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Raviz Indian Cuisine

3 star rating 32 reviews

Telephone 09-579 5700

120 Main Highway
Auckland City

Lunch: Wed & Fri Noon - 2:30pm
Dinner: Mon - Sun 5:00pm - Late


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Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
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Reviews for Raviz Indian Cuisine

3 star rating
by Carmel G.
28th July 2014

The food was okay.

Their biggest downfall is customer service and wait times.

Yes we visited on a Wednesday which was somewhat busy, however, after ordering four mains we waited over an hour to be served. Plus we had to continuously ask for more rice – with four mains you should expect more than one small bowl of rice.

Plus do not advertise items on your menu if you cannot serve them ..

1 star rating
by Anna B.
23rd June 2014

this restaurant doesnt even deserve the 1 star I had to give – seated by the toilets even through the restaurant was pretty much empty bar two tables and a few tables seated outside in the courtyard. Waiter took about 20 minutes to take our orders – complimentary poppadoms were burnt to crispy char around the edges – this place pays more attention to its takeout orders then its dine in customerswho get neglected in the process. meal was quite average to be honest. wont be going back nor recommending to anyone

3 star rating
by mk1144
16th June 2014

I called to order a takeaway @ 2:22pm Monday 16th June 14 afternoon Ellerslie branch ordered two curries, the order was taken and I was told that they gonna be closing soon in 5 minutes, as I said them I am gonna be there in about 10 minutes to pick up the meals and so conversation was finished,by thanking them, reaching the restaurant for pickup I was informed by the staff that they close at 2:30pm and so the order was not taken secondly he told me that the order was not taken properly as the call was disconnected by me ???????? Anyways the moral of the story is that this guys are real punctual on the times and so they should be but the only thing I am disappointed is the order was taken on the phone and when I reached there I was given other excuses but not the takeaway and I have to go some were else for my lunch which was really something not fair but the food is awesome and highly recommended .

4 star rating
by Adrian I.
17th May 2014

Have now been for the 3rd time and have yet to be disappointed by the ambiance,service or the food which is really authentic Indian. I recommend this restaurant 1005, Adrian

3 star rating
by TonyR
28th April 2014

The food taste and quality is always great – its arrival timing (curry 10 mins before the accompanying breads) and the attentiveness of the staff to the needs of the patrons, not so much. And it’s very noisy at lunchtime, being on a main road, plus the outdoor area for smokers being only separated by air, due to the large bi-fold windows, spoils the experience somewhat.

1 star rating
by Michael C.
16th April 2014

Food was great, but service was absolutely terrible. We waited for more the 1 hour between entree and mains. They only had 1 waitress on all night and the poor girl was rushed off her feet. Service needs attention!!!

3 star rating
by Mary
1st March 2014

Delivery ordered at 6.30pm and arrived at 8.30 after initial advice that it. Would be 45 mins. Was not really hungry when it arrived. A pity.

2 star rating
by Daryl
19th December 2013

We visited for the first time this week.
The service was moderate although the wait staff was not overly helpful.
I have heard of some good reviews from Raviz but after my first visit I will not be returning.
I ordered which resembled a very thick green gloop with chunks of Paneer. Also the wait staff did not notice that our drinks were getting low and sis not offer to get more. this also happened when the water bottle at the table ran out.
The food tasted alright but wasn’t very spicy at all even though medium for both dishes was ordered.
Also we were not given a drinks menu so we could have been over charged for drinks.

1 star rating
by Mushe S.
15th December 2013

I ordered a mango lassi. The mango lassi I got was tainted with an unusual taste not usually in a mango lassi drink. This was possibly due to the blender used to make the drink having previously been used for something else but was not cleaned before making my order. Surprisingly she was not keen to give me a refund or replace my order. I approached the cashier and she agreed that the blender used was probably not cleaned. Also the area near the kitchen had an unusual smell. The smell was not a nice smell.

2 star rating
by Caroline
3rd December 2013

We visited for the first time last week. Though the service was a little slow the staff were very friendly. The meal was really tasty and we got exactly what we ordered. Great value for money, we will definitely be going back !!!!!

After writing a good review its a pity I have to write this .We ordered a take away meal,after being told my meal would arrive in 30-40mins an hour an a half later it turned up (after me ringing to ask where are meal was ).I order a Rogan Josh from here once a week and this definatley wasn’t a Rogan Josh .My husband ordered Beef Curry ,he got Lamb.The Scallop starter was VERY greasy an the meal was cold.I will not be ordering again

4 star rating
by Alisha
22nd October 2013

Food is fantastic. Their curries are bursting with flavors. Going with 4 stars due to long wait. Staff was friendly.

4 star rating
by Sonya
17th April 2013

yummmieee is the word, it’s without a doubt my favorite Indian restaurant in Auckland. I only wish the ambience was a lil more classy because people would love to dine in more, I always order garlic and cheese nan and paneer makhani with vegetable jalfraze and it’s just heaven. For all those who have no idea what ind-Chinese tastes like, this is the place where you would love to try some delicious hakka noodles with paneer chilly dry and vegetable machurian witj garvy order some friedrice too. Went there with a few French friends and they absolutely loved hakka veg noodles, also don’t forget to ask for some extra soy, chilli and vinegar sauce – add it to your noodles and friend rice it just makes it even more delicious. How can you not order starters? yummy paneer pakora with some awesome somasas, bhaji (fried onion and potatoes dipped in gramflour batter) with some green and red dates chutney. It’s a must have, I’d suggest go with a big group to enjoy the whole menu haha.. I can’t wait to go back to Raviz again. Vegetarians this is a great place for yummy food I promise you.

4 star rating
by Liv W.
17th April 2013

I had a beautiful curry here for $10 today, for their Wednesday lunch special. I chose the “Vegetable Jalfrezie” which included lots of different veg incl capsicum, tomatoes & onion. It came with perfectly cooked rice. The medium temperature of the curry was perfect for me, and I really enjoyed the spicy flavours.

The only thing I would critique about my experience at Raviz in Ellerslie today, was a bit of a musty damp-carpet smell near the back of the restaurant. Maybe a new leak has sprung up with the latest heavy rains? Might need some carpets purged to relieve the scent ;)

Other than that, it was a great value and extremely tasty lunch, and the efficient staff were good. Plus the meal was served in well less than 10 mins, which I was really pleased with (as I was on a short lunch break).

I noticed there’s super-easy parking on the forecourt too, which I would use next time.

1 star rating
by James
30th March 2013

The curry was one of the worst I’ve ever had (worst I’ve ever paid for). I pre-ordered for pickup and when I got there they hadn’t started making it so I had to wait another 15 minutes. The curry was very watery (chicken korma, chicken sagwala) and they had put pieces of butter chicken chicken in the sagwala sauce which meant it tasted weird. Would recommend against going here.

4 star rating
by Jo L.
17th October 2012

Had our lunch there a couple of times, love the curry. service might not be speedy but it’s friendly so make sure you have some time to spare.

3 star rating
by Russell
5th October 2012

We had purchased two deal vouchers (a great deal – $40 worth of food for $20), so ordered takeaway on two occasions.

The food itself was very good – worthy of 4 stars. Just the Mango Chicken was lacking a little in flavour but the other items we tried were all great – so recommended in that regard.

My only issue, was the DELAY in picking up food. On both occasions on the phone, I was quoted 20 minutes. On the first occasion, I arrived on time and then had to wait for approx 30 minutes for my meal. On the second occasion, I arrived 10 minutes late (having learned from the first time), but still had to wait another 10 minutes for my meal.

Personally I don’t have an issue if I am told “30 minutes” or “40 minutes” on the phone after ordering – sometimes restaurants are busy. I just want the time to be ACCURATE – after all the reason I phone in my order is so I don’t have to wait – otherwise I’d just walk up and order at their counter!

For this reason, I won’t be returning and am rating 3 stars overall.

4 star rating
by Rob F.
22nd September 2012

We ate at Raviz last night using a voucher, which gave us two drinks, two main dishes and a platter starter for under $40.

We were very pleasantly surprised by Raviz! The service was friendly, the food was good and very generous considering we used a voucher – we had to take some home in a doggy bag!

The dining area is a little bit “cosy” but apart from that I strongly recommend the place.

Will definitely return as the menu is excellent value and the food is very tasty.

1 star rating
by Colleen N.
18th September 2012

Have had vegetarian takeaways on the $10 Wed night a couple of times now. The first time thought we had just made a bad choice as we expected two different dishes but the same sauce was on both. Gave them a second chance and ordered completely different dishes, still got exactly the same sauce for both and not much else, although descriptions on the menu were quite different to each other. Better to pay more and go elsewhere.

1 star rating
by Nicole
18th August 2012

Absolutely appalling service. I made a phone order at 7pm on a Wednesday night. It was a busy night as they have 10 dollar Wednesday meals for mains. We got to the restaurant at 7 20pm as we were told the food would be 15 to 20 minutes. We went in to tell the cashier and pay, he fiddled around with the computer and seemed to not find our order we placed over the phone. He then asked us the order and it seemed as though he was writing it into the computer just then. He told us to wait outside (was a very cold day) then he would bring the order to us. We noticed that about 3 people who had come after us to place in order got their food first. We only ordered 3 mains so it wasn’t a big order. We were asked 3 times by staff what we ordered. Finlay at 7 55pm we were just about to get our money back when the man came out with our order. He did not apologize for the wait and just stared lankly.

Worst experience ever at that restaurant. Will never go back.

2 star rating
by sylvia
15th August 2012

Ellerslie – We asked to be seated at a different table and were told all others were booked, so we decided to leave. We were then given a different table. We ordered Chicken Korma which was very very salty and Chicken Tikka Masala which was not in a creamy tomato sauce as described, but in a very oily tomato based sauce. Shame, as this is our local which we went back to try after not being for over a year!

2 star rating
by Vinod
14th August 2012

Never order food on phone and go for dine.. you will be served cold food. Twice had a bad service experience… it really spoils your meal… Otherwise food good

2 star rating
by MJL
26th July 2012

Raviz Indian Cuisine,

Food is more or less okay, but beware of the Raviz trap.

Check your bill carefully, they tried to charge me full price for a beer, when it was actually part of combination. This is a very low blow.

If you order a large Cobra Beer, they have two types (750ml) the widely advertised one for $12 and a very discreet advertised on for $22-80 where they hide the price discreetly. If you ask for a large Cobra, they will bring you the expensive one, $22-80 for 750ml, when you actually thought that you have purchased the other Cobra that costs just $12-00. Please make sure you get what you order.

Absolute rip off and I will not go there again.

4 star rating
by Adeline
23rd May 2012

Raviz never fails to impress us. Lunch deals were awesome. Food was yummy. All good. Only gripe – cut out the incense sticks! It stinks!

5 star rating
by aanchal
17th February 2012

the food is always yummy………service is good too…..the only thing which acts a backdrop (just a little 1) is too much oil usage……..but rest evrythnzz good………….keep it up…………ur cusromer service is very good……..we get real indian taste at raviz………will reccomend to my friends and family for sure….

1 star rating
by Melissa P.
11th March 2011

I would not return……

The waiter was very slow, and restaurant was very quiet. He didnt tell us about the lunch special, we had to ask about it and were then told the wrong price, which had to agrue at the cashier.

Orders were incorrect, plain naan instead of garlic naan. When asked for Medium got less than mild! Some didnt even get rice with their meal or they took too long when all had time restraint.

This was not a pop in lunch, but a prebooked lunch with several of us, so good business.

The thoughts of most is that they will not return.

1 star rating
by elizabeth h.
16th January 2011

My order took about 1.6 hours to arrive and when it did, it was the wrong one. Apparently the driver kept going to the wrong address, even though I told him I would give directions. Then, I was asked if I could have the food delivered elsewhere since the driver could not find it. The food was okay, but definitely overpriced.

1 star rating
by Johan
28th May 2010

We ordered takeaway meals from Hobson branch and received the food after 1.5 hrs! Terrible service considering that we’re located just down the road!

5 star rating
by Sam
3rd June 2009

excellent food

5 star rating
by Donna Ireland
9th December 2008

By far, the BEST Indian food I have eaten. Can’t fault the food or the service. Always friendly staff and very prompt service.

5 star rating
by Jacks
12th September 2008

Food is great !! nice lovely well maintained restaurant with great staff !! greatly recommended !!

4 star rating
by louisa
6th July 2008

Always lovely food. The restaurant is clean and classy but a bit cramped.
The staff are great. This is a great place to go on a weeknight because it is never too busy and you can have a nice romantic and tasty meal. One of the better Auckland Indian restaurants (we’ve tried a lot of them!)
If you like this and are in the Manukau area you should try Sangeets. It is the best I have tried and has an amazing atmosphere in the dining are and the staff are the best!!

4 star rating
by cari r.
13th April 2007

Very good Indian food, great for takeaways and eat inn, I’ve been going there for years and food is always good and great service.

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