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106 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland

3 PM to 3 AM (Mon-Thu), 12 Noon to 3 AM (Fri-Sun)


Reviews for Revelry

3 star rating
by L.E.N.S
one month ago

Went to Revelry Sunday night for a friends' birthday. It is a cozy little corner bar, with a long outdoor deck area and a decent sized indoor lounge/dance floor. We managed to get an outdoor seat by the infamous fire place, which if lucky enough to get in the winter months, is such comfy respite from the cold.

We stayed the whole evening and tried a variety of different wines and cocktails (hence, the lack of photos on this review). I stuck with their house Rose for most of the night - no complaints there. We also ordered both the cheese platter and meat boards, which safely fed 6 of us. The meat board was a little on the expensive side ($54) for what was given, but cheese platter was better value for money, had quite a variety of cheeses, and was very tasty.

The bar packs out from Friday- Sunday in the evenings, playing a range of music from old school hip hop to modern chart toppers, making it a lovely little bar to chill out and enjoy a few drinks with friends.

4 star rating
by Helena Chen
one month ago

Came here with a Grabone voucher for dinner a while back. The place is set up as a bar/casual dining area, so we ended up sitting at a high bar table which wasn’t exactly ideal but it was fine. The place was also extremely dark; I’m all for mood lighting but a little more light round the table would have been good. I ordered the duck with gnocchi, which was quite nice but nothing spectacular. The duck was well cooked with juicy flavours, and the accompanying veggies wine well with the rest of the dish. 

Overall, the voucher made the dinner worthwhile, but I probably wouldn’t pay their full price for the dining experience. I have also been here for drinks/events though, and they do great cocktails and delicious fries for those late night munchies! I definitely prefer this place for drinks and socialising over a sit-down dinner.

4 star rating
by GideonMarisa MasterchefNz2015
one month ago

Good bar good food! love the nightlife at this place it really has a good vibe about it and a nice cosy feel, almost like you were in your own lounge at home! have never fully dined here but have had snacks and good beer! highly recommend popping in for a few drinks on a Saturday night!  #g1

5 star rating
by Rebecca MacDonald
2 months ago

Revelry is my favourite Ponsonby road bar, I was there on Saturday night for a friends birthday and unfortunately forgot to take photos again (was having too good a time!) but thought I would write a review anyway. On Saturday we had the area just inside the door by the fire place and food wise just shared a selection of their platters, these were super tasty and great to share. They are great for functions, they had even created a special cocktail menu for our event with cocktails named after diving terms and including the birthday boys favourite drinks!
I have been before and ordered from their menu which was also fantastic. On a Friday or Saturday night if you want to eat in a more 'restaurant' type setting then make sure you aren't too late as about 9.30-10pm most of the tables are taken away as the dance floor starts pumping! So if you want to grab a meal, have some drinks, dance the night or hold an event I definitely recommend heading to reverly

4 star rating
by Laura
2 months ago

Great interior, perfect for a chilled hangout or do. Great for work gatherings, staff friendly and helpful. Would highly reccomend. Also great night life

5 star rating
by Supreet Kaur
3 months ago

This place spiced up my Birthday night! The staff here are wonderful people who actually seem to care about their profession. They provided us with great service, laughter and some great banter. The place is famous for its cocktails and ambiance. The food isn't too ambitious but then again, that isn't their main focus anyway. Would defs recommend this place.

4 star rating
by Heidi
3 months ago

Well I stopped here for late lunch when I was exploring Ponsonby with my brother. We were hoping to try out some of the well-known Ponsonby cafes but got a little lost in the process and hunger was setting in. Revelry fish and chips did not disappoint (surpassed all expectations + amazing value = win win). The place was very quiet however which I found worrying. The waitress was a little inattentative however I guess she must have been rather bored seeing we were the only customers for a while. Can't say I liked the quirky music and decorating.
Love to come back in the evening when the bar is alive and also try some of their cocktails. 🍸

3 star rating
by Maia Churichkova
3 months ago

Casual bar and eatery. I've been here a few times but wouldn't return for the food. I ordered the duck and asked for it medium rare. Not only did the food take ages to arrive (at 5:30pm on Saturday when they weren't busy), but my friend's steak arrived a while before my duck. The duck that did arrive was grey and well done. Although the dressing was alright I didn't really want to pay around $30 for something I wouldn't enjoy so I sent it back. They did give me a refund and asked if I would like it made again but I didn't want to wait another 45 minutes. My friend's steak was quite nice however. Nice place for a couple of drinks.

5 star rating
by Bri DiMattina
4 months ago

Zomato's 7th Birthday party was a blast!!!  Fun, noisy, loaded with lots of friendly people - I don't think the guys at Revelry knew what they were getting into when they agreed to this..... 

As we entered - obligatory photos (hate to think) and then toward the bar - stacked a mile high with pretty twin coloured birthday cupcakes...  Cocktails made to order... 7 Candles (an espresso martini twist) - with vodka, chilli mocka coffee... and The Rogue Zoman (a tom collins twist) - with gin, rosemary infused sugar syrup, and bubbles!!! of course!!!  Boy did we keep those bar staff busy serving cocktail after cocktail!!

I loved the interior - a fun, comfortable but eclectic with an asian? twist....

with us all so busy partying - the food was devoured - the only photo I have is as it is leaving the kitchen!!!! which sums it up - will have to head back for my own plate and not share with anyone.

great night and fun party venue!!

3 star rating
by HJ
4 months ago

Went here last Friday for Zomato's 7th birthday party. I often see it packed out during the weekend but it was my first time going inside. I was pleasantly surprised - I thought it was such a great spot to host a small event or party. The ambiance was great.

I didn't manage to get many of the tasters on offer so it wouldn't be accurate to rate the food. Considering this was a event for food lovers we felt that it was under catered for and a little disappointing and underwhelming. The cocktails I did have were really nice. However they ran out of gin and rose water during the event. I'm not sure if this is there usual dj but we enjoyed the music that night. The staff seemed pretty occupied as this venue was packed to its full capacity.

Overall Revelry hosted a good free event and given the circumstances they handled it really well. Would happily return for a few drinks!

5 star rating
by Foodie
4 months ago

Visited Revelry for drinks with an old friend visiting Auckland after a while. The ambiance is fantastic and we sat on the couches by the fire place. The bartenders were fantastic and recommended some great whiskeys and even wrote down some names for me to go purchase from a store. Fantastic service, will return.

5 star rating
by Kendall Farmer
4 months ago

Had an amazing time on Friday night at Revelry for the Zomato 7th Birthday - the food was amazing, the drinks were incredible and the staff were so attentive and friendly and worked so hard all night. The DJ did a great job and everyone was dancing all night, and the surprise performance from Kita Mean was a total highlight! Thanks to everyone at Revelry for making sure everyone had an awesome night.

1 star rating
by Tony Ma
4 months ago

I have not written a review in a while. But this one was the biggest disappointment all year. this was a Zomato Birthday event for food critics... They were not prepared..

The entire place was packed, you could not walk, some drinks were spilt, and and almost nowhere to sit. The food took forever to come out, when asking for food the staff all had a blank face and was so stressed and did not know what to do. Some were even rude, another told me to wait by the kitchen and said will be with me in a second. I waited 10 mins and ended up getting help from a bartender.

I have no idea why Zomato chose this location? It was the worst place to host a formal function.

I have been to LJHooker fun stop. This year, I have hosted a Luxure Ltd function at Sofitel this year. Pullman Bar for a function and all were prime locations and well organised events.

zomato management is a disappointment with the chaos, however no excuse for Revelry to not know what they are doing. Took over 10 mins to order a drink, and 15 mins just to get small taster foods. Lucky my partner and I arrived early to grab at least one cup cake, they were all gone by the time the function began at 7:30.

The one star vote is for the kickass espresso martini that tasted awesome. Everything else was a let down.

I would not host any events here even if it was free.

5 star rating
by Stango
4 months ago

I came here last night for the Zomato 7th birthday party. There was a special canapé and drink menu on for the evening; I'm unsure whether these options are currently available on their regular menu but loved the service and professionalism of bar/wait staff. I've been here in the past and loved their cocktails, bread platter (dips were very creative: raisin and red cabbage, and various types of oils, hummus etc), and small plates (squid - summer menu). Last night for the birthday party they offered great sliders but a lot of the food went very quickly due to the size of the canapé platters verses the number if guests, and how hungry guests were. Kudos to the waitresses for doing a good job at circulating platters to the far sides from the kitchen. Overall, good atmosphere, amazing interior, music was appropriate for the crowd and the DJ had great energy. I had an absolute blast.

5 star rating
by Miss Charlotte Cake
4 months ago

It's really not often I rate somewhere a 5 but I FREAKIN LOVED this place! The interior design, the furniture and fireplace, the cocktails.

Came here for Zomato's 7th birthday last night and I will definitely be back to try some more food on their menu. The little hamburger sliders I tried were absolutely delicious. I can't remember what the dessert was, it was a banana type slice but it was also quite yummy. Only downfall to this venue was trying to find a blimmin park in Ponsonby on Friday night. 

Revelry, can I PLEASE come and do a pinup style photo shoot in your pretty bar ?

4 star rating
by Vitale Eti
4 months ago

We've been to R many times and will keep going back, this time around, I was lucky enough to be invited to R for Zomato's 7th birthday. We've always found R's service to be top notch and the staff are always friendly and we always manage to find a table or a little cluster of seats to kick back in. The location is a perfect starting point for a night out in Ponsonby and their meals and menu are well thought out and cover a wide range of dishes. I did enjoy the little Burgers that came out, didn't get to try a cocktail, but next time.

5 star rating
by Melanie Rose Hansen
5 months ago

Had dinner here with my family one night, I ordered the market fish and it was served cold... I queried this as I was disappointed and the waiter apologised profusely and checked with the chef. They then made my meal again and it was perfect, absolutely delicious and I was so impressed with the way the staff handled it. They also offered us all dessert on the house which just my sister and I ate. The dessert was amazing too! Loads of chocolate and massive portion!
Left here very happy, big tip for the waiter and will most definitely return. :)

5 star rating
by Alice Kemp
6 months ago

Wow - what a difference a new head chef makes! I had eaten here in the past and been horrified about the food, greasy, bland and poor selection
And now...
The difference is huge! I have been twice since the new menu was released; once for tapas with friends and once for lunch. The tapas were generous, tansy and imaginative - particularly the tomato salad with basil olive oil, balsamic jelly cubes and light cheese (ricotta?) wafers. Lunch was less inspired, but still tasty, beautifully presented and generous.
The cocktails are still amazing.

5 star rating
by Adline Shandil
6 months ago

I love everything about this place. The staff the food and the presentation. Some people may not like it here because it's always packed but oh well that just shows how good they are

3 star rating
by Thefoodloverrr
11 months ago

We got the deal on grabone and decided to give this place a try. We reserved a place, but it was crowded, therefore we had to wait for about 5minutes before we were seated.

We ordered lamb rump and duck breast. I found both were ordinary albeit having a unique taste. The portions were rather small for sharing plates. We also got the chicken and calamari, they were ordinary as well. My friend got the mushroom and she said it was good, but I didn't get to try that dish.

I might return to try the drinks, but maybe not for dinner.

3 star rating
by Oisin O'Reilly
Aug 31, 2014

Not the most ideal place for dinner on a Friday night. I should have known better than to try doing so.It was packed, and we had to wait 5 minutes before any of the waitstaff attended to us and discovered that we had indeed booked a table.The sharing plates are really good, albeit with rather small portions. The duck breast was particularly great.I would hesitate coming back here for dinner, although it seems like a lovely place for drinks.

4 star rating
by LucyGoosey
Aug 04, 2014

Updated review 3.5/5

Unfortunately, upon a second visit to Revelry, I have had to bring my rating down a point. Had the tuna as an entree again, noticed the pea count was fewer which was good. However, our other entree, the calamari, was very disappointing. It came fettucine style, which i actually found quite impressive, however, the sauce was not pleasant at all. It wasn't so bad as to not eat it, but it wasn't good. It was almost a curry sauce. I enjoyed the dash of chili but the sauce was gluggy and the overpowering curry flavour ruined the delicate flavour of the calamari. The main we shared was the salmon with quinoa. Can I just say, not happy with this new discovery. Tastes like cous cous gone terribly, terribly wrong. And let's face it, it's pretty hard for cous cous to go wrong. A lot of effort has gone in to making something this bland. I'm all for healthier options but ugh, never again. Dislike. The salmon itself was beautiful. It was cooked perfectly and the skin was crispy. The portion was generous and along with the two entrees, it was enough for two to share. The service was also brought down a notch which is such a shame as the service I received on my first visit was 5 star. The waiter on visit two was friendly but was very nervous and spoke very quietly. Perhaps he had been forced to eat a plate of quinoa and was still recovering from the experience. Sorry Revelry, but you haven't got the stamina to keep up a 4.5 score. Overall though, and to be fair, this place is still a bit above average in my books. 

Previous review 4.5/5
Amazing food at great atmosphere. Went here on Saturday for lunch and used a Grab One voucher. My friend and I shared the tuna and the tomato tart for entrees and then shared the steak for the main. The tuna was seared beautifully and had a great mix of flavours. The peas over-crowded the dish a bit though. The tart was also very good but I think that it should have been served warm, it just didn’t quite work being served cold. The steak was phenomenal. Beautifully cooked and the amount of flavour that the chef got into the meat was exceptional. The potato and miniature ratatouille were also divine. The service was exceptional and the best I have received in a very long time. Great wine, great ambiance, I will be returning to Revelry as soon as possible!

3 star rating
by SR
Aug 02, 2014

Food is tasty and the interior very inviting. Overall good service. On the pricy side but expected from a location like Ponsonby.

3 star rating
by Eli A
Jul 07, 2014

Went there with a Grabone voucher. I had made a booking, but when we got there they were fully booked and asked if we wanted to sit outside on a cold winter evening or have our dinner sitting at a couch. I asked what happened with my booking, and they went away and managed to organise a table. The food was creative, but not WOW. We had four of the tapas style plates to share between the two of us, and this was enough because we are not big eaters. Dont think will go back here.

4 star rating
by Hugh Jorgon
Feb 28, 2014

First time eating at Revelry, we had a deal voucher and were expecting the bare minimum. Got awesome value for money, chose the squid and it was the best coating I've ever had. I hate going into the city for dinner because of parking and it being busy, but would never turn down going to Revelry Bar, we also had the ribs and dumplings, ribs fell off the bone and were divine.

4 star rating
by Daniel Wang
Dec 08, 2013

We passed by lots of times ,it looked so good,finally we grab a vouch and hit the door. It has dj in the weekend around 8 or 9,phone them to check out. The menu is not very comprehensive ,bar food such as burger ,rib beef in a very big plate. The revelry do has lots of beer listing in the menu, worthy hang out with friend in their beautiful designed room ,feeling very good.

4 star rating
by Lucia Florence
Jun 18, 2013

Gorgeous for dinner, or cocktails. It's lovely that they can actually transition from dinner to vibrant night scene! Some places fail to do so and it's usually the dinner service and food that underwhelms. The service is consistently fantastic.

4 star rating
by Keith
May 15, 2013

Nice decor in this place and a neat little venue in Ponsonby. The food was delicious and a great mix of ethnic foods. Went with a voucher and service was friendly. Quite pricey without a voucher as the dishes are like tapas and very small. We had the pork belly, fried chicken, Indian rice and fish. Doesn't have an extensive menu so probably more suited for drinks and a snack rather than a full dinner.

In any case a nice upmarket place, would be good for a casual business drinks function after work.

5 star rating
by James
Mar 15, 2013

Tried this out with deal voucher. The customer service is superb from the time I called to make reservation till the end. The vege burger that I ordered is one of the best I have tried if not the best. The deco is also really good and interesting. Would highly recommend this place to anyone and will surely go back for their yummy vege burger.

5 star rating
by Philip
Feb 13, 2013

Nice "East meets West" decor. Great atmosphere and awesome music.
Food good, prices good. The service in particular was extremely friendly and efficient. The manager seems to be making an effort to encourage repeat business, unlike so many other places around town.

We tried this place with a deal voucher and will definitely be going back.
A great spot. I have no negative criticisms at all.

4 star rating
by Midori K
Jan 30, 2013

Such a relaxed and friendly environment...very fun and yummy cocktails! Desert Sanctuary is delish! Love the decor

5 star rating
by Andrew Jujnovich
Nov 19, 2012

I have started coming here over the last few months and it's started to become my Ponsonby local.

Decor it fun with great outdoor seating, extensive wine list and it's great to be able be offered a sample before purchasing a bottle if your looking to try something new.

Service is fast and friendly so I'll keep coming back .

2 star rating
by Rich Cave
Sep 23, 2012

Nice setting and décor but let down by miserable pours for the drinks. I got two glasses of house bubbly and when I mentioned to the barman that the tide seemed to be out he explained that I had received a generous pour. Not a good look when the bubbly only fills 2/3 of the glass.

5 star rating
by Todd
Jul 25, 2012

Stumbled across this place a few weeks ago and ended having a great night. Ive been back a couple of times since and each time I've really enjoyed myself. Fast and friendly service. Keep up the good work Revelery!

5 star rating
by Michael Sim
Jul 22, 2012

Called in to Revelry last night to catch up with some friends who had been there the weekend before. Arrived around 10pm and the place was in full swing, music was great, and I loved the indoor/outdoor fireplace! We stood around a table on the balcony, it wasn't a cold night, but I was still thankful for the overhead heating! Service was snappy and the cocktails tasted great, the owner even came up to us and made sure we were enjoying ourselves. I like the personal touch, a welcoming surprise to the Ponsonby night scene!

9/10 at least

5 star rating
by Sarah Forsyth
Jul 21, 2012

After a hard day at the office we opted to stay in Ponsonby – heading to our usual spot this bar caught our eye so we decided to take a risk and try something new

We were greeted by a member of staff within seconds who sat us by the cozy fire and supplied us with menus. Our meals and wine (wine - that was suggested by staff as a match for our meals) arrived in a surprisingly short amount of time considering how busy the venue was.

After finishing our meals we ended up dancing until the small hours, every inch of the night wishing I had worn flat shoes

If you are after a quirky evening in a warm environment, where the staff go out of their way to get to know your name and on top of that go the extra mile to cater to your needs - Revelry is the place to be

We will definitely be back soon


1 star rating
by Danny Rawlins
Jul 10, 2012

It's a sad day when you feel that the best treatment received in an establishment is from the doorman. I was looking forward to finally having an alternate unpretentious watering hole on Ponsonby rd, but to no avail. The service was slow, the music (very bad as it was) too loud, the staff extremely rude and the managers/owners where behaving like they had had more than just cocktails.

All this before 10pm. I doubt I will be back as the 10 or so friends with me. The old idea of people spreading the word about service is true, enjoy yourself and you'll tell ten people, have a bad time and you'll tell 100.

1 out 10. (they sold beer0.

5 star rating
by Rebecca
Jul 03, 2012

Chivalry may be dead but Revelry is not!

This bars decor hosts a mash up of lush oriental meets grandma's antiques closet goods.

The music is chilled and the wait staff are attentive without being over bearing.

We shared a small antipasto platter and the bean dip - delish! All washed down with a Gin.

Ponsonby road needs more bars like this one!!!

I'll definitely be back :)