Spitting Feathers

3 star rating 7 reviews

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09 3660254

16 Wyndham Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  European, Finger Food
12 Noon to 1 AM (Mon, Sun), 11 AM to 1 AM (Tue), 11 AM to 12 Midnight (Wed-Fri), 12 Noon to 12 Midnight (Sat)


Reviews for Spitting Feathers

3 star rating
by Livernlungs
10 days ago

In conclusion, it’s not the most comfortable place to have a drink and cigarette – especially if the weather’s bad – but the vibe is fun and $4 Heinekens? In TOWN? We’ll definitely be back.

4 star rating
by Rocky Mak
one month ago

The food is always a highlight, especially steak night Wednesdays, which can be a victim of its own success having orders backed up, and all the seats are snapped up before 6pm on Wednesdays and massive drinks deal Thursdays, but it is worth the wait.  It is actually a R20 bar as I overheard the duty manager sending two 'minors' away. The worst thing is the noise disposing the bottles, but the new staff haven't done it any more.

2 star rating
by Nick
3 months ago

It's a real shame that one of my go-to places in town has not performed recently, so much so that I will now be finding elsewhere to go.

Spitting is in a great spot upstairs, it's fitted out nicely and doesn't have the music pumping so you can actually talk to people. What wrecks this atmosphere is the way the staff heave the glass into a huge bin, trying to outdo each other on the noise. It was so loud and so regular that I still have ringing ears today, and this bar was the only place I went. I saw two different people ask the staff nicely if they could try be a bit quieter, but the staff didn't take any notice. What was sad was the number of other people in the bar kept jumping and looking around every time the bottles crashed in, and that the bar wasn't busy, otherwise I might have understood.

To top it all off, the bathroom was a bit of a war zone and still had spew splashes from what I can only assume is the night before.

My reviews give credit where credit is due, but sadly the only positive point is Heineken is $4, but being the sober driver, I didn't get to enjoy this.

4 star rating
by Dan Norton
3 months ago

Ironic that the cheapest pint in town is imported from the other side of the world!!
Great little bar with some British favourites at sometimes unbelievable prices. A favourite haunt of expats getting their fix from home and a good place to see some sport on the telly. Unpretentious, easy going and cheap!

1 star rating
by Kera Lisa
Sep 06, 2014

Poor showing, Spitting. I've been a patron for a few years now and for the first time I saw your staff evict people, one of whom I was with, for literally no reason. When I asked the bouncer why these particular folks, my friend being one whom hadn't even been to the been to the bar in an hour or more, was being removed I was told that he'd been 'selected.' Saw a good 7 or 8 other selectees outside. When I asked the manager on duty why people had been evicted, he said he was thinning out the drunks. When I mentioned that those chosen were no more or less drunk than anyone else, he invited me to get out if that's how I felt about it and then Mr. Napoleon Complex stomped off looking very much the angry Patton Oswalt doppleganger he is. Customer service gone downhill then has it? There are better bars. Enjoy the yuppie crowd vomiting on your deck and leaving your bathroom a shambles. You've alienated roughly a dozen regulars who don't simply show up to pick up your $3 Heineken and burn holes on your deck. Genius foresight.

5 star rating
by Debbie Lockart
Dec 02, 2013

Happened upon this pace by word of mouth. Hard to spot the entrance unless you are looking for it. But once inside - WOW. Bar staff fantastic and friendly. Food was typical English food and a lot of the beers I haven't seen since I was last in the UK.
Pity they are in the Auckland CBD otherwise this would become my local (I live on the Shore and work on the Shore).
Highly recommend you pop in for a drink - a fantastic place!

4 star rating
by Duncan Innes
May 14, 2012

I chanced across this stylish up-stairs bar - it's easy to miss-and got a nice welcome and an interesting Brew Dog Punk IPA (all the way from Scotland.) haven't tried the food but would love to re-visit this trendy bar with a varied beer collection, Walker's crisps and other English touches.