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Roasted Addiqtion Cafe

3 star rating 28 reviews

Telephone 09-815 0913

487 New North Rd
Auckland City

Vegan, Cafe, Vegetarian, Breakfast
Mon - Sun 7am - 5pm
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We have just won the BRONZE at the Annual Baking Industry Association Baking Competition in the Cake division! First time entry and we get recognition! All credit to Jorgia and the team! For all your special events cake requirements, we will be happy to custom a unique one of the kind that your guests will be impressed with! Roasted Addiqtion Cafe, yours since 1995.


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Reviews for Roasted Addiqtion Cafe

1 star rating
by Benjamin W.
9th June 2014

This cafe used to one of my favourites but think after it changed owners the food and service is terrible.
Ordered iced chai latte and was given iced chocolate and when complained to the waiter she totally ignored me and was very annoyed so went up to the counter to complain and the so called barrister asked me if i knew how iced chai was made.The food was discus ting had burger and fries which was dripping of oil and think i would rather have a burger n chips from mc Donald’s then this cafe. would never go back there

2 star rating
by Charlotte F.
7th June 2014

I used to love this café, it was one of my favorites. I think it has changed hands in recent times..
My partner and I went for brunch today. I had corn fritters and long black, he had the beef burger.
Coffee was good but the food and service have really gone downhill – my corn fritters were greasy and the burger was mushy.
Most of all the service is now very disorganized (this was our second visit in the last few months and we have had problems both times), most of the staff seem to have quite a language barrier and communication isn’t the best.
We had a deal voucher for this visit and will not be going back even for an offer, and I certainly wouldn’t pay full price. It’s a shame as I used to be a regular, loved the atmosphere of the place as well as the food and coffee, now it’s a shadow of it’s former self.

4 star rating
by Kylie S.
19th May 2014

I purchased a deal voucher and came here with my husband recently. I absolutely loved this place!

The food was fantastic, I had a hash stack with bacon which was huge and delicious and my husband had a big breakfast which was equally as delicious. The coffee was some of the best I’ve had, it was so good that I bought another one to takeaway as I was leaving.

It was a little confusing though, on arrival we grabbed a couple of menus and went and sat out in the courtyard where we wondered if someone would come take our order or not. Once we had decided, it seemed that no one was going to come so I went back in and ordered at the counter. Staff were friendly and the service was good.

The place could do with a bit of a spruce up appearance wise but the food and coffee was fantastic. I cannot wait to eat here again.

2 star rating
by Mei
22nd April 2014

I came here a few years ago and it was famous for its great Hot Drinks and food wasn’t bad either. This year a voucher tempted me to go again so we tried it. Service now is now very disorganised and you have to go up to order which we didn’t know and spent a long time waiting. Our table was dirty and had to ask a waitress to clean it which she did by wiping crumbs onto the floor. We saw another waitress do this too. Chai Latte and Hot Chocolate watery and bland. No serviette and staff member didn’t understand our request for one. Food was unremarkable, no butter with main Breakfast special, so had to request and was hard as ice. Sausages like children’s party cheerios. Chicken in burger extremely thin and only on outer sides, middle, empty. Waitress cleared away before we had finished eating. Moral of story, if a good place of the past needs to use vouchers, then it’s gone downhill!!!

2 star rating
by Brent M.
3rd June 2013

I visited this cafe everyday for a week and I found the barista to be friendly and above all he knew how to make coffee. I tried the daily muffin which was chocolate and berry and it was good! That was day one! The next six days it was the same thing and so was the daily scone. It arrived steaming, nuked to hell and back. The butter pat came so hard you had to pulverize it to use it. I decided to try a quiche from the cabinet and unfortunately the same outcome, nuked to hell and back! The coffee on the weekend was watery, due to a different barista and as I had ten cups Mon-Fri I decided it’s a no go weekends. Food is rated a two star and coffee a four Mon-Fri.

4 star rating
by Pauline B.
28th April 2013

Great food, great coffee, great staff. We ordered the full size items from the menu but its great to see they offer some half size meal portions for those with smaller appetites. We would definitely recommend this place and would come back again.

4 star rating
by Leigh
7th April 2013

Hadn’t been here for a couple of years so came with a voucher, glad to see the outdoor area has had a spruce up. Coffee is still excellent and also had a soy smoothie with honey which was delicious. I ordered the corn fritters and my friend got the burger. Corn fritters were delicious, however the portions were a tad small. Burger was awesome and the chips were the best I’ve had in ages. Good as service from the guy with tattoos! Want to see this place as busy as it used to be, it’s a cool cafe in a sweet as location.

4 star rating
by James
2nd April 2013

Had breakfast at this place with voucher deal. The customer service was great. The coffee was good and food was 7/10, but the good selection of food choices. Would definitely be going back again :-)

3 star rating
by Jenny O.
12th February 2013

Not much has changed since we visited in Oct 2012. First time, chicken salad was full of mesclun and very little chicken. This time, potato rosti was deep fried to death – extremely crispy & dried plus 2 very thinly sliced smoked salmon. Poor value for money and won’t be back.

5 star rating
by Wendy P.
13th December 2012

We have had brunch at this restaurant many times this year and this is our favourite spot. Service very good. Meals nicely prepared, good size and yummy. Nice decor. The only problem with any business in Kingsland is parking, but for brunch you are okay.

1 star rating
by Natalie
25th August 2012

Had a disappointing lunch here today. My “Deep Blue Salad” sounded good on the menu, but when a mountain of mesclun leaves arrived in front of me, I thought there must have been some mistake. Surely they couldn’t plop half a packet of mesclun leaves on a plate and expect $17.90 for it? Granted, it wasn’t straight from the packet, as a few slices of red onion and some bean sprouts had been mixed in with the mesclun. And when I looked under the mesclun, I saw three small rolled up slices of smoked salmon and four small prawns. I believe the meal’s ingredients would have cost around $5. Very poor value. Hubby’s “Portuguese Chicken Sandwich” wasn’t much better. I see it is listed in the menu on this website at $16.90, however today it is selling for $18.50. The bottom bun of the “sandwich” (which was actually a burger) was soaked through from all the mesclun leaves, and the chicken had very little flavour. Worst of all was the side dish of “crisps”, which were straight from a supermarket-bought bag of Solay potato chips. Hubby was pretty offended by this – the cafe is supposed to entice us with its own cuisine, not processed stuff straight from a packet. We won’t be returning.

1 star rating
by Helle
7th May 2012

Not very impressive. I expected better from a Cafe with many vegetarian dishes but was VERY disappointed to order the VEGE breakfast and be presented with a large pile of spinach barely cooked and no flavour (and more than anyone could ever eat and so wet the rest of the food on the plate was swimming in water)

A huge pile of roasted GREEN capsicum, okay mushrooms, a disgusting overcooked and DEEP fried “hash brown” which was most likely defrosted for too long before it was cooked to a crisp (as we heard lots of microwaving from the kitchen)

Dry boring toast and 2 poached eggs. Would not come back here unfortunately. Only good thing was the coffee which was nice.

1 star rating
by Anneke
27th December 2011

Very disappointed- I’m a vegetarian & ordered the potato & leek soup but instead was given pea & ham, apparently the chef didn’t tell the wait staff the soup had changed. Chef did not apologize and I was not offered compensation. My boyfriend’s order was also messed up, he had already paid for his then was told they had run out then mucked up the order change – won’t be going back or buying their coffee anymore

2 star rating
by Verity S.
7th October 2011

Not impressed at all really! The music was ok, quite nice and one of the staff members was nice. Unfortunately my roasted vegetable and mushroom lasagne was not only cold in the middle it was yuck!
Roasted vegetable??? Hmmm the bottom was all pumpkin, there was something green in there but not sure if it was cabbage or spinach as it was too overcooked. I was most unimpressed with the fact that the mushrooms were from a tin!
This was my first visit – probably my last. Shame as it’s so close to work.
Apparently they do a good breakfast brunch but I’ll stick with The Wine Box in Albany Village thanks!

2 star rating
by NomNomPanda
3rd September 2011

After terrible experiences 3 years ago, involving long waits and raw patties in burgers, we had vowed never to return. However, since I couldn’t write a poor review based on ancient history, and from online comments, it looked like things had improved in the meantime, not to mention the place had an offer in the Entertainment Book, we decided to give them another chance. Perhaps third time lucky?

We decided to try out their new dinner menu, even though the place was basically empty, apart from some people coming and going who seemed to be acquainted with the staff. The background music was pleasant and service was friendly. Were our fears unfounded?

We ordered the Thai Fish Cakes ($13.50) and Pea and Goat Cheese Tart ($12.50) for starters. The fish cakes were served in a lettuce leaf bowl and were inedibly salty, even when you combined each mouthful with salad leaves. The tart, while definitely better than the fish cakes and beautifully decorated with pea tendrils, was nothing special. The best part (apart from the pea tendrils) was probably the onion chutney it came with, which tasted of sweet balsamic.

For mains we only ordered one plate to share, the Hungarian Chicken Papriksh ($26). This creamy macaroni based dish had overcooked pasta topped with two pieces of chicken. The sauce was inoffensive, but not particularly exciting. Overall, it was something that you would be pretty pleased to get, if served at the university canteen, but it was definitely not worth the money that was charged for it.

Someone should take the chef to Depot, Serafin or the Clare Inn Irish Pub (for instance) so he can see for himself the standard of food which you can buy for $26 in Auckland prime locations. Roasted Addiqtion will probably have customers simply due to the crowds from the Rugby World Cup, but they are definitely not putting their best foot forward.

4 star rating
by Adele
6th June 2011

Fantastic food, fantastic service!

Hubby ordered big breakfast which was amazing, he’s a big breakfast connoisseur and this one blew his socks off. Yum home made hash brown (why is this so hard to find at cafes??) He was a very happy camper. I had the french toast which was Divine! Coffee and hot chocolate were perfect.

We had perfect weather and chose to sit out in the courtyard out back which was lovely. The staff are so friendly and made the whole experience even better.

Well done boys & girls!

4 star rating
by CelesteReviews
2nd June 2011

The menu boasts a great brunch selection for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free diets, as well as many traditional dishes.

I had the vegetarian potato hash cakes – with two poached eggs on top of silverbeet and a cake of grated potato and parmigianino with avocado, salad and relish on the side. It was really good!

Another member of our group enjoyed the bacon version of the potato hash cakes, while the third member ordered the Vegan Tofu Florentine which looked fabulous.

Good service, great location. Our only complaint is trying to find a park in Kingsland is a mission.

You can read my full review of Roasted Addiqtion at http://celestereviews….

4 star rating
by PMI
11th February 2011

2 of us ordered Big Breakfast each, Latte and Berry Smoothie (Had this 3 times – always great!)

– Home made potato hash browns (potato rostis) and they are yum!
– Home made baked beans and they are yum!
- Nice Kransky sausage
- Proper butter served on the side

– Had to choose between mushrooms and baked beans

- Free range eggs but would also like free range bacon and sausages
- We have rung ahead with order when on a tight time schedule which they don’t mind

– We definitely will go back again!

3 star rating
by Shannon
31st August 2010

Last time I went to Roasted Addiqtion I was a bit hesitant as I had heard a few things about the coffee that weren’t too great.I was Pleasantly surprised with the friendly service and menu available, though I do think there is room for improvement with with their soy coffee’s. – I don’t’ know If I’m just being too fussy as I know some people find soy hard to work with.
Overall I was pretty happy, If they improve with there Soy lattes I would defiantly be a regular!

5 star rating
by Leah
17th August 2010

After a few staffing issues, I’m glad to see they’ve finally gotten everything sorted and the coffee is back to it’s usual brilliance. Nice one.

2 star rating
by Audrey C.
5th April 2010

There were some good points about our visit to Roasted Addiqtion but these were outweighed by the negatives.

The cafe didn’t get off to a good start by refusing our Entertainment Book voucher – I admit it was Easter Monday and thus a public holiday, but the Entertainment Book only specified that vouchers wouldn’t be accepted on Good Friday or Easter Sunday. Oh, and they still charged us the 15% surcharge.

However, we decided to stay – probably not the smartest decision. The service was great from some staff, surly from others. The coffee was weak and only just warm enough. Our food arrived very quickly – too quickly for mine to have been prepared for me… I’m positive it had been pre-prepared. My friend said her vege quiche was good. I had the scrambled eggs with salmon and a side of homemade hashbrowns. The eggs were watery and the hashbrowns hard – like eating potato chips. Onthe positive side, it was a good-sized serving. I was hungry so ate one of the hashbrowns that actually had some moisture still in it but left the other. When I mentioned the hashbrowns to one of the staff, whilst he was apologetic, he wasn’t apologetic enough to offer money back or even a free coffee.

Overall, not a great experience – a shame given the other positive reviews that the cafe has received.

3 star rating
by Tyler H.
21st February 2010

Why is it that when you walk in the door, your not greeted any longer?

Kingsland is synonymous with students and the carefree adult youth of today, such is demonstrated clearly at Handmade burgers just meters from Roasted, however easy going might be one thing, but going as far as ignoring the customers is another.

All staff appear to be young, somewhat arrogant men, who seem to have trouble taking orders in a decent amount of time.

The food is pleasant, typical for this type of cafe, and relatively overpriced considering just 5 doors down, you can pretty much get everything with $5 off, in double portions at Crutial Traders.

The turn around on a coffee can at times be rather awful, however the smooth blend of the coffee you’ll receive should surely compensate. Don’t forget to try a smoothie also, they can be quite the solution on a humid Auckland summer day.

The environment suits the location, and the bathrooms are for ONCE clean (unlike similar cafes you find ANYWHERE) however the outdoor area is effectively a JOKE (there’s ALWAYS time for landscaping!, no excuses), the table arrangement seems scattered, making it feel somewhat cluttered and crampt, and the ‘Cosy Couch’ often reminds you of their lack of attention to detail, looking tired, worn and unclean.

All around, the cafe needs a lot more work if they want to charge the prices they do. My recommendation, Take a stroll to The Fridge instead.

2 star rating
by Mike W.
6th December 2009

Service greatly lacking. For what we paid, the food was very average. I’ve had a better experience dining at McDonalds

4 star rating
by David
5th December 2009

Once upon a time was my favourite cafe for breakfast or lunch. Love the brioches and the coffee. Portions are big and bursting with flavours. Well done – a good revival.

Comfortable rustic interior, the staff are always nice to deal with.

4 star rating
by Paul M.
17th October 2009

Great little cafe serving good quality food. We’ve had some great meals here lunchtimes and evenings – the pasta of the day and salads are always tasty and good value, while the desserts are excellent. Service is in our experience usually good, if sometimes a little chilled. In our experience lunch and evening service was better than breakfast.


4 star rating
by Andy
24th April 2009

consistently good coffee.
great vibe

5 star rating
by A Cambridge
20th March 2008

One of the few cafes in Auckland with a relaxing chilled out atmosphere.
Tasty and generous sized portions and excellent coffee.
I am now a regular visitor for brunch. They also offer delicious ready to eat food in the way of pizzas,brioche, frittata’s and wraps run. I’ve always found service to be great; swift and pleasant.

5 star rating
by Karen G.
26th April 2007

One of the best brunch experiences I’ve had in Auckland.

A great place to lounge on the old couches, drink stunningly good coffee, and eat huge brunch fry-ups on a Saturday morning.

Very relaxing. This is quintessential Kingsland cafe culture.

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