Quay Street Cafe

4 star rating 32 reviews

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09 3370088

Maritime Building, 130 Quay Street, Auckland CBD, Britomart, Auckland

7 AM to 4 PM (Mon-Fri), 9 AM to 3 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Quay Street Cafe

3 star rating
by Fiona M
2 months ago

Went here for breakfast last weekend with friends. The waiter was lovely and the coffee beautiful but I just didn't enjoy the omelette. I didn't really eat much of it. My partner has been before and enjoyed it and our friends seemed to like it so maybe I just picked the wrong thing for me.

5 star rating
by Tfontani
2 months ago

A workmate kept raving about this place so we finally decided to venture in. I have thanked him several times over since. I am a huge fan of anything braised so that when I spied stout braised beef on cauliflower mash, I knew I had to try it. It was heavenly! Falling of the bone meat on a smooth cauliflower mash swimming in a flavourful jus. I could have had more. Bonus for being semi-paleo friendly. This is one love affair that will continue.

5 star rating
by Javier Yebenes
3 months ago

I love Quay Street Cafe. Waiters are very nice and always remember your name and some of them even how I drink my coffee. Food is really good for a cafe and there's a good selection of healthy options at a reasonable price. Takeaway sandwiches are awesome as well. You must try the pork and potato tortilla. Very recommended!

4 star rating
by Sarah Marie Reynolds
3 months ago

These guys do an amazing Ginger Latte! The decor is pretty boring but it's a great place to people watch! Weird service though - wasn't sure if we should order at the counter or wait at the table!

4 star rating
by Christine
6 months ago

Quick service, which I really appreciated. I had pikelets with apple and nuts. It was a small to medium serving, fills you up but you won't feel stuffed full that is for sure! Nice flavours.. Coffee was good.

5 star rating
by Janelle
7 months ago

This was our favourite find on our recent trip to Auckland. Our waitress was friendly and fun, and we were served promptly. I can't speak highly enough of the food, everything was so delicous. I had the pulled lamb eggs benedict and my partner had the 'green' eggs and ham, they were both faultless.

4 star rating
by Andrew @anjeats
7 months ago

I had walked past this cafe many times but never gone in, but found solace in this lovely decorated cafe on a wet Easter Sunday morning. My friend and I were both craving eggs (Easter inspired?!) and weren't disappointed. The chilli scrambled eggs with lamb was delicious and hearty and different enough to be a unique menu item. I was impressed with the friendly engaging service and happily go back again.

4 star rating
by JoJo
7 months ago

A great place for brunch. Lots of options for everyone's tastes. Also offer Almond milk as well as Soy - big bonus! The pineapple salsa on the jerk chicken burger is really good!

4 star rating
by Kwan-Lyn
8 months ago

I usually drop by here for a hot drink during my work break. Good coffee for when I feel like an Allpress flat white. But my personal favourite is the Hakanoa ginger latte, smells like Christmas warm fuzzies.

4 star rating
by David Boshier
10 months ago

This place has the formula correct for a great cafe. Quick friendly service, great coffee and a selection of fresh dishes to choose from. You also have the option of selecting something a bit different like the chili scrambled eggs and pulled lamb. You won't be disappointed.

4 star rating
by Thefoodloverrr
11 months ago

My friend and I went there for brunch on a Monday morning, and we felt underdressed as it was packed with business people in formal attire. I ordered the brioche french toast with an additional bacon on the side and my friend got the egg benedict with bacon.

The brioche french toast was good, but it had too much of maple syrup which made it a little too sweet. I loved the banana whip that came along with ut, it was really yum and extraordinary. The bacon was really crispy and yum, but how wrong can bacon go anyway. The pecan and whip, compliemented the french toast really well. Furthermore, for the eggs benedict, I loved the turkish pide, it complimented the poached eggs and bacon really well. I would definitely go back for the eggs benedict and the banana whip.
My friend's peach tea and my mocha were good too. However, the mocha was just a little to strong for my liking.

4 star rating
by Kiwi Foodie
Nov 21, 2014

I had the most amazing brioche french toast at Quay Street Cafe last weekend, after wandering around the Britomart precinct looking for a bite to eat. Ironically, my partner and I almost did not go in, as the place was so empty on a Sunday afternoon that we thought it was closed at first! But the waiter warmly welcomed us in, and explained the lunch specials to us.

My partner ordered the pan fried market fish with couscous, olives, and almonds along with a tap beer, for the $25 lunch special. The fish was fresh and the entire dish well-flavoured, but there was a lot of couscous and a rather small portion of fish, which made its pricetag seem a bit steep. However, I loved my dish - brioche french toast with blueberry and banana salad, praline pecan, and frozen banana whip, with bacon added on ($22) - the unique combination goes together very, very well, and there isn't a thing I would change about it. They serve Harney and Sons teas (my favourite brand!), too, and my pomegranate oolong was excellent.

All in all, nice urban chic decor, good service, good food - but their prices seem a bit hefty. That being said, I'm sure I'll be tempted to return someday.

4 star rating
by Ninjunkie
Nov 10, 2014

Celebrated my birthday here at Quay Cafe last year and had some brunch with my partner. It was a sunny day so it was great to have sat outside the cafe. :) I remember the service was good,the waitress was very attentive and friendly. 
The cafe itself is nicely located in quay corner,making it very accessible! The inside is very airy and nicely decorated. I ordered the braised beef steak and it was good,just a bit too big of a serving I think. My partner ordered lemon and thyme chicken breast and she loved it. We had apple and cucumber juice for drinks and it was refreshing.

Although we haven't been back here yet ,we will surely come back and try some of their pastries.

4 star rating
by Laura Lock
Oct 04, 2014

Came here for a brunch with a group of bloggers (#bloggersbrunchclub), it was lovely but quite loud.

Inside was decorated really nicely, we had a large table on the sea/wharf side which had a stunning planter on the wall.

Food was lovely, I ordered the savoury French toast (hard to find!). It came with salmon and capers with lots of yummy bread and sauces. I managed to grab a mouthful of someone's pancakes which were so soft and delicious, very sweet from the maple syrup (I'm de direly a savoury person though).

Would come again, not in such a big group and maybe a bit earlier as it really was very loud - not just from our large group - I promise ;)

2 star rating
by Jandre Daniel Opperman
Sep 26, 2014

I went there the other week to try out their new menu and I had the chicken with bean stew or whatever it was. Most disappointing dish I have had in my life. I was so upset with the dish that I left with an empty stomach and very upset. The waitress asked me about the dish and I told her truthfully. The beans tasted awful... The broccoli was hard, old and cold it was so terrible. The chicken was overcooked but at least it came out hot. The waitress decided to argue back and give excuses for the dish but it was just clear the dish was a flop.

4 star rating
by Oli Dowthwaite
Sep 25, 2014

Quay Street Cafe is a really nice spot for a group get together. We pre ordered all meals from the brunch menu. This meant everyone’s brunch came out super quick and at the same time. My pet hate at eateries is when dishes come out at all different times, so Quay Street Cafe started off on the good foot. Ordering food blindly is hard for me because I like to spy on other tables (in a non creeper way) and see what looks good before I place my order…I shop with my eyes and this helps avoid my severe cases of ‘food envy’.

As hard as ordering early was for me, I made the right decision. The french toast with salmon, this appealed to me instantly because NO ONE does savory french toast. The house smoked salmon just fell apart and had a rich taste without being too oily. My favourite part of the dish was the most amazing feta and avocado puree! It was like a smooth fresh tasting guacamole on steriods, the tartness offset the strong flavours of salmon and capers and made the dish sooo easy to eat. The rest of the menu had all the stock standard cafe breakfast items, including a good but rich Eggs Benedict.

Quay Street Cafe is a great venue for larger groups, they were extremely organised and catered well to everyone’s needs (as far as I saw). I will return to eat here if I find myself near by. I was sold on the fast service, yum food and a huge window great for watching the plebs walk past as you sip hot coffee.

Hot tips for Quay Street Cafe

Go if – You are already in the city, want a really nice hot breakfast that is flashed up to city standards and a great coffee without breaking the bank.

Parking - Arrive with time to find a roadside car park or park in the AT Downtown car park and walk. Do not park at the $15 Britomart or $5 per half hour Fort Street car park.

Go early – Beat the rush as they look to be quite busy around 11am-1pm. Probably due to the great central location.

4 star rating
by Samantha Minny
Sep 25, 2014

Quay Street Cafe hosted us for Blogger's Brunch Club this weekend and I was really excited about it. We were asked to pre-order so I already knew I was getting the pancakes, something which I think caused the majority of the excitement.
It was raining quite heavily when we arrived and the floors were incredibly slippery so be careful when you first go in. There's a bit of a courtyard for summer which looks lovely and inside was decorated beautifully. I loved the quirky bits here and there.
My pancakes were really good. They were thick American style with loads of maple syrup, cream on the side and poached and fresh pears. All of these things were perfect on a plate together. I would definitely recommend the pancakes.
I had a bit of a problem ordering a drink as I wanted a juice but none of the combinations struck me as appetising. I would prefer if they stocked perhaps one plain orange and one plain apple juice for those who do not like juice combos. I ordered a cola in the end because of a lack of options but it didn't suit my meal. It's a shame as the pancakes were so good they could have used a tasty partner.
I have to say that their wooden stools are not comfortable and I hurt my back on them. I now have a trapped nerve so avoid them and head for a comfy chair instead.

I would come back here if I was in town or if I wanted to treat someone to a pancake brunch. There were also lots of other little bits and pieces in their cabinet that looked tasty! Maybe next time I'll try one of those.

5 star rating
by Amy Webb
Jul 19, 2014

Quay st is super close to my work, so it's really conveniently located. It's a great place for food that feels very homely and the interior is very open and bright.

I ordered the homemade beans on sourdough with goats cheese. The cheese went wonderfully with the spiciness of the beans, and great with the toasted sourdough. I also ordered the beetroot, carrot and ginger juice which was fresh.

The service was extremely prompt and friendly. My whole meal came to $22 which would be too expensive for lunch every day but definitely affordable for the occasional treat!

5 star rating
by Ken Hix
Jun 28, 2014

Quite possibly my favourite cafe in Auckland although there are many great cafés here. I'm here about once a week and keep returning for out standing food great produce well prepared and awesome coffee. Well done team as the service is awesome also

5 star rating
by Mona Mohammed
Jun 25, 2014

Excellent location, amazing service, yummy food!!

5 star rating
by Frank
Jun 21, 2014

Our favourite cafe in the Britomart area, heaps of space indoors and outside, very friendly staff, plenty of great choices on the menu including mince on toast, Mexican black beans, chilli fried eggs - everything is delicious including the smoothies!

5 star rating
by Arietta @ KJAS Blog
Apr 14, 2014

This review is two months late and the menu has unfortunately moved on so you can't actually see the croquette dish I ordered on the current menu. I'm sad about this, because this was absolutely excellent, but you'll just have to be content with this review and try some other dishes out at this awesome cafe for yourself.

I got invited here by some Marketing people from Britomart as it's just downstairs from their office, and is an absolute gem. The decor is cosy but still with an air of sophistication, and there's a selection of seating outside, at benches inside, and some larger tables to accommodate larger groups of hungry people. We were seated near the bright windows at a roomy table, so it didn't feel like a cafe at all. You know how it sometimes feels weird to get lunch at a coffee place like Esquires? You don't feel that at all here. I think it's a great place to grab lunch, but they also do some cheap deals if you just want a coffee and pastry or sandwich to take away. Their cabinet food looks surprisingly fresh, and the sandwiches are plump even at 1pm instead of looking slightly wilted. During busy times it can take a while for a table to free up, and the cooking of the dishes does take a little long if you're feeling hungry (I think around 25 mins for the croquettes?) but I think it's ultimately worth it. It also probably means they're not just reheating the food, but are actually cooking from scratch.

I ordered a scrumptious dish: asparagus, smoked potato and cheddar croquettes, romesco and micro salad which was only around $18. I've returned and had the dish again (not very adventurous, I know, but it's so good! I hope they bring it back). I think the highlight would have to be the croquettes. They're round and not too big, just slightly larger than bite-size so I liked cutting them in half and having that way. The outside is crisp and crunchy but the insides are moist and incredibly cheesy, they were so good. The potato is a really strong taste that comes through, so as well as a great texture the flavours complement each other so well too. Secondly, the asparagus was done really well. Many a chef does them too raw, making them an effort to chew, or overly well done, which then leads to a limp mushy asparagus. These were soft but firm and full of flavour, clearly fresh vegetables were used. As an avid vegetable grower, I can clearly tell how fresh the asparagus was. The romesco and salad had none of the sour dressings that make me hate salads, and the salad was again incredibly fresh and sharp, and the nutty romesco was delicious and not spicy even though I expected it to be from looking at it. Sopping the croquettes in the romesco was truly heaven. Presentation is pretty good too and service was polite and prompt. They don't check on you frequently as they really don't have the time to while dealing with so many customers, but are attentive to whenever someone tries to call for their attention. These croquettes were outstanding.

I also tried a bit of The Brit on a second visit, which is this huge brunch fry-up. Do not order this if you can't eat a huge plate of eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast, potato noodles and I can't even remember what else. The plate is HUGE. Eggs are free range, which was good, and you get two of everything. Quite a standard selection, the potato noodles were unusual and surprisingly good (but then again, I love potato), but it's more the sheer amount of food that really impressed me with this dish.

They also offer a wide selection of drinks if you don't feel like coffee, including Antipodes and Karma Cola. Treat yourself after a busy day of shopping or work in the Britomart area with a meal at Quay Street Cafe. Alternatively, it also is a great place to have a pre-window-shopping brunch with friends. Definitely visit them sometime!

4 star rating
by Rebekah Ngatae
Jan 06, 2014

Can't speak of their dine-in service but I as a non-eggplant fan, I am all about their panko aubergine, red pepper and cottage cheese panini. Toasted!

1 star rating
by Joseph
Dec 12, 2013

Took close to forty minutes before the peak lunch time to dish up an overpriced dish consisting of couple pieces of tomatoes and avocado. Unacceptable service. Will not go back.

1 star rating
by Hussain
Sep 08, 2013

Been here 3x for brunch. Service as astonishingly rude I have to say. Good is overall good. However friendliness in below zero. Non apologetic at all even for mistakes they make such as including milk in my porridge when I have already said am dairy free, forgotten order that ,after prompting, is served over cooked nearly burnt, no sorry, no thank u frm them at then end, not even eye contact. It seems they live in another world of service standards

3 star rating
by Lynn Josephine Lim
Jun 02, 2013

Visited first time yesterday. Had feta and dill cake with poached eggs and bacon. Service is slow. No one to greet you at the door so not sure whether to take a seat or wait to be seated and café not even full at the time. Pricey for the dish which felt more like a snack as husband and I left feeling hungry still. However, good business sense and took coffees off our bill when husband told person in charge the egg shell he found in his dish. Husband and I will return because of their good faith and the dish tasted good. Keep up the good faith as it shows that you care enough to have done so.

1 star rating
by Julie Hope
May 12, 2013

Have read the other reviews and am astounded at the difference in level of service and food. forty minute wait for food the girl took a long time to take our coffee order thought she was making the notepad. Food was very disappointing :( after getting there at 10.45 and finally getting our meals just after 12 we were a table of nine and yes it was Mother's Day but was not that busy. French toast was one piece if brioche with maple syrup and mascarpone as I did not want bacon. There were four little cubes of pumpkin that weren't even cooked properly and soaked with what I thought was balsamic vinegar. Was left tots starving as was the rest of the table. Won't be back

4 star rating
by Matthew Harley
Apr 04, 2012

Great breakfast, perfect poached eggs on GF toast, good coffee, friendly attentive staff, cafe as it should be done!

4 star rating
by Melissa Hill
Mar 28, 2012

Meet a friend for brunch here last Sunday, service was friendly & the food was lovely. Its a lovely little spot to enjoy the morning sun.
My only complaint was that the coffee's seemed to take a while to come out & they weren't hot when they arrived at our table.

4 star rating
by Jacob Pearson
Aug 04, 2011

The menu - fantastic. Great range, little different but I like that.
Staff - outstanding. Attentive. The smiles put me in the right mood for the rest of the day, even from those in the kitchen.
Location, brilliant.
Love the place. I suspect the writer of the negative review has the wrong place.
Best. Hot. Chocolate. In. Auckland. Only reason I haven't given it 5 stars is because it's not literally buckingham palace.

5 star rating
by Alyona Medelyan
Jun 22, 2011

I've been to this cafe for brunch and lunch many times and every time the service was excellent and the food even better.
Their menu is slightly different from your usual NZ cafe, which I like. Salmon with poached eggs is divine.
The staff is friendly, and patient when coming there with a small child.
I also like the location, quiet but still close to CBD.

1 star rating
by Tevita
May 25, 2011

What started to be quite a nice cafe to eat breakfast at turns out pretty sour after a group of friends and I had to wait for almost an hour to to be served breakfast (the cafe was almost empty at that time!), and at the end of it, we were overcharged for our food! What was even more disappointing, the owner (or the person in charge) didnt even seem apologetic at all! Seriously rude of her!