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09 3028888

158 Williamson Avenue, Grey Lynn, Auckland

5 PM to 10 PM


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2 star rating
by Yolanda Liang
one month ago

Always order from soulthai, usually order their curry, fried rice and tofu spring rolls, and it was really good. But this time I tried the spicy prawn soup, it is really disappointed, only 3 prawns and no more than 4 mushrooms in the soup, and it cost $9.5, never order this again!

5 star rating
by Tracy F
2 months ago

Love soul thai. .A great little local.
delivery service. .very quick and always friendly.
Food is awesome. .very tasty love the duck curry and the spring rolls. .In fact have enjoyed everything we have ordered.

5 star rating
by Jamie Lyons
3 months ago

We ordered the lamb curry, chicken cashew nuts and fresh spring rolls. Amazing fresh tasting food. The lamb was very tender and the chicken was moist.  The coconut topping on the fresh spring rolls was a real highlight. This place has quickly become my local favourite for fresh food and very friendly service, and they deliver which is useful especially when I'm too lazy to walk a few mins down the road.

4 star rating
by Myfoxycorner
4 months ago

This is one of our favourite takeaway options, and although it's not the cheapest, we are happy to pay the extra for fresh, quality ingredients and delicious taste (as well as delivery, anything that enables me to be extra lazy).

The menu here on zomato is a little different to what's on the website but we love to get the Rich Red Curry, the spicy tofu noodles as well as the roti with peanut sauce on the side. I also love their spicy coconut soup (v) which is the perfect solution when I am feeling sick or under the weather.

THere are plenty of vegetarian options, and thier food is always full of fresh vegies and good tasting tofu so it's a great option for non-meat eaters.

The delivery can be up to an hour so make sure you order well in advance. I love how easy their online ordering is and will definitely continue to eat here often.

4 star rating
by Steff Bedford
5 months ago

We get takeaways from here regularly and it's always good - never had an issue. We love it because we get free delivery over $30 which is awesome when we're feeling lazy

1 star rating
by Dave Reece
Jun 20, 2014

I came to this store in April and received my meal from delivery. The delivery took over one hour and by the time it got here it was all cold. The delivery guy didn't speak any English, and he didn't even greet or say anything. That was the delivery problem. Now for the dishes. Because it was all cold, we had to heat it up, which killed the satisfaction of the food and taste. Rice and Chicken pad thai was extremely yuck. It was all hard maybe because they rushed it. There were no taste in all the dishes. It was a waste of money and really expensive will not be coming to this place ever

1 star rating
by Melissa Kelly
Mar 30, 2014

I ordered from this place 2 years ago and couldn't eat the food it tasted so bad. It's just down the road from my house and was feeling lazy so decided to give it a second chance - terrible idea bought 3 mains and an entree - all of them tasted disgusting. Would never recommend and highly disappointed - their website says they have one of the best Thai chefs in that case I won't be visiting Thailand any time soon. I eat at many other Thai places ie Dominion Road joints and have had very good food.

4 star rating
by David Boshier
Mar 28, 2014

Best to order delivery as the wait can be long at the store.

Hard to go past the duck salad as the best dish on the menu. However the rest are pretty good and consistent each time we have ordered.

Parking is generally available out front.

1 star rating
by Jason F
Mar 17, 2014

Ordered the Pad Thai noodles and was left extremely disappointed. Having just returned from Thailand a few weeks ago, I found the noodles were too dry and bland tasting. I asked for it to be spicy but what I go wasn't spicy at all. Instead they made it way TOO sweet for my liking, something that seems to be a common trend among among these terrible Thai takeways that litter Auckland which cater more towards those with tamer taste buds.

3 star rating
by Amy Tanabe
Dec 19, 2013

This is one of my favorite places to order from when I'm having a lazy night and want something delivered. This food is tasty, but the quality varies from time to time. One night you may get a nice decent handful of juicy mango, another night you'll get 5 small pieces.

4 star rating
by Louise DuPont
May 13, 2013

We love Soul Thai and get delivery often, always quick super friendly service and great Tom Ka Gai... satays yumtastic and mobile eftpos is a bonus... thanks!!

2 star rating
by Leigh Peters
May 03, 2013

We got takeaways from the Mt Eden store, I thought it was pretty reasonably priced and was ready within 20 mins, got it home and the packaging was nice... the disappointment came when we got to the food. The entree's weren't bad - chicken tom yum soup that was not too bad but not very authentic - you could tell it was made from a cube and the chicken satays were pretty good but the mains were a real let down. I had the chicken larb and it just really lacked flavour and zest - I had to add fish sauce, lime juice and chilli at home to make it nicer. My boyfriend got the spicy thai noodles and they were tasteless as well. We'll probably give them one last try as they are close, good service and well priced - hopefully just a bad night in the kitchen.

1 star rating
by Joseph V
Jan 27, 2013

Their chicken was pre-cooked by boiled water, thats why every meals had chicken taste extremely flavorless.

Never and ever try any tofu meals, they are not as fresh as they claimed.

Totally rip-off, won't shop again!

2 star rating
by Angie Gilbert
Jul 09, 2012

I decided to give Soul Thai another go after getting below average food when it first opened and someone said it had since improved.
Upon inquiring over the size of the fish cakes the owner/manager said that they were the 'standard' size, not to be deterred I asked him to show me. I found his attitude condescending and unhelpful. I asked if the portion for the main were enough for one or two and he said it was a dinner for one person. Not so, it was more than enough for two. He told us dinner would take fifteen minutes so we waited out side the door. Even though they deliver for free, he couldn't manage a stroll out the front door to give us our food and left it sitting on the counter - it was cold when we got home 5 minutes later.
The Food:
We ordered seafood fried rice. The rice grain was small and mushy more like couscous it generally lacked any flavour. The sea food content was sparse - 2 prawns and 2 pieces of squid in my portion. The veges were nicely crisp but completely cold. The roti was half cooked and I finished in the pan when I got home so it was soft and a little flaky like it should be. The curry puffs were nice - you will never hear me say again "you can trust a Thai place if they get the curry puffs right!" Rather than this place providing food for the Soul it just made me feel deprived. Don't go here if you want service or fresh authentic Thai.

1 star rating
by Rose Eusoff-Smith
Jun 05, 2012

I have always bought food from this place. In the last 3 orders including tonight the food was really bad. We ordered chicken and prawn pad thai and prawn tom yum soup. They delivered a huge amount of pad thai but it was tasteless, it would have been my worst pad thai ever. I have been to almost all Thai restaurants in Auckland and never had such a bad, tasteless phad thai. The chicken was so hard and dry, it was a sign that the chicken was already boiled before hand. And the soup was very bad too. Its from the cube paste tom yum, just added some lemon grass to it. For a size of a flat white and 2 prawn for $9 is a complete rip off. The last time I ordered spicy fish I asked for some extra chillies and they charged me $2. If I have to go and dined inside any Thai restaurant- they will never charge you the extra chili and it would readily available for the customers. Lately I heard the same poor reviews from a friend at work about Soul Thai- even the Thai food at the Ponsonby food court taste so much better and value for money. I will not purchase from the Soul Thai again and surely will not recommend it to anyone.

5 star rating
by Karina Jean Weeks
Apr 22, 2012

Fantastic, fairly affordable, authentic Thai food in the heart of Grey Lynn.
We ordered the cashew nut chicken and prawn green curry with the chefs appetizers. Portion sizes were great, there's heaps left over for lunch tomorrow! Food was tasty and delicious, the corn cake thing in the appetizers was amazing. (Really impressed my flatmate who is a Thai fanatic)
Great service from the team in store, we ordered on line and went to pick it up 25 minutes later and it was ready and waiting.
We're definitely going back!

5 star rating
by Yogesh Prasad
Jan 16, 2012

A great healthy alternative to fast food restaurants and the added bonus of free delivery made it convenient and easy to order. I really enjoyed the great customer service offered on the phone and by the delivery driver. The food was delicious and was well packaged and smelled delicious :) Would order again soon :)

5 star rating
by Gavin Lee
Jan 16, 2012

Great food and excellent service! I was told delivery time would be approximately 40 minutes but it arrived in only 20mins! The delivery staff was polite and friendly and the added bonus of mobile eftpos made it easy to pay. I especially enjoyed the chicken pad thai and prawn/pork triangles. Highly recommended! Will be ordering more often :)

5 star rating
by Lauren
Sep 28, 2011

I've only ordered from Soul Thai a few times but have been continually pleased with their food and service. Free delivery, (depending on your area) mobile eftpos, substantial portions, friendly staff and great food. Our orders usually only take 30 minutes to arrive. Would definitely recommend the spicy tofu noodles (pad kee mao pak), green and red curries, and their ginger dishes.
It's such a pity that some people have posted such negative reviews about Soul Thai based on incidents where the customer is so obviously at fault, not the restaurant. Someone trying to call Soul Thai using a phone number that a voucher company had misprinted, and angrily blaming Soul Thai for the rude stranger on the other end of the mystery number?
And people that clearly do not read the terms and conditions of vouchers they purchase, and then blaming the establishments they try to use them at. If a voucher states 'one per person', then common sense would tell you that each person would need to be there to redeem them. I have never come across a one per person voucher which enabled me to redeem more than one at a time, for people who aren't even there. It makes no sense.
People need to have a better grip on reality before posting such rash reviews, judge by standard of service received, not by whether or not your dining experience was marred by your own stupidity.

1 star rating
by Matt
Jul 19, 2011

I have ordered from soul thai a few times now, when it first opened I found the meals very tasty, as this website proves with the earlier reviews. Lately the meals have been sub par and tonight has been the same.
I made an internet order tonight and my partner has an intolerance to wheat so ordered the duck salad, I ordered the pad see ew.
When it arrived we realised the duck was battered (the menu did not mention this) so she called and asked the owner if there was anything that they could do. He said no because we did not state anything about an intolerance. Now this is not the end of the world, although it would have been nice for them to do something even though they were not technically in the wrong.
My pad see ew, however, was horrible. The chicken was dry and the noodles were chewy and burnt.
I will not be returning to soul thai, instead will be going to a much tastier and cheaper alternative at Ruk thai in the Ponsonby food court.

4 star rating
by Jessica
Mar 25, 2011

I have been here quite a few times now and always order the yellow chicken curry with rice. The meal has always been delicious and the staff have always been very polite. The meals are slightly expensive, but the portion sizes are huge!

1 star rating
by Jenni Murdoch
Feb 01, 2011

Sorry, havn't tried the food yet but have just spoken to a verry rude man when I phoned about my Spreets voucher. I phoned 018 for the 302 8888. I then read my voucher which said make a booking. Take your voucher to the restaurant. Called and was told it was only takeaway. Looked at my voucher again and thought I must have the wrong place. ph no on Spreets voucher 849 6134. Called this number and got a very rude man. Told me to ph. 302 8888. As I was very confused I again thought I must have the wrong number. When I asked him if it was Grey Lynn he said ring 302 8888 and hung up on me! Didn't mention that Spreets had made a mistake. Called 302 number and was only then told about Spreets mistake. Soured the whole experience. Was quite happy to pick up, that was not the problem. With an attitude like theirs, I will use my voucher (have paid for it) but certainly wont go back. Sounds like it is not good value for money anyway.

3 star rating
by Susan Wills
Jan 04, 2011

Slightly expensive, but then delivery is free. We thought ok sized portions - got one curry and a pad thai plus rice and an entree, which was enough for dinner for 2, with enough left over for one of us to have as lunch the next day. We were impressed that the delivery arrived HOT, which can be lacking in deliveries. This was the third time we have ordered from Soul Thai though, and it has been mostly consistent, not amazing, but reliable, and given the lack of choice for takeaway deliveries in Auckland, of a good enough standard for us to go back. If we want amazing Thai we can always eat out...

5 star rating
by Sean Newlands
Jan 01, 2011

Delicious meals, I've had about 8 different meals at Soul Thai and they were all superb.

2 star rating
by Lisa Stokes
Dec 07, 2010

I got a voucher from spreets and placed an order tonight for two main meals and a serving of rice, had the voucher worth $20 and i paid the remaining balance. when i called, i had fantastic customer service and the same when i popped in to pick up my order, the venue was modern, clean and had a good vibe.

However, it all starts when i get home to sit down with my partner to what should have been a main. When we pulled out the two very small containers, we looked at each other and couldnt believe our eyes. Never ever have we seen or paid so much for such a tiny main. Now I know its all about the quality and the oils they use etc etc, but come on for petes sakes, my 10 year old son would have eaten that for his dinner let alone a grown womman and a very hard working bloke who has just worked a 16 hour shift.

Both our dishes looked the same despite the orders being different, and while the food was excellent quality, where was the rest of the meal? we are both hungry still and we arent exactly HUGE eaters, we love thai and have dined at alot of thai places.

I called just to give them my feedback, and i think they guy was a bit defensive and started pointing out ALL the reasons why they push out 1500 mains per week, why they get a large number of compliments on the portions and what oils they use which pushes the price up and that they very rarely (if ever) get complaints about their portion sizes. I felt like he wanted to debate everything, and i didnt ask for anything or demand they change anything but he kept saying that they focus on quality and they will never ever be about qauntity and maybe i should try ponsonby road, ill find even smaller meals? seriously now.

Huge let down, seeing as their food was very nice, and they were really friendly and professional up til then. Im am still gob smacked that they even call that a main meal and charge people that.

1 star rating
by Anna
Dec 04, 2010

I went to Soul Thai today.. And i must say it is the WORST.. I repeat, WORST experience ever.
The owner told me that I could not use my 3 spreets vouchers as only my mum and I were there and the THIRD person needed to be there also. Really. Was i realistically going to order 3 portions of food and 3 entres for just me and mum if I wasnt going to eat it? You'd think that I'd just go back another day for dinner and not waste it. He then said to me in a rather hostile way 'You have to read these things properly'
How absolutely rude.
First off.. It says 'One per person'
It DOES NOT say 'Everyone must be present when redeeming vouchers' or along those lines.
Secondly, it WAS for 3 people, the 3rd person was busy and couldn't make it.
Thirdly, WHAT A STUPID CATCH. ESPECIALLY since it's a takeaway shop and not even a dine-in restaurant so to make EVERYONE show up just to grab some takeaways is absolutely ridiculous.
Fourthly, the owner then went on to say that this condition was made as 'people come in with 10 vouchers' Honestly. Would a person really use 10 vouchers for themselves in one go?
I also asked the owner "So if i return in half an hour.. I can use the third voucher?"
To which he replied "Yes I would honorably take your voucher if you were to return in half an hour"
So...... I waited 20 minutes for my first lot of food. Then I'd have to wait for 30 minutes, use my third voucher to order my next lot of food and wait for another 20 minutes before it was ready? I'm sorry but that's 50 minutes after the first set of food was ordered and by then, it would be cold so would be totally pointless.
The stools they had there had no support and were too high.. So high that my mum literally fell off the stool, onto the ground and injured her knee.
The owner actually argued with me, extremely poor customer service. Needless to say, I am absolutely outraged.
The food wasnt great. And im not saying this because i am furious. Pad Thai was too bland, fish cakes were too salty and chicken satay sticks were tough.
If I could have given this place ZERO STARS I would have.

In response to your post, my mother was NOT half sitting, you wouldn't know as you were busy standing behind the counter talking to another staff member, and yes, I remember because I happened to be staring at you after your rudeness. Secondly, the 'staff member' was in fact the owner, and i know this because he smugly told me so, which is sad for the business considering if the owner is behaving in such a manner, it doesn't say much about the business. And thirdly.. You have had nearly a third of your reviews so far stating that you deliver a bad attitude, hostile and rude. Your inability to take criticism and jump to defenses and then rudeness is laughable especially as you try to make excuses for yourself. Learn the meaning of customer service, you're a joke.

4 star rating
by Hom Dokphutsa
Jul 12, 2010

Superb meal for me thanks for the great meal . It was very tasty

5 star rating
by Nancy Thomas
Jun 14, 2010

I have ordered from here a few times a week since they opened. The food is tasty and you can get a very good meal for your money. The drawback is that it can get very busy. The staff are very friendly and I would definately recommend this place. The chicken satay with peanut sauce and salt & pepper squid are two of my favourites!

5 star rating
by Stephen Clarke
Jun 09, 2010

The food was better than I expected and really delicious, especially the pad thai which I have come to love since visiting Thailand. Fresh flavours and extremely good value if you are looking for a high quality meal.

2 star rating
by Grace
Jun 07, 2010

First of all, I've been looking forward to a Thai place in my neighbourhood for a year now, was excited when Soul Thai opened just down the road.
I think the food is okay, portions small, and overpriced. My red curry was way too sweet with the portion size of a 2 minute cup noodle. Thai food is my favourite and I've had Thai food in 17 places around Auckland. Sorry, Soul Thai you're not even my top ten. Free delivery? Not really if you have to order two items lol Oddly priced so that I have to order two things and the 7 dollar items are not my cup of tea. There are 8 dollar pad thais in dodgy food courts on k-road that tasted better with more bang for the buck! Oh and after specific instructions not to ring my neighbours doorbell, yeah they got the address wrong and woke up my elderly neighbours. Thanks, won't be eating from you ever again and neither will any of my friends. Good luck lol!

4 star rating
by Clare
May 14, 2010

AWESOME food, very delicious and flavoursome (had the chicken red curry) however, we did not know that we had to order rice separately as most takeaway places have rice included in the meal, so we ended up with no rice with the curry. I also ordered corn fritters which were advertised to come with a salsa but there was no salsa with it. But everyone else was happy with their meals! It tasted better than we normally get and we order LOTS of thai food!!!
Well done, good effort for a new place!