Simply Thai

4 star rating 22 reviews

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09 5511388

36 Remuera Road, Newmarket, Auckland

11 AM to 3 PM, 5 PM to 10 PM (Tue-Fri), 11 AM to 10 PM (Sat-Sun), Mon Closed


Reviews for Simply Thai

4 star rating
by Di
one month ago

A small Thai restaurant located near the Newmarket train station. They offer heaps of Thai stir fried dishes serving with rice and Thai noodles. I ordered a pad tom yum with chicken, which was a bit spicy but very tasty and rich.

4 star rating
by Melissa
one month ago

A small little Thai restaurant discovered below the apartment my friend lives. Bought it a few times when we've been lazy to make anything - plus it's close! Usually get the Pad Thai to takeaway because it's reasonably priced for the amount you get. They always have lunch deals making some of the more common dishes (e.g. Pad Thai, Curry) even cheaper than it already is - around $10.90 if I remember correctly. Never had any complaints about the Pad Thai. 

The only thing I'll say is the rice portion that comes with the curry is a bit small compared to the amount of curry you get, but then it's filling enough already (unless you have a monster stomach xD) Also, the skewers were just average but then again what can I's really just chicken xD

The people there are always friendly and the food comes out quite quick, compared to other places. Definitely my go-to Thai restaurant whenever I'm in Newmarket :) I haven't tried a lot of things on their menu so I can only give this a 3.5, judging only on the Pad Thai, Red Curry, and Chicken Skewers.

4 star rating
by Luke Alexander
one month ago

Recently visitors with omni friends, ordered a range of options and we were pleasantly surprised by the friendly and efficient service, tasty food and how accommodating the staff wee.

All our questions about ingredients/altering recipes were answered easily and without fuss - A++

After having Simply Thai recommended to me for so long, so glad that I finally went and took advantage of their delicious fare first hand.

Takeaway is a good option - the restaurant itself is neither spacious not particularly inviting.

4 star rating
by Katrina Dodge
2 months ago

Have been here quite a few times to eat and for takeaways aswell. How we decide to eat in or get takeaways depends on which staff member is at the front of the shop. One of the lady's is very attentive and nice and the other one (who is younger) doesn't seem interested in you. Yesterday we came for lunch and ate at the restaurant. The food here is very very good and at an awesome price. However the place itself could do with a spruce up. It can be very cold at night due to the cracks around the sliding door. And how it opens every time someone walks past (which is often as there is a bus stop right outside the door). I have given it a good rating because we have never been disappointed with the food and will continue to come here to eat and get takeaways. However it is lacking in authenticity and wouldn't come here for a special occasion or with a group larger than 4. Recommend: tasty Thai cashew, pad Thai or Thai green curry.

5 star rating
by Vaibhavkursija
3 months ago

A hidden gem located in Newmarket very close to Broadway, chicken satay was good! But the star of the evening was the Red Curry, the best I've ever tasted!

3 star rating
by EatsByZee
3 months ago

Simply Thai is perfectly located for Friday after-work take-aways.  The menu has all your usual Thai dishes, the prices reasonable and staff are friendly.  The pad thai with prawns is a little too sweet for my liking but nice nonetheless.  The chicken larb is deliciously hot and a great light meal.  They also offer lunch time specials.  The restaurant itself is small and narrow but there long bench-type seating available.  Give this place try for reliable Thai take-aways in Newmarket.

2 star rating
by Pamela Chada
6 months ago

Went there to have a quick lunch today. The Tom Kha was average and the service indifferent and almost surly. I asked for some water, which was unceremoniously dumped on the table. Most definitely will not visit again.

4 star rating
by Kenji
6 months ago

Been here a couple of times. Its tucked away in a busy street in New Market. Its a tiny restaurant with good cheap food. 

The Food:

Food has always been great over here, no complaints in terms of flavor. Foods not to spicy or salty unlike some Thai places I've been to. There is a good range of food on the menu with lots to chose from. The only issue is the rice potions when you order a curry can be a little small. I always seem to have curry left over and no rice to go with it. 

The Service:

Its a family owned restaurant so the owner puts a good effort into service. They are quick to attend to you and food comes out quick as well. The place is clean but there are times when the tables have felt a little sticky, would be nice if they gave them an extra wipe sometimes.

The Setting:
Its a small restaurant with about 7 tables (guesstimating). I haven't seen a bathroom here as well so not sure if there is a restroom or place to wash your hands. To be fair I have never asked if there is one either. The main door is on a busy street and as lot of people walk by. The door sensors are often triggered and the door opens letting a gust of cold wind in which can get a little frustrating. However the owner is lovely and she shut the sensor off. (for those curious how people got in/out after that, she manually had to open the door). 

Overall this place is nice if your after a tasty quick Thai meal.

5 star rating
by MochA
7 months ago

Delicious food! Love their huge portions of tom Yum and pad Thai! Good balance of flavours and it is the best Thai restaurant I've been in the entire auckland. definitely go there again and again.

Only one down side is their curries are served in a small bowl, therefore their curry portions are very little in comparison to their noodle dishes.

5 star rating
by Kirstie
9 months ago

Flat noodles are amazing. Tastiest thai around at super good prices , love the lunch deals, friendly staff . Best for takeaway as it's quite small

5 star rating
by Cathy Hayward Mellett
May 23, 2014

Excellent Thai food home delivery service. We had called Sabi Sabi Thai Remuera at 6.40 pm for home delivery of takeaways. After the phone was put down on us once, we called again. They told us they had runout of food on a Friday night. Yes you read this correctly!!!- So we tried Simply Thai Remuera. What a difference? The lady who answered the phone was friendly. The home delivery of our Thai Takeaways in Remuera was speedy and efficient and the food was tasty and well presented. I would absolutely recommend Simply Thai on Remuera Road. Guess who will continue to be our provider of Thai Food for a Friday night?

0 star rating
by Strik3r
May 15, 2014

Yummmm. Love Simply Thai, esp their pad sukiyaki:p ... One happy customer , will keep coming back

3 star rating
by Sandra Edwards
Sep 13, 2013

This place is cute! Small and clean but it didn't remind me much of Thailand, however I still love the looking of this place.

The taste of the food was kinda average, not so authentic considering I'm from Thailand myself I know that's not my taste, I took my bf with me and he also didn't think the food were that nice.

The price, it was quite expensive, once again considering the place it was so small (don't think they have to pay much for rent) and they didn't give much food but the price of each dishes were quite high compared to other Thai restaurants in the same area.

I'm not too impress with the food, also the service was quite average too.

However, I will come back and try your ' Look chin ping' the meat ball dish =D

4 star rating
by Yusoff Kamal
Mar 03, 2013

I love the place and the staff are really friendly. If you are coming in a group of 6...I recommend you to make reservation.

The food are well presented on the plate and the taste is authentic.

I did tried the Penang Curry as recommended by Sarah and yes...
it is really really good!

I will definitely make more trip to Simply Thai again.

5 star rating
by Sarah
May 10, 2012

This is a fantastic little Thai restaurant with lovely friendly service and outstanding affordable food. We have only ever ordered meals to take away but they've always been very generous servings. Can recommend the Penang Curry!

4 star rating
by Monika
Apr 22, 2012

One of the best Thai restaurant/ take aways in Auckland. We are regulars and have tried a variety of dishes - all of them super delicious. The prices are very reasonable and the service is fast and friendly. The restaurant only has limited seating and they do not have an alcohol licence. It is problably not a place for a special occassion but is a very good neighbourhood eatery. :)

5 star rating
by Joel Gillan
Nov 11, 2011

Amazing food! I had the Pad Thai chicken, and it was DELICIOUS. My friend had the Thai red curry and he said it was very delicious. Friendly service and cheap prices too. I will definitely be coming back. :)

4 star rating
by Nicky M
Oct 17, 2011

What a little gem -- Unassuming in appearance but great little place for some thai takeaways -- Cheap and yummy, a shame they don't have a liquor licence but there's a nice little wine bar just next door.

4 star rating
by Jo Shum
Mar 20, 2011

Excellent Thai takeaway. good location ( not so good for dining in since its right next to the bus stop with dust blowing in.) Had the Pad Thai and Pad See Ew, very tasty and in large portion. I particularly like the paper boxes container.

5 star rating
by Ron Kim
Jan 24, 2011

Tried the pad thai on take away, definitely one of the better pad thai dish I have tasted even compared to those from pricier restaurants. Side dishes were of high quality. Highly recommended.

5 star rating
by Adrian Leben
Jan 07, 2011

Best Thai food I have tasted in Auckland at really cheap prices. Very friendly staff and super convenient location just off Broadway.

5 star rating
by Foodie
Aug 19, 2010

Great new local Thai Restaurant, plenty of authentic Thai dishes to choose from, friendly staff and well priced, will be definitely be back!