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The Servo Cafe

3 star rating 28 reviews

Telephone 09-834 0222

458 Old Te Atatu Rd
cnr Te Atatu Rd & Gloria Ave
Te Atatu Peninsula

Mon - Fri 7am - 3:30pm
Sat - Sun 7:30am - 3:30pm
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The perfect location to relax and fill up for breakfast and lunch. The Servo overlooks the harbour, the bridge and Auckland City. Servo’s just 10 mins West of Auckland City centre with hassle free parking, friendly staff who know how to serve, and food that makes you return for more. And it’s all good…we’re proud to use free range chicken & eggs, spray free lettuce and hand crafted breads. The coffee is fair trade. We make all our cakes, desserts, sauces and relishes, and we have a gluten free and vegetarian friendly menu. The Servo Restaurant Cafe & Bar.


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Reviews for The Servo Cafe

3 star rating
by Deena Y.
6th April 2014

I came here specifically to eat this: “Caramelised Banana Pancakes with creamy maple butter & 100% natural Canadian maple syrup” (doesn’t that sound amazing?!) as listed on the menu on this very site. Lo and behold no pancakes on the menu when you actually arrive!

Had the French toast instead and big brekkie, iced coffee and a capa. The drinks were great, presentation top notch, atmosphere/décor well done, food good but not amazing.

Would def come here again if they put the pancakes back on the menu, I think they would be better than the French toast.

4 star rating
by Theresa S.
23rd February 2014

Have been coming to servos on and off for about a year now.
Coffee is always consistent and good. Usually order from the menu and have NEVER had a reason to complain!!! so yummy!!
The main Front of house lady is always really friendly too.

The only down side I see is their cabinet food(cakes and slices). Always looks a bit old and tired. I think if they re-did that they would find they sold more from it. I’d certainly buy from it.

great place to go for a coffee, cooked breakfast or chicken salad.
I’ll be back again for sure

5 star rating
by Emma P.
19th January 2014

We come here regularly as there are few cafes in Te Atatu and the Peninsula. This is definitely one of the better ones!

There is a good range on the menu, and the coffee is great. We always find the service fantastic and the staff are friendly.
There is seating out the front, meaning we can bring the dog along with us. I’m also stoked that they now have an A grade health rating!

5 star rating
by Audrey v.
16th June 2013

We can only comment on drinks as that’s all we had, a pit stop on a ride from the CBD along the wonderful north-western cycleway. My chai latte was as good as any I get in the CBD but Chris said his double shot latte was the best coffee he’s had for a very long time. Chris has done barista training, writes a regular coffee column and is very particular about his coffee. He acknowledges that who makes the coffee is the most important ingredient. We’ll do the 25km round trip again just for the coffee! The place was busy at this time (9.15 – 10am), suggesting that other people like the place as well.

3 star rating
by kolzee
27th May 2013

Had lunch here recently. The coffee was good but the smoothlies were more like a milkshake, very runny. The food was reasonable, not amazing and perhaps slightly overpriced. Unlikely to go back as there’s better options nearby.

2 star rating
by kat
12th July 2012

We have had very mixed experiences visiting our regular morning stop, Servo cafe. Generally the food and coffee have been quite good, the service not so much.
Today however, both the service and the coffee were incredibly poor. When purchasing large cappuccino I don expect them to be a third full of coffee and milk. After all each one is $5 a pop! a simple apology and offer to remake them would have solved the problem for me. However the attitude, argumentative response and no offer of refund or to make more were on offer this morning. Consequently we will not be going back to what was a regular morning cafe for us : (

1 star rating
by Shayne
9th April 2012

Visited on the 3/4/2012 very poor food, service was just as bad. $16.90 for the worst overpriced breakfast I have had eating out.

It looks like Servo is under new management with all new staff resulting in losing what made this cafe great in the first place.

Wont go back, won’t recommended this to any one

4 star rating
by Olivia
27th November 2011

This was our local before the arrival of our son meant no more lazy Sunday morning breakfasts.
We returned about a year ago to the new owners, and poor food and service.
We returned today (27/11/2011) to a complete change! We were greeted as soon as we walked in and drink orders were taken before viewing the food menu (the kids menu is laminated, has games on the back, and pictures of the food – nice touch).
The food arrived just as we started getting a little impatient, but it was well worth the wait. PERFECT Eggs Benedict – the hollandaise was mouth wateringly wonderful. The Big Breakfast went down a treat (after stealing the hollandaise from the eggs bene plate). The little fella demolished his fluffy and chicken and chips.
Reasonably priced, and they’re even in the Entertainment Book so you can get a free meal!
Well done on the 180 – we’ll be back again, and again, and again.

3 star rating
by karim
20th November 2011

Visited here on 19.11.2011 for Lunch. Had the burger and fries. Best burger i’ve had in a long time,very flavorsome and nice shoestring fries. Partner had Ceasar salad which was good also..

1 star rating
by Lynne S.
22nd August 2011

Our sunday 21.8.11 this would have been our 4th visit to “Servo” Eggs benedict are my favourite & have only every had this at “Servo”. We both had eggs benedict & was not impressed when it was served WOW- no spinach – which is what eggs benny’s are all about, dried up english muffins with a bit of hollanise sauce & a piece of potatoe
The owner told us we had to pay extra for the spinach & spinach is never served with this unless customer requests!!!!, which has never happened in the 3 other times of going there. The owner was argumentive & in front of everyone in the cafe. We got a refund, which he didn’t want to do, had to pay for our hot chocolates that we still half full
Won’t every be going back, shame on you “Servo” very poor customer service!!!!!

3 star rating
by CelesteReviews
28th July 2011

In search of Auckland’s best Eggs Benedict, we recently visited Servo. I’ts a great community spot (where everyone knows each other), and the Eggs Bene were … OK … but their hashbrowns are awesome!

See photos and read more at http://celestereviews….

1 star rating
by Susan J.
3rd July 2011

I went there at Sunday lunchtime.
I bought two pieces of the muesli slice to takeaway for a visitor.
Unfortunately they were stale and dry. The slice would probably have been fresher from the bakery across the road.
Servo need to up their game to hold market share against the new players in the area.

4 star rating
by Maree
31st May 2011

A great local cafe. My partner and I popped along to Servo last Sunday afternoon for a quiet coffee and a read of the paper. I had the best vanilla milkshake I’ve had in years and my man had a good short black (and believe me he is very fussy about his coffee). We also shared a delicious, mouth watering, cheese and bacon quiche…. next time I’m not sharing :-) There aren’t many good cafes in Westieland sadly, but we thought Servo did pretty well. The only complaint is that they close at 3:30pm on a Sunday… 4pm would be better. We will be back… I’m craving another milkshake and quiche already :-)

1 star rating
by ReluctantAucklander
31st January 2011

My partner and I paid a visit here last year as we hadn’t been for awhile.
We noted they refill the half-used bottles of water which have been on customers’ tables. I don’t think this is terribly hygienic as I wonder if they ever get washed, after other customers have handled them etc!
We looked at the menu and chose something instead from the showcase. I had an afghan and my partner had a melting moment and we both had coffee. I noted on the menu they advertise they are using a different blend of coffee to what they are now using in their cafe. This is quite misleading as there is a definite change in the coffee (advertised outside). They obviously need to spend some money and update their menus. My partner and I both used to frequent here when we had time just for the coffee. We won’t pop in here just for the coffee now.
My afghan was disgusting. It was tasteless and I would never have another one again. It tasted cheap. My partner’s melting moment was anything but. It was large and he said it tasted cheap. Maybe there is a cheap substitute for butter in their recipe.
On a previous occasion we visited here and I had toast. Hardly any butter was provided and not enough to even spread one piece of toast!!! Do they have an aversion to butter?
This place has a lovely view and once would have been a thriving, bustling cafe with fabulous atmosphere, wonderful food and TERRIFIC coffee. The ownership has changed and perhaps this has something to do with it.
We will give them another try some time in the future and hope they take note of some of the reviews on this website. We are not prepared to spend our hard-earned dollars on inferior food which is of the same sub-standard as many of the cheap low-grade bakeries out there.

2 star rating
by ReluctantAucklander
28th August 2010

Good service, friendly staff.
After change of ownership, an okay local cafe on the Peninsula. Noticed some subtle changes in some of the food since new owners took over – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it they say – certainly true here. The melting moments don’t melt in your mouth!! The grain bread used is lovely. Not enough butter was given with my toast on my visit.
They use a different coffee to what they used to and since it has changed, it’s not quite as nice as before.
The service was friendly, asked what you think of the food – which is nice.

1 star rating
by Charlotte W.
7th June 2010

I went to Servo Cafe for brunch with my husband today and was extremely disappointed.
The service was lovely, very friendly and welcoming but the food was appalling.
I ordered an iced chocolate which was more like iced milk, for $6.00 i was at-least expecting some choccie syrup and cream.
For brunch I ordered the Kiwi Breakfast which was average and had one rasher of bacon (including the chef’s hair on my husbands piece). For $20 i felt ripped off and reluctant to pay. Needless to say I will not be returning.

2 star rating
by Piggly
28th May 2010

Very nice staff and good coffee, but kinda dated. Easy to find a park though and nice view!

1 star rating
by Patrick
2nd May 2010

This cafe has just changed ownership. I went there for breakfast this morning and both our meals had a hair in them each. It was very disappointing as this cafe currently has an A GRADE food rating, however I am not sure if the new owners will be able to maintain this. I hope they lift their game as this has always been a cafe of high standard. We did get replacement meals, mine was cold and the other was good. I will never eat there again.

3 star rating
by Wendy
7th April 2010

This is a great cafe but needs a serious face lift now after about six years. It has lost its polish … it is a bit shabby and the staff used to look like they would be home in any Ponsonby Rd cafe, while now look like they might be more at home in the local burger bar and the service, while friendly, is far from the polished, quick and professional standard Penny and Cam set when they first set it up. The food is still excellent as is the coffee. But sadly no longer somewhere I would take overseas visitors with pride!

1 star rating
by sam
3rd January 2010

When I first heard of Servo was keen to go as reviews had been good. I was bitterly dissapointed and will not return. Arrived in the afternoon to be told cafe would be closing early for New Years eve, but would ‘fit us in’ as a last customer which at that moment in time thought we were lucky. Was seated at a grubby table that has used glasses and water bottle. Placed our order for drinks which arrived after food (after a third request). Waited 30 mins for basic brunch. Food was average eggs over cooked and everything else soggy and slopped on plate. Really a pity, was expecting so much more.

5 star rating
by Ava Riggles
5th March 2009

Excellent cafe…One of the best ive been to out west…Great people and yummy food..BLT bagel was massive and had to cut in half (my small mouth) My faqmily even love the place and we always meet there for lunch…Awesome place altogether

1 star rating
by suzie
28th February 2009

sunday breakfast-when asked if “these are todays pancakes” the answer was “oh they’re yesterdays pancake (stale pancakes?!!) service was very slow, some of our order was forgotten and as for yesterdays pancakes? how hard is it to make a simple pancake batter daily!!

5 star rating
by Steph
20th June 2008

try the hash browns, they are fab!!!
Also can take the dog, there are outside tables under cover!!
Highly recommended!!

5 star rating
by Julie
7th May 2008

This is a great cafe for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or just a plain morning/afternoon tea. The coffee is to die for and is definitely up there with the best in Auckland. I have entertained visitors from Canada and the UK all of whom are very impressed with the service and food.

5 star rating
by Bridget
29th February 2008

Brilliant service great staff great food best place to go in Te Atatu Peninsula no where else will best it.

5 star rating
by James & Michelle
23rd January 2008

We often go to Servo to enjoy a brunch & coffee and are amazed at the consistent service we get there. Cater for kids which we like, and the food display cabinet is handy if we’re pushed for time.They also cater which we have found excellent. All in all, Great food, great staff & service of course fantastic coffee.
Thoroughly recommend you check it out.

5 star rating
by Karen G.
9th November 2007

Excellent venue
Great food – i had the vegetarian breakfast – eggs, hashbrowns, avocado, etc – very yummy.
Nice atmosphere.

I went based on the previous review . . . and I think she’s right – it’s great.
The actual cafe itself is not as ‘westie’ as she makes out though . . . it’s boardering on parnell in it’s cafe-style!

5 star rating
by Judy S.
30th April 2007

Servo is the Te Atatu equivalent of one of those New York hole in the wall cafes where those in the know go for the brilliant food. There’s a nostalgic westie atmosphere to the area. A few 60s shops, a garage, a tattoo parlour. You can imagine Cheryl West dropping in for a coffee. Servo is on the corner, bright, clean and tidy with artwork and ceramics and a quite sophisticated menu. They make the best gourmet pizzas we’ve ever tasted plus other great lunch dishes. A great place before you go for a wild life walk in the acres of parkland that now grace the penninsular.Well worth visiting. You’ll certainly go back.

Judy and David

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