Ramen Do

5 star rating 17 reviews

Telephone 09-377 1313

167 Symonds St
Eden Terrace
Auckland City

Japanese, Noodle
Mon - Fri 11:30am - 3pm, 6pm - 9pm
Sat & Sun 12 noon - 9pm


Japanese noodle bar


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MINI DON(pork)$5
Tsukemen $15
Chasyu soy ramen $14
Paitan Ramen $12
Teriyaki Chicken  Don Regular $12

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Meals Served:
Lunch, Dinner

Reviews for Ramen Do

4 star rating
by Jim W.
12th May 2014

Lived in Melbourne and came here to Auckland for a short business trip. I’ve been to a few Ramen places in CBD area and I must say Ramen Do has probably one of the best Ramen in town. Love the noodles, soup and the excellent presentation of Ramen. Highly recommended to all Kiwis or Aussies who love the authentic taste of Ramen but cannot afford to go to Japan, this place is definitely worth a try!

2 star rating
by Marcus L.
22nd March 2014

Walking in I was instantly choked at stuffy air and heat of this place. Clearly the tiny exhaust fan above the front entrance is doing nothing for this place. A couple next to us were fanning themselves franticly with the menus. I had the miso ramen with extra pork top up. It was very bitter and packed with bean sprouts. I had to take out all the bean sprouts which was about 1 third of the bowl to kill some of the bitterness, but that didn’t help. The pork top up wasn’t even noticeable. Wife had the soy ramen and said it was very salty and bitter has well. She didn’t get any top ups, so her bowl didn’t have much toppings. I’ve spent weeks in Japan eating nothing but ramen everyday because its the cheapest and easiest thing to eat there so I know a good ramen when I eat one. This place is rubbish. Seems like the cooks came to NZ and couldn’t find a job. So they start up a ramen shop with no experience at all which results in bad soups. I guess an expert ramen cook in Japan wouldn’t be able to migrate to another country anyway.

5 star rating
by Dan
4th March 2014


This is my other ramen eatery, very good service and yummy ramen. Dumplings are very good to but you only get four, the ramen has much more meat than any other ramen shop in Auckland.

The only issue I have with Ramendo is they don’t have any soy sauce or chili oil on the tables!

5 star rating
by Lucy H.
28th October 2013

I love Ramen Do!!!

My boyfriend and I eat here at least once a week, we can’t get enough!
Very generous portion sizes and a huge range of flavours (They also do a few appetisers and rice dishes which are also delicious). We have tried a lot of ramen at other Japanese restaurants around Auckland but nothing beats Ramen Do!
I’m no expert but I believe this would have to be the most authentic tasting ramen in town.
The staff are always so welcoming and have even remembered our usual orders!
Definitely worth a visit.

5 star rating
by Owen W.
6th October 2013

I’m not much of a noodles person, but this place simply blew me away!

I went for a simple lunch and was first surprised by how quickly the food was served. The ramen is simply excellent – a sensational experience on the taste bud, a generously filling portion, and absolutely flawless authenticity from the meal to the store.

The customer service is another thing that is quite worthy of note. The staff were warm and welcoming, extremely courteous yet relaxingly friendly.

I highly recommend this restaurant, even if ramen isn’t your usual thing. I look forward to my next visit!

5 star rating
by Alex
10th August 2013

Great food and good service. The presentation of their ramen look so mouth watering, good flavors too. Big portion compare to price. My favorite there is Hokkaido ramen. Authentic Japanese soup compare to other ramen shop, never makes you mouth feel dry after having it.

5 star rating
by Erika J.
4th August 2013

Great, authentic food. The ramen is delicious but they also do other meals really well (dumplings, and rice dishes). They have lots of things you can choose to add to your ramen to make it just how you like it. Authentic decor as well. Worth a visit!

5 star rating
by Lanny
23rd May 2013

Prefect ramen, full of flavors and big portion. Side dishes were very tasty too. Very prompt service and good value for money. If you are looking for a great winter warmer meal, Ramen Do is the place to go.

5 star rating
by Paiaka
27th April 2013

Best Ramen in Auckland. As good as any Ramen-Ya in Japan. Authentic soup stocks and pork belly so flavour is the real deal. Lots of fresh side options/toppings and no fake or processed shit like you get in the many Korean or Chinese owned Japanese restaurants that are all over Auckland. Awesome Gyoza as well. Lots of Hokkaido love and tradition in this food so will be going back for more!

5 star rating
by Minyee S.
6th February 2013

Love this place. Best Ramen in town. Love the Hokkaido Ramen.. Yummmmm. The broth is so tasteful and the ramen itself, I think the chef must have made the noodles himself. Love the pork and minced pork by the side. Side with small mortar and pester to grind your own sesame seeds according to your taste buds. What more can I say?

5 star rating
by Noms B.
15th December 2012

I have tried a lot of different Ramen places around town, but this by far my favourite.
The Ramen has great flavour, selection and they don’t hold back on ingredients. I really appreciated the smaller details like having dish where you can grind your sesame seeds before adding it to the soup and a range of toppings on each Ramen (some other places are very limited).
There is a deconstructed Ramen dish (Tsukemen), which lets mix your Ramen together the way you want. That is pretty cool!

5 star rating
by Rangi
11th September 2012

One of the best Ramen places in town. Lots of pork and the noodles don’t taste like two minute noodles. Authentic place, the Ramen Chef is the man. Only downside though is they need to have disposable bamboo chopsticks. The chopsticks they have there are far too slippery for us Western people.

5 star rating
by yuki
19th March 2012

this MISO Ramen is the best!
This restaurant’s Miso Ramen is my favorite Japanese Ramen in Auckland! =) lots of veges and pork on it. make me soooo full & satisfied always.
plus you can relax in the restaurant as long as you like.

but their chopsticks are very slippy, – no good for Ramen..

4 star rating
by strong206
2nd March 2012

I thought the Ramen was good at Tanpopo until I tasted this place. Would highly recommend the “gyokai” fish stock Ramen, it’s the best in town.
Happy dining ,elvinos

5 star rating
by PK
14th December 2011

Definitely the best Ramen in Auckland. I’ve been waiting for this place since I came back from Japan. The size is substantial and the options are really good e.g. extra noodles, meat etc. Blows away all other ramen in Auckland by some distance.

5 star rating
by Brett S.
28th June 2011

I wholeheartedly agree with the first review! My cha-shu miso ramen was at least as good as any ramen I’ve had in Japan, and better than most. The gyoza were subtle and delicious, not too heavy. And the whole lot was amazing value for money too. Perfect for a warming winter lunch and an absolute must for anyone who loves Japanese cuisine.

5 star rating
by KAR
16th June 2011

I have tried in different ramen places in auckland but this is far the best ramen i had.. Spicy miso ramen was really good, rich and porky with a big piece of roasted pork belly… I can’t wait to go back!!!

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