Shooters Salon

2_half star rating 3 reviews

Telephone 09 377 8800

330 New North Rd
Auckland City

Bar Food
Sun-Mon: 12pm-midnight
Tues-Wed: 12pm-2am
Thurs: 12pm-3am
Fri-Sat: 12pm-5am


Hearty country-style food served in a Saloon bar. “Cold beers, hearty food and wild fun!”


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Bar & Brasseries, Bistros
Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
Good For Groups:
Beer, Wine, Spirits, Cocktails
Meals Served:
Lunch, Dinner

Reviews for Shooters Salon

4 star rating
by Colin M.
5th January 2013

Geez Tania and Tina, you should both stick to the Viaduct where rounds cost you a week’s wages and the food is as big as a normal entree.
Shooters rocks – spent most of the World Cup hanging out there and had the best time each time. Partied with people from all over the world that were amazed at such a great venue and the atmosphere the staff provided.
Every time I have eaten there I have left well fed, never had a problem with any of the staff – they even let me win in pool sometimes.
Anyway with regards to food – if your keen on a good old fashioned dinner, snack, or feed as us real blokes like to say then this is the place. And having a feed and drink here doesn’t mean you have to take out a mortgage like most places in the area. I will be back and be bringing heaps of people in with me.

2 star rating
by Tania
17th September 2012

Took a friend for a couple of drinks & dinner on a voucher. Staff were very friendly. Less than 6 other customers in the place. Food was quite quick but very bland (ribs + squid & prawns).

The patio heater was so filthy, when it got too hot it spat dirty charcoal over my friend & I (stained our clothes) as well as through our food. Although the lovely gentleman told us he “should clean it” it obviously hadn’t been cleaned…. ever.

They also over-charged me for drinks (charging all 4 when 2 were included in voucher).

The place reminded me of a pub in the wop wops, great “potential”. Not a place you would drive past & think you’ll try it so the voucher was a good way to get us in the door. But don’t think we’ll be back again.

1 star rating
by tina a.
7th September 2012

We purchased a coupon to try this place as we are locals, hadn’t tried this place. 1st time we went, they told us we had to book as they hadn’t turned their ovens on & it would take sometime. Ok, so we have to book, but what if we didn’t have a coupon, weren’t they expecting to so any lunch trade that day?, we were the only ones there that day. Anyway the next time we booked, we were the only ones there again, on a Fri avo for lunch. Food was very average, burger was ok, but lacked any thing special, ribs were bland, they weren’t basted in sauce and slow cooked. Rhere was no caramelisation To The ribs. Seemed they were cooked, then sauce poured on top. It was a disappointing meal. During the meal a carpenter was using a power saw, drowning out any conversation. Zero atmosphere, ordinary food, no other patrons should have been a warning. Can’t recommend this place, there’s better places locally to spend your money. Where food is better quality for the money.

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