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Simla Mirch Restaurant

3 star rating 26 reviews

Telephone 09-630 7305

451 Mt Eden Rd
Mt Eden
Auckland City

Mon - Sun 5pm - 10pm
Provided by business


Simla Indian Cafe in Mt Eden offer Indian cuisine which you can dine in or takeaway. We are your Indian cafe just a moment away from the city centre in Mt Eden. ***Free Delivery in Mt. Eden, Epsom, Three Kings, Dominion Road, Sandigram, Auckland CBD. Call us to if we delivery to your area.***


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Vege pakora

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Restaurants, Takeaway / Fast Food
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Moderate, $15 - $25
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Spirits, Wine, Beer
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Vegetarian, Halal, Dairy-free
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Reviews for Simla Mirch Restaurant

1 star rating
by Vickie W.
21st June 2014

Ordered delivery tonight what a dreadful disappointment!
I have been ordering Indian form here for years and enjoyed all of it but tonight is enough to make me never eat from here again.The portions of the curries were small but plenty of rice .
The prawn curry had no flavour and only had 6 prawns which should have been called concrete shrimps they were so hard and small! The chicken saagwala was ok and the naan was under cooked with huge clumps of raw garlic .
Not a pleasant experience at all!

4 star rating
by Deborah
22nd March 2014

As a Mt Eden local it has never occurred to me until today, to order a takeaway from Simla whilst you browse the DVD’s at Civic video next door and have your meal ready when you have made your selection.

Brilliant. I had lamb sagwaala and a roti, all excellent. I ordered medium heat, I might order mild next time, but that is a personal thing.

I have to say the place looked very clean (A food rating) and the waiter was very friendly.

I will be back!

4 star rating
by Peter S.
5th December 2013

What do I say about this small restaurant, very authentic, perfect spice and great food. Wonderful customer service. Especially a lady who served us. Thanks Simla, we will be back.

1 star rating
by Preeti K.
15th November 2013

Me and my partner booked a table to have dinner there. So when we reached there they said we are closing now. I said we booked a table so you should tell us before. After that we decided to do a takeaway but food was horrible. Naan bread was burnt and curry was too oily and not tasty. Not going there again. Never

Comment from Prashant G. of Simla Mirch Restaurant 18/11/2013   
Thanks for your feedback. We close 10PM everyday and you…    More »
2 star rating
by Aya M.
22nd September 2013

I used to LOVE this place because the service was good and food was amazing! Me and my husband used to go there every 3-4 weeks when we lived near by.
It seems like it has change in last few months…Curry is not amazing any more and the most disappointing thing is that they don’t give us complementary chutney and other little spices(?). They also burned our naan bread…. I’m so sad it’s not the same any more:(

5 star rating
by Melanie
6th July 2013

Awesome food. We are seriously impressed. I don’t understand the negative reviews. This is the best indian takeaway my husband and I have had in a long time. Will definitely be ordering again! We loved the korma and the butter chicken, the garlic naan was fantastic too.

5 star rating
by Ann
21st June 2013

It is surprising that this lovely little restaurant is not humming on a Friday night. We have had several meals here and takeaways on two occasions. The food is of a very high standard and the service is charmingly formal. Tonight we had garlic naan -toasted crunchy outside, loads of garlic, delicious! and I had the Lamb Village Curry, very tasty and hot. What Simla Mirch does very well is its mild curries -for any family group like ours where one person does not like chilli, the mild curries here are extremely mild, not like some other restaurants we have been to. On the other hand, their hot curries are hot. Go there and try it!

5 star rating
by Ellen
3rd November 2012

Absolute best butter chicken (and butter prawn) ever. Sweet and delicious. Korma is great, vindaloo is wonderful. Staff are always really nice (although I must say we generally get takeaways!) and polite when we come in. Great to rent a movie from civic video next door and take home to eat. Yum!

2 star rating
by Roshie S.
25th October 2012

We have Simla’s food quite regularly (well used to), it appears the quality has gone down in the recent past…possibly due to change in management. Let alone food the service is not to standard any more some of the current staff are rude. Not going any more. Appears that the current management’s sole purpose is profit maximizing thus the servings have gone relatively smaller moreover the gravy to actual veggie/meat (ingredient) ratio is appalling.

4 star rating
by Mal
10th September 2012

Went along with my curry club for the Simla Mirch’s Hottest Curry Challenge.

I don’t care for taste or decor…just ring stingin’ hotness. Having said that, we ate mid week when they had Italian beer on special. That was a big plus in our book. I’ve entered chilli eating contests which took me months to recover from. I was looking forward to this as I had a point to prove…that I was harder than my fellow curry club members. (Which I am not as a couple of them added bhut jolokhia powder to their curries to make it hotter.)

For a group of diners the restaurant will only allow half that number to attempt the challenge. Smart thinking on their part considering the amount of talker’s and not walker’s who would attempt it.

Their curry was blindingly hot. Enough to make me promise to myself, never again. Four of us finished within the set time, the fifth finished ate all of the meat in his dish but left the sauce…fail. We four got tee shirts for completing the challenge…they were way too small for all of us depsite being labelled Large. Nice all the same.

I would recommend the curry challenge to anyone looking for a super hot dish. This is 3 times hotter than ‘Indian hot’ so don’t attempt this unless ‘Indian hot’ is like eating a bowl of cereal to you. If hotness is what you’re after? Dive right in.

2 star rating
by Sarah S.
22nd July 2012

We went with a group and had the banquet for $32 a head. I did not feel it was good value at all, we had about one piece of meat each in each curry and a mixed entree which had only three items one of which was very average tandoori chicken wings. The food that I had was OK but absolutely not outstanding. Good value wine list though!

Comment from Prashant G. of Simla Mirch Restaurant 22/07/2012   
First of all I want to apologies for little disappoints you but…    More »
5 star rating
by Khyati
5th July 2012

I and my family frequently eat at Simla Mirch and we like the curries and love their Kulchas, breads, naans. The taste is delicious and it’s very authentic seeming Indian food. On other day, I tried Paneer Tika curry which was superb and we thoroughly enjoyed our entire experience. The staff looked very friendly and helpful. Thank you Simla Mirch for a delicious Indian meal in superb surroundings.

4 star rating
by Erika85
21st May 2012

Made an online booking and soon after got a txt message to confirm my booking :) took my parents who came to visit from south africa for dinner and we all had a great time friendly staff and the food excellent !!!

2 star rating
by David B.
11th April 2012

They seem to be trying hard but there is something lacking.

The service was ok and the restaurant is nice enough but the food lets the place down. Outside the fact that I eat a lot of Indian food, I would not say I am an expert. But the dishes we had just lacked flavour.

Might be best to head elsewhere.

5 star rating
by Kalpesh P.
3rd April 2012

I had organised dinner for my 25 staff members and received one of the best service and taste at Simla.
Everything was well organised and well planned.
All the Staff members are so nice and friendly.

Personally myself and all my staff like the food and service.

1 star rating
by Wendy
9th March 2012

When I read couple of good respond about the Shimla Mirch I have decided to take chance again but sorry to inform you guys it been same experienced. I love Indian food & I have tried every Indian restaurant but In Shimla Mirch Food is tasteless & poor customer services. Not recommended to anybody. Again I waste my time & money……

Following my first experince at Shimla Mirch
It been worse experienced in my life. I never had such tasteless food. It was too salty & poor customer services I ever seen. Sometimes we can ignore the services but we can’t compromise with taste of food. It was total waste of money. We are not recommending anybody.

4 star rating
by Matt L.
16th February 2012

Got takeaway Vindaloo, little on the pricey side, but really good. Good depth of flavour.

Would go again if they did a special from mon-wed like my local curry place.

Comment from Prashant G. of Simla Mirch Restaurant 16/02/2012   
Thanks Mat for giving review and appreciation, We do run…    More »
5 star rating
by MaxXavier
12th February 2012

Simla Mirch is definitely my favourite Indian restaurant. My girlfriend and I eat there religiously.

The curries are beautifully spicy when you want them to be and also still full of flavour if you’re going for the mild option. Naan bread is always cooked well, but would recommend asking for it to be served whole rather than cut into individual pieces.

I have eaten at all the Indian restaurants in Mt. Eden and Simla Mirch has by far the tastiest curries.

3 star rating
by hannah
26th January 2012

This place is normally really good, but lately its been really inconsistent.. The waitstaff are normally friendly.. The food is unpredictable thou

1 star rating
by Zeena S.
13th September 2011

Worse Restaurant, disrespectful staff they surely don’t want repeat business. Food was stone cold and horrible. We ordered Chicken, Lamb, Prawn curries and all tasted the same over salted. Tandoori chicken was dry and hard nearly lost my tooth……

Keep away from his restaurant for you’ll be putting money down the drain and when you complain they will ask you to leave saying that you are not welcome back…..

If I could I would give it minus stars….

1 star rating
by Anis M.
19th July 2011

Our experience at Simla Indian Cafe, Mt. Eden

Tables are very cold, the entire dinning area is expected be heated by a small white colour fan heater.

Food served is cold and salty.

Payment time. Barter Card – NO. Reason ownership has changed. ONLY 2 WEEKS AGO. Why havent you put any signage stating this – response we dont have to if you are regular customer you should know.

So here I am doing the job for them. Management has changed so has the food (for worse) and customer service has obtained a large attitude.

Comment – I am so disappointed with over all experience may not come again in-spite being regular. Response – Do not come again, we do not need more customers.

2 star rating
by sarah
31st January 2011

Pretty standard Indian cuisine, large portions. The Chicken wing appetisers are tough and fatty, my partner found a stone in his rice. The wait staff were extremely disinterested, didn’t show us to our table (just pointed to it) and had to come back three times to confirm our order. They seemed more interesting in their loud phone conversation that went on for our entire meal.
The food is ok, but far from amazing. There are other Indian restaurants in the area, Simla need to step up their game.

5 star rating
by danielle
4th May 2010

0ur favourite indian restaurant! Great service, the food is always up to standard – and we’re always pleasantly surprised by the bill (especially Mon-Weds nights).

5 star rating
by zoe s.
19th April 2010

Simla rocks my Friday night. My boyfriend and I relish the opportunity to have the best Indian in Auckland and eat there religiously. My flatmates also attend regularly (one of which says it is exactly like his Indian mothers home cooking.)

By far the best Indian, fresh, great cuts of meat (which are often fatty at other restaurants).

By Far the best! 5 stars.

The lamb jalfrezi is spectacular and the tandoori chicken is my favorite entree. EAT HERE! There are limited tables which is great for a quiet meal out and if you want to take away the meal is around $3 cheaper.

1 star rating
by Owen M.
6th December 2009

My husband and I have dined at the Simla Indian Cafe twice this week, the food was good, the service quick and friendly.
The first time we were charged $3 corkage. The second time we were charged $6 corkage. I was assured that there must have been a mistake the first time and that it is $3 per person corkage. This is expensive for a small restaurant which only had a few tables occupied on both occasions. We won’t be going there again.

1 star rating
by Rakesh
8th February 2009

The previous review has obviously written by the owners. We were there on the weekend, will never be going back. Absolutely the worst Indian meal in a long time. In-fact the cheap pricing should have told me something about the quality of the food.

Comment from Ravi T. of Simla Mirch Restaurant 9/02/2009   
Dear Mr. Rakesh, Thanks for your feedback. Please give us more…    More »

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