Punjabi Dhaba

3 star rating 13 reviews

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09 5704410, 0800 434222

71 Lunn Avenue, Mt Wellington, Auckland

5 PM till Late (Mon-Tue), 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, 5 PM till Late (Wed-Sun)


Reviews for Punjabi Dhaba

4 star rating
by Rachael Claudette
6 months ago

This has to be the nicest Indian restaurant I've been to.
It's clean, extremely well decorated, the music isn't over powering, the staff are very helpful and informative and most of all, the food is good.

The down side is the price tag. A lot of people may not be willing to spend $20 on a butter chicken :/

I would definitely like to visit Punjabi Dhaba again. Id recommend it to anyone who is looking for a more upmarket Indian restaurant.

3 star rating
by Nanda Shetty
11 months ago

hello everyone that was my first visit to punjab dhaba,we were 5 of us (indian) there was a guy in the counter who welcomed ,seated us very very nicely and than we ordered food,food came on time i found portion was very small we ordered 3 curries but it was not enough for 5 people !!!!!!! the girl who served us was very sweet and had a smiley face (dimple smile) all the time.......the only disappointing thing was there was a another girl (waitress) she was really rude while asking for dessert menu and while paying as well but I noticed she was very smiley and nice to the another table (kiwi people) so i think they should train their staff to be same with everyone .....good to try once.....

4 star rating
by Irene Bates
Nov 26, 2013

My partner and I often dine at Punjabi Dhaba, we find the staff very personable. The food is excellent and I would recommend the restaurant to all. The atmosphere is peaceful and provides quite relaxing surroundings. A lovely place to dine during the week after a hectic day in the office. Food is always consistent and very tasty

1 star rating
by Kammy Dhanoa
Jul 29, 2013

I went there with my family. Prices were sky high. Thought they would deliver the food and service accordingly .....? Food was very average, small portions. Asked for hot food. Being born and brought up in India never had that hot food in my life. When I explained at the counter didn't get any reply just a foolish smile .... I would not recommend this to anyone. You can get a lot better service at 30% less price at any other Indian restaurant, disappointed.

4 star rating
by Jana
Jun 10, 2013

My first visit to Punjabi Dhaba was back in 2011 which was pretty average. However, I had a lovely dining experience on my last visit. Had a lamb and chicken dish and they were both delicious. Service was prompt and using the 25% entertainment book voucher made the it even more affordable. Overall it was value for money and had no complaints with the meal. Will visit again to redeem the voucher from this year's Entertainment Book.

1 star rating
by Wrecker4
Mar 05, 2013

For my mum's birthday, I made a booking at Punjabi Dhaba. What a terrible experience. They accused me of ringing and cancelling my booking which I never did, we got pested to order our meals when I told the waiter we were still waiting for three guests to arrive.. We got no drink service.. When I ordered my meal I asked for two entrees, when we got our meals they forgot my brother's meal... He was so pissed off he caned his meal... I had butter chicken and chicken corma.. Both were weak and tasteless when I asked for hot.. we got a small saucer of rice for two people, when we got the bill I was charged for two mains.. They said they do not do entree sizes, my sister managed to get a refund but we will never go back.. The meals were tiny and tasteless.

2 star rating
by Mags Chan
Nov 21, 2012

I think that when a majority of people rate your service and food as bad, you as management should accept that as constructive criticism and take that on board as to how to make changes to improve both the quality of your food and your service. If you don't and keep insisting that you are right or explain away the bad experience of your customers, at the end, the one that loses out is your business. And you also know, customers that have had bad customer experiences tell all their friends about it. So, do yourself a favour, improve your service and mediocre food. I for one will not be coming back to your restaurant again. There are much better restaurants out there that taste better and are more affordable that your skyrocket prices coupled with poor service. So do some market research and see how well other restaurants treat their customers. I know another well-known restaurant that serves Indian food (like yours) with outlets all over Auckland and are popular for a reason!

1 star rating
by Nerushan Jeganathan
Nov 21, 2012

I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. For what you end up paying, this place is surely not worth it.

I went for dinner with my friends. The 1st thing that shocked me was the price!!! It was so overpriced!!!
I was hoping that the food to be atleast worth the price. But that too was disappointing…

My friend was having a cold & she asked for some hot water (not warm, but hot). They said no to that!!! It seems that they only have warm water & no hot water!!! How hard is it to boil some water up in the kitchen??? Talk about bad customer service…

Never again!!!

1 star rating
by Donika Vyas
May 23, 2012


We have been in this restaurant earlier also but in different branch and we visited first time Mt. Wellington branch first time on special occasion on my birthday.

We booked our table in advance and we reached over there around 10pm it was so silent and only few of guests were there.

At the time of first order they were asking for last order as well which is annoying.

After sometime they stopped the music as well.

But moreover, we felt very bad when manager came to us and asking for doing vaccum at other side.

OMG, it's limit

We are very much disappointed with the service also.

When we were asking for complimentary onion they said NO and then manager offer us to give in $3 instead of $5 when we decided to have it and at the time of billing they were asking to pay $5. Which is very bad impact on us

We will never ever go to any Punjabi Dhaba now onwards.

And also suggest you to not go there


2 star rating
by Kerensa Robertson
Dec 07, 2011

There is a lot wrong with this place, but the food is good.
Firstly, it is too formally decorated for this area, and too overpriced. Secondly, the service can be very hit and miss. Thirdly, they are rigid about their 'specials' even for regular customers. They have a huge menu, but would do better to cut it back as it is too crowded. But the food is fresh and tastes good- but not the best I've ever eaten.

1 star rating
by Ketan
May 08, 2011

me and my parents went for lunch at Punjabi Dhaba, Lunn Avenue on mother's day and found the prices are just ripping off. we felt a bit rude to walk away after sitting there so thought lets try it. each vegetable we ordered was at least $4 to 5 more than the close by Indian restaurant. all the restaurants offer free rice with curry...but not this people. food was not bad but not worth for that price. sorry but we wont go there again.

2 star rating
by Sathish
Apr 11, 2009

I took my relatives visiting my family from overseas (US and India) for dinner, to this restaurant after a day filled with sight-seeing in Hamilton and Auckland. My brother-in-law was wearing a baseball cap when we went in and the unfriendly maître d' who represented neither the Indian culture nor the Punjabi hospitality rudely said that he has to remove his hat. Funny, this dress code coming from a Punjabi restaurant! This maître d' could be described as a modern day General Dyer. We will never visit this restaurant again, where the food was average as well.

5 star rating
by Sally Smart
Mar 02, 2009

We have eaten here a few times and found that the food is excellent. We have also had takeaways and they are the same. Modern decor throughout and very good service. This is now our favourite Indian restaurant in Auckland. Well done.