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59 Queens Road, Panmure, Auckland

  Malaysian, Chinese, Indian
10:30 AM to 2:30 PM, 5 PM to 9 PM (Tue-Fri), 10:30 AM to 9 PM (Sat-Sun), Monday Closed


Reviews for Sri Puteri's

5 star rating
by Jonjon
8 months ago

Friendly service.
Food friendly on the stomach, flavorful and not overwhelmingly spicy or underwhelmingly bland.
You can really tell that the chef was friendly with his dishes, nice portions at a nice price.
Had the vegatarian set, was very nice, and my family had the tom yum and seafood noodle soup and mee goran all gave their thumbs on.

Good job guys =)...and ladies of course :)...

2 star rating
by Miguel Jose Dominic Ilagan
9 months ago

I had the Char Kway Tyaow. It tasted like I was eating pure seafood with noodles. Very fishy taste. I might as well have had 'seafood noodles'. Not impressed. My gf had the chicken Nasi Goreng. There was a strong lack of garlic. Good spice, not really much flavour overall. It was edible.

As we were eating, at the end, one of the staff members was packing up, right beside us. Packing away the chairs. Not impressed!

At the end of the dinner. Guess what. Eftpos was now not available. They turned it off. Not a happy way to finish. They didn't even ask how we found the food. NO smile. just asking for the money.

5 star rating
by Jay Mac
Jan 17, 2014

Absolutely worth a visit, and most likely after that you'll become a regular. The nasi lemak dishes are delectable. The menu offers a lot of variety and authenticity. A nice alternative to eating in more frantic places, the staff are very friendly as well. This was our first visit, we're already thinking about returning.

4 star rating
by Selena Johnson
Jan 06, 2014

freaking amazing authentic food. Wish the place was bigger.

4 star rating
by Maggie G
Dec 22, 2013

We discovered Sri Puteris while Hansen was closed before moving.Malaysian and South Indian and went back a second time recently it's a tiny little restaurant in a dairy size room with very basic furniture and decoration.The food we found variable The Coconut Butter Prawns were yummy, as was the laksa, the fried noodles with chicken and prawns and the roti. The lamb curry had a delicious flavour but there was not a lot of meat and it was a little bit stringy. The fish curry was awful and had bones in it!
The waitress who we presumed to be the chefs wife was lovely and very helpful
Don't go in midsummer - it gets really hot in there!

3 star rating
by Paul
Oct 24, 2013

Just want to add my experience when I first came here about a year ago. We ordered the hainan chicken takeaway. I have not ordered this again or come back because the portions of chicken were not even cut. The pieces of chicken were too big and ridiculous. It was like somebody just cut a whole chicken into 4 pieces. Hainan chicken should be sliced into smaller pieces so it can be dipped into sauce, not have pieces of chicken bigger than the sauce bowl.

5 star rating
by Ryan
Sep 01, 2013

Great food, great service simple and to the point. Would recommend to anyone, have become a regular now. Favorites are the butter prawns, seafood laksa and biriyani. We are fussy with food and service and this place ticks both the boxes. Heading there again today for Father's Day.

5 star rating
by Venkateshn Asiriah
Jul 28, 2013

I have been eating at Sri Puteri from the very beginning they started but its the last 3 years that with the new owner Chef Kalai and her good friend Chef Jumari taking over has made me want to go back again and again to their restaurant. So whats different about Sri puteri than the other Malaysian restaurants in Auckland:- for a start they have a Malay and a Malaysian Indian chef combining their culinary skills and many years of cooking experience to the table. Anyone can have cooking experience but the combination of Kalai's home cooked Indian food and Jumari's kampong "village" authentic style Malay cooking which I never had experienced such culinary perfection before whilst I lived in Malaysia for 33 years. One thing that sets them from the rest is their ability and openness to accept feedback from customers. To add to the icing of the cake, both Chef Kalai and Chef Jumari and their excellent team provide an ambience for any customer who wants to enjoy a Malaysian experience in Auckland, New Zealand.

5 star rating
by Azmir Kamal
Jul 07, 2013

Highly recommended!!!! Food is excellent, it brings back the taste of Malaysia right here in NZ. Not just the food, but the excellent service that makes it a top notch from the time you walk in till you walk out is NO disappointment at all.

2 star rating
by Sarah
Jul 03, 2013

I really feel bad writing this review But... I got takeaways that cost my family $70 which is a lot of money we are a family of 4 I am always getting told off for always getting more than what is needed. So I ordered 3 entrees 4 mains we were not impressed yeah it tasted average but the potion sizes were not value for money compared to if you were to go to another place of the same origin I phoned the place to even give them a chance to make me feel that I was being a bit harsh with my views but $70 to spend on takeaways would you not expect to at least get 2nds or food for lunch the next day. I was given the excuse that my rent is high and I have been here for 3 years and have never had anyone say this to me and how convenient there is another call that is needed to be answered. We get takeaways and eat out quite a lot We are a very spoilt family I know the difference from having no money to been able to splash out and eat in fine dining places everyone likes value for money with competition of other food eating experiences that surround us I'm sure you would try to go that extra distance to get someone's custom. Yeah maybe I am fussy but should I not be considering that I have just spent $70.

3 star rating
by Natalie
Apr 12, 2013

Throughout the years we have often ordered take aways from Sir Puteri's, their food was always fantastic, however we noticed lately that the standard of the dishes has dropped.
Tosai which is doughy, Haianese chicken and Mee goreng tasteless.
I hope the standard of dishes will be bought back up as the Sri Puteri we remember, always great food and always moreish.

5 star rating
by Jamie Blackman
Apr 02, 2013

Stunningly good, refreshingly inexpensive, fresh, beautiful Malay and Tamil favourites served by friendly, welcoming, beautiful people. KK's has the reputation as the best Malaysian in the city, and while they're quite good, I think Sri Puteri edges them out.

Recommendations? EVERYTHING. Fine, then... roti canai, chicken fried rice w/salted fish, and masala dosa are the most common things we order. But try everything!

5 star rating
by Taste Reviewer
Mar 25, 2013

Food is great, standards have not dropped since last review.

Simple eatery but food standard is very good, decent selection and they also have specials which are off the menu so do ask.

Will be back.

5 star rating
by Cleone Guy
Mar 08, 2013

The service was attentive, informative and friendly. The food was very tasty and the helpings were generous. We had Malak Mee Goreng and another dish with vermicelli noodles - was delicious.
We will go back regularly as the menu is extensive with a huge variety.

4 star rating
by Tina Lee
Feb 08, 2013

The food at this place is really yum and the standards have remained high. Highly recommend it for everybody who's into tasty food at great prices. They will cater for all your needs...

5 star rating
by Emma Kataina
Jan 10, 2013

I absolutely love Kay's fish curry! The sauce is the best Ive ever tasted, simply divine. If you love mamak and south indian cuisine you will simply love dining at sri puteri. Not to mention, the staff are a super bunch. Who knew south auckland's got it going on..Highly recommend, if you dont believe me then why not try it out yourself..happy dining guys.

5 star rating
by Oli Jay
Dec 27, 2012

Sri Puteri's is one of the gems of Sth. Aucks.

We eat here once a month, the curries are incredible.

They also do the best Chicken Satay in town, if that's your thing ( my mrs loves them ).

Try the specials they will blow you away..

mmm stingray asam.

Best Nasi Lemak around imo. And cheap as chips.

5 star rating
by Jem
Dec 24, 2012

What a fantastic place! The Briyani served here at Sri Puteris is absolutely first class. Packed with flavours and spices, this dish is a total pleaser! We also tried a beautiful snapper fish curry, I dont know how you do it Kay, all i can say is TOP NOTCH!

Jay's Mamak Mee Goreng is delicious, the combination of flavours in the dish displays his deft skill and prowess as an accomplished chef.

Thanks to the friendly staff, the personal touch was there which is something you dont find as often today.

I am looking forward to my return visit and am very happy to recommend it to everyone.

4 star rating
by Regan Doyle
Dec 22, 2012

I went here with a friend specifically because of the other great reviews on here. We started with the papadams which were some of the lightest and tastiest I've had. Quite happy to eat these by themselves. For the main I had the nasi lemak with the beef rendang and it was top drawer. My friend had the lemak though with the prawn and it was a bit fishy and not nearly as good as the beef. The service was excellent and everyone was very friendly.

I would love to try the other meals here and look forward to visiting again. I will be recommending it to others.

5 star rating
by RaeRae Johnson
Nov 28, 2012

This food is simply the best! We've had many an excellent meal here, and absolutely no complaints about the quality.
The decor is 'cheap and cheerful', but look beyond that to find a gem in Panmure.
The staff are excellent, always so helpful and even willing to tweak our meals when we ask (EG. ask for the fried rice to be spicy, and Jay (chef) will throw in some chillies to give it that extra kick).
A happy and helpful team lead by Kay, a welcoming place we will continue to frequent.

5 star rating
by Jana
Aug 22, 2012

Love dining at Sri Puteri. The food here is sooo delicious....simple, no fuss but yet delicious!!! The nasi lemak with the prawn sambal is my favourite. Have been here several times and it has never disappointed. The lady at the counter is lovely too and very friendly. Took a Malaysian friend of mine to Sri Puteri a couple of weeks back and she rated the food very highly too. Recently tried the satay chicken and fried chicken and it was impressive! They offer some interestesting desserts too which is always a bonus. Would recommend Sri Puteri to anyone looking for an honest, inexpensive and delicious meal without the frills.

5 star rating
by Gemma
May 25, 2012

Amazing flavours! Had heard about this place from other reviews and tried it tonight, and we were not disappointed. The stingray in assam sauce and the satay was fantastic for the chicken skewers as a starter. We also ordered beef rendang which was pretty good. Had very friendly service too.

5 star rating
by Food Voyeur
May 06, 2012

We fancied a nice curry with a twist... so we came here. It was Saturday lunchtime, and the idea was we'd takeaway and eat in a park, as the weather was so beautiful... however, when we got there, the table out the front was in full sunshine, so we opted to eat in.

The people were friendly and very welcoming, and the food was fantastic! Our favourite dish was "Kay's Chicken Curry": the menu online said "... cooked with potatoes in rich and awesome Malaysian spices and curry leaves. Will touch all parts of your tastebuds." which was true. It was FABULOUS!

We had 2 pieces of Roti, which we all fought over as it was so delicious.

Also fabulously good, was the Masala Thosai "flat rice flour pancake stuffed with potatoes and mixed vegetables served with dhal and fresh coconut chutney".

The Coconut chutney with the Masala Thosai was really good. What a great flavour combo.

The Masala Thosai would have been a great choice for our preschooler, if I could have convinced her to eat anything other than the roti that she filled herself up on! The Thosai was not "hot" at all, and the flavours were delicious.

Interesting to note newspaper cuttings adorning the window, of Sri Puteri's owner/chef with chef Peter Gordon too. Rather a good affirmation of the quality and authenticity of the Malaysian cuisine here.

In summary, we had fabulous meal that all three of us thoroughly enjoyed.

4 star rating
by Jo Tatti
Jan 26, 2012

Unassuming, yet exceptional malaysian cuisine on a street filled with competition. A local favourite that is always busy. Great for takeaways. We had the Rendang and Seafood Laksa, standard dishes that did not disappoint.

5 star rating
by Adeline
Jul 19, 2011

We love Sri Puteri. Unpretentious, simple and affordable. The mamak mee was yum... even the 'ying yong' dish tasted fantastic (and it wasn't even cooked by a Malaysian Chinese!). The lady owner was friendly too, spending time talking to us and telling us more about the history of the restaurant. Now that's a businesswoman who knows how to engage with her customers!
Would definitely come back to try more dishes!

5 star rating
by R K Ariff
Jul 15, 2011

For a malay who's lived here for the past 22 years,Sri Puteri has definitely taken off in the right direction with the new owners'. Chef Jumari is an excellent Chef producing authentic Malay food and true Malaysian cuisine.
Try the Penang Koay teow and prawn noodle soup (both my favourite)and finish off with either the cendol or ABC. Good service overall.

4 star rating
by Jessica
May 07, 2011

such an improvement since it changed management! the waitress was so friendly and smily and switched on. very good tea tarik...creamy and not too sweet. My roti canai was good! and had a little chat to the cook, he was so cool ^^ oh and affordable...must try the satay next

5 star rating
by Indrawilis Jaafar
Apr 17, 2011

Truly authentic Malaysian cuisine at very reasonable prices. Has the best satay sauce ever in New Zealand. This is a place where you can get a huge bowl of Asam Laksa for the same price of having a meal in a foodcourt.

Also love the Ice Kachang or ABC and Chendol. Yep, they have that too. Friendly atmosphere too.

5 star rating
by Martin
Apr 14, 2011

9 April 2011 the NZ Herald voted it best Malaysian restaurant in Auckland!!

"Mamak-style Malaysian food comes courtesy of the southern Indian Muslim traders of the 14th century. With a popular combination of Indian and Malay flavours the food is cooked from scratch every day for authentic hawker flavours and owner Kay will happily give you your favourite twist on a dish."

We went there that night and had a great meal. Cheap & cheerful. It is BYO, formica tables, friendly staff and great food. 1 starter, 2 mains $38 all up! We will be back on a regular basis

5 star rating
by Cherie
Nov 19, 2010

Great cheap food, very tasty! Best Laksa in Auckland

5 star rating
by Jimmy Wong
Oct 15, 2010

Chicken curry laksa and the lamb curry set meal plus ABC for desert it's totaly awsome, new management with wonderful makeover and the owner is kinda friendly. For those who are Malaysians you will feel like your are back in Malaysia.

5 star rating
by Philip Bendall
Oct 08, 2010

We eat there at least once a week, for the past 3 years, authentic food, good nasi Lemak, good cosy atmosphere, child friendly, owner is out the front, greets customers,.