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Satya South Indian Restaurant

3 star rating 26 reviews

Telephone 09-845 8451

515 Sandringham Rd
Auckland City

Mon 5.30pm - 9.30pm
Tues - Sun 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, 5 pm - 9:30 pm
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Want authentic Indian food – come to Satya and try our dosas which is our speciliaty


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Free Off-Street
Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
Good For Groups:
Good For Children:
Wine, Beer
BYO, Corkage Charge
Wheelchair Accessible:
Takes Reservations:
Dietary Restrictions:
Soy-free, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Halal, Vegetarian, Vegan
Meals Served:
Lunch, Dinner, Dessert
Payment Types:
EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard
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Reviews for Satya South Indian Restaurant

1 star rating
by Nicky G.
17th May 2014

Terrible experience tonight at Satya. Half way through our meal the table behind us vacated. As there was a child there I assume there was a mess on the floor. One of the staff then mopped the floor with strong bleach which wasn’t very pleasant while eating. We then asked to move because of the smell which would have been sufficient. After being moved the waiter took a can of air freshener and sprayed what seemed like the whole can (not exaggerating either) into the restaurant. At this point we were choking on the smell of that and asked to have our meal take away but the waiter insisted we move again. We reluctantly moved and tried to finish our meal as quickly as possible. I can’t tell you whether the food was any good as smell is such an important part of taste and that was overpowered. Worst of all the meal came to $60 and we didn’t get to enjoy the taste or the environment. Never going back again!

5 star rating
by Sally W.
21st April 2014

My husband Rob and I have been dining at Satya South Indian Restaurant for the last 5 years. We are part of the furniture now and wont dine at any other Indian restaurant. Raman is always friendly, always has a seat for us and makes the best authentic Indian meals I have ever tasted. They don’t mind if we eat with our fingers and make a mess while doing so. The Thali’s are delicious and well presented with Sambar, home made mango chutney, Rasam, poppadom, rice, paratha and your favourite meat or vegetables cooked in a creamy mouth watering sauce. Masala dosa is also a favourite of mine and the venue is fully licensed if you want a nice glass of wine to go with the meal. Nothing is a problem to Raman and his lovely wife. If you want a hot hot chilli meal they will give you a spicy hot meal (if you dare)..

1 star rating
by Manish B.
12th April 2014

I went there with my partner and son. Costed $82 for the terrible food (too expensive for 2 adults and a kid).

They served frozen supermarket paranthas, which Indian bachelor boys use for home cooking.

I was expecting a freshly home made paranthas not the frozen ones from supermarket.
That ruined our whole night.

My worst experience, will never go there.

5 star rating
by Troy
9th November 2013

I have been going to the Satya restaurants since they started.

I am the kind of person who happily goes out and tries new restaurants. Satya however is old faithful. I genuinely haven’t ever had a bad experience. The environment is relaxed and comfortable, the staff are on to it, the prices are reasonable and the food is the best curry in town.

I’m not sure how anyone could say anything bad about them.

My only warning to you, is that if you go once you will keep going back.

See you there. Often.

1 star rating
by Harman S.
22nd October 2013

Terrible terrible terrible never had such tasteless food in my life ..service 0 food 1 atmosphere 0 …prices are really higher as compared to food ..there could be better option rather than this place .. I will never come to this place

3 star rating
by Mazhar
4th September 2013

Awesome food. If that’s only what you look for, this place is for you. Ambience wise there is a lot to work on. Service poor. Worth once in a while but not often.

4 star rating
by Sally T.
31st July 2013

For a delicious, adventurous and affordable dinner out, you can’t do much better than Satya. The Dahi Puri are to die for. I end up ordering them every time and don’t want to share. Satya has an extensive menu with a fantastic range of curries. So yum! And it’s also BYO! I have been to this restaurant with my husband and also with large groups. We have had great service and superb food every time.

5 star rating
by Rita C.
25th May 2013

The review below from Katrina is clearly on drugs?
This restaurant has beautiful smiling happy staff, the waiter who served us straight away took us to our seats and when we ordered our entree, he explained how we would eat it – we REALLY appreciated that, and the Pani Puri, which we ordered was SO amazing we were tempted to order more of it!

I ordered the Uttapam, SO SO good. I wolved it down so quickly, it was deeeelicious! My husband ordered a curry which he LOVED, neither of us wanted to share our meals, haha, we were just so happy with our own! We were SO satisfied and even gave a tip (YES we did, which they refused with a smile) cos you just don’t get service or food like that these days.

My favourite restaurant, and from travelling Bangladesh, I can safely say their food is definitely not from a jar like the review below suggests, you will not be disappointed! :)


1 star rating
by Katrina
12th May 2013

This was my first experience at Satya South Indian Restaurant, Sandringham. I have always been a fan of South Indian food. The food served there is an abuse to Indian food (in fact an abuse to all kind of food). I have high expectations of the food there but it was such a disappointment. When we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by flies, then the cook/waiter came to take our order, I still gave it a benefit of doubt and ordered 3 different curries with paratha. The curries tasted like its from the jar, I have a feeling it is from the jar. The paratha was a real shock as it is basically the frozen paratha which has been reheated for us. They did not even bother making the paratha. What is the point of going to a restaurant if we are getting frozen parathas? I did not have problem paying a high price for good food. But this was not worth a penny. We felt cheated and we will definitely not visit this restaurant any more. We strongly recommend that you do not visit this horrible restaurant.

1 star rating
by Jason K.
7th April 2013

Over priced and overrated.
Could have cooked a better curry at home out of a jar.
The chicken in the butter chicken was not tandoored but a sliced breast cut into pieces into a runny sauce.
The other currys were not great either.
Second bad experience here… there won’t be a third time.

3 star rating
by Zuber M.
15th December 2012

Although i like the food at Satya (especially their mango chicken)
the only problem i find here is that the ‘hotness’ is never consistent.

I always ask for HOT.

Sometimes its ‘extremely hot’ sometimes its ‘medium’ sometimes its ‘sweet’ and once in a while it is perfectly….HOT!

But i keep going back (not too often… 2-3 times a year) hoping that they will get it right!

Funny story though… The last time i went there i ordered 2 different chicken meals and asked them to write on the takeaway container which is which. When i got home i realised they forgot to lable the containers.

And when it was dinner time we both thought we’ll taste each others choices…. We then came to realise both meals tasted the same.. Looked the same… There was no difference.

Good job Satya?!!?

3 star rating
by Tim
27th October 2012

We have been there a couple of times but have now found it to be overpriced. Other than that the service is excellent and the thali in particular very tasty.worth a try.

1 star rating
by Michael B.
13th May 2012

We went to Satya about two years ago and it blew us away. We went today and it was run-down and dirty. The tables were greasy and pulling your own plastic chair in left greasy fingers. The butter chicken was so brown sugary that our girls loved it. The special dry fish curry was not Terakihi as described by the chief – it had the consistency of steak and must have been wahoo (old wahoo judging by the strong “on the off-side” of fresh flavour). The final blow came when paying – two people equals $8 corkage! Dirty and run-down yet we parted with Parnell cuisine money. No longer can recommend! It used to be that they brought colouring pencils for kids and gave them a gift – now – nothing. We had to ask for plates and wine glasses but paid dearly for the dirty glass privilege!

4 star rating
by Jason T.
29th April 2012

Despite the exterior and interior decor of this restaurant I would have to say this is some of the best Indian food I have had in Auckland.
The Curries here are outstanding.
A classic example of why you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.

3 star rating
by David B.
27th January 2012

An average, slightly run down Indian restaurant. The service however was good and both the Dahi Puri and Masala Dosa are worth a try.

Not worth travelling past your local Indian for.

1 star rating
by TK
9th January 2012

Ordered takeaway from here.
The Bhel puri was good.
The butter chicken was awful, tasted like supermarket sauces Chicken jalfrezi was average. Roti was disappointing and garlic paratha, seemed to be the Kwaan brand from the supermarket. Overpriced and very very disappointing. Will not go back.

5 star rating
by lara w.
7th January 2012

Gosh darn if you want a really good meal of indian food, then this is a sure fire winner. Visited for my second time just before christmas and the place was humming, the food was brilliant and the service was cheerful and fun. Great meals that are sure to please. Can’t recommend this place highly enough

4 star rating
by Ainsley
11th February 2011

The dry curries (Special South Indian Dry Curry, Murg Badami) are amazing. The Dahi Puri is divine. Sometimes the service is quite slow and disorganised but the food is really special.

Food ****
Service **

Decor is odd, yes – all the restaurants in Sandringham are kind of like that – the Satya on Gt North Rd has nicer decor if that’s what you prefer…

4 star rating
by Peter H.
28th December 2010

Strange, that this restaurant should ever score poorly. With its sister establishment in Newton, it is simply the best Indian restaurant in Auckland. The menu is faithful to its roots, not mass-produced, and service is friendly and reasonably efficient. The small price differentials between Satya and other, cheaper, Indian restaurants one can put down to the fact that quality costs more. Particular favourites include Dahi Puri, Murg Badami, Chicken Palakura…. there’s lots more.

1 star rating
by Betsy M.
1st October 2010

Horrible. Really, really depressing. You are better off eating something from the frozen food section at the supermarket. The food was $17+ for mains and they were not good. Very plain. Terrible, old interior. Slow service. I wanted to like it because we drove a ways to get there on recommendation from a friend. No thank you, will never return.

5 star rating
by Belinda T.
28th July 2010

Best Indian curry in Auckland. Your butter chicken is totally amazing and i love the samosa chat.

4 star rating
by Rosie
14th April 2010

Very good value. They’re always welcoming, but do get busy. The food is superb: try the eggplant and potato curry, dosa or the lamb dishes.

4 star rating
by Amol Patel
21st September 2009

very good food and service. Will go again

1 star rating
by SC
3rd August 2009

Ordered takeaway pickup. Was told on the phone order will be ready in 25mins (rather long for 2 curries). Anyway, arrived on time and had to wait a further 25 minutes.

Food is extremely overpriced. The service and standard just doesn’t match the price. Used to order weekly, but have stopped now.

5 star rating
by Anil
26th February 2009

One of the best indian restaurants i had been since i moved to NZ.

Good food and Ambience.

5 star rating
by Rex
30th May 2008

You wont find a better curry than here. The whole atmosphere is fantastic especially for those that have been to India.

Consistently good and I will miss the food now that we are moving from Auckland. Give it a go and you wont be dissapointed.

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