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Revive Vegetarian Cafe

4_half star rating 10 reviews

Telephone 09 303 0429

33 Lorne St
Also access from 280 Queen St
Auckland Central
Auckland City

Vegetarian, Health Food, Salads, Vegan
Mon - Thur 11am - 8pm
Fri 11am - 3pm
Provided by business


Revive offers an amazing salad bar, and healthy hot meals. The menu changes every day so you will always find something new! Salad Bar: Choose from around 9 delicious options that include ceasar, spinach & brocolli, roasted potato, rice, and other delicious combinations. Meal of the day: Usually a lasagne, canneloni, burrito, bake spanikopita or something similar Hotpot of the day: A curry, stew, casserole or similar served on brown rice Frittata of the week: Made with free range eggs Also access from Escalators at 280 Queen St! There is also another location at 16 Fort St, Auckland Central


Photo of Revive Vegetarian Cafe
Dukkah Roasted Potatoes
Revive Raw Salad
Mushroom Risotto Salad

More Information

Price Range:
Cheap, Under $15
Wheelchair Accessible:
Dietary Restrictions:
Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Vegan, Vegetarian
Meals Served:
Lunch, Dinner
Payment Types:
EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard
Seating For:

Reviews for Revive Vegetarian Cafe

5 star rating
by Amy
21st April 2014

I love this place. I eat at this place at least once a week. The student discounts makes this place an attractive place to eat so I usually pay 5-7 for the meals/hotpots/salads. They also have discounts on their website so if you show them the code, they’ll give you a discount. The food changes every week so it’s always exciting to see what’s on the menu.

They are a plant based cafe. Most of their dishes are gluten free and dairy free so a great place for vegans. They do have some nut free dishes for those allergic to nuts. My favourite dishes are the pad thai noodles, carrot and coriander soup and the mustard potatoes.

Must give this place a go! It is actually ‘healthy’. No refined sugars, small amount of oil, salt etc.

4 star rating
by Pij
28th February 2013

Healthy, tasty and affordable. A great lunch place for cheap students too lazy to make a sandwhich, but not keen on settling for a greasy kebab.

The staff are friendly, although at times they put pressure on you to order, even when the place isn’t busy.

Food is great and the menu is always changing. So many different ways to cook chick peas and I love the hot pots. My only complaint is that the salads can be a bit oily.

I would be so unhealthy without this place. Cannot wait for uni classes to start again just so I can have the pleasure of eating here.

5 star rating
by Antje F.
31st December 2012

Best lunch in town if you are into raw food/ healthy eating. I lost 2kg since I am eating regularly at revive instead of the food court for lunch! and I feel so much better after having their food. everything is tasty, fresh and yummy. Revive uses seasonal ingredients which is good for local farmers and the planet. I also bought the cookbooks, and my friends love it too. it is a bit pricey, but they offer vouchers on their webpage. Try it, you won’t be disappointed. all the food is vegetarian, but even my partner likes it !

4 star rating
by Lucy C.
28th November 2012

Really love this place. I always buy the deal vouchers when they come up and I end up having a nutritious meal, great place and always delighted :)

4 star rating
by Maria P.
14th August 2012

I’ve been twice now and the food has been delicious both times, love that you get a substantial salad with your meal. A bit pricey for my wallet ($14.90 for meal+salad, the hotpot and salad only options are slightly cheaper) but you can find vouchers on their website that allow you to get up to $5 off the price. For all the meat eaters out there, don’t be put off by the fact that Revive only serve vegetarian food, try it and you’ll love it.

4 star rating
by Juku
18th July 2012

Oh my gosh, what awesome food – so yummy and satisfying! Had a warm dish and a salad with it, which was such a perfect lunch!

But why aren’t they open on the weekend?!

5 star rating
by Lena
31st May 2012

All I can say is… I love Revive! I’m a uni student and literally everyone I know relies on coffee and Red Bull to get them through, whereas I’m the one heading down to Revive (often with a handy voucher) to get myself some salad and maybe a delicious lentil lasagne. Needless to say, my caffeine-addict friends always look and feel exhausted, whereas Revive’s food makes me feel fantastic, physically and mentally.

I’m especially partial to their Israeli couscous salad and Dukkah roasted potatoes, but everything I’ve tried has been delicious. I’m not a complete vegetarian (I’m still a pescatarian) but I recommend anyone who is interested in the vegetarian diet to check out Revive. One thing I’ve noticed is that the Fort Street branch gives ever so slightly more generous portions… a lovely server packed so much into my salad container that it was literally about to burst! Gotta love it :D

5 star rating
by Rufina
9th November 2011

Really love everything about this place! The concept for promoting healthier lifestyle, the amazing and delicious vegetarian food, the friendly service, the portion of the food and how fulfilling it is, this place is definitely fantastic! I tried eating here for the first time using s deal voucher, and I fell in love right away although I am not a vegetarian! Came back with my friends and they also love this place, they even thanking me for showing the place to them and they too have been coming back since. Love revive!

4 star rating
by Amy
5th August 2011

Have always been wanting to try this place when I walk past after finishing uni. Bought a voucher online and went and tried their fritata, its actually really good! It’s a little bit overcooked as the eggs are a little bit hard but there are a lot of vegetables!

5 star rating
by Jordan L.
24th February 2011

I LOVE Revive it’s my favourite place to eat in town. I feel like I’m doing something good for my body when I eat here. The food is always super fresh. It’s also really well-priced esp when you use the weekly vouchers they email you :D

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