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  Steakhouse, African
6 PM to 11 PM (Tue-Sun), Mon Closed


Reviews for Serengeti

5 star rating
by Bevan Aplin
8 days ago

This is by far the best restaurant around.The food is out of this world, from starters, main course and desert : it is faultless. I have been to this restaurants many times, and every time the experience is something to remember. The staff are great, the service fantastic and the food...............WOW!!!!  My only complaint would be that I get to full that I cannot eat anymore and have to stop.

5 star rating
by Jyothi Madanlal Chhabria
14 days ago

Went here for my bday dinner. The pork ribs are so delicious. Their portions are large but that did not stop us from eating every morsel. Just scrumptious. Best ribs I have ever eaten.

4 star rating
by Susan Jag
17 days ago

It's a very lovely restaurant for birthday dinner. Had my bday dinner there last year, It has been a long time though but I still can't forget the yummy OX tail.There is a nice gaming room for kids, a bonus for family with the littles.Will go back again, the true taste of Africa.

5 star rating
by Adnan Topiwala
24 days ago

Awesome dining experience !!

Really like the menu and it was difficult to decide what to get. From the steak to the seafood, everything looked amazing.

The service was amazing and the girl who took our order was very knowledgeable about the ingredients used in several dishes which made the experience even better.

It is a bit pricey but it was definitely worth it. Will definitely be recommending to friends and family.

5 star rating
by Lauren SH
one month ago

I've heard about this restaurant a few times, but only recently had the opportunity to finally visit. It was well worth the wait. We were part of a large group and I was very impressed with the service - all of the meals came out together and didn't take too long, despite the restaurant being very full. Waiters were friendly and competent.

The Angus Sirloin was super tasty with the mashed pumpkin and silverbeet a great vege complement. The Peppermint Crisp dessert was amazing, unfortunately it defeated me by a few bites (due to the shear size of my main and full tummy) but I'll be back again to give it another go! Thanks for a yummy dinner and enjoyable night out.

1 star rating
by Cleo Clark
one month ago

Would never recommend this 'restaurant' to anyone. Completely overpriced ($28 for 6 chicken wings) and the decor was really dated and cheap, especially the crappy branded cork table mats. The menu was confusing and upon arriving we were informed that certain featured items were not available. While our waitress provided us with excellent service, the night was ruined by another member of staff harassing us with a sales pitch for Zomato  (even though we kept declining his advances and were trying to leave). If he was hoping we would review the establishment he got his wish.

5 star rating
by Megasupernerd
one month ago

Tuesday is all you can eat ribs night, probably some of the best ribs in Auckland here!

Parking is easy and the service is very friendly.

Food takes a while to come (though they warn you) tonight it took 40mins but it is well worth it. Everything on the menu is good, with a big emphasis on meat (just how South Africans like it!).

Not the first time I've been here and definitely not the last.

5 star rating
by Kera Wong
one month ago

Love love love this restaurant! Why? Plenty of parking, stunning themed decor, amazing food (it's not cheap but you get what you pay for!!!), friendly and bubbly service - the only reason why I can't give it a 5 is because it gets really loud when it's crowded - regardless - this is definitely one of my favourite restaurants of all time.

I recommend anything from the menu, take your pick, it's amazing! :D

5 star rating
by Rich
2 months ago

Great little restaurant for African ex-pats and Kiwis that like a taste of something a little different.  The food is well prepared and fairly representative.  Some if the items are presented with an African flavour like the Oxtail in a little "potjie" or three legged iron pot.I have never had a bad experience here after dining numerous times and my Kiwi and Aussie friends thoroughly enjoyed their experience as well.  One of the best wine menus of any of the African restaurants I have come across.I highly recommend the Cannonkop red.  All things considered it is a good venue, good food, fine wines and great service.  Well done guys.

3 star rating
by Shanan Fuller
2 months ago

Very very busy restaurant and busy for a reason the food is very nice ,a little something different and being a South African restaurant in a very South African part of town it's always going to be busy .

I would have given it a 5 but the wait was just to long! An hour and a half from ordering and also waiting half hour for our drinks and then my partner not getting her wine for an hour as they had forgotten her. In saying that they did comp her 2 wines which was very nice of them and apologised profusely for the mix up. One last little thing tho , after the wait we got our meals and a couple of the quarter chickens were cold which was disappointing , I am prepared to wait for good food but sadly this fell just short,

Apart from that I cannot actually say a bad thing about the place, I am actually visiting again with friends in a few weeks and would love to come back on here and change my rating to a 5 ! All and all a very nice evening and yummy African style food!

5 star rating
by AngeLi
2 months ago

Serengeti is one of the best restaurants in New Zealand! I had my birthday dinner here yesterday and it was just an amazing experience! The food was glorious! We all went home with a happy tummy, not to mention with takeaways because of their huge servings! I had the pork spare ribs and i was smiling while devouring it coz i was pretty sure i made the right choice of choosing serengeti to satisfy my rib cravings on my special day. There were 15 of us last night and i mostly appreciate how they accomodated my request to put us in one long table even though i knew it's gonna be harder for them to take orders with that set up. The waitresses looked after us so well even the manager!

Thank you serengeti! I will definitely come back and expect me to spread good words about you!

5 star rating
by Marc Djongianto
2 months ago

Serengeti is definitely one of my favourite restaurants. They hands down have the best ribs. The sauce the ribs are coated in is so finger licking good! A group of us went there for dinner last night for my bf's birthday and we all came out of there with massive food bellys.

I always get the ribs there for sure with extra sauce on the side. Whether in a combo with other mains or just on their own. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, they do a $39 all you can eat ribs, so if you love ribs, this is definitely the place for you.
We got a variety of different dishes from snails to ostrich to vegetarian platters. The portions are HUGE and not to mention delicious.

All the mains come with either spiced rice, chips or baked potato and a choice of salad from the salad bar or the vege of the day. We all thought they were amazing, with the exception of the salmon dish which was unfortunately overcooked.

To finish off, we also got the must have peppermint crisp tarts which were smooth, creamy, rich and just yummy. Definitely getting one all to myself next time since I was too full last night.

Service was great as per usual and the decor made us feel like we're in Africa. If only this place was closer to home....Id definitely come here a lot more often :)

4 star rating
by Chloé Manihera
2 months ago

Large servings! Great for big eaters with a varied selection of combo options allowing two meat choices. Nice family restaurant atmosphere and a great way to spend a Friday night

4 star rating
by Brett Henri
2 months ago

. Great food, big portions awesome atmosphere. Makes me miss home but definatly worth a visit. Ill recommend to anyone and will most definate be back

4 star rating
by Neil Hemraj
3 months ago

Tasty South African meals. Huge meal portions and definitely worth it. The window seats overlooking the sea is amazing. Service is great but the food is excellent.

5 star rating
by Cel Machado
3 months ago

Awesome food and awesome customer service!!! Super recommend and definitely coming back! The dishes are amazing size and super fair price. Loved it ;)

5 star rating
by Kershia
4 months ago

I was dying to go to Serengeti when I first discovered that it was a South African restaurant showcasing some of South Africa's well loved cuisines. We finally got to go for Mothers Day and was greeted at the door by friendly faces. The menu had a variety of options to cater to different palettes and I absolutely had to order my Dom Pedro. Yum. The food was absolutely delicious as well and came out steaming hot and ready to be devoured. It was a drive for us to get there but I loved the packed atmosphere, and the South African look and feel of the place. Certainly makes one nostalgic for home. Definitely will be going again.

5 star rating
by Anish Nair
4 months ago

Wow went on valentine day, amazing food. You just can't go wrong and the malva pudding was amazing, the entire vibe and service was really good. will be going again for sure.

1 star rating
by Brad Crouch
4 months ago

Came in and were shown past the empty table with the view, to a table in the back corner. "No thanks", we asked for the table in the lovely spot instead. We were sent back to wait by the door, apparently you cant sit at a table that needs a wipe. Once seated We waited for 15 mins without a word or a menu.  The dishes sounded so fabulous and I enjoyed reading up on some history. We ordered snails in garlic, the potjie with veg, the salad and Zanzibar coconut fish. Oh they had run out of the ingredients for the fish. So I ordered the vegetarian with the salad bar. One hour later out came the snails. And I was told they had run out of the ingredients for my 2nd choice of vegetarian. No mention of my husbands meal...I then agreed to the salmon. My husband had gone to the salad bar to get my salad which he ate while waiting. After 40 more minutes out came my salmon. It was nice but the lengthy wait had played with my mind and I was expecting a larger more marvelous portion. I didn't wait for them to bring my husbands meal, but about halfway through my salmon, he was still ravenous and getting edgy. I waived to the floor manager and asked where my husbands meal was. After a while some one came to ask what his order was lost. So it was promised to speedily be sorted. Potjie arrived 10 minutes later perhaps two hours after our arrival. We also had to ask for water and remind them to bring it after a wait. Once we discussed the ridiculousness of the whole evening, they worked hard to win us back. They waived the bill and gave us free somosas. I asked about desert, and the guy went away to ask about some details he was unsure of. He never came back. The food was nothing special.

5 star rating
by Roseanne DiCaprio
5 months ago


Really enjoyed my meal. I got a combo which came with a free entre or dessert of your choice (because it was the special for the night. Large portions and tastes to die for. I couldn't eat all my food so they didn't look down on me when I asked for a doggy bag. 5 star service. Our waitress really knew her wines. Amazing desserts. Can't wait to go back.

5 star rating
by Kenji
5 months ago

Ive been here about 8 times, if you are a meat lover and have a big appetite, this place is HEAVEN!

I have introduced couple of friends and family here and they all loved it. The waiters here are very friendly, the owner who is very chatty shows great hospitality. If you are thinking of going be safe and always make a booking!! I have seen so many people walk in without a reservation and have to wait for about 40 min because its always a full house. 

The food here is on the pricer side, about 35$-40$ for a main but it worth it!. Best nights to go are when they have the specials e.g all you can eat pork ribs or 30$ a main night. One thing though is be aware there is a strict rule of No Sharing or taking home left overs on the all you can eat night. Other thing is if you can get past the 2 plates of pork ribs, i take my hat off to you. 

Meals to eat: Pork Ribs or the Steak!

5 star rating
by Steeti Versfeld
5 months ago

Went here for a nice cool down after a family Dinner being south African and never have been here so I thought Why not called some mates and head on down to Murray's Bay...
Staff are amazing and truly professional, Dessert was on point!!! as I said to the bar tender at the end of the night better than my mother could have made. Was an excellent venue to wind down my night with some truly well priced food will defiantly be back with a new range of friends. 

5 star rating
by Himanshu Chopra
5 months ago

Went there for the dinner for the first time, great service, yummy food, prime location, Much Recommended. Everything we tried there was amazing.

5 star rating
by Katie Pidgeon
5 months ago

Best place to go with kids. A kids room with Xbox and dvd playing. Lovely outlook over Murray's bay and friendly service. Food is yummy too.

4 star rating
by Eli A
5 months ago

Went there with a lunch voucher. Service was great, and the portion size too. Food was good. Had the open chicken burger, and my friend had the steak. I will be going back for dinner to try their more extensive dinner menu.

5 star rating
by Arjun Singh Talwar
5 months ago

Delicious food and amazing customer service skills. The atmosphere was really pleasant and the place had a really positive vibe. I would love to come back here with my family again next week.

5 star rating
by Kim Madsen
5 months ago

A group of us had dinner here for a friends birthday and we all thoroughly enjoyed our meals. I had the rump steak & calamari combo and it was cooked to perfection!! The service was outstanding & efficient, we didn't have to wait long for our meals at all and they all came out together. The waitress we had was so friendly & helpful. A great quality meal for a reasonable price.
I will definitely be coming back again :)

5 star rating
by Andrea
5 months ago

I dined at Serengeti in November 2014, along with family. I would strongly advice to call and make a reservation before coming as the place was packed to the brim! There was a small event going on, so parking was a little tough to find.

Food: I ordered the Catch of the Day which was a fillet of swordfish with lemon butter, accompanied with a baked potato and a choice of veg of the day or a salad from the salad bar. The fish was beautifully cooked, not overcooked and it went well with the lemon butter. The baked potato was nothing to shout about. I chose the veg of the day and I didn’t really enjoy the veg, for it was creamed spinach (not a fan of anything creamy) and mashed kumara.
See photo attached!

My mom chose the ribs and prawn combo and I nibbled some off her - the prawns were yum, accompanied with a peri peri sauce which, to me, would have been better spicier. But the ribs. THE RIBS. It was so good. Smoky and barbequed just right, and the sauce, wow just yum! It wasn’t those places that just boil the ribs and slather a barbeque sauce over it, Serengeti does ribs just the way I love it – barbequed with a delightful marinade.

Service: the service was fast and attentive, nothing to shout about.

Overall: I enjoyed myself very much at Serengeti! The ribs were really the star attraction. The wait for the meals are slightly long but it’s well worth it. My advice – go for the salad bar as it looked a lot more promising than the veg of the day.

5 star rating
by Andrew Ross
6 months ago

What a fantastic meal. Has a kinda tacky cool vibe but that isn't a bad thing. Massive meals that are just plain delicious. Ribs were as good as Tony Romas ribs. Ostrich was spectacular with mushroom sauce. Would highly recommend for anyone who likes excellent unpretentious food.

5 star rating
by Teresabuckle8895
6 months ago

Great service, great food we would definitely go back! The owner came by our table a couple of times as well and we all had really nice conversation. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We would highly recommend this restaurant!!! Teresa & Gershwern

5 star rating
by Adam Ellington
7 months ago

Highly recommended. Best ribs in town for sure. Ive been here a number of times and have never been disappointed. Have had calamari, ribs and some of their chicken dishes - each time they have been cooked perfectly. 

I don't wish to write a long review as I'm short on time but I wanted to add in my recommendation for this restaurant as its top notch!

5 star rating
by Akbar B
7 months ago

Went to Serengeti with my family. Efficient and friendly staff, excellent food. Nice ambience with fantastic views. Fabulous dining experience.

5 star rating
by Pascal Tov-Lev
7 months ago

I have been to Serengeti thrice, and I intend to continue going. I live in the Eastern Bays, and the trip to Murrays Bay is definitely worth it. In the car park at Serengeti, there is an incredible smell of grilled meat which really gets the juices flowing. The staff are really friendly and provide relaxed service with a smile and a laugh. Each time I've been, it has been with medium and large sized groups, which are managed easily by all the staff.The first time I went, the waiter recommended the Zanzibar fish curry, which to my delight used kingfish. The flavour of the curry was amazing, and a taste I'd never experienced before. Before that, I started with the garlic snails which were plump and juicy.My second trip involved all you can eat ribs for the whole table. The plate initially came with three racks which filled me up, but they were too good, so I had to continue for two more racks. There is a delicious balance of sweetness and charring. I ordered chips which were cooked perfectly, and they soaked up the rib sauce nicely. Also on the side was a salad from the salad bar which was very refreshing, and included an amazing curried pineapple salad.Continuing to try new things, on my third trip I started with the chicken livers which were rich and hearty. They were cooked very differently to how anyone else does, so that was a refreshing change. For my main, I ordered a combo of fish and ribs which was accommodated without question (it is not a combo listed on the menu). The fish was again kingfish which I love, and it was a giant, thick and juicy fillet cooked perfectly. The ribs were as delicious as always.I always eat way too much there, so I've never made it to dessert!Overall, a great casual restaurant to be experienced.

5 star rating
by Alan Wilson
Jul 02, 2014

Were there last night with our daughter, her husband and their two young boys. Once a small problem with the booking was resolved could not fault the service or the food, it was served in a timely way. The calamari, the steaks, ostrich and ribs were cooked to perfection and the Dom Pedro was to die for. The boys were well catered for and the Cubs Den makes this a great place to take kids. Thoroughly recommended.

5 star rating
by Roach
Jun 24, 2014

Awesome ribs and malva pudding!!!! We travel fron 30kms away to try this mouth watering South African food

5 star rating
by Lisa
Mar 02, 2014

My husband and i went to the take away serengheti,it had two little sit down areas so we ate in,the owner recommended the ribs/fries/drink for $15 each,oh my god we have never tasted ribs so good,the sauce was amazing too,the owner was a south african durban guy and was extremely nice and friendly and really loves what hes doing,he should be immensely proud and deserves to be busy,and he is,while we ate the phone rang constantly for orders.we live in howick and will go back specificall,y to eat there,we will go to his other srengheti also.well done,best ribs in the country.

0 star rating
Dec 08, 2013

Hooray first review.. Visiting from melbourne and having been born in Cape Town, we were very excited to try this place.

It did not disappoint. Excellent portions, beautifully cooked South African meat and EXCELLENT service. The hippo chicken burger was the clear winner, and even I couldn't finish it!!

Arghhhhhhhhhhhh, I want to return immediately. Too bad I don't live in NZ.

1 star rating
by Marianne MacLean
Oct 09, 2013

So disappointed.....have just come home from being completely embarrassed by the owner, very average and I recommend you steer clear!!! My partner and I had been looking forward to a night out for a while. A nice waiter let us know of a special of a starter calamari with a rib combo, I have a small appetite so we opted for that option. We were deep in conversation when the owner barged in and VERY rudely announced we were unable to order the special, we were NOT to share, they would be watching us and if we ever dinned there again we were not to order the special....I literally felt like a five year old being scolded by a teacher. Totally pathetic, ruined our night. We considered walking out there and then. Try some customer service and manners. Won't be back and will tell others to stay away.

5 star rating
by Dude
Apr 27, 2013

What a great restaurant to dine at. The service was top notch: friendly, prompt, and surprisingly fast for such a busy evening. The kids corner is a brilliant idea, which my daughter loved, and it gave my wife and I a chance to chat without any distractions (until our order arrived of course). I had the mixed grill and my wife an eye fillet. We will definitely return to try more of their hearty menu.

5 star rating
by Zahn Bester
Dec 02, 2012

I've been to Serengeti on several occasions now and each time has been better than the last. The staff are fantastic, organized and very friendly, the food is EPIC! Good value for money. There's a seperate playroom for the kids so the adults can get in some dedicated rib-eating time. Highly recommend!

4 star rating
by Denver
Oct 16, 2012

Hi there Serengeti is out right the best restaurant I've ever had the pleasure of eating at here in NZ. Most of my friends I've already send here and this week my Samoan friend and his family is also going to see what it is that I'm always talking about. I know they won't be disappointed. End of October I'll be bringing my parents who is visiting from South Africa. Keep up the good work and great service. Denver

5 star rating
by Jan Willem Strijker
Aug 23, 2012

Had dinner last night and tried their new seafood platter. Fried calamari, king prawns, marlin steak, scallops, mussels. Comes with a serving of brown rice, but I believe you can choose fries. The rice is nice though. Salads from the buffet included as well. I started with the snails with garlic and a nice layer of melted cheese. Yummy! We were lucky to get a table, as on Wednesday night it was packed.

5 star rating
by Leighton
Jun 25, 2012

The only word to describe the dinner we received last night. "Fantastic"
My partner and I both ordered the surf and turf and were not disappointed. A Beautifully cooked Rump steak with mushroom sauce, fries, Veges, prawns & garlic sauce. The helpings were very generous and I was strugging to eat every delicious bite. The service was very good and attentive. The environment was nice with some African themed murals and music. I would recommend to anybody that loves a good steak or is a meateater.

4 star rating
by Pieter
Jun 22, 2012

Excellent service and value for money will definitely go again.Compliments to the staff and chef.

4 star rating
by Peter Woodberg
May 12, 2012

Seregeti has built up its reputation with its service, large portions and very good food. The Ribs are outstanding and hard to beat anywhere in New Zealand. I like having the combo of Ribs and prawns with peri peri sauce. I lick my lips just thinking about it. Serengeti is always busy so you need to book even on Sundays. I do not think there are may restaurants on the North Shore that are constantly full. A must for the guys and the girls is a Dom Pedro, which is like an icecream milkshake with whiskey or your choice of liqeur only $9.50. Give it a try.

5 star rating
by Gill
Mar 30, 2012

Went there the first time last night.Great Service.In fact outstanding,compared to many in New Zealand ! ! had the spare ribs.....absolutely amazing.Finger licking good......Great chips and nice salad bar .The portion size was good .I couldn't take advantage of the eat as many as you can ! Will go again and again.
Compliments to the chefs and the waiters and waitresses,they were amazing ...

4 star rating
by Nevil & Sue
Mar 28, 2012

We have been here so many times and it never disappoints. Great friendly service, and the food is outstanding, with big portion sizes.

4 star rating
by Mark
Mar 27, 2012

As usual a pleasure to visit. Steak was cooked perfectly. Although a bit pricey at first glance, you do get a variety of salads to choose from at no extra charge as well as pre-dinner rolls and butter etc. Nice family-friendly atmosphere and view of the beach.

5 star rating
by Dana
Oct 12, 2011

Went to serengeti for the first time back in march and loved it, have been several times since introducing family and friends.. love it.
Ive had steak, calimari, chicken and ribs... their chips and salad are great side meals.
Great meals and great people.. my favourite restaurant :)

5 star rating
by Joanne Rome
Oct 02, 2011

My partner is South African and I will always take him here for a treat :)
Awesome food, the restaurant is always packed so I must remember to book. My partner said the meat was amazing and I very much enjoyed the deserts. Great experience, can't wait for next time. Thank You

3 star rating
by Jay Arvidson
Jun 27, 2011

Nice family restaurant. The steak and ribs were great but thought the seafood had room for improvement. Price was ok considering the meal portions are large.
The staff were fantastic and the hot towel before the meal to wash your hands was excellent, only the second time Ive had this in NZ, cant believe its not the standard.

4 star rating
by Lorraine
Apr 10, 2011

Excellent food, service & venue! No need to say more.

5 star rating
by KAR
Mar 09, 2011

I love the ribs here.. best ever and the rump steak with cheddar melt sauce is nice too. Havnt tried the desserts yet since we get so full after eating those huge delicious mains.. will give it a go someday tho!

5 star rating
by Jenna Cossey
Mar 01, 2011

very nice views of beach with window seats and the loveliest service and food is yummiest ive ever had i love the ribs and the prawns surf and turf nothing to complain bout i eat here every week lol and coming again with others for my birthday well done team keep it up ALSO EVERYBODY I BRING HERE SAYS ITS YUMMY AN THEY BE BACK

5 star rating
by Kristina
Sep 16, 2010

food was great service was great always a fan of chips with chicken salt and love the idea of a salad bar have been twice and would keep going the NZ wine was also cheap.

4 star rating
by Brian
Jul 29, 2010

We took my nephew to Serengeti on Tues night for his birthday. The service and food were outstanding. Portion sizes were good. My nephew ordered ribs and he finished them all which he never does as he is not a big eater. My sister and i had ox tail and brother in law had the 500g steak. We all had a great time and will definately be back.

5 star rating
by Sue-anne
Feb 25, 2010

I would like to say the experience was over-whelming, very polite staff, excellent food, portion size and taste. Very clean and kept my kid entertained. Highly recommended and we will be coming back with the rest of the family. Good Job Guys...Keep it up

5 star rating
by Shaun Noick
Oct 08, 2009

A touch of class and a taste of Africa.
Superb atmosphere, great service and fine dining. Comes fully recommended.

2 star rating
by Morne
Sep 19, 2009

Good, friendly and fast service. Bitterly disappointed in the quality, serving sizes and price of the food.

8 Miniature crumbed mushrooms for $10, 4 chicken wings for $12. Chicken tasted exactly like the ribs and vice versa.

Could have and should have gone to Orbit restaurant in Sky Tower. Would have cost less and we would have been more satisfied.

Sorry, but this is my opinion.