a shame, as good Italian restaurants are rare in Auckland... We will not be going back since a restaurant that is so obsessed with making money can't be providing you with the best food possible for the price.

I recommend Toto, Barolo (in the Langham) or Da Vinci if you are looking for an Italian restaurant for dinner in/near the CBD with good food AND great service.

3 star rating
by Martin
Feb 20, 2012

Had a nice time at Prego. Still an institution in Auckland. A bit disappointed about my main as the pork was a bit dry and also they were changing the wines so ran out of 7 in the list, just bad luck I guess. Still good thought.

5 star rating
by Saleem
Feb 08, 2012

I had my birthday here recently with a group of 13. The restaurant was humming, they don't normally take bookings but reserved a table for us for 15 people. The atmoshere wa electric, the food was fantastic and the waitress that looked after our table was a real laugh and gave fantastic service. I couldn't compalin about the evening at all and thankyou prego's for making my birthday celebration such a fantastc night. Would highly recommend and would definitely return

5 star rating
by Lou
Jan 19, 2012

I've only had the pleasure of dining here twice, the second time 2 weeks ago. The food is always fresh, well presented and very tasty. The pizza's are a treat, the calamari entree delicious.

The service is friendly, professional and as helpful as can possibly be.

This place is fantastic for catching up with friends for a lunch outside in the garden with a few wines.

5 star rating
by Joy
Dec 31, 2011

Such a great place! I always know that the food will be perfect and the specials are always to be tried! (love the pies! Fish and beef both great!)
Quick service and always attentive.
Not ideal for a romantic date but great for friends and families.
The addition of blankets at the outside tables on winter evenings is a cute touch.

4 star rating
by Tracy Leanne Love
Dec 03, 2011

The food was absoutley awesome - probably the best I've had! and the service to match was awesome too!
Go here for a dining experience!!

4 star rating
by Food Critic
Aug 23, 2011

Always a favourite, service has always been fantastic and we have never had to wait as long as we are advised. Food is great and so reasonably priced for such a good restaurant. Agree with the cold breeze, have sat by the fire on one occasion and it was lovely on a cold winter day, but the most recent time we came we were seated by the door and had to keep our jackets on which was a shame, food, wine and the fabulous Allpress coffee made up for this though.

3 star rating
by Lauren Simpson
Jul 11, 2011

Attentive service and a humming vibe, not really the place to go for an intimate dinner date but good for groups. Watch out for the cold breeze if you are seated near the doors, we kept our jackets on for most of this night which was a shame. There's a lovely open fire in the middle of the restaurant but it didn't heat the room too much. Beautiful food (our entrees: vitello tonnato, mussels, mains: lamb and the linguine marinara). The tuna in the linguine marinara was horribly overcooked though which was really the only let-down of the night - staff were apologetic and offered to get a new one but there was not much point (I just avoided it). All else considered, a nice restaurant.

4 star rating
by Sarah Bronte
Jul 08, 2011

Went a couple of weekends ago with some friends for dinner. We didn't have to wait the advised hour for a table, and the food was excellent. OUr waitress was a little manic, but had a good knowledge of the menu.
I had wood roasted hapuka on dill risotto with orange hollandaise which was delicious. The dessert of a cassis sorbet and passionfruit semi freddo was also to die for. I tried a friends pizza and it was yummy too.
Good value and a good night out. Only criticism is the tables and chairs aren't that comfortable, but hey who cares when the food is that good?

5 star rating
by David Boshier
Mar 10, 2011

You can't fault the service and the is food excellent.

There was a group of six of us including two kids who ate off the kids menu. Our pizza, steak and pasta could not be faulted.

Great Place.

5 star rating
by Rob Clarke
Jan 28, 2011

I have been eating at Prego since about 1986. We have been there at least two or three times a year ever since. We have celebrated numerous special occasions there, from engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, you name it.
Most recently we had the big table at the back for a birthday, which I had always wanted to do, and it was so worth it.
It has never, ever disappointed, and always been of a very high standard.

5 star rating
by JulieB
Jan 25, 2011

Good quality and authentic Italian menu , much much better than your "typical" tried and tested worn out Italian cliche menu.
Very good service , good presentation . Quality of ingredients really good too.
Best Indian - Oh Calcutta in Parnell,
Best Italian - Prego in Ponsonby,
What else do we need

5 star rating
by Catherine
Nov 29, 2010

Love Prego! Service great, Food delicious but unpretentious. Can be a little loud during peak times tho but i think this adds to the "vibe". Also very reasonably priced.

5 star rating
by Janine Dodd
Nov 23, 2010

Have been slowly working my way through Prego's wine list every week for the last year. Have just finished the stickies.Starting on the menu next year as haven't remembered leaving yet. Prego is the best place in Auckland, go there, eat drink and be merry because they just love it when you do.

5 star rating
by Sarahj
Jul 22, 2010

Was lucky enough to go to Prego on Saturday night, enjoyed every minute from the funny bartender to every last drop of the Grasshopper Rock Pinot Noir. The food was excellent also, I could have shared the mussels for the entree, but still had room for the crispy skinned snapper on a lovely risotto - even though I was about to pop I couldn't miss out on the ice-cream for dessert. Can't wait to go back next time we're in Auckland.

5 star rating
by Love Food
Jul 04, 2010

Prego is about as old as my wife's car and still continues to achieve a level of excellence day after day.

Having eaten there at least 4 times in the past year usually going for the pasta or stone oven pizza which are always great. I have to tell you about the beetroot carpaccio I had there last year - one of the best first course of the year for me! And I am fortunate enough to eat out a lot and in different countries. So big pat on the back for being so good at what you do and thank you!

After more than 20 years most of Auckland will have already been at least once, but if you haven't then give it try. Service, price and great energy will work their magic and make you even happier.

5 star rating
by Theresa Chan
May 17, 2010

Absolutely delightful!

I went to Prego for lunch with my boyfriend yesterday and took the only free table for two in the courtyard. The waitresses were all very efficient and friendly. We could tell that they were properly trained from the way they handled the dishes.

We had garlic bread, seafood pizza and calamari, which were all very delicious. The garlic bread and seafood pizza had a nice crisp, while the calamari was very tender with a beautiful light golden yellow finish. The calamari was the best that I have ever had!

The bill for our lunch was of great value considering the high quality of food that we had and their fantastic service.

I would have loved to order dessert but was very full. I will just have to go back!

1 star rating
by Bruce
Jan 21, 2010

the best italian restaurant
in Auckland is Portofino
working 30 years great

5 star rating
by Sarah
Sep 17, 2008

The best Italian place in Auckland.
Me and my bf are a regular.
Never had a bad meal.
Always excellent service.
Georgous fish dish.
Beautiful pasta and really yummy pizza's.
Calamari with aioli is always great.
Highly recommended.
Always busy