Queen's Ferry Hotel

3 star rating 7 reviews

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09 3771821

12 Vulcan Lane, Auckland CBD, Auckland

10:30 AM to 12 Midnight (Mon-Fri), 11:30 AM to 11 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Queen's Ferry Hotel

3 star rating
by Cynthia Vanisha Paul
12 days ago

I liked the place the second I stepped in. Such a small and cosy bar with that slight rustic look.
It was then I found out its the oldest bar in Auckland. Haven't tried the food but a good selection of wine.
I'm going there again no doubt!

5 star rating
by Bethany Talele
3 months ago

I've been here several times, my sister comes with me sometimes she loves it here too.  The fish and chips are hands down the best in the CBD imho, the fish is lightly battered and the servings are generous.  The pulled pork sandwich has been my fav lunch in the city for ages.  The staff are friendly, and the prices are reasonable.  This is place is ideal for a quick lunch, or drinks with friends at the end of a hard day.

2 star rating
by Emma Wilson
Feb 08, 2014

We had the pick of all pubs on Vulcan Lane and I am disappointed that we chose this one. Slack service and below average food. My pasta was tasteless and the prawns were clearly overcooked and had shriveled up. A friend dined with us and her risotto looked disgusting, sloppy with a few mushrooms, I was embarrassed we took her there, will try somewhere else in future.

4 star rating
by Maria D
Nov 11, 2013

This place looks like a bog standard pub but give the food a try, it is really good! The fish and chips are delicious and also the garlic bread deserves a mention. If you want some good food and beer, then I'd recommend this place.

3 star rating
by Grant Middleton
Jul 05, 2013

I was rather disappointed at my main course for lunch today at the Queen's Ferry Hotel. Being rather hungry, I opted for a pricier main course, that of the Pork Cutlets served with cabbage etc. Note the 'S' on 'cutlets'. When it arrived, pretty though it looked on the plate, I couldn't help but notice the lack of the plural - in regards to the cutlets I mentioned earlier. My solitary, though tasty, cutlet sat atop a smidgen of (again tasty) cabbage (pretty much completely hiding it). Overall, most of my plate was, well, plate. Empty plate. So what I'm getting at here, for the slow among you, is that my portion was rather small. I wanted cutlets with an 's' like the menu said. I'd also like some more food to accompany it. You still get 3 stars though as, small portion as it was, it was still tasty. I would be reluctant to order it again though. I also gave this feedback in person but didn't receive much of a response so points off for customer service as well.

3 star rating
by Jade Littleton
Dec 12, 2012

Visited on a Thursday evening, it was very busy but I was pleasantly surprised that the tables inside were reserved for dinners only, keeping the loud after work drinkers out the front.

We ordered a jug of cider, I haven't seen this option anywhere else, it worked very well as both my husband and I drink cider and it meant we had plenty to drink throughout our meal.

We got hand cut fries with mince and cheese topping as a starter, it was very delicious and would of made a good smaller sized meal for one.

For dinner I ordered the chicken quesadilla which came with a salad and fries. The salad was not great and the chips were so bad that I did not eat them, even my husband could not. The chicken was OK. My husband ordered the lamb shanks which only came with a small amount of mashed potatoes.

Service was average, starter was amazing but main meals were average, atmosphere was quite good.

5 star rating
by Food Voyeur
Feb 25, 2012

First stop on our CBD pub&food crawl... Queens Ferry provided our starter for the night: absolutely delicious Kumara chips with aioli and a bbq dipping sauce. Monteith's went down perfectly with it. My partner raved and raved about the flavour of the kumara chips (even if a few were a bit burnt around the edges)... and loved the bbq dipping sauce, while I was in love with the smattering of whole grain mustard seeds in the aioli. Staff were very helpful, friendly & smiling.

Most of the rowdy drinkers were outside, enjoying the Friday Night party atmosphere of Vulcan Lane, which meant it was a nice and relatively quiet place inside to start off sober!
My partner insists I give 5 stars, as he loved those kumara chips so much.
Update: since my first review above, I wish to wholeheartedly re-affirm those 5 stars, after I held my birthday event upstairs at The Gin Room last weekend - which was a simply stunning venue. I have to sing the praises of the manager, Jonathan - he was exceptionally helpful, and made things happen just the way we wanted. And the GM Joe was excellent, and even assisted us with helping to stretch our budget further, by suggesting, a week before the event, that we'd probably pre-ordered too much food! So we adjusted the amount on his recommendation, which meant we had just the perfect balance between food and drinks by the end of the night. Wonderful, wonderful experience. I highly recommend!