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Restaurant Konditorei Carinthia

4 star rating 41 reviews

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09 5751167

17-19 Roberta Avenue, Glendowie, Auckland

  European, Cafe
9 AM to 4 PM, 6 PM to 10 PM (Tue-Sun), Mon Closed


Reviews for Restaurant Konditorei Carinthia

5 star rating
by Jan Z
5 months ago

Have been coming here for years, since the new owner took over.  

Haven't really experimented with the menu too broadly since the schnitzels are *excellent*.  This is the go-to-place for schnitzel in Auckland.   You will also enjoy the selection of desserts :)The menu is readable (this isn't the place if you're looking for the latest fad), and food is consistently excellent and the taste authentically European.  The portions are well-presented, and generous.  They have always been amenable to our special requests (my partner suffers from allergies), and we've never felt hurried along.  

This is not fast food, and the service can be on the slower side.  On the other hand, your meal and conversation won't be incessantly  interrupted either!  The chef (and owner) often makes the effort to meet and greet the guests, and on the slower days you might enjoy a longer chat.   It's a pleasure dining there knowing how much personal pride goes into the food in front of you :)

All in all, a great place to enjoy a family meal.

4 star rating
by Rice & Kai
6 months ago

We've been to this place twice now and have enjoyed it both times. The servings are really big, hearty and filling. If you like meat, this is a good place to go!

We have had the wiener schnitzel and can recommend that, particularly with their potato salad - it's pretty close to what we had in Vienna. I have also had the pork belly tirol before, although I did find that hard to finish as it was so filling and heavy (and the skin wasn't particularly crispy which was disappointing for me). On our latest visit, a number of us pre-ordered the pork hock and really enjoyed it. It was tasty and MASSIVE (and a very reasonable price - under $30), although some hocks were a little drier than others. Luckily mine was tender.

Both times we have found the service to be really friendly. When we were there for a birthday celebration, the birthday girl was given a free glass of white chocolate liqueur. As well as this, they happily obliged one of the party by bundling up all the pork hock bones to take home to her dog.

This place is good value for money if you have big eaters in your group. A nice cosy atmosphere with huge servings and good beer.

4 star rating
by Nom Nom Panda
8 months ago

This Austrian restaurant is a one man band, with the same person taking on the roles of chef, waiter and cashier. Fortunately, there were not too many diners fighting for his attention.

We were also lucky that there was a table next to us who had pre-ordered the pork hock - we were able to partake of this amazing dish, because there was a spare one sitting in the oven, and it appeared quickly on the table.

As you might imagine, the dishes on offer make very hearty fare, more suitable for the depths of winter, with meats of various forms, cheesy noodles, sauerkraut, etc. Surprisingly there are also a few vegetarian dishes, though these are likewise on the heavy side, with crumbed mushrooms or cheese, or more spaetzle noodles.

Service was friendly, and apart from menu suggestions, we were given a takeaway container without having to ask (that pork hock was huge!)

We are keen to return, next time with more people to help with eating all that food!

5 star rating
by Michael Ballentyne
8 months ago

Really worth the visit. Most Aucklanders don't even know where Glendowie is and yet here in this tucked away little suburb is a gem. The cake and the German beer are only bettered by another beer and the friendly service.

Cuckoo clock was on strike... will have to return to see them another time!

5 star rating
by Natalia
Jan 17, 2014

The food was incredible. Absolutely delicious & was good value for money. We had a friend with food allergies & they could cater for her. Great that you could buy German and Austrian beer too. The cakes were like you can buy in Europe. Very friendly staff. Great atmosphere.

4 star rating
by Kate W
Nov 18, 2013

We went to this restaurant almost as soon as we moved to Auckland, hungry for Austrian food to remind us of previous ski trips in Europe. This place didn't disappoint - their Kase-Spatzle was deliciously decadent and the wiener schnitzel tasted exactly the same as in Austria. The owner was pretty grumpy but that almost added to the charm. The ambience was somewhat lacking, probably becuase it's very much off the beaten track.

5 star rating
by Alex
Oct 08, 2013

Love their Austrian/German style decors, especially their cuckoo clock and deer velvet light. We ordered a slice of black forest and blood orange cake, both of them were yummy. However I wanted to try something from the kitchen, we asked the owner can we order something whether the kitchen is closed? He recommend Hungarian beef stew to us, I asked can I try schnitzel from the dinner menu. He agreed.

The owner is very friendly, I was expecting something worse since I read other reviews said the owner is very strange.

4 star rating
by One2one Andrew
Aug 27, 2013

I always been loving their cakes but their coffee is below average and been buying gluten free bread for my mother in law. I like European style cake and their schnitzel with beer for dinner.

I read review from newspaper they got D food grade, not sure now if I should go there for delicious Austrian meal.

5 star rating
by Goran Dekic
Jun 05, 2013

I have been several times to Carinthia and, my wife and myself always liked it. It is like a authentic gastatte in Austria would be, if not better because of the larger choice.
For Europeans this restaurant or should I call it Austrian style pub is definitely great. Will all Kiwis understand and love it I don't know but I recommend to try it on a nice cold winter night.
My recommendation to the owner is to put candles on tables and dim the lights a bit ,so there is a difference between the bar and restaurant area, and the atmosphere will be great..!!

Prost und Guten Appetit..!!

3 star rating
by Peter Hoogenboom
Dec 05, 2012

Austrian food is amazing.
Service is highly variable.
Decor is basic and lacks atmosphere not helped by the fact the place is usually less than half full.
Owner is a bit strange.

2 star rating
by Lyaysan
Nov 13, 2012

The owner was unfriendly (dunno, maybe it's his Austrian or German culture but i would agree with previous reviews, he was a bit of rude as well).
My friends ordered white sausages but me and my husband were not hungry and didn't want just to sit and drink water so I asked if to try their food i could order a kids meal. He let me order one but didn't let my husband saying "If everybody orders kids meal I won't make any money"
I was very upset as I didn't ask him to make a kids portion bigger, i just wanted to try what they serve there. I could haven't ordered anything at all as wasn't hungry and he would not have made any money on me and my husband.
To sum up with , the owner is unfriendly and food is average.
Never again!!

5 star rating
by Himmy
Oct 27, 2012

Came here for their Oktoberfest celebration with a voucher. We were seated quickly and our pretzels arrived almost immediately. The atmosphere was fantastic - we were seated at long tables with others, just as you would at Oktoberfest, and there was a good crowd. The portions were very generous; both the schnitzels and pork hock were flavourful and authentic. The custard slice dessert was light and fluffy - great way to top off the evening. Of course, good beer too! Would not hesitate to come back next time.

5 star rating
by Kumi
Aug 23, 2012

We have left New Zealand and are now living in South Australia. Recently my family traveled to Hahndorf, South Australia where the area has got a name as a German village. This was the first time I tried a German/Austrian cuisine since we left New Zealand. I realized how wonderful the meals and desserts that Carinthia has offered to us for so many years since they opened the restaurant. Always we are fed enough with such tasty meals but we still had a little space left for a piece of cake after all.

Our children are never big cake eaters but this is the only place they always order cakes when we had any occasions came up. The cakes are so gorgeous to look at and full of flavours.

I just want to say thank you for Valentin and Stephan how wonderful you offered us a fantastic and personal hospitalities.

We always want to dine with you when we will be back to New Zealand and we definitely will.

5 star rating
by Peter Czaykowski
Jun 11, 2012

Last week we had one of our family functions at Carinthia and it was as expected - Excellent! Not only did we (5 adults) have the super Schnitzel's but an equally delicious Sacher-Torte, a typical Austrian chocolate cake which is often poorly copied but at Carinthia it is the real McCoy! As an Austrian, I can vouch for that ;-)
Call to make a reservation as he's often fully booked and you don't want to miss out on an excellent meal.

----- 16 Feb, 2012 -----
What a great place! The food is excellent, the menu always includes goodies from Austria (despite being the "Greek" week). We had Greek starters and all I can say, they tasted superb.

For mains, as a group of five, we decided to go "Schnitzel" all the way and what a treat! Let's just say I am "Mr.Schnitzel", being from Vienna I love them, certainly know how they should taste and I can assure you, they are the real deal!

We had Austrian beer and a great time, the waitress was friendly and efficient and there's some new Austrian themed decoration every time we visit.

Overall our family favorite restaurant in Auckland and very good value for money!

----- 22 Sep, 2011 -----
We (a family of four) are from Vienna and so glad we found Valentin and Stephan to remind us how well we eat in Austria. Try the Wiener Schnitzel or the Zwiebelrostbraten and I guarantee you will come back for more!
Stephan's cakes and sweets are the best - 'nuff said. If you like good food and a cozy atmosphere you have got to try this.

2 star rating
by Joel L.
Jun 08, 2012

This review applies to August 2011 - took me this long to get over the experience and write a review.

The food was really nice - it was a good Schnitzel and very nice pretzels. Now I am German, and have lived in Germany for years and I feel I am in a pretty good position to judge these things, and I'd love to go back for the Schnitzel but not when taking into consideration the rest...

However where it all falls down is the chef / owner I presume - what an absolutely abhorent man. First of all we had tried to ring the restaurant all day as we had bought a voucher - however no-one ever picked up. We figured as we were very early we would try our luck only to be, in a very unfriendly way, told that it was the norm to leave a message and that as we hadn't they wouldn't accommodate us. I apologised, stating I had rang a few times and that we had even come from the North Shore, and had no luck. Nope, the guy wouldn't have it. Only when I then spoke in German, and turned to leave saying that his attitude really did suck, did he then come after us saying okay okay he would seat us. We were then seated, only to not long after having our drinks be asked again by the rude chef (the waitress was lovely) to move our table around again, because it wasn't where he wanted it. Overall the guy rushed around very hectic and just ruining the atmosphere for most of the night.

I should add, that despite his rudeness and inability to seat us properly - the place was still over half empty by the time we were finished and leaving. He could easily have accommodated us without the drama and rudeness.

5 star rating
by Antonia Hannah
Jun 01, 2012

We love this restaurant and have been going to it for as long as it has been open. The menu is fantastic, the beers are fantastic and the owners are charming. During the day they also offer gorgeous pastries and coffee. Highly recommend.

5 star rating
by Chrisnmn
Apr 26, 2012

2nd time here, but this time we brought my in-laws from overseas...and to be honest...food and service was just outstanding!!... amazing...good prices...everything was perfect. we are definitely coming back before my in-laws fly back home!. amazing range of beers!!...

5 star rating
by Goran
Mar 21, 2012

Very authentic Austrian/German food,and a real Wiener Schnitzel,not just Panierter Schnitzel like in some ather establishments. Great selection of beer and deserts,nice
ambiente,friendly service. Il be back

5 star rating
by Gregor
Mar 10, 2012

Best Schnitzel in New Zealand! Friendly staff, great food, easily recommendable.

I had the pork Wiener Schnitzel and my partner had the chicken cordon bleu, and both were delicious.

I have been there quite a few times now and it has always been a pleasure, so thank you!

4 star rating
by Alan
Feb 15, 2012

It has been a while since I was last here, but did notice quite a few changes in staff and decor. The food, however was as delicious as ever. I was particularly pleased with the Wiener schnitzel, which was just as well as I'd travelled across Auckland to dine there for my birthday. I suspect the owner has paid attention to the recent comments posted on this site as the service was attentive and comparatively quick, particularly for as busy an evening as St Valentine's.
The only downside was the pineapple juice served to my partner was a bit off.

1 star rating
by Una Hendry
Feb 13, 2012

Never again!!!

Having been here previously and enjoyed the Austrian food I was most disappointed to find the only Austrian item on the menu was Schnitzel. I feel we should have been informed when booking that they were serving Greek food.

Waited 45 minutes for a drink and over an hour for food. I ordered roast potatoes and was served chips. This was grudgingly replaced.

There was a distinct lack of customer service.

We were bombarded with music all night so we couldn't hold a conversation. To crown it all we had to pay a cover charge for being forced to listen to it.

2 star rating
by Peter
Feb 13, 2012

review for 10th Feb. I will keep it short.

Blond waitress was somewhat rude and flustered, was obviously inconvenienced when I asked to the drink menu before I could order, I don’t think her demeanour changed all evening. On a brighter not, the other waitress was much better, at least she was trying to cater for the customer.

Greek night – big mistake, calamari was soggy, all 5 or 6 pieces, flamed Saganaki might well have been out of a supermarket frozen food packet. Place was loud, table was placed well so it could be banged into every time someone walked past, I lost count of how many times the little vase with the pretend plant fell over.

In my opinion, the Chef was more interested in taking my $240 than hearing about how bad the exoerience was.
I could put it all down to a bad night as previously the place has been quite good, but I feel I have been conned out of a good evening and my hard earned money. I couldnt, and wouldnt take a chance on will it, or wont be good - so unfortunately it’s the last time I will take my custom or hard earned money to Carinthia.


1 star rating
by GM
Feb 11, 2012

Konditorei Carinthia's big fat greek disaster with a cover charge!

We had read all the reviews and were very excited to eat here. We dine out frequently and love great food. Upon our arrival, we noticed there was Greek music playing and soon found out it was Greek night. Surprisingly, we were not advised of this important fact when we made our reservations. The Greek items on the menu looked well thought out and very traditional. We ordered flaming Saganaki Cheese, Calamari, Dolmades and Pasticcio. One of our diners ordered the Schnitzel, as there were some of the regular menu items available. I noticed that the staff seemed flustered and there were a few diners that had been waiting a long time for their food. I even heard one table ask to speak to the chef to complain about their meal. After a long wait, our food arrived. It was absolutely disgusting. The flaming Saganaki Cheese was not flaming, but was actually breaded Feta that had been deep fried like a fish stick. The Calamari was soggy and had a strange taste and rubbery consistency. The Dolmades were also nasty. The Pasticcio was okay but it was not really Pasticcio. It was more of a baked beefy noodle dish. In addition, the Schnitzel never arrived and we had to remind them of the order. It arrived 10 minutes later with fries. It was ordered with roasted potatoes. The server got snippy with us when we told her of the error and then she brought out boiled potatoes 10 minutes later. When we went to pay, the chef asked us how our dinner was. I told him it was not very good and it was a big disappointment. He gave me a crappy little grin and said sorry as he was taking my money. Now for the best part.........we were all charged $5.00 each for a "cover charge" for the two person band that was so loud you could not hear anyone talking. This place is a bad joke and the chef should be absolutely ashamed of himself for not only serving totally horrible low quality food but for also ripping off the people in the neighborhood who patronize his establishment. I guess the restaurant business is rough and he is hurting for money. I will never go back and would advise all to stay far away from this place!

5 star rating
by Connie
Nov 19, 2011

Fantastic food, warm atmosphere, great service, a must!

If you love schnitzel and wholesome traditional European cuisine then this is the restaurant for you. I can highly recommend the beef olive, gipsy schnitzel and the pork hock special if you have a group of 4 or more with very large appetites. The sides include seasonal veggies or salad and a carbo of you choice. Spatzel is very different but to die for, do give it a go.

Then, if you have any room left, you must try their homemade desserts. Please don't choose the tiramisu... It is my personal favourite and I get grumpy when it is not available. There is loads to choose from, the apple strudel is particularly great as well.

Lots of traditional european beers to choose from, including some NZ beers and a really lovey wine list full of great choices. Finally the staff are really friendly and attentative. I have clearly been more than once. Bookings are essential due to space limitations and it's open every day except Monday night.

Hope you enjoy your dining experience as much as we always do!

5 star rating
by Mary Underwood
Oct 23, 2011

Ok, better late than never.
I have been meaning to write a review for ages. I brought my daughter here for her 10th birthday beginning of the year. She chose the restaurant as she wanted to sample European food.
Having lived in Germany for years and travelled around Switzerland and Austria, I had a fair idea of what to expect and I wasn't let down.
The schnitzels were fresh and generously sized and tasty.
We all loved our meals. I also ordered a sacher torte for my daughter which did not disappoint. I can't wait to take my family there again and will be doing so soon. I believe a restaurant like this deserves recognition. Its as good as it gets for a lovely small, intimate European eatery.

4 star rating
by Tejpal Singh
Oct 03, 2011

Finding a little gem like this is fantastic... tried last night for the first time and it was so delicious. Will be back again soon! Thank you.

5 star rating
by Arsene Lupen
Sep 05, 2011

This is my first review here at Menu Mania and to Carinthia as well although we have been there before for several times now (7). Please don't go there if you are a McDonald's "fun" but you must go if you ever lived in Europe for a while, came from Europe or you like the real European taste.
Everyone is very friendly and helpful so if you have any problem with your order or any just ask for help from the friendly waiter(s).

They don't have "food" or "meal". They have artworks. We have been living in NZ for 8 years now but this was the (truly) first European restaurant where I finished my dinner with 100% satisfaction (I've already checked several restaurants in Wellington, Dunedin, Chch and here in Auckland as well but they are the best until now).
The cakes give me the spirit of real European life and culture (my favorite is tiramisu cake).
I can give you more details if you need. Just drop me an email.
Don't miss them ... because you'll loose something important in your life.
I'd really keen to meet the chef and also the confectioner to know their opinion about the other restaurants in Auckland to know where should or shouldn't go for a dinner.
...and no, I don't work for them.

1 star rating
by Jimmy Thorne
Jul 30, 2011

We found the place not that great! The guy who served us was not experienced and was swetting all the time!

Didnt have tap beer only bottled and only one or two kinds.

Most of the items in the menu werent on offer!

Ordered Bratkartoffeln and received mashed potatoes and when we let the kitchen know the chef came out personally and said something totally inapropriate and took it personally.

Not going back! Thx but no thanks!

5 star rating
by Cesar Vialpando
Jun 08, 2011

Great schnitzel, great service, great beer. Felt truely at home with the romantic candle lights and the atmosphere.
I had a Jager Schnitzel and it was cooked to perfection, My partner ate the Gypsy Schnitzel and she was suitably satisfied also. Go for the Konig Ludwig Beer as it is to DIE for! These guys have the winning formula.

5 star rating
by Stephen Sharpe
Mar 16, 2011

Our party of seven each had a different dinner; each one was declared "delicious".
Attentive table service; good wine selection , some by the glass;
Warning-if you want the " pork belly" check that it is available for your booking

5 star rating
by Kyial Schlieben
Jan 29, 2011

I have been there twice just for a coffee and OMG I found the real ice coffee - with ICECREAM, not with ice (water) as you get in other places! SUPERB! SUPERB SUPERB!!! Also tried the cakes(with Berries)! AWESOME! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PLACE

5 star rating
by John Layne
May 29, 2010

Have been here on a number of occasions always excellent service. Meals are very tasty if just a bit too large. The Gypsy Schnitzel is outstanding, the Cheese Spätzle "Kasespatzle" is also a favourite of mine.

The pastry chief there is one of the best in Auckland, if you get the chance try the Chestnut cake it's amazing (but it's not in season for long)

5 star rating
by Truby Gravatt
May 28, 2010

Excellent restaurant with a truly homely feel. Food is great, i would especially recommend the Beef Olive with a glass of Konig Ludvig to wash it down.
Definately leave room for the deserts, they are certainly up there with the best NZ has to offer.

5 star rating
by Garry
Dec 31, 2009

Great food, the Chef/Boss is great. Good service, cannot beat the service.

Don't miss the dessert, that's the best part of the night.

No complain, would like to try the whole menu. Went twice tried the Pork Hock, the Schnitzel and cakes. Very good Pork is tender. Schnitzel is crispy.

Chef/Boss gave us free dessert to takeaway, the whole experience is great.

5 star rating
by Changaz
Aug 23, 2009

I would highly recommend this restaurant. The Food is so nice and unique. Give it A go..

5 star rating
by SpagBol
Aug 20, 2009

I would HIGHLY recommend a trip to Restaurant Carinthia. Over the past 18 months we have enjoyed the excellent Austrian fare and warm personal welcome so much that we have become regulars. Meals are generous, desserts are superb. Strongly recommend the Pork Belly and a Konig Ludvig to go with it. Valentin and Stefan cater well for everyone and are DEFINITELY family friendly - kids meals are fabulous, and make sure you order the young ones the herbal lemonade that is specially imported. Stefan's sweet creations are spectacular (esp. the Hazelnut Gateau) - we will not tolerate second-best from anywhere else!

5 star rating
by Peter
Apr 30, 2009

The restaurant has a nice relaxed feel to it. The staff are very friendly and the service is excellent. The food was very good value for money and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. I ordered the Chicken cordon bleu which was good but my wife's schnitzel was even better. They have a range of Austrian beers to go with your schnitzel as well. We'll definitely be heading back.

5 star rating
by Elvina Bier
Apr 06, 2009

We loved this place. Great food and extremely generous servings. We had a main each and then struggled to fit in a delicious dessert. Very friendly service. Highly recommended.

5 star rating
by Matthew
Sep 27, 2008

Wow! What an excellent restaurant.

Delicious food with fine Austrian beer! The owner is very friendly. Will be returning very soon.

5 star rating
by Michelle
Sep 18, 2008

Fantastic authentic Austrian Restaurant. Have been back about 4 times since my first visit 2-3 months ago - in fact I'm taking group of friends there tonight.

Large tasty servings, big glasses of beer and the BESTEST Cakes.

Honestly, the schnitzel at Restaurant Konditorei Carinthia is the SHIZ-nitzel!

5 star rating
by Keith
Dec 04, 2007

Fantastic restaurant and atmosphere. Huge portions and really delicious. Valentine is a chef God.