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Shinjuku Japanese Restaurant

4 star rating 16 reviews

Telephone 07-838 0064

7 Alexandra St
Hamilton Central

Asian, Japanese, Sushi
Mon - Sat
11:30am - 2pm / 6pm - 10pm

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Dinner, Lunch
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Reviews for Shinjuku Japanese Restaurant

2 star rating
by Gavin M.
17th December 2013

I had the steak bento for dinner. The steak was chewy, the sushi and sashimi accompanying it were minuscule and the miso soup only had two pieces of wakame and nothing extra (tofu? Shellfish?). Utterly disappointed and wont be returning :-(

4 star rating
by Jacqui L.
20th October 2013

Shinjuku never fails to impress us. Lovely food and relaxed atmosphere. Friendly staff also help to make an enjoyable evening. Our only suggestion would be to let people finish their starters before bringing out the main course as our table for 4 people became very cluttered with dishes. We do however appreciate that we could bring our own wine though. We have been to Shinjuku several times over the last couple of years and will continue to return as we love the cuisine. Our Japanese student also loved the food and said it was as good as some restaurants in Tokyo which I think is a great recommendation.

3 star rating
by Cath
21st May 2013

Great if you are looking for run-of-the-mill Japanese food, an ethnic food that doesn’t seem to appear in Hamilton much.
I visit quite often as it offers a reliable, tasty and cheap Japanese meal. The service is usually great and always seems a very nice family-run business.

However, I do find the sushi (or at least the pieces served with the set dinners/lunches) to not be fantastic. Eel (unagi) is my number one favourite Japanese food, but I do find the eel on offer at Shinjuku to be a rather from-the-freezer-to-the-microwave affair. I’d love to see some grilling and more (or better) sauce (Kabayaki no Tare). I am also slightly confused by the tiny fruit salads they always serve…

But overall, I do enjoy dining here. It seems to be a great place for large groups (there was a group of roughly 15 last time I visited), and has a really varied menu. My favourites are many of the entrees, especially yaki gyoza and tako yaki. If you are in Hamilton and want a rough introduction to Japanese food other than just generic sushi rolls, Shinjuku is a great place to go.

The banana tempura is also delicious (albiet not very Japanese!)

4 star rating
by Lily
9th March 2013

tried the chicken bento and my boyfriend had the chicken teppenyaki. it came with a complimentary side dish of sushi rolls and sashimi which was really good! had more than enough food and worth the money spent. will definitely be returning to try out the other dishes. good service and friendly staff.

5 star rating
by Heather
5th February 2013

This is my favourite restaurant to dine at. The food is fresh and tasty, the service is fantastic and the pricing is reasonable. The decor is simple but effective. The chicken tepanyaki is really yummy and I always leave there feeling like I’ve had a really satisfying but healthy meal. Love it.

4 star rating
by Hannah L.
29th September 2012

I had Chicken Teppanyaki which was awesome. Tasted good and plenty of food. Really good service and very nice people who own the place.

5 star rating
by Kim
5th August 2012

A great restaurant with an extensive menu (with pictures! – appreciated). Service excellent. We enjoyed our meal there very much – fresh, tasty and beautifully presented. Reasonable pricing and comfortable setting.

5 star rating
by loretta w.
14th July 2012

amazing food, great service and plenty to eat for my strict vegetarian diet.
I would recommend this place especially the veg dishes . Nice atmosphere and surroundings to. Very popular on fridays or weekends so pays to book

5 star rating
by Inareta S.
24th June 2012

Me and my husband had dinner here tonight. We had sushi, chicken box, seafood dish and it was absolutely beautiful. Celebrated our wedding anniversary and I will definitely recommend people coming to eat. The staff are very polite and it was clean and tidy. A+ rating here and reasonably priced aswell. Our meal came to $58 and it was wonderful :)

5 star rating
by Sara C.
14th January 2012

We’ve eaten here a number of times now, and always thoroughly enjoy it! Food is fresh, delicious and reasonably priced. Service is always quick and friendly. Would love to know what they put in their salad dressing as it really is divine.

5 star rating
by Rose
24th October 2011

My favourite Japanese restaurant and been here a number of times. The service is great and they are always attentive. Food has never disappointed me and I think the prices are reasonable. Entrees are yum too for something different. Would recommend the seafood savoury pancakes as a starter. A lot of friends I’ve taken there love the salad and the salad dressing also.

3 star rating
by Hexaquo
30th May 2011

The food and service here were just fine, and I will go back. The seaweed salad and oshinko was good, as was the yakisoba. Miso soup didn’t have enough rich flavor…tasted bland. Probably my fault for not trying any other items, but I did not find any of the items here particularly exciting. But, good for fixing a hankering.

4 star rating
by Andy
1st April 2011

Have always enjoyed food at Shinjuku, pretty simple decor and consistent quality food. Salad dressing is a winner. Only criticism is a tad expensive.

3 star rating
by Megz
18th October 2009

Good friendly service, nice private function dinning area. I don’t know if its great value for money compared to others of its kind but was enjoyable and tasty.

5 star rating
by Peter
28th August 2009

Me and my gf loved everything about this place, entree, mains, and desert were all great. Lovely service too.

This will definitely be a restaurant to which I will be going back.

4 star rating
by Renate
17th August 2009

Were here for lunch and can recommend to everybody. Affordable, tasty, excellent presentation. We will be back for sure!
the only thing we dont like is plastic waterbottles….

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