Royal Cuisine

3 star rating 9 reviews

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09 6256049

115A Symonds Street, Royal Oak, Auckland

11:30 AM to 3 PM, 4:30 PM to 10 PM (Mon-Sat), 1 PM to 9 PM (Sun)


Reviews for Royal Cuisine

3 star rating
by HJ
one month ago

You can't miss this place, it's right next to the busy roundabout in the heart of Royal Oak. This place has potential but needs a little bit of a spruce up or a fresh coat of paint. That aside, its a tasty takeaway spot.

The Chicken fried rice and Chicken chow main are our top picks. And for vegetarians I'd recommend the tofu chow main - which is pretty good! The food here is really good value for money. The service however is average more like what you'd expect from a take away, and sometimes there can be a bit of a wait during peak times. We eat here often so I would recommend this place for a nice quick and easy bite.

4 star rating
by Clint Jacka
one month ago

Good food,good price,
Big menu..
Service good,but bit hard to understand the lady..her English isn't good..
Table was ok..but the window sills and floor was abit filthy..
Il go back for sure.

4 star rating
by Aucklandfoodlover
2 months ago

Royal cuisine is one popular place in Royal Oak. Quick Chinese takeaway, then this is the place. If you love Chinese fried rice, then you must try it here. Quantity as always with any Chinese take aways is good.
I have never dine in here, always done take aways. As with any takeaway restaurants the ambience isn't the best for dine in. However it's clean and tidy. The staff is friendly and very accommodating to our dietary needs.
Lemon chicken and chilly chicken are two other dishes must be tried.
All cleanliness OCD people get in here. It's grade A. Food is great. So just get in here

1 star rating
by Morgan Browne
3 months ago

Ordered online - delivery took more than two hours to arrive. We rang and rang following the progress and they kept promising it would show up. When the food arrived it was cold. Never once did we get an apology. Poor service.

2 star rating
by Jen Steel-Renegade
11 months ago

I usually go past this place on my way back from work. I've never eaten here before and tonight was my first time. I had my food delivered, it was about $25 all up - which included delivery. Anyhow, I was actually disappointed, because the meats in the combination meats nasi gorang tasted off.  It had a really disgusting taste to it. I actually had to throw out the rest of it so no one would get sick. We also ordered some fries, a piece of fried fish and spring roll. The fries were good and the spring roll was okay. But the fish... it was soaked in oil. With each bite, I couldn't taste the fish... just OIL dripping out. I ended up throwing that out too! I don't give second chances with food diners/takeaways, because it's not worth wasting money on or getting food poisoning/sick over. Never eating from here again. It takes a good while for the yuk taste to leave your mouth, after brushing teeth, taking a breath mint and drinking alot of water lol

5 star rating
by Steve Hall
11 months ago

Been driving past for a while now,  and finally decided to try it.  Got the chilli chicken on rice,  was just right for chilli temperature, good portion of chicken, not completely overtaken with rice in the container :)  tasted good, rice, was a little clumped together, but cooked well,  it was chicken, spring onion, and onion, with the rice,  would like something with a bit more Spring onion, might ask for extra next time,  will go back again  for sure

4 star rating
by Sophia Little
Nov 19, 2014

Love the dishes! All though the taste does get a bit tiring and i don't eat all my food because im bored. But overall yum and well cooked! :)

5 star rating
by Pankaj Kini
Sep 13, 2014

This is my local Chinese takeaway and I LOVE IT. The staff is super friendly and the owner is now a good friend. My usual order is Chicken Soft Noodles, Chicken Fried Rice or Chilli Chicken. The owner even makes it with chilli oil and fried noodles just because I like it that way. I have been to a million takeaways and this is by far the best. It is clean enough and NOT healthy but you can't expect that from a takeaway.

This place a little special to me. I love it and I am sure you will too. Cheap, big portions, good taste and friendly efficient staff - what more can you ask for!

3 star rating
by David Boshier
Jun 17, 2013

Some of the best Tom Yum soup that I have tasted in Auckland. Very friendly service in welcoming warm environment.

However the rest of the dishes were a let down and nothing special.

Would not travel across town for, unless you love Tom Yum.