Quiche Cafe

3 star rating 6 reviews

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09 3031173

19 Park Road, Grafton, Auckland

07:30 AM to 4 PM (Mon-Fri), Saturday & Sunday Closed


Reviews for Quiche Cafe

3 star rating
by Amy
3 months ago

Went there after reading the great reviews. Quiche tasted homemade (which is great if you don't have time to make it yourself, but I personally thought it was average, could easily make the same at home). Hot chocolate taste like weak chocolate milk.

5 star rating
by Danielle
10 months ago

I really do think they make the most delicious soy coffees and hot chocolates. It doesn't taste burnt, but is very creamy and really goes down well with their cabinet food. A personal favourite is the chicken, cranberry and brie turkish pide.
Their pasta and salads are also delicious, and these days you can pick up to three in a large bowl for a reasonable price.

4 star rating
by Sandra Devi
11 months ago

I've been going to this cafe off and on for the past year. The chef makes all the quiches from scratch each morning. Yes, even the pastry base! No wonder it tastes so much different from other store bought quiches and tarts. You can taste the love and effort spent in making these wholesome delights. Highly recommend this cafe for people who are health conscious.

5 star rating
by Craig Drown
Aug 16, 2013

Very very good.
The food is fantastic. Most of it not overly pimped- just fresh, made on premises, great tastes, nicely presented.
Pastries and tarts: incroyable!
Friendly staff.
'nuff said.

5 star rating
by Martin K
Jul 11, 2013

Delicious and extraordinary. I've never before had an experience whereas each meal (and I've tried a great variety at Quiche Cafe) would be so incredibly tasteful (this even includes the grilled vegetable quiche, which would never be an option before). It's almost certain that there must be something going on behind the scene at Quiche Cafe considering that everything has such a fresh and homemade feel to it. Could it be that the chef even makes his own mayonnaise and tartar sauce?

So go ahead and see if you can do the almost impossible – pick your favourite meal at Quiche Cafe.

Now for the coffee. I've travelled Canada, Europe, Australia and now New Zealand but nowhere have I drunk such a good and well presented coffee. This is definitely a world-class coffee. When combined with a world-class service that Quiche Cafe offers, one is certainly in for a treat with every visit.

5 star rating
by Abbie Twiss
Feb 12, 2013

I buy a quiche once every week after a cleaning job, I salivate at the thought of eating those scrumptious flavoured textures of those wonderful quiches, served promptly by staff. I recommend it, it's better than those awful bakeries ! One bite and you won't regret it. Before it became a quiche cafe, I used to buy handmade pizzas in the spot, but quiches won my taste buds. Good for eating and takeaway, you will feel spoilt for sure, can be added with different choices of salad treats! Yum.