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Shaky Isles Coffee Co

3_half star rating 27 reviews

Telephone 09-815 3591

492 New North Rd
Auckland City

Cafe, Breakfast, Brunch, Coffee & Tea
Mon - Thur 7.30am - 3.00pm
Fri - Sun 7.30am - 4.00pm
Provided by business


Shaky Isles is a funky cafe in the heart of Kingsland. We are distinctive, playful, contemporary, irreverent, imaginative, and relaxed…but deadly serious about great coffee and good food. Shaky isles coffee co – you are about to become very good at everything! BUST SOME NUTS!


Photo of Shaky Isles Coffee Co
Chilli cheese dogs.
Pulled pork, Boston beans and slaw tacos.

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Cafes, Caterers
Free On-Street, Free Off-Street
Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
Good For Groups:
Good For Children:
Wine, Beer
Wheelchair Accessible:
Dietary Restrictions:
Soy-free, Gluten-free, Vegan, Vegetarian
Meals Served:
Lunch, Brunch, Breakfast
Payment Types:
EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners
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Reviews for Shaky Isles Coffee Co

4 star rating
by Emma F.
28th July 2014

I just love the food especially with gulten free I do enjoy the coffees and really love the ice Mocha’s and really lovely staff I really enjoyed working as a kitchen hand for the staff and really love their company they are really friendly with me when I’m there working and for me to get paid

4 star rating
by Zoe T.
5th June 2014

We turned up at Shaky Isles Kingsland fairly late on a sunny Sunday afternoon and was pleased to find that it was still open, although they were just about to close the kitchen.

The hot chocolate was divine, and the tacos I ordered (not on the internet menu, pleasant surprise) were fresh, flavoursome – just right. I’ve hardly had a nicer experience at local cafes.

2 star rating
by Nathan L.
23rd March 2014

By the time coffee made it out was cold, food was ok but let down by the time taken for food to arrive. Half the grapes in the fruit salad were rotten, might have been just a bad day as people around us complained to staff as well. 2nd time here where the service and time food has taken to come out has been sub par.

5 star rating
by Jo W.
11th February 2014

Lovely coffee, and beautiful service from the staff. Usually service is only acceptable, or fine, but the server was full on smiles and friendliness. Menu was interesting and cater to vegetarians well. Long black was delicious and not over-extracted nor cold (left out too long), had a small homemade slice, which was absolutely stunning and definitely one of the best I’ve had. I loved how they came in small reasonable portions instead and a good price. Nothing but compliments for the food and beverage.
One note is, a lot of the table seems dirty with crumbs, a more regular wipe down may be good. Won’t hesitate to recommend.

5 star rating
by Liz W.
8th August 2013

I had a beautiful lunch at Shaky Isles on Monday, in the sunshine. I chose the “Good Stuff in a Sandwich” – the portobello mushroom was thick as a succulent steak, and flavours overall were outstanding (it had: ‘Flat mushrooms, avocado, emmental cheese, rocket, chipotle relish and aioli toasted in Turkish bread”. What is emmental cheese?! I don’t know, but it was beautifully salty and melty and drippy.

Only critiques were that it took a bit too long for service, but just coz the sole counter staff was rushed off her feet delivering food orders to tables after she asked me to take a seat and she’d come take my order. She was very apologetic and friendly though when I came to the till to place my order after a 5 min wait…

That said, this place is SO great! It has an excellent, unique menu, (though quite brief) and as I said, what I chose was extremely delicious (and HUGE).

The tables are drenched in sun at lunchtime out the front, and I had no problem finding a nearby street park.
A definite great spot to return to :)

3 star rating
by Freddie L.
25th July 2013

Shaky Isles has a really good reputation – I’m not overly sure why!?

Service was sub-par as the wait staff that were working that day looked severely hungover and looked miserable. something that really bugs me with service. At least try to force a smile…!

Food was reasonably good and I would definitely come back to give this place another shot.. maybe i came on a bad day??

5 star rating
by Adam H.
23rd July 2013

I really love coming to Shakey’s. I work from home and often have meetings here. The decor is a great eclectic mix of styles that really play well into the idea of a casual brunch. The food is always excellent. Last time I was there, one of the young guys on duty gave my friend and I a very good introduction into their specialty filter coffee blends and definitely showed that he knew a lot about the inner workings of making a great brew. Impressive.

4 star rating
by Lesley H.
25th February 2013

Sometimes have brunch there on a Sunday. Great choice of food and yummy!

4 star rating
by Samara V.
2nd September 2012

Son loved pikelets, came with beeryful jam and throphy butter, we asked for surup very good price too. Milkshakes are alright too as recommended by viewauckland

2 star rating
by Dan
30th July 2012

Came here with my wife over lunch. We ordered burgers which we really enjoyed. My wife found a hair in hers and sent it back. No fuss, they promptly made another one, hats off to the chef.

Coffee and waitstaff on the other hand were horrible. The girl that served us just dumped out food and coffee on the table and walked away. It really seemed like she just didn’t want to be there. Coffee was so bitter, we couldn’t drink it.

Come here again for food, but not the coffee

2 star rating
by Juku
3rd March 2012

Sharky Isles is an OK option but nothing special. And if you have the option, you should always go to “The Fridge” across the street. Coffee, food, interior design (and the toilets) is all OK, but everything lacks something to be good. I noticed that they sold Phoenix, which is nice, but why do they only have one organic coffee blend and two others – why not only organic? I had a brownie which tasted OK, but everything looked rather bought than homemade (and a bit too white and sweet). The best thing was that they have free Wifi for customers and I loved the coffee cups and spoons.

2 star rating
by bonsai
30th January 2012

Shaky Isles is a corporate cafe – owned by the same investment group behind the Mac’s Brew Bars. Bad taste in the mouth already, right?

Well, the taste got worse when I ordered their vegetarian big breakfast. Or rather, the taste vanished altogether. The blandness was overwhelming. Mushrooms cooked with nothing. A huge pile of beans with not even a cursory application of salt to flavour them. It was depressing!

I’d give them one star, but the coffee is okay. The music, on the other hand, was so obnoxious we left early. Not recommended.

2 star rating
by Anisha
28th January 2012

Service is extremely slow, but staff seem to appear friendly. I eat out a lot, and cannot believe how bland the food tastes! no flavour and way to over priced for what it is. I am definitely not going back for the food, maybe for a coffee but wasn’t that impressed overall.

2 star rating
by sharon
1st January 2012

took my mum and aunty for lunch today at shaky isles kingsland.
firstly the service was appalling – waited an eternity to be served, and had to ask twice for someone to take our order. then waited another eternity for our 3 decidedly average meals to arrive.
upon paying we were charged a 15% “public holiday surcharge” – even though the public holiday is supposedly observed on tuesday 3rd (are they going to charge it twice).
when i asked where this was advised the cashier pointed out a small sign on the front of the window.
not impressed – won’t be going back.

4 star rating
by Noe
5th December 2011

I enjoyed a lovely lunch here with my friend. The food is a bit expensive, but it’s definitely tasty and filling. The place is nice and the waiters friendly. It was also quite busy during the time we were there. I am happy to recommend this place. I would love to go back and try something different next time.

3 star rating
by Mike
30th November 2011

I took my staff in for morning tea , it is not a bad way to spend a morning sitting outside in Kingsland drinking great coffee .

As for service they are fast & efficient , I get the feeling that they must have a new manger because the staff are better .

1 star rating
by Abby
29th April 2011

I reluctantly returned to this cafe because a friend of mine convinced me to. She fancied the steak sandwich that was on the menu and had a voucher as well. When we entered at lunch time on Saturday there were lots of empty tables so we took a seat where the four of us would have enough room. There was bread crumbs on the chairs and covering the floor and water marks on the tables. I would have thought that the staff might have taken advantage of the lack of customers to clean up a bit. The steak sandwhich had been removed from the menu so my friend had the burger. $15 for nothing special. The staff here behave like they are in their own home treating the customer like annoying guests. The last time I went I got an Eggs Benedict which came with half an egg shell still in the egg (quite obviously), I pushed that one aside but didnt send it back because we had already waited about 45 minutes for the food to arrive. I will not return to Shaky Isles and think that the owners should stop worrying about how ‘cool’ the decor is and start looking after their customers.

2 star rating
by David B.
15th February 2011

The coffee is great and the Wifi is free. After this the good news stops with very average food. The scramble eggs and mushrooms lacked taste and the service is slow and disjointed.

The other reviewers are correct, it is overpriced for what you get.

1 star rating
by svharley
12th January 2011

Went in for lunch with some business colleagues. Service was slow and the food was overpriced for what it was. Won’t be returning or recommending this place any time soon.

1 star rating
by LC
2nd January 2011

I’ve been here three times and won’t bother going back for anything other than coffee. The food is overpriced for what it is. I ordered the falafel burger which for fourteen bucks you would expect to be a decent size and have ample amounts of the few ingredients listed on the menu as being in it. It was dry and extremely bland. I looked inside the bun and the hummus/yoghurt sauce was evident in the centre of the bun but not around the edges. I asked for some relish and made the burger go from bland to ok-ish. My sister ordered a side of spinach and didn’t realise this would be spinish leaves rather than cooked spinich. The going rate for a side of spinich is $3 and this apparantly buys you around 10 small leaves of the stuff. To anyone thinking of going here, unless you like really bland food I suggest you try just about anywhere else in Kingsland…

4 star rating
by Emily
24th September 2010

Great coffee and atmosphere!
Food was good.

4 star rating
by Shannon
31st August 2010

Staff are friendly and coffee is great but would like to see some Gluten free options for slices or cakes :)

3 star rating
by Leah
17th August 2010

Usually come through here when everywhere else is packed to the rafters on a Saturday. The staff are friendly and that’s cool, but the food is a little overpriced and a bit on the average side. I ordered the eggs benedict and it came out on a tiny piece of ciabatta with a sprout and an egg. A bit sad. I can’t remember how much I paid, but it was probably around $15 which I remember being a bit much. The coffee is okay too.

However, the tallest coffee with ice cream is always a must have.

5 star rating
by Vanitha N.
27th January 2010

This place is the bees knees….I know coffee is the top of most people’s priorities but they also do a great English breakfast tea which goes fantastically well with the Breakfast Bruschetta, which was mentioned earlier (scrambled eggs on top of bread with pesto and feta). They have a certain way with scrambling eggs which I have never seen elsewhere – everything done really well with very good service. It’s hard to leave this place to try somewhere else in case it isn’t as good!

4 star rating
by David
5th December 2009

Clean and excellent service. Coffee is always good but very little to choose from in the menu. For a big eater like myself it’s a good place to visit when you are not too hungry as the portions are not too big and will satisfy as fill-in in a conversation. Good lively atmosphere and wonderful staff.

5 star rating
by Anna
16th August 2009

Best cafe in Auckland for brunch. Excellent coffee and fast, friendly service. Very comfortable environment, they even have free wi-fi! Outstanding brunch menu, not your average run-of-the-mill breakfasts that you get everywhere, I had fresh baby spinach and slices of tomatoes with beautifull done free-range scrambled eggs with super tasty chunks of delicious feta and pesto all on top of the BEST gluten free bread I have ever eaten!
It’s certainly worth the drive out to Kingsland for a decent Sunday brunch! Will be back!

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