Queenies Lunch Room

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09 3788977

24A Spring Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland

7 AM to 3:30 PM (Mon-Fri), 8 AM to 3:30 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Queenies Lunch Room

4 star rating
by Alex Neilson
25 days ago

Went to Queenie's with a couple of friends for a catch up, I ended up ordering out of the cabinet and got a brioche and a flat white and the girls I was with got eggs on toast and a halloumi sandwich. Brioche was really light and fluffy could have done with a little bit more sugar. The flat white was really nice too and quite smooth! Would have been nicer not in a tulip cup and a little bit bigger!
I tasted my friends halloumi sandwich and it was really good, however my friend who got eggs said it was under salted. Although they had a nice range of bread to choose from.
Would definitely return for the cabinet food and coffee! Food menu could be bigger but I've heard their Turkish eggs are amazing.

5 star rating
by Selin
2 months ago

I often find myself craving for their unique breakfast dishes. Throughout the summer, we like to gather in there on Sat mornings to kick start a good day, erasing the residues of a horrible working week. Because its this place that makes you feel somewhat alive and cool again. Everything about the place is oddly special. Oh, and you may see international/local literary celebrities there.

4 star rating
by Biohazard
3 months ago

Just off the main Ponsonby and City area, as a cottage themed cafe.. No problems finding a parking, the coffee was nice and I had the Turkish eggs which I thoroughly enjoyed..

4 star rating
by Anna Hinehou
3 months ago

Ashamed to say I've been in the neighbourhood for quite awhile and only just got around to visiting Queenies! We are quite spoilt in Auckland for good choice I guess.

I arrived at around 10am and the cafe was packed! I waited to order a pot of tea and the staff were obviously quite harried - it took about three goes to order my tea as we kept getting interrupted by other staff needing to talk to the woman who was attempting to take my order.

A table soon became available and my friend then arrived, ordered her tea and sat down. For some unknown reason her tea arrived before mine! I put this down to a busy morning but it was still a bit strange.

We both had cakes with our tea which we both enjoyed - I had the ginger loaf which was tasty and not too dense.

Despite the wait for the tea it was overall a good experience and the amount of people consistently visiting there tells me that something is working. I wouldn't let this experience stop me from returning but I'd be interested to see how it pans out next time.

4 star rating
by Stango
4 months ago

The coffee at Queenie's is crazy-good. The milk always made to perfect drinking temperature and the froth is just right. Their mochaccinos also contain quality chocolate - none of that nasty stuff!  Hoping to try out their Haloumi Salad when I eat here next. Staff are also lovely :)

5 star rating
by Zeenat Wilkinson
4 months ago

A real gem! An amazing breakfast and coffee spot. I have pretty much ALL of my work meetings here. Everything that I have tried here has been great but the prawn salad tops my list! Also the haloumi salad.

The outdoor heating is great for winter months when you don't want be cooped up inside.

5 star rating
by Jeremy Merwood
4 months ago

I always enjoyed coming here to get away from the noise of the CBD. I always get the Turkish Eggs with Babaganoush, Yought, Chilli Butter and Ciabatta Bread - Shit is DOPE!!

4 star rating
by BellaDiary
4 months ago

This place is quite hidden, and a bit difficult to get to if you don't know where you're going. Good plus is that there's ample road side parking! Polish up those parallel parking skills (cause I'm hopeless).
Admittedly the food picture does not look very appetising. Apologies on our behalf (I'll blame the bad lighting). But don't let these photos discourage you. So pictured here are the Kedgeree and the Cassoulet, as well as a small flat white. These dishes were packed to the brim with spices. The kedgeree had an almost risotto like consistency, and while it looks quite plain, actually has a complex taste. The cassoulet was hot hot hot. I meant hot, not spicy.  It tends more towards the tangy side. The bread helped take down the sharp flavour a notch. Staff were very nice to us, and the atmosphere of the place was quite lovely. Even though the main road was just a few paces away, it felt quite secluded and private. Very enjoyable lunch. Conclusion, the food is unlike a lot of other cafes. It's different. We urge you to give it a try yourself. The coffee was good, nothing to write home about. A bit torn about the price and the food you're getting out of that however. Subjectively we feel that it might be a little on the pricey side. However it is still something which should be experienced. Happy eating!!

5 star rating
by Olivia Round
6 months ago

Excellent food, great service, great coffee. The setting is so rad and really well thought out. Always a go to for taking visitors to Auckland and they always love it.
Taste: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Value: 5/5
Must try: kedgeree (my No. 1 fave), choc torte / brownie with yoghurt & berry compote.
Coffee is Supreme. My ex bf used to be the barista there and always rates the coffee compared to all the other places in Auckland, which is saying something!

2 star rating
by Tash
6 months ago

Service is slow and the hot chocolate was pricy. Tasted like a fluffy and was way to sweet. So not worth it. Wouldn't be going back anytime soon

4 star rating
by Natasha Furness
6 months ago

Very slow service & despite booking table for 7 staff weren't attempting to keep it available. Coffee arrived approx half hour after we ordered. Food was great though

5 star rating
by Ekta Sharma
10 months ago

This was one of my favourite finds by a really good friend of mine. 
She had used Zomato to find a cafe in our locality for our Friday morning get togethers, and after finding Queenies in an unexpected places, its my fave cafe right now. Mostly because of the ambiance. 
The outdoor furniture gives the place a nice surburban, relaxing feel even though its in the middle of Freemans Bay. 
I really love the layout, from the stools, to the cute and chaotic bathroom wall coverings, and the cage right behind the counter. 
10/10 for the decor. 

Next, the customer service was excellent, upon arrival, we were asked for drinks and given a good amount of time to decide and order. 
They have a great menu with plenty of different/exotic/exciting items on their menu. 
One of the better menus I've seen, some thought really went into it! 

The food was fantastic, I had the eggs benedict with a side of spinnach. It was just as good as I was hoping itd'd be.EVERYTHING WAS COOKED TO PERFECTION, PORTION SIZES WERE GREAT. 
Would've loved it if the coffee glasses were a bit smaller, but I hope I can make it here more often!

5 star rating
by Peifen Chua
10 months ago

A definite must try! Queenies lunchroom has some interesting stuff on the menu, different from your usual breakfast place. Portion wise very decent as well, kept me full nearly the entire day (skipped lunch too). The place is just so cute, certainly does not feel like you're in town. Great place to come to relax and enjoy some food.

4 star rating
by Frank
Aug 15, 2014

Definitely an icon but also hard to find which makes it more worth your while! Perhaps a little on the stuffy side for my usual tastes but I can see the appeal and charm of its character which it has plenty of! Service was great and the coffee was top notch although the bread to filling ratio on my sandwich needed a bit of tweaking :-) Most of the other items on the menu sound quite appetising! Well worth a visit!

4 star rating
by Emma
Jun 27, 2014

Have always had good service here on the weekends dispite how busy it always is. My other half consistently orders the Turkish Eggs, but other options are great too. The lady who runs the front counter is always lovely.

Mainly go for the breakfast, but have had dinner here once before. Pricey, but we had a lovely evening.

5 star rating
by Mairi Herbert
Mar 19, 2014

A Friday breakfast a few weeks ago found me & my breakfast buddy at Queenies Lunchroom for a repeat visit. It is one of our favourites, if not the favourite for our Friday breakfast. It is the cutest little place; just off College Hill in Ponsonby. It is ever so quaint, & a little kitsch, but ever so charmingly kitsch. Lots of vintage china & even a chandelier made from a deer's antlers. Somehow it all works & very much has a tearoom, or lunchroom, from a bygone era feel.

There is an array of wonderful home baking on offer from cakes & slices to scones & giant billowy meringues. However we were their for breakfast. Eggs & toast of course on offer, even boiled egg & soldiers, a childhood & adult favourite of mine. Other than that a menu all her own. On the sweet side of things homemade Queenies granola with berries, honey & yoghurt or blueberry pancakes with honey & ginger mascarpone. Hello ginger mascarpone I want to back for some of that.

Not the usual fare on offer, a cassoulet with chorizo and cannellini beans, a fried egg & toast or Summer huevos; fried eggs on a corn tortilla with spicy tomato salsa, guacamole & crème fraiche. Or what about an omelette with sugar cured prawn & sambal & a herb salad? They are all so tempting but as usual neither me or my breakfast buddy could go past the Turkish eggs; poached eggs with babaghanoush, yoghurt, hot chilli butter & toast. My favourite breakfast & more often than not just too hard to go past!

Heavenly! The eggs perfectly poached with a runny yolk, a little heat from the chilli, cool fresh tartness from the yoghurt & the creamy smoky babaghanoush underneath all melding with that golden, runny yolk. Only one word really, and yes that is delicious. Turkish toast on the side slathered in butter not half bad either.

So another return visit to Queenies Lunchroom will be most definitely be in order when that craving for some Turkish eggs kicks in.

If you like this check out www.toast-nz.com

3 star rating
by Glynis
Feb 26, 2014

Very expensive dinner options - poor service and mean portions. First course tasty but second course not good at all.

4 star rating
by KitKat
Feb 08, 2014

Delicious food, slightly slow service. The meals were quite small and I thought they were expensive for what you get. I had the compote - very yummy - but at $16 I was unsure how they justified charging that much for a small bowl of stewed fruit and yogurt.

4 star rating
by Plibt
Nov 29, 2013

Silly name (won't hold it against them), tasty food. Went here for brunch, the toast was really very tasty. Help yourself garnish pot planters were much appreciated - just pluck the sprig and Bob's the uncle.

It's a cute cafe. Quaint. Maybe their pide/hummus dish could be less perfect? Although, the raw radish was not appreciated - the pieces were too big for my mouth. Won't hold it against them, obvs my mouth is the problem. Very nice on a sunny day.

5 star rating
by Rebecca Smith
Nov 27, 2013

My friend Steph had been telling me about how much she loved Queenies since I first moved to Auckland a year ago so it seemed the perfect place for her to take me for my birthday lunch. Located in Freemans bay it was impossible to find a park but I’m glad we didn’t give up. They have a range of appetising cabinet food, an all day brunch-type menu and a lunch menu. I ordered the Kedgeree and Steph the macadamia nut spring rolls with chili jam and salad with goat’s cheese. I am one of those annoying fussy people who doesn't like a runny yolk and have to specify to server that I like my yolk mostly firm but not completely hard. I dread having to do this but the server at Queenies was so lovely and the egg came out cooked to perfection! I have to say it was the best Kedgeree I have ever had. Not too dry, plenty of smoked fish and not bland at all, as some Kedgerees can be. The spring rolls were also good, light and crispy without being too greasy. To finish we split a slice of passion fruit cake which was truly amazing. Nice and moist and not too sweet with passion fruit sauce drizzled on top. Queenies is now open in the evening, I look forward to trying to their dinner menu.

4 star rating
by Sonia Alex
Oct 28, 2013

We had brunch here today sitting outside in the sun.
Wonderful service, perfect coffees and delicious food.
Very nice outlook and friendly staff.
Highly recommended.

3 star rating
by Olivia Maccormick
Jul 31, 2013

Nice food and excellent coffee but if you're not a regular you're not treated very well. I got no smiles from the lady at the till. When I asked if my muffin could be heated she rudely replied 'it'll probably still be warm' It was such a shame.

5 star rating
by Carl Eastwood
Apr 13, 2013

We're very lucky to have Queenie's as our nearest cafe. I buy coffee from here every weekend and it's definitely the best coffee that I've had in Auckland. We also eat there from time to time and the one thing that you can say about Queenie's is that what they do they do very well.

Their baking is outstanding and their mixture of sweet and savory cooked breakfasts are fantastic. The only drawback I would say about Queenie's is that their breakfast menu has a lot of things that you wouldn't consider to be classic dishes. It does make it hard to pick. But nonetheless, what ever gets served tends to be amazing.

4 star rating
by Juku
Oct 30, 2012

Although I always explore different cafes, I just never came across this one as it is so hidden. I'm glad I found it and tried it out. The pastries was standard - for a good cafe. Staff was nice, seating inside and outside very inviting and I loved the little details, like the little jug which they brought out. I also found it a great idea to already have bottles of water prepared with two glasses on top to take to the table with you.

4 star rating
by NomNomPanda
Aug 04, 2012

The arty decor at Queenie's just makes me want to love this place. The food is good, but sometimes a bit bland, and portions are somewhat on the small side. I like the varied menu, but some items feel pricey. For instance, the caramelised onion and goats cheese tart ($15) would be a cabinet item in many other cafes, quite apart from the fact that it came out cold in the middle last time. The kosheri (Egyptian rice with lentils, $16) is basically just a plate of grains and pulses with a side salad, nice but overpriced. Would and do come back for the ambience.

5 star rating
by Rosie Kaye
Apr 26, 2012

Queenie's Tearoom is one of my favourite little cafes in Auckland. The service here is second to none. The staff work fast and efficiently. They keep a keen eye on all the tables and are fast to clear away and ask if you need a top-up of coffee. Many cafes could learn what great service is from observing these guys.

The location is perfect - tucked away in quiet, suburban street in Freeman's Bay, very close to the Eco Store and New World. Sitting outside is a pleasure because the road is so peaceful; you can enjoy fresh air - no dirty fumes, unlike on Ponsonby Rd.

I love the Kiwiana decor, the mural is brilliant, the bathroom is gorgeous and spotlessly clean.
The food is delicious. There are plenty of vegetarian options which I really appreciate. The coffee is the best in Auckland, strong but not bitter, an orgasm in a cup!

I cannot fault Queenie's, it is superb.

5 star rating
by Victoria Hemingway
Sep 05, 2011

I went for breakfast on Saturday with 3 friends and we all LOVED it! The location is great (if a little hard to find) the service and coffee were both excellent and the food was just delicious. I thoroughly recommend the brown rice porridge. We will all be returning.

4 star rating
by Simon
Feb 15, 2011

Great coffee, beautiful food. I have been here loads of times, and keep returning because of its consistently good food and coffee; fabulous owner and warm staff.

3 star rating
by Minily
Nov 29, 2010

Good coffee, beautiful lunch and the home baking was divine. Service was a bit mixed - they were a bit standoffish with me till they realised I was with someone who frequently visits there. Not sure what that was about, but would visit again just for the food!

4 star rating
by Leah
Aug 17, 2010

This place is so cute. A real hidden gem, actually. Amazing coffee and the interiors are gorgeous, but the takeaway coffee is a bit slow! But the homemade baking is still yummy and the staff are super friendly.

3 star rating
by Donna
Dec 15, 2009

When I discovered this cafe, the coffee was excellent. It quickly became the place I stopped at everyday on the way to work.
But unfortunately quickly couldn't be used to describe how long it takes for a takeaway coffee. I just don't have 10-15 minutes in the morning to wait. The barista often doubles as the counter person, causing massive delays.
Please sort it out, I love your cafe and your coffee!