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224 Symonds Street, Grafton, Auckland

  Seafood, Pizza, European
12 Noon to 11 PM


Reviews for Squid Row

3 star rating
by Iamcii
11 days ago

Amazing food. But, bad service. Wait staff doesn't seem like they want to be there. Got our orders wrong and kept asking if we were done with our food.

1 star rating
by Tim Antoniadis
one month ago

I have been to Squid Row many times before and loved the food. Went back last week and was highly disappointed. The Garlic Prawns were deep fried and not garlic prawns as they used to be. We questioned the waiter 3 time saying these and not garlic prawns and explained they should not be deep fried. His response was yes they are correct and walked off.
The chili squid was also like rubber. This is really unfortunate as it used to be a good restaurant. We won't be returning!

2 star rating
by Daniel Power
one month ago

Nice building and location, but that's about all that was nice about it. From a tasting experience, this place has seemingly plummeted. Ordered the battered fish and shrimp platter. Possibly the worst batter I've ever tasted. Informed the waiter about the batter, who them informed us they were "trying out a new batter". Disappointing experience, never to be relived.

1 star rating
by Kirstee Nadin
one month ago

Holy mother of all that is hideous!What a disgusting experience we had last night. We were at one point, the only patrons in this place and we still could not get service.I was dreadfully embarrassed to have recommended this place to friends for dinner. Having dined here on a lot of occasions for both lunch and dinner with colleagues and clients, I was bitterly disappointed.One would think that when ordering a beetroot and feta salad that it should actually come with the meal? Wrong. Neither ingredient appeared and when questioned, a can of beetroot was provided with laughter from the kitchen. One of the 9 meals ordered was edible.Never, never again and if I could rate them lower, I would.

3 star rating
by Genie @ BunnyEatsDesign
4 months ago

I’ve been to Squid Row many times before for after work drinks and nibbles. It's a big space that can accommodate large groups and it's right by my work. It’s been a while since my last visit and the menu and decor has changed.

I met up with my friend for a Friday lunch and we were ignored for a good 10 minutes. It’s tricky to get service here and I walked around the restaurant trying to flag someone down, but they were too busy to speak to us. In the end I went to the bar to order but was told to go back to my table and wait. When our orders were finally taken, the rest of the experience was fine.

I ordered the Mussels with white wine and my friend the Tuna Nicoise. My mussels were cooked well but bland, could have done with something more, might have been my poor choice of flavour. 

We got a jug of sangria to share. Please note, the sangria is huge. I assumed it would be around 750ml, it was more like 3 litres! We couldn’t finish it. Such a shame!

We had an EB voucher would knocked a little off our bill. The food was only OK and the service was barely there. I only have half an hour break for lunch so I was very late back at work due to the lack of service. The kitchen was quick, but there were only 2 waitresses that I could see and both of them were flat out. I think they need to get their service quicker for lunch so that people can be in and out. For this reason, I would not come back for lunch.

3 star rating
by Mrs. Passionfruit
6 months ago

Squid Row is an establishment with quite a name in Auckland, I should say. It's a pretty popular destination for casual food and drinks, with their salt and pepper squid being the name of the game--I came here for a visit and found it to be an average bar sort of place. 

I personally feel that the decor sits in the middle--it's bar but it's very restaurant-y like yet it's loud and bustling (I had to scream to talk to my friend sitting in front of me on the table). Food is reasonably priced for bar standards although I find the taste very average. Their famous salt and pepper squid is very salty that I hardly taste anything else in it and their pork belly is a little bit on the chewy and dry side although it doesn't taste bad.

I probably just caught Squid Row at their 'off' night, but I spent quite a bit to consider going back for the food--if I get to sit outside I wouldn't mind coming for a beer or two, they have excellent tap choices.

4 star rating
by Eat Pray Love
7 months ago

I love Squid Row for drinks and nibbles! The ambience is really kick back and relaxed, and the staff are very friendly and quite chatty which is always nice to make people feel comfortable.

I love the massive long tables they have with benches, which is perfect for big groups as it makes the dining experience more intimate than separate chairs. The decor inside is simply, with a beachy vibe. 

I ordered the salt and pepper squid with chips for dinner, and the creme brulee for dessert. The squid was crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside with the correct amount of seasoning. The fries were cooked really well and was a great side to the delicious squid. The creme brulee was the star of the night! I was not expecting much from it when I ordered it, but it really delivered! The gorgeous burnt sugar top broke away nicely, and the creamy centre was cooked just right. Thoroughly enjoyed that!

Squid Row is located conveniently near a big Wilson Carpark and the Mt Eden road bus stops making it a great place for dinner, or just drinks and seafood appetizers. There outdoor area is gorgeous as well!

4 star rating
by Heartshrooms
7 months ago

Had a pretty good experience with Squid Row since I had read the previous reviews so I had a good idea of what to expect and what dishes to avoid. Came with my family midweek on a rainy day so it wasn't busy which was good for us since we were starving, so the food came out fairly quickly. We had two GrabOne vouchers, and ordered five dishes to share. The portions are quite generous so make sure you pick a table with plenty of room! We ordered:

Rib Stack ($16.00)- it sounded and looked like the most exciting dish we ordered but ended up being the least favourite. The meat was tender and easily came off the bone but we were expecting more flavour, more excitement, and more stickiness that you associate with ribs.

Panko Crumbed Scallops ($14.50)- It was okay, but I wouldn't order it again. Scallops are nicer when pan-fried in my opinion, especially since it's pricey so it requires a lot more love and care when cooking it.

Chicken and Brie Pizza ($14.00)- Very cheesey with smoked chicken cubes and cranberry sauce. I like how the chicken was smoked and the base was nice and crispy. It's a decent pizza but I've never been a fan of cheese (90% of the world is probably gasping in horror right now) so it wasn't to my taste. The others liked it though and their judgement is probably a lot more trustworthy than my defective taste buds.

Salt and Pepper Squid w. Chips ($23.00)- the squid cooked to perfection, it was soft and not chewy/ overcooked at all, and the sweet chilli dipping sauce was very versatile to use with other dishes too. It was delicious with a squeeze of lemon and an extra dash of salt and pepper (on the table). One of the best salt and pepper squid dishes I've had actually!

1kg Mussel Pot with Laksa- Generous portion size here! I was hoping to come in on a Sunday to get the 2 for 1 deal but mid week was the best time for everyone and 2 pots would have been unnecessary with all the food we received. Tip: take half the mussels out of the pot and put them in the lid so you can get access to the sauce at the bottom of the pot easier. The laksa soup by itself would be disappointing compared to true Malaysian laksa's but as the mussels are the star of the show, it was a nice complement to the mussels. We found we preferred dipping the mussels into the wasbi mayo more though. The bread was toasted perfectly with the right amount of crunch outside but still warm and fluffy inside.

Overall, I quite enjoyed Squid Row, we were happy with the food and the generous portion sizes. I would probably return here only if they were on a deal again though.

3 star rating
by EatsByZee
8 months ago

Visited Squid Row on a Friday evening for after work drinks. This is the first time I've been since it has re-branded from a surfy beach vibe to a casual cool modern theme.

We had GrabOne vouchers for a shared platter - salt and pepper squid with Thai lime and coriander chilli sauce dip and the fish goujons with tartare sauce with a side of steak fries and aioli - and two drinks. The squid was tender, well seasoned and the dipping sauce partnered well with the squid. The goujons were unfortunately underseasoned and bland with the only saving grace the tartare sauce which was buttery, thick and luscious.

I noted that two for one 1kg buckets of mussels ($15/pot) were still on offer and having tried them in the past, am glad that they still offer this delicious deal! Squid Row is a good choice a casual fresh seafood meal in comfortable surroundings and central location.

3 star rating
by Lillian
8 months ago

Been here a few times over the years. I have been craving for some mussels and of course I have to come for the 2-for-1 Sunday specials here. The branding and decor have changed since I was last here. It used to be chilled, surfing theme, now it's more of a European feel with Michelangelo's David head in the logo. Menu is still similar with casual fares with the addition of, now trendy, small plates options, but missing some of my fav items (eg the surf & turf).
Today we got 2 mussels pots - Laksa and Provençal, plus a side order of wedges. Yes the mussels were very nice - I thought the broths were not very much so at the start, you couldn't get any. As you work your way down it gets a bit better and easy to mix your mussels with the broth, but then by the end of it, the mussels had been left too long in the hot broth, and got quite a bit chewy. Both broths were pretty good and in different ways. I think I preferred The french baguette served on the side, slightly warmed, with the butter, in room temp, were actually really good. The wedges were a bit tasteless unfortunately.
We were here in mid afternoon, so there was no one around and it felt quite lonely. We used to come here more often cos we worked nearby and it's a nice after-work drink place.

3 star rating
8 months ago

Fairly roomy establishment with not too many customers (highly due to the windy and rainy weather tonight) with a somewhat limited menu - mostly consists of seafood, with the odd chicken and red meat dishes here and there.

Service was okay, staff was attentive and helpful, would have preferred if the waitress told us the 'small plates' aren't actually that small! When you recieve your meals you'll understand the slightly higher pricing for their 'small meals' as it could almost pass off as a main for most people I know (depends on your hunger level and stomach space). Staff don't seem to let you know things are out of stock until you try and order it; we were told on 3 separate occasions that the mussels, salmon, calamari were unavailable after trying to order them.

We ordered the wedges, chicken nibbles and seafood chowder - most of which was 1/2~3/4 finished as it was a bit too much food to have with our mains. The wedges were huge (both portion and actual size of the wedge itself wise) and were generously covered in mozzarella, bacon, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce, the chicken nibbles looked a little on the burnt side and the seafood chowder was a bit too runny but tasted decent.

We also ordered mussels in white wine sauce and cheeseburgers (one with beetroot, one with gherkin). The mussels looked good, a huge pot for only $15, my friend and I will be returning on Sunday for the 2 for 1 so we can try the Tom Yum and Laksa sauce versions! I found the patty thick and a bit too crispy on the outside, and quite dry on the inside (my friends one was also crispy but the inside was still a bit moist). Thankfully they do give you tomato sauce in addition to the aioli for your fries as it gets a little too strong.

Tried the roast chicken pasta as my back uo choice and was very disappointed, staff took over 30minutes for our meal (understandable if you want to serve food at the same time but for dishes like pasta, its best to be served straight away). The pasta was warm and didn't have much sauce to it, the chicken was also quite dry. For the price and quality, i don't recommend this dish.

Water bottle was constantly changed for us whenever we finished it and the staff checked to make sure our meal was alright.

Overall, it was a nice experience, a little more than I would like to spend on a meal but I'll definitely return soon when my stomach is up for it to try all the seafood on their menu -especially the mussels, salmon and garlic prawns!

4 star rating
by Lisa Edgar
9 months ago

Seafood sensation! Squid row is one of my favourite seafood places in Auckland, partly because of it's relaxed interior and consistently fresh seafood. The menu has changed over the years and are now leaning towards the 'shared plates' method, making it a great place for group dining.

Went with my family and overloaded ourselves with seafood. We started with the bluff oysters which (according to my dad) was succulent and crispy. The vinaigrette that came with it added it a nice 'tang' to it. We then went a little crazy by ordering 4 pots of 1kg mussel pots - Tom yum, Provençal (tomato and bacon based) white wine cream and laksa. I'm not sure if it was the season or what, but the mussels were HUGE! The laksa and tom yum had a decent heat (spicy) to it which I really enjoyed. In contrast, the Provencal pot was smothered with diced tomato and bacon and complimented the mussels nicely.

For those non seafood lovers out there, the hubby demolished a beautifully packed steak burger with mushroom, onions, blanketed with melted cheese mmmm... we also ordered the rib stack that came on an impressive stack cage. A bit dry and stingy on the quantity for my liking. The pizzas at squid row are thin crust and generous with the ingredients - right to the edge.

Sundays are my favourite days to dine at Squid row. Why?
1) free car parking on Sunday directly next to the restaurant in the pay and display area
2) mussel pots are 2 for 1
3) there is always room and plenty of tables for spontaneous visits.

Definitely recommend this hidden gem!

4 star rating
by Rahul Dixit
9 months ago

Great place to chillout. Great service and good selection of alcohol. Maria the manager makes one feel totally at home and is a great host. Will recommend anytime.

4 star rating
by Albie Hill
9 months ago

We dine at Squid Row once or twice a week and always enjoy the food and the service, especially Maria, she's always happy to see us and greets us with a big smile on her face. It is kind of our local favourite for a quick bite and some drinks after a long day at work.

Overall, good food and attentive service and we sure will become regulars at Squid Row :-)

4 star rating
by Dan
10 months ago

Have been here a number of times and always enjoy the seafood. Nice atmosphere and friendly staff

5 star rating
by Bruce Turner
11 months ago

Ah, Squid Row - home away from home.
The team here are so friendly that sometimes it feels like home. The kitchen crew seem to know what they are up to as well. Best choice - the seafood selection platter AND 2 for 1 mussels on Sunday. Forget bar service, they come to you at your table. Not too common in a bar these days.
Just love this spot.

4 star rating
by John Wakelin
Feb 12, 2014

My wife and I had two vouchers for a platter and we went last week and Tuesday of this week.
Had excellent waitress (Maria) who was very helpful on both occasions with her suggestions, consequently we had great service and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal.

2 star rating
by Merryn T
Feb 11, 2014

If you enjoy deep fried food and drinks, then this is the place for you.

Been here twice and left with feeling of being over charged and oily.

On a positive note, the service has been good each time.

5 star rating
by David Clark
Feb 11, 2014

Had a voucher for a squid or calamari platter and a side of chunky chips or salad with either wine or beer.
It was a Tuesday evening so wasn't very busy.
A delightful waitress from Argentina took our order and suggested we could half and half the squid and calamari, which we did. The chips were our choice. I had a beer, my wife had a wine.
It arrived promptly, and yes, we agree with all the other positive reviews. Good portions, plenty of sauce, and nicely cooked fresh food. Great service. We enjoyed!

5 star rating
by Bruce Jiang
Jan 30, 2014

One of the best seafood restaurants, the squid and sauce were delicious, and came in different sizes to choose from.
Excellent meal, went with my family last week.
The staff there were really friendly and took care of us well by checked upon our table constantly offering more drinks or "anything i can help you with".
The service was really fast, and it even came in good quantity despite the fact there were no pictures on the menu and we were also using a voucher.
I recommend the mixed seafood selection which were delicious with fresh shellfish, along with a quantity of fish and squids.
The pizza there were rather nice as well, however the kids meal seemed to be over-priced and tasted poorly, this however maybe due to us trying the other exquisite dishes first.

Strongly recommend, and a comfortable atmosphere too!

5 star rating
by Teresa
Jan 18, 2014

We came in last Sunday with some friends and were quite pleased that the outside area is now more comfortable. We had a jug of sangria at $25 to start with. Delicious! The boys ordered 2 for 1 mussels, which are now $15 instead of $22 as they used to - but are still the same size! Us girls decided to share few small plates: ribs, garlic prawns (yummy), salt and pepper squid and seafood pizza. Although quite full we shared sticky toffee pudding afterwards. Everything was very tasty and a good value for money. The service was attentive. Big plus is the free parking on Sunday next door!
We will definitely be back to try other dishes on the menu!

4 star rating
by Catalina Espinoza
Jan 15, 2014

Had a lovely lunch here - salt and pepper squid was delicious, the service was prompt, friendly and helpful. Maria our waitress was a star and we will definitely be returning soon to try other dishes on the menu!

5 star rating
by Mike Smith
Jan 11, 2014

We came in for a quick bite in the afternoon. We ordered the seafood selection and a side of fries and it arrived shortly after. The food was beautiful presented and it tasted even better. The seafood selection came with fresh oysters, tuna, mussels, prawns, smoked salmon and salt & pepper squid (my favourite). Great value for money. Will be back to try the rest of the menu.

5 star rating
by Bex Pool
Jan 09, 2014

I'm so lucky that Squid Row is down the road from my work! Delicious salt and pepper squid, $12 pizzas at lunch and the Wild Rocket Salad is amazing! Our server, Maria was absolutely adorable. We felt very looked after and happy. We will definitely be back.

5 star rating
by Penny
Jan 01, 2014

I'd seen this restaurant many times over the past few years on my way to Galbraiths (next door, over the car park, great beer). I love seafood but my other half can't eat it and prefers his meal to have previously mooed, oinked or baarred. I noticed that the menu accommodated for both. I asked around and got very mixed reviews good/bad/pricey etc, so left it alone. I saw a deal voucher online and decided to go for it as, after checking first, the restaurant was actually open over Christmas and new year. Now all I can say is WOW! We were told by the lovely Maria (fabulous waitress who should be giving a lot of the Auckland hospitality set a much needed training session) that the ownership has recently changed and the 'previous chef' re-instated, which perhaps explained why there had been mixed reviews previously. Voucher in hand, we really went for it. We tried the small plates of Ribs, Salt and Pepper Squid (for me, not him) and salmon cakes. They were absolutely delicious, the squid being the best I have eaten. The portions were very generous for 'small' which we appreciated. We followed with Stuffed Eggplant and a Side of Fries. All of our dishes arrived promptly, were beautifully presented, absolutely delicious and very generous in size. Extremely good value and quality. Squid Row is set up for lovely courtyard dining, groups, families and, like us at the time, couples. ALSO, on Sundays, they offer two for one, 1kg pots of mussels (with 5 sauce choices) for $15!!! We are already planning our next visit back with our daughter and friends...well worth the trip over the bridge. Fantastic food, fantastic service, brilliant value. Great experience all round.

5 star rating
by Fran Sampson
Dec 24, 2013

Have been eating here for over 3 years and a few months back the chef left:-( Food was not so good......
The chef is back the menu is new and improved and the food is back up to his superb standard. Our party had Venison Burgers (new on the menu), Ribs (also new) my 4 year old had the Salt & Pepper squid and I shared a platter of tempura fish goujons with my 2 yr old and 9 month old.
All of the food was superb and great service. Can't wait to go back again:-)

3 star rating
by Alistair Ross
Dec 08, 2013

This place used to be pretty good, but has gone downhill in the last year. As you can imagine from the name, the speciality is seafood, but most offerings are served from the deep fryer.

I'm a big fan of seafood chowder, and have eaten my way through a fair few in Auckland. I wouldn't go back for Squid Row's chowder - overly creamy & bland, with only a few seafood morsels chucked in. Creamy, yes - chunky, no. The Golden-Fried Calamari was also disappointing; I've had better in pubs.

Squid Row is decorated with surfboards & ocean pics. It's a big, welcoming space, even with it's own small outdoor area down the side. However, its more of a drinking venue in my opinion - the seafood doesn't seem fresh or appealing. It's a pity, as there was plenty of potential here.

5 star rating
by Ben Wolland
Nov 25, 2013

I live close by and have been eating/drinking at the Squid Row for years now. I have always enjoyed the salt and pepper squid (absolutely melts in the mouth).

In the last couple of months the new owners have refurbished the property to a really funky bar/restaurant. It has a really nice vibe about it now, they have done a great job of pulling the old decor with modern/retro feeling.
The Salt and Pepper squid and all the favourites are still on the updated menu as well as some new options. The pizzas are such good value.
Great space for a group with large tables as well as intimate spaces for a more romantic night out ;)
Love it.

2 star rating
by Dave Garrett
Aug 05, 2013

About a year back we had a great night here but tonight the second (and last) time, service was terrible. We waited for well over an hour for our mains despite three other tables who arrived after us being served before us - when we asked why staff seemed disinterested although offered free dessert which we declined (did they not get that we had waited too long) there are plenty of restaurants much better than this

5 star rating
by Tom Ou
Jul 29, 2013

Casual Monday night, we ordered a scallop entre, tom yum mussel, squid row burger and the apple crumble. Everything was beautiful, service was casual and honest, scallops melted in your mouth, burger patty had the perfect texture with a mediterranean-feel sauce accompanied with english muffin buns (supreme combination), this tom yum soup for the mussel was so good we picked up the bowl and downed it. Dessert topped it all off, fresh out the oven apple pie with oat crumble bake accompanied with ice cream, the oat calmed the sweetness of the pie filling and the ice cream cooled down the temperature. Beautifully balanced.
Would definitely be back, recommended for a casual night out or a relaxed first date :)!

3 star rating
by Mikayla Andrews
Jul 09, 2013

Went to Squid Row with a voucher on Sunday night. I had heard great things about the restaurant however after visiting, I find it highly overrated. The entree's are very small and overpriced. My partner ordered the Panko Scallops but said you couldn't taste any flavour over how highly crumbed they were. I got the Fish and Chips as we had ordered the Salt and Pepper Squid for an entree. The fish was definitely well cooked.

Ordered a $9 glass of wine (cheapest they had) and found that it was Corbans! I could of bought the whole bottle at the supermarket for that price!

All in all, food was good but as I have said, highly overrated and expensive restaurant for what you get. Won't be hurrying back there anytime soon.

2 star rating
by Paresh L Boas
Jul 09, 2013

Had dinner there with friends, service was good but the food wasn't worth for what we paid. Fish and chips was good, pepper salt squid was good, but other dishes were not as good as expected, the dish John Dory came in a small portion charged $31up with poor taste. We will not go back.

2 star rating
by Olie Llanillo
Jun 23, 2013

Definitely great food but very poor service!
Just nicely asked to be seated in a better seat away from sun heat and the girl gave me an ugly grin! Totally unacceptable.
Just hope management can improve on customer service to compliment the good food.

4 star rating
by Jacqui Brookes
Jan 05, 2013

First time and it was so delicious I can't believe I have never been here before. There were 5 of us and everything we had was wonderful. I had tuna sashimi on grated dakon with wasabi, friends shared the salt and pepper squid and oysters. Oysters were the small ones and the salt and pepper sqid was really good. Mains were swordfish, fish pie, salt and pepper squid, snapper and john dory. All were great. Table next door ordered the whole baby snapper and it looked amazing - I will have that next time. I ordered affogato for dessert - huge scoop of ice cream - yum. Good wine list too. Will be back for sure and will have that squid again - so good!

4 star rating
by Jade Lim
Dec 05, 2012

No doubt the best place for squid in Auckland! Nuf said.
Squid Row is our favourite Sunday Squid hangout place. haha..

4 star rating
by Judy Lewis
Nov 03, 2012

Great atmosphere, cold wet day but warm and cosy inside, nostalgic viewing on the big screen always entertaining, excellent friendly service, yummy food. All round very pleasant experience which exceeded expectations and we will return.

5 star rating
by Marie Stringer
Oct 03, 2012

Very Good, staff were wonderful ,even turned the heater on where we were sitting on a cold and blustery day and when a gust of wind from an opened door blew my paper napkin off the table quickly replaced it. The fish and chips were delicious and there was no problem changing my sons mash to chips with his steak.The place has ambiance with its lighting and choice of old time pictures. In all a great experience. Well recommended...

5 star rating
by Julie
Dec 29, 2011

AMAZING! Went for dinner tonight. Service was great! Lovely staff and very friendly! Food was outstanding! Recommend the John Dori fish and salt and pepper squid and languini! Atmosphere was great and amazing decor. Service prompt. Will def be returning very soon! Highly recommended! (:

2 star rating
by Joni M
Dec 21, 2011

I have been a semi-regular cusotmer of Squid Row over the past three or four years. I used to go there with friends for the $6 cocktail happy hour, we liked the decor, the little outdoor area, and it was just a fun new place to go to. But I'm sad to say the quality of the food and the service has declined steadily over time. My last visit will be the last indeed. To put a long story short, I sent my meal back - the first time I have ever sent a meal back in my life! - because I was not about to pay $32 for an inedible plate of food. The staff are plain disinterested. There are much better places to eat and spend your money in Auckland. But the happy hour margarita's are still pretty wicked.

4 star rating
by Wilson
Dec 19, 2011

Risotto.....my mouth is watering... with one of the superb wine's on your menu.....heaven

2 star rating
by Verity Swift
Oct 12, 2011

I'm actually not that impressed. I have been twice now at lunch time, eating from the $12 lunch menu. The first visit I had spicy bean burritos. Not spicy and not terribly warm either.
So, today I decided to give it another go - try everything twice I say! Again, I'm afraid it wasn't that great. The waitress was a little self obsessed, the penne carbonara that I had was horrible. The sauce was very thin (not a hint of the white wine it promised) very scant on the bacon and mushrooms and not at all seasoned. The sauce was so thin I actually had to ask for a spoon :-) I was with two work friends, one had the mussel fritters and the feedback was they were quite tasty. My other friend had something from the main menu - Salt and Pepper squid. She is a big fan of squid - feedback, too expensive for what she got, bit bland and the chips were soggy! The man who brought the plates over did slam it down a bit hard and send a squid flying onto the floor! (They did replace it though) I really don't think that the quality should be compromised just because you have a special lunch menu. Quite honestly I would have preferred a microwave dinner.
Ross Burden was in the room today so I guess they were thinking he was far more important than us!??

I'd go again and give them one last chance outside of lunch hours but only if someone else pays! :-)

4 star rating
by Celeste Bowden
Aug 28, 2011

We recently celebrated a birthday with dinner at Squid Row.

It has a great atmosphere, and we really enjoyed the fun decor of old-school surfing photos and memorabilia.

I can highly recommend the mushroom risotto. It was a huge serving, and very tasty.

You can see photos and read more on our experience at http://celestereviews.wordpress.com/2011/08/28/surfs-up/.

We will definitely be returning.

4 star rating
by Leigh Beattie
Jul 11, 2011

We liked the relaxed warm atmosphere, we had a deal voucher and the squid was devine, cooked to perfection. Great prices. We liked the food and atmosphere so much we have booked a big group lunch for a birthday in a few weeks.

2 star rating
by Jen
Jun 28, 2011

very disappointing, tiny oyster that doesn't seem that fresh, crowded and noisy, size of meal tiny, flavour too simple. Snobby staff. Not a good experience, will not be back.

[I have just been contacted by the owner of this place and I am impressed with how he dealt with the issue. Hence I will be giving Squid Row another visit when I get back from overseas and update my review accordingly.]

3 star rating
by Tinker
May 05, 2011

Service was good, except for the very end when we went to pay. He couldn't find our bill from the table we were at. Food was average but reasonably priced. The salt and pepper squid was great, would definately go back for the squid.

4 star rating
by Margaret
Apr 29, 2011

Always good value, tasty fresh food, good service. Have been at least six times and we often go for Sunday lunch on the spur of the moment. A great place to take overseas visitors to show them our great seafood.

3 star rating
by Danielle Falconer
Apr 11, 2011

The food here is gorgeous, loved that it was obviously fresh and made with care.

What a pity that it is let down by the service, the staff seemed completely disinterested in being there and agree with others that there appears to be enough staff to offer table service.

3 star rating
by Rob
Feb 11, 2011

Nice place but could be better with table service

Have been a few times and had Mussels, Calamari & Chips, Salt & Pepper Squid

– All seafood is very fresh
– Szechwan pepper and salt flake on Salt & Pepper Squid is yummy!

– You have to get out of your seat and walk to the bar to order drinks and food even though waiters were free
- Salad is too small

- Each visit we would have spent another $30 on drinks if they would have taken our order at our table

– We will go back again

4 star rating
by Tony Crookenden
Feb 11, 2011

most enjoyable experience. salt and pepper squid was really good. Great service, staff and prices. We will definitely be back

5 star rating
by Jessica
Feb 01, 2011

I love Squid Row!! We looked through the entertainment book, and thought we would give this a go. We have been back atleast 10 times since, I even celebrated my birthday there.

The food is amazing, and the service is fantastic!

If your looking for a great meal, great atmoshphere and great service then you wont beat Squid Row!

3 star rating
by David Boshier
Oct 02, 2010

I am a regular at Squid Row for lunch. The food is always consistently good and it is hard to go past the fish & chips.

If planning a lunch make it at 1 when the place starts to become less busy and there is always the option to sit outside. They have a good range on their specials menu.

If you are on foursquare there is a great battle for the mayor and they run a number of events through Twitter.

24 Oct 2015

With the change of ownership both the food and service has gone down hill.

5 star rating
by Steven Bennett
Sep 05, 2010

Been here several times and always enjoyed the food.
Nice relaxed evening out.

3 star rating
by Ian
Sep 03, 2010

Went here for lunch food is well presented and of good quality especially if you like seafood.
Service was good, but we were the only ones there so I would hope so.

4 star rating
by Mitch B
May 08, 2009

You know sometimes you just want to go for a meal. Not an experience, not an earth shattering moment, just a meal and a beer. With old 50's style surfy decor this place fits the bill perfectly. We had a beer first at the bar then sat down, setting up a tab was easy, ordering was relaxed from young but smiling girls, and the food was perfect. I had the squid which was amazing, then my son and I shared the platter with all sorts of yummy treats of prawns, mussels, squid, lobster, bread, and dips. You can't put this place in to a particular category, it's where I will choose to go when I can't really decide what I want, but when I know the meal I do get will be fresh, good quality, and the place is cool and relaxed.