Sierra Cafe

2 star rating 10 reviews

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09 3030010

110 Symonds Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

7 AM to 4 PM (Mon-Fri), Sat & Sun Closed


Reviews for Sierra Cafe

3 star rating
by Frank
26 days ago

Perfect for students needing respite from their strenuous studial activities from down the road... however presents itself a bit like a barren wasteland, more functional than aesthetic. The owners should go and look at Mojo Viaduct to see what cafes should look like - however admittedly Sierra are probably targeting a student market who presumably are a hardier lot and easily pleased. My ciabatta and slice were adequate, service was friendly, and the location great, just wish that us amateur diners were taken more seriously...

4 star rating
by GideonMarisa MasterchefNz2015
2 months ago

This cafe is rather standard, nothing special and it definitely is  just mostly targeted as a student social point, its convenient enough for the people in businesses around the area. #g1

4 star rating
by Di
2 months ago

They offer heaps of fresh salads and sandwiches for business lunch, I ordered a small sized chicken and roast vegetables salad, which was good and very healthy

4 star rating
by FoodLover
3 months ago

Got suggested by a friend to try this cafe a few months ago with her and then came back again with some other friends. The food and service were relatively good. Some cashiers/waitress made mistakes in taking our salad orders, which caused a delay in serving our food, but they apologised to us. We didnt expect much as it was a quick lunch and it was busy time. Cafe and restaurant nowadays changed staff so often, so I dont expect a high level of service. Therefore, I am happy with what I received, and have been coming back, and recommended this place.

3 star rating
by Rebecca MacDonald
5 months ago

This is right at the bottom of my building for work so super convenient and handy. Especially in the winter when I don't even have to go outside for my morning coffee!

I don't eat here much as usually when it's lunch time I fancy and bit of a walk and some fresh air but I come and get my morning coffee and sometimes a snack almost every day. The coffee is good and the slices and pastry tasty!

3 star rating
by Ashdeep Sood
Dec 03, 2014

Award winning coffee from auckland. The coffee i had tasted nice with perfect blend. Service was also quick. If you r looking to enjoy your coffee in a quite environment, away from the husyle bustle of starbucks n the likes on queen street, you can try sierra for sure.

1 star rating
by Kershia
Jul 01, 2014

I'm not one to write negative reviews but I have been so infuriated today that it actually prompted me to take some action.

I've just come from Sierra (Symonds street) - and have had THE singular most appalling service ever.

I first asked for a bagel and was told that they unfortunately don't have this (they conveniently tend to run out of a number of things on the menu - their fettucine included, depending on what time of day you arrive).

I was find with this, so as a second option decided to order a toasted sandwich instead with four fillings.

30 minutes later and no sandwich arrived...we waited quite patiently I might add. I approached the counter to ask what was taking so long and the guy at the counter just kept repeating "toastie"? "Chicken"? having no clue what I was talking about. The kitchen staff is standing there taking a break looking just as blank with a smirk on his face and the lady that served me and was fully aware that we were waiting is busy on the coffee machine barely acknowledging what is going on.

They apparently "lost" the receipt - and all were completely confused. To top everything off, the staff were not apologetic at all. They barely acknowledged the fact that they made a mistake, did not apologise to me about it and proceeded to just ask if I want a refund or to get something else. I was absolutely furious. My entire break was spent waiting for food that never arrived and then the customer service was absolutely disgusting.

I won't be suggesting this place to anyone. They only reason we go there at all is because it's convenient (despite being very over priced). Usually, I can discount the fact that they are incredibly disorganised and the staff are completely oblivious to what is going on around them, along with hopeless customer service, simply because we actually get the food in the end.

Needless to say, I did not receive any apology from them - they did not acknowledge that they made a mistake and they barely made any eye contact because they were more interested in trying to get me rushed out so they could serve the next person. Absolutely horrid experience. I cannot stress enough how disgusted I am. Yesterday, just for kicks, we waited 20 minutes and had to approach the counter because they didn't bother to bring the food out, so clearly didn't make an effort to look for the number either.

3 star rating
by Disha Bose
Jul 18, 2013

I know this might sound like an extremely obscure reason to like a place; but my reason for loving this outlet of Sierra is purely because of a happy memory of enjoying some Hot Chocolate on a cold sunny day.

While it rained, we sat outdoors under the shade sipping on hot chocolate and loving a Roast Beef Panini in the unexpected sun. The food here is nothing spectacular, although I do enjoy the marshmallows they serve along with their Hot Chocolates. I am yet to find something on their menu which would keep me coming back for more.

Another good thing about this particular branch of Sierra is how quiet it usually is. Symonds Street itself is usually very quiet and you can be rest assured that if you plan on enjoying a quiet meal in the middle of the day you will get just that at this branch.

4 star rating
by Sharol Puran
Nov 08, 2012

This place is great, they have good coffee. I ordered a standard Mocha and also requested a blue berry and cream cheese muffin. $4.00. Now this cream cheese muffin is a rare find in cafes! So I am so glad my friend told me about it. This is an extraordinary delight and definitely worth a try!

1 star rating
by Ian
Apr 08, 2011

Three coffee's all so badly burnt battery acid has less kick and all were sent back..

Food looks ok but expect to get the wrong meal as they don't listen to the orders. Had four people at our table and three wrong orders.