Richoux Patisserie

4 star rating 5 reviews

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09 5791815

119 Main Highway

  Bakery, Coffee and Tea
6 AM to 5 PM (Mon-Fri), 06:30 AM to 3:30 PM (Sat), Sun Closed


Reviews for Richoux Patisserie

5 star rating
by Kirsten Chan
5 months ago

The queue was pretty long when I got there. Purchased a steak and cheese pie and it was absolutely marvellous. Best place to get pies! Must go there again! :) :)

4 star rating
by Lucy G.
Mar 27, 2013

We just had a most delicious lemon tart at Richoux in Ellerslie. We selected it because it was the last one left (and my partner and I shared it), as it seemed to be pretty popular... what an excellent choice!!!

Best lemon-style treat I've enjoyed for a long time.
Also had a very moreish 'chocolate raspberry devil' slice. Yummo.

5 star rating
by Richard Khou
Sep 27, 2011

Lunch at Richoux Patisserie was a great place. Had a great selection of pies of award winnning pies which is a definite must try. Highly recommended as they are simply fantastic. If you are near or far this place is a must try.

4 star rating
by Kathryn Price
Sep 24, 2011

Fresh food, friendly staff and a great selection of baked goods, sandwiches, rolls, pies and cakes.

5 star rating
by JayJay
Jul 25, 2010

If you want the best baked cheesecake in Auckland, this is the place to get it!...
They're not cheap but $4.00 a slice is well worth it!...