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Sages Indian Restaurant

3 star rating 28 reviews

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09 8469091

1228 Great North Road

  North Indian, Indian
5 PM to 10 PM (Mon-Wed, Sun), 5 PM to 10:30 PM (Thu-Sat)


Reviews for Sages Indian Restaurant

1 star rating
by Lauren Rea Edwards
4 months ago

Don't order delivery with out the exact cash amount. My order was $34 I gave them $54 expecting a $20 note in return. Surely not too much change for them to carry. Apparently so. After debate with the delivery guy about how he should go back to the store and get my change he looked blankly at me, I fail to see why he wasn't able to do this. He then proceeded to make a phone call, then gave me the food, took my money and said he would be back with the $20. It's been half an hour. I am still waiting for them to return. Appalling service. The food was cold and after being given a 45-60 min wait time it turned up 1 hour 15 mins after ordering. Last time I ever go order from here.

4 star rating
by Zahabia Barot
5 months ago

Good quality food at reasonable prices. A place I visit frequently for my daily food needs. Try the Achari chicken, it's excellent. They have good deals from Sunday to Tuesday at $12

5 star rating
by Andy Underwood
9 months ago

Went with three others and shared the 'Sages Banquet' meal. We had a giant bowel of rice to share plus four different curries to dig into, plus a small platter for starters. Each dish was deliciously creamy and full of flavour, and even though there was four of us in total, we couldn't finish the food that was bought out and were allowed to take away the left overs. Best Indian in Auckland!

5 star rating
by Meelz Epz
11 months ago

We went to Sages for dinner and we were blown away from the flavour of the food. The butter chicken and the Chicken Korma were both full of flavour and beautiful. The service and the decor were great overall and the waitress made sure we were looked after. Excellent service!

4 star rating
by Jo Y
Nov 16, 2014

Very good Indian food. Very authentic with great flavours and good Kiwi service. The potato balls in curry are very good as is the good old butter chicken and palak paneer.

3 star rating
by Andy Edmunds
Jul 10, 2014

Good food, attentive staff. nice atmosphere.

3 star rating
by RandP
Jun 20, 2014

We ordered takeaway from this place, 2 curries and 2 Naans

Pros: Food was very pleasant and rather delicious. Judging just by the food and that alone, we will definitely go back again

Cons: Very Very rude employee over the phone. She was not willing to assist a very simple special diet question. Poor customer service or rather no service.

Rice quality was poor. Not sure what brand they use but wasn't nice and fluffy as it is meant to be.

My god, wait time was way too long. Almost an hour and 20 mins.

5 star rating
by Tonette Pearce
Feb 09, 2014

We have been faithful Sages Restaurant fans over a decade and they never fail to disappoint. The food is delicious, the service is great and the prices are reasonable. We have tried Indian food at many places in New Zealand and have found nothing better than Sages.

1 star rating
by Emily C
Sep 23, 2013

I really enjoyed this place growing up, would make a special trip just to eat it, took all my potentials here for picnic food to go to western springs, but I feel these last few years this place has slipped quite badly.
between my partner and I we had an entrée and main to share, main came out first then entrée, small portions, and minimal meat. Later that night after our meal I had the craziest heart burn and reflux. (the glass we had also still had someone else's lipstick on it).

I would of loved to have seen this place excel. But for now I am seeking a New Indian restaurant in the area... I have dined at Empress of India in Grey Lynn and was great! the person behind the counter mentioned that many people come there from Point Chev as the lack of great Indian places is evident.

1 star rating
by Ayla Thomas
Aug 17, 2013

We are locals in Pt Chev and have been here a few times, generally we have found the staff rude, but the food is average for something handy and local. I ordered something for a take away tonight and the staff member was rude as per normal. We ordered a tandoori chicken and 4 garlic naans, absolute rip off to start with compared to other Indian restaurants , and the naan bread tastes like it was dipped in oil with no garlic on it. I will never go here again !! We had to go out and get naans somewhere as these ones are un-eatable !

4 star rating
by Bonsai
Nov 27, 2012

I visited Sages for the first time recently, and was very impressed. I'm a huge fan of Indian food, but there are a lot of mediocre restaurants around. Thankfully, Sages isn't one of them. The food was delicious, and my companions and I will definitely return to try more of the menu. Highly recommended.

4 star rating
by Henry
Nov 10, 2012

Great food, nice layout and friendly service. One of the best Indian meals I have had. Also I like their delivery service

1 star rating
by Cheryl Horvath
May 15, 2012

I am sad to say that our experience was anything but pleasant, my daughter received her meal approx 35 mins afta we arrived and then my husband receieved his 10 mins later after I hour I had not received mine and they had finished theirs, not wanting to dine alone I asked 3 times for my meal to to bagged up so I could take it home, we asked for chilled water 4 times and they mucked up the bill charging us for food we did not receive this restaurant must have changed hands I would never return to dine there again it was a nightmere.

4 star rating
by Phillip Wackrow
May 10, 2012

Excellent menu choice. Great atmosphere and friendly staff.
I would say it would be one of the best Indian cuisine restaurants i have been to in Auckland.

3 star rating
by Ade
May 02, 2012

I went there one weekday with a mate and we couldnt tell if the place was open or not. The front door was locked so we had to knock and wave through the window that we wanted to give them money. We got in! it was basically empty. bough a beer. 7 bucks. ordered a vindaloo (specifically requested it to be a hot as possible) and a vege dish. Paid the $40 bucks and tried to leave but they had locked us in. Food was absolutely delicious. (I couldve had an even hotted vindaloo though!) Also coulda gone for a bit more meat in there for a 2o dollar takaway dish. Overall food was good but locking us in was bad.

4 star rating
by David Boshier
Dec 18, 2011

Friends were really keen for us to try this place as they are regulars. We were not disappointed.

The six of us ordered a complete range of dishes to share from the menu and all were tasty, fresh and excellent. Service was friendly with a smile.

Worth travelling to if you want a change from your local favorite Indian.

4 star rating
by Jess
May 30, 2011

Sages are my "local" Indian restaurant. I've eaten in quite a few times, and the service and food has always been great - I particularly like the cosy, warm atmosphere in the restaurant.

We order takeaways about once a week, either picking up or making use of their great delivery service. The curries are always yummy, and we're particularly fond of the onion bahji and pakora as side dishes. I recommend the mango chicken, chicken tikka masala and lamb saagwala.

4 star rating
by Jessica
Mar 25, 2011

The food is fantastic and is very reasonably priced. We thought the service was great, they were very friendly and had a laugh with us. We have eaten in and ordered take away and have never been disappointed.

4 star rating
by Doug Rencher
Sep 30, 2010

Sages has to be the best Indian restaurant in Auckland. Not only are Karen and Jamahl excellent, friendly host the food is absolutely great! I have visited Sages on over 20 occasions and have never had a bad experience. Only regret that since moving out of the area I do not get there as often.

5 star rating
by Jason
Mar 04, 2010

Totally excellent REAL indian food
excellent service
actually it’s the best indian food in Auckland -

5 star rating
by Sera
Feb 28, 2010

Wonderful place to dine with great atmosphere! Loved it. Have to be one of the best Indian restaurant I have dined in regards to the atmosphere ever.great service,great food. Would never have expected this treasure in the middle of Pt. Chevalier Will definitely be back and would be perfect for a function like a wedding or any other party.

5 star rating
by Kevin
Feb 17, 2010

Great yummy food & great friendly service with reasonable prices.My work colleagues & I had a wonderful time & look forward to our next dining experience! Well done Sages

5 star rating
by Ken
Feb 14, 2010

This is the best curry shop around, the owners are really cool and sweet. They always say hello which is rare these days. I love the food, the best indian food around. I hope u guys have successful business,u r the best, ur a couple of sweeties

1 star rating
by James Anderson
Jan 10, 2010

Never ever go at this resturant, lady is very rude will not leave you alone, we were served with stale rice and curry, hate this place, don't like the fat lady owner, the reviews below sound 100% true

1 star rating
by Jacinda
Nov 15, 2009

After finding a large piece of dirty glass found in the curry, they absolutely refused to refund our money! They also refused to take ANY responsibility saying it must have come from the bag of peas or other vegetable.. after some debate, they agreed on a partial refund of one of the curries as 1/4 of it already had been eaten before the glass was found! They would not refund for the 2 naan bread or the other curry even though it could not be eaten after being completely put off our meal. So we walked out with one sore tooth, out of pocket and unfed!... We will never be eating at Sages again!

4 star rating
by Mark Maffey
Oct 01, 2009

Went for the Sages Banquet, they were flexible enough to change one of the main options for us. There were three of us and the entrees and mains were more than sufficient in size,and all were very tasty.

Karen is an excellent hostess and have no trouble in recommending this restaurant to others, well priced, good selection of dishes and all very tasty

1 star rating
by Ray Gilbert
Jun 07, 2009

Sage's had been a regular haunt with really good food however we will never be going back again after tonight's experience. 5 of us went for dinner and, not being particularly big eaters, we ordered 4 banquet meals between us. This was not good enough for them. Bearing in mind 4 banquets were over $100 and we could have just ordered 5 mains at under $80, we found the attitude bewildering. At first they only brought out 4 plates and 4 sets of cutlery. Then after our protest they brought the 5th one and we thought they had seen sense. That was until we received the bill and we were charged for 5 banquets. Pretty short-sighted in a recession to alienate customers like that. Not only will we not be going back but nor will our friends and we will all be telling everyone we know to avoid Sage's like the plague

4 star rating
by Jeef
Aug 12, 2008

Sages went through a purple patch, lost it a bit and has rebounded with style. Best pick a night when the spare chef isn't on, as he oversalts everything, but on song, this place thoroughly justifies the Metro Award it got a couple of years ago.

highly recommend the Chicken -Madras and -Tikka Masala, but everything is good, fresh and well-made. Competitive pricing, great service and the best naans in Auckland. It's all good!