Raven & Cook

4 star rating 16 reviews

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09 6306537

565 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland

8 AM to 3 PM (Mon, Sat), 7 AM to 4 PM (Tue-Fri), Sun Closed


Reviews for Raven & Cook

4 star rating
by I Am Hungry
12 days ago

We visited Raven & Cook for breakfast...allthough outside looked like as if it was a saloon inside is very appealing..ordered banana bread with almond butter and lime chicken sandwich..food was delicious and fresh... plus coffee is great and not to forget whitakers hot chocolate.....service was good... parking can be a problem in evening..wanted to try eggs benedict....but was priced at $24 ....thats the only negative...other items priced reasonably

5 star rating
by Sinky Linger
one month ago

Good services, staffs were really nice and make me feel like home.
Coffee was great and food were superb. The special menu was really nice.
Love that little place differently will come back again.

2 star rating
by Adeline
2 months ago

Turned up on a Sat at 10.30am, was pretty pleased there weren't many people around - so was hopeful we would be served quickly (as we were on our way to the airport).


Food took ages to arrive (I ordered something off the cabinet - how hard was it to put it together with some salad?).

Husband ordered the big brekky - at $26 a plate - it better be darn special.


It was the most ordinary brekky breakfast ever - the potatoes were too salty, actually. Were organic sausages or free range eggs used? We don't know - it was just too plain boring. The only positive was the the mushrooms were cooked well (slightly crisp).

I had the lamb ciabatta with salad on the side. Whose idea was it to grate huge flat strips of carrot with raw red cabbage - beats me. It was yuck. I did not finish my plate (which is very rare for someone like me with a healthy appetite).

So for 2 people + coffees - the bill came to $50. WOW. 

Overpriced. Will not return or recommend. Previous comments about customer service were spot-on too. Only person I saw doing some actual good work was the lady serving the coffee. The two teenage-looking girls behind the counter were too busy checking their phones and chatting with each other. Honestly, when we walked in - they didn't even tell us where to start looking (for the menu) - so we had to work things out ourselves.

4 star rating
by Julia Yang
4 months ago

Went for a quick brunch this morning and was pleased to be welcomed into a cute cafe. I had the banana coconut loaf with almond butter and ricotta, in which the loaf was gluten free, dairy free and sugar free! The cafe has a lot to offer including gluten free and dairy free options for those who are looking for those meals. There are a few healthy options which is always good aswell as the classic eggs bene, eggs on toast etc. enjoyable meal and will be back again.

4 star rating
by Temptation Cakes (Janine)
5 months ago

Waited 50 minutes for food when there seemed to not be many even eating around us they were mainly on coffee and muffins, both meals had burnt mushrooms and its a pricey big breakfast at $26 too, very disappointed sadly. I was full and the bacon/ eggs were great but the wait and price will stop us from returning sadly and we went as they have black pudding on menu but was not available :(

4 star rating
by F.A.T.s "Food And ThoughtS" DUO
5 months ago

Had a great Brunch here last time!!!

                       It was such a rainy day, cold and freezing outside but we are welcome with a big smile by the waitress, she made us some really nicely done coffee to start. The menu is really impressive as for breakfast I always look for something that has a personal touch which is ingredients. So many people don't even noticed it but there is quite a few ingredients there that you really have to forage or grow personally to be able to have it on your menu like nettle leaves and dandelion. Thumbs up as we like fresh and exotic ingredients. 

The meals we had was an omelette with spanner crab which is nicely done, the colour was perfect and had generous crab meat in it, also the home made cornbeef hash with perfectly poached eggs has got that lightness and is perfectly seasoned to start the morning right. I wish it could just be a bit warmer on the decor and heating system, i also waited for like half an hour but I enjoyed everything so we will be back.

Keep up the good work!! Hepibreaky!

4 star rating
by Aucklandfoodlover
6 months ago

Went for an early morning breakfast (7am). Good and pleasant service. Great menu selection with all day lunch. Toasted bread was the highlight.
Verdict : will try again

5 star rating
by Leanne Schou
6 months ago

Just discovered this new edition to Epsom and glad we did. Cabinet food delicious, well priced and generous. We didn't order this time around from the menu but amazing variety and twists on the classics. A must try, we will be back for sure.

5 star rating
by Girlygirl
8 months ago

Oh my fabulous brand new patisserie filled choux pastries which included caramelised popcorn sounds sweet but was just perfect well worth visiting just for one of these

5 star rating
by Alecia Browne
Aug 16, 2014

Delicious food. Organic and gluten free choices.  Good service. Friendly staff. Clean and tidy cafe. Cafe worth checking out.

4 star rating
by Rebecca Smith
Nov 11, 2013

Raven and Cook is my favourite café in Auckland. It has everything a great café should, great coffee, delicious cabinet food and a relaxed atmosphere. After recently moving from Wellington, Raven & Cook reminds me of my local cafés there. Their chocolate brownies are amazing, as are their donuts and brioche (both sweet and savoury). Yum! They have an interesting brunch/lunch menu and the specials change regularly. Definitely a great place to visit for a coffee date or brunch.

5 star rating
by Sarah Lloyd
Jul 28, 2013

This is the best cafe I've found in Auckland for a very long time. Delicious, innovative food, lovely staff and no sweaty Lycra clad customers an added bonus!
Spectacular scallop, sorrel & nettle soup - sounds odd but so so good. And the apple and parsnip soup was equally Delicious. Generous portions and good prices. My 9 and 7 year olds were very happy too. Great coffee. Ill be back for sure.

5 star rating
by Sally Jones
Feb 14, 2013

I have been to this cafe 3 - 4 times now and loved it every time. I am a big fan of Allpress Coffee so needless to say the coffee is good. There is a good range of yum cabinet food as well as a great menu with generous portion sizes. The staff are always friendly and service prompt. I'd recommend this cafe to anyone.

5 star rating
by WA 86
Feb 14, 2013

Wow, tried this new Café out on the way back from the airport, was hanging out for a decent coffee! I am so glad I stopped as this area has been crying out for a nice Café, staff were very friendly, service was great and the coffee excellent. Decided to come back a few days later for Brunch and the eggs were excellent. I highly recommend and hope they do well.

5 star rating
by Caitlin Chatterley
Feb 13, 2013

I visit this cafe at least once a week, every time i come in I'm greeted by the friendly staff behind the counter. The Barista remembers my coffee order and makes it perfect every time. The food is always yummy and i love how they have new specials regularly, with something unique every time. I would defiantly recommend this cafe to family and friends! Keep up the good work guys!

3 star rating
by Sec
Jan 05, 2013

Have been 3 times as it's local - food is good but the service was very poor on all visits. How they ended up on a recent best cafe list is a mystery.
Very nice young staff but they need training in customer service, as does the owner/cook. Only 1 older woman was anywhere near up to scratch.
Prices are on the high side for a cafe so better was expected.
They ignore customers when they sit down (you have to get up & get menus from the counter - on the second visit the owner/cook even told us to get them ourselves!), empty plates left on table even when 2nd cups of coffee delivered; wait time for meals far too long - on all visits the cook was busy talking to people he knew in the cafe rather than helping the kitchen staff; ran out of muffins for eggs bene; ran out of black pudding; 3 of the 5 specials were sold out all before 11am on a Sunday!