Stampede Bar & Grill

3 star rating 31 reviews

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09 2978991

238- 246 Great South Road, Papakura, Auckland

  Steakhouse, Finger Food
9:30 AM to 10:30 PM (Mon-Wed, Sun), 09:30 AM to 10:30 PM (Thu), 09:30 AM to 3 AM (Fri-Sat)


Reviews for Stampede Bar & Grill

5 star rating
by Nicole Flores
4 days ago

A great place to eat especially the cob loaf and the Lamb dish. Lamb was cooked to perfection and the cob was soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Their butters taht comes with the loaf is amazing as it has flavours. Their stonegrill meal is great. Overall the food was amazing. Only downside is how their policy doesn't allow siblings to take their younger siblings to eat here. Besides that customer service is amazing and they really attend to you quite well

5 star rating
by Joseph John Moore
one month ago

Been here a few times, also in a large group and I have found the service fast & friendly with great tasting food. Great country and western themed restaurant.

3 star rating
by Keith Eades
2 months ago

After travelling at least 10 minutes to the next town to try somewhere new, we were not disappointed in our lunch. I had the Cherokee Chicken and my wife had Gold Miners Chicken. Both felt suitable filled afterwards.

Would try again another time

2 star rating
by Sarah
6 months ago

My husband had been wanting some ribs, so we went down here on a week night a few weeks ago - totally dead inside which is not usually a good sign. The wait staff are a little scatter brained - had to come remind themselves of our order. Their food philosophy seems to be that if you can't actually make food, then either deep fry it or cover it with sauce to make up for it. Good ribs need a nice slow cook to make tender meat, these were stringy, tough and drenched with sweet sauce. We had a mixed appetiser that was 100% deep fried, the mussels had a strong fishy taste which was offputting, calamari over cooked, but the onion flower was nice. It's just pub food so you can't expect much, but this place is just not very good.

2 star rating
by Miriam
8 months ago

Love the theme, that aside price was not worth the wait or the food (mediocre). McDonald's is a better/cheaper option, never returning.

2 star rating
by Lara Wharepapa
8 months ago

Had lunch here on Saturday 18/10 2014. Ordered a cola, sipped it to find a cockroach in my drink! I took it back up and told the lady who served it, she didnt apologies or say anything just walked away with the drink. Another waitress came back minutes later with another cola in the same cup.  The food was average but ok considering the price. There customer service seriously needs working on. The waitress looked like she hated he job and never smiled once. They didnt charge me for the drink but charged for the meal which I thought was not good as I didnt even get an apology for the cockroach incident. I would never eat here again!

3 star rating
by Heidi Mcholm
9 months ago

I have aten at this restaurant on three seperate occasions ordering different dishes
all there food was relatively good, id recommend items from the grill, a few waitresses
here where amazing but you will get the odd bar staff member that is a tad unapproachable.

4 star rating
by Marina Harding
11 months ago

LOVE eating here. The food is always on point! They have a $10 lunch menu that has a variety of meals on it they also have some stonegrill options if you would like to experience that. Personally I dont like Stonegrill just because you have to cook your food while everyone else eats there. Must try Stonegrill at least once though. The main menu for me is a tad expensive. Customer Service is usually ALWAYS good as well. Love Stampede. I'd encourage anyone to come here ;)

2 star rating
by Jaimee
May 28, 2014

Stampede Restaurant used to be a place to enjoy a nice quality 'pub' like meal with the horsey girls!
We hadn't been for awhile but decided to go in Dec 2013 for our regular catch up.
The food was good, tasty and filling. However, it took a long time to get to us. The service was utterly crap - we were ignored whilst the girls chatted amongst themselves.
After mains our plates were cleared within reasonable time, yet we waited 45 minutes - and actually had to call out to the waitress for the dessert menu.
Dessert was disappointing.

This place used to be a place to go...
I hear it's changed owners since - I hope that the next time I return, there will be better feedback.

4 star rating
by Kerin Malskaitis
Apr 24, 2014

It took me 8yrs of living in Papakura to be brave enough to try Stampede, once stepping inside I was pleasantly surprised to see the restaurant was quite separate from the bar area. Attentive waiters and great atmosphere. The Cherokee chicken is amazing. Prices are a tad on the high side for a local eatery but we really enjoyed our meals here.

2 star rating
by Anne Freeman
Oct 19, 2013

I found this place frightfully expensive and really nothing to write home about. $143,00 for 2 adults and 7 yr old (who ordered spare ribs as adult size). A piece of steak about 20cm long and less than half that wide $28 !!!! a cup full of chips and a small bowl of uninteresting salad. We asked for surf and turf and had to pay a further $8 for a few prawns on a skewer. The spare ribs were in a bowl no bigger than a small cereal bowl, and were far too spicy. How much ? $27 with a small bowl of funny tasting coleslaw thrown in. No chips or anything else. Ordered 1 bowl of seafood chowder and got a scooped out bun with about 3 table spoons of soup in it, which of course 80% had soaked into the bun. $13. Desert menu said sundae had selection of ice cream. They did, vanilla or choc. The waitress said that was it, and if they did not have more it was probably because they ran out !!!!!!!!! $13 for 3 scoops and at tiny bit of cream and choc sauce.

Wish I had gone to Sky City Fortuna Restaurant where the total cost would have been $95 for everything including soft drink for the child. The lighting is better there, the tables are fresh and crisp, and above all the staff don't flounce off because you say something they don't like.
Would only recommend Stampede to my worst enemy..

5 star rating
by Karen Silk
Oct 12, 2013

Just went last night for dinner with a family of 9. Beautiful meals - chicken cooked to perfection. Service was brilliant, wait between courses was just right. From 9 years old to 77 years old, everyone loved the place and the food. We will definitely be back :)

4 star rating
by Kathryn Cheshire
Jul 21, 2013

We visited the restaurant with our three children on a Sunday evening and were very impressed. The decor has a lot of character, the staff are very friendly and eager to help, the prices were reasonable (for the most part), the venue seemed clean and well looked after, and the food was delicious!

Compliments: our extremely friendly waiter who had no problem bagging up our lamb shank bones to take home for our dog and who charmed our two youngest sons by letting them wear cowboy hats.

Could improve: the ladies toilets need renovating. Whilst they may have been clean, the toilet fittings were so old and horrible looking that my five year old didn't want to sit on them.

1 star rating
by Gaye Whyte
Jun 12, 2013

Rump or Blade ?

Do you fancy being held hostage ???
Locked in a Restuarant waiting for the police to arrive ????,
All because one unlucky cow girl was dished up this piece of meat which is meant to resemble Prime Angus Rump steak ?
Not only was the steak bad, the service was more appalling than normal and the attitude was rather astounding after it was pointed out this was not 'Prime Angus Rump Steak'.
It is worth noting that one of my friends who was with me works in the Hospitality industry and is a strong believer of customer service and was appalled at the way this incident was handled. The cow girl involved, being my other friendl has worked in a butchers shop for 30 years and knows her meat !
After many arguments with the staff and management she was finally asked if she would like something else. She opted for chicken kebabs and when we went to pay for the meals they expected us to pay for both !!!!

Then the police arrived, looking rather baffled as to why we were locked in ??? As we wanted to take the steak for assessment, which upset the Stampede Bar immensely, the Police suggested we should just photograph the steak for evidence, Hence the doors were unlocked, unchained and unbolted and we were let out, we were released at last. Thank Goodness and Thank You to the local police for the good advice.

I have been eating at the Stampede Bar for four years on a weekly basis and will never cross their doorstep again after being treated the way we were.

2 star rating
by Zoe Marr
Feb 07, 2013

Went here when we moved to the area, expecting some big dinners and friendly local service, however we were very disappointed.

More thought appears to have been put into the names of the wild west food featured on the menu, than the actual food. Food was hideously expensive - I have eaten far better and cheaper food at the Viaduct. I had the surf and turf which was almost $50 for an OK steak and a handful of reheated prawns. They got mine & my husband's steaks mixed up, and as the steaks come smothered in their sauces we weren't able to swap. Service was less than attentive, bordering on rude. The deserts were insipid - just frozen cheesecake defrosted.

Our bill was over $150, which included a few drinks but not a bottle of wine, very expensive for lack lustre service and nothing to write home about food. Save your money and have a nice dinner somewhere that cares more about the food than all the jazzy names it creates for the menu. We wont be back.

3 star rating
by F Cube .
Nov 15, 2012

A good place in its own category: nice décor, good beef, cooked as ordered. No thrills, but the basics are covered. Ok for a simple outing with the family or amongst friends.

Negatives: staff was slow to attend the table, but mostly friendly. Fries were just warm. I ordered the $6 tap beer and was charged the $6.50 (no biggie, but a matter of principle). Chocolate tart could have been more fresh (maybe it is just not ordered often). The worst of it all: the coleslaw - horribly bitter!!!

As I said, an ok place for a laid back tex mex steak restaurant.

2 star rating
by Helen Gill
Nov 11, 2012

The only reason I give this two stars is the others 3 in our party had a good meal. The prices here are ridiculously high, been to steak houses in the city cheaper and better than this. The staff for the most part were pushy tried to be clever but failed making them sound cheeky. I ordered a scotch fillet rare when it arrived the steak seemed to be doubled over for some reason, the vein of grissel running through the middle of it was huge and instead of rare the steak was blue luckily i can eat blue steak but it was certainly not a good cut they did handle the complaint quite well asked what I wanted to do about it, did I want another steak and offered a free desert when I said I would pay half because I had eaten about half. All of us in our party of 4 thought; overpriced food; mid to lower end service, greasy menu to much fried non of us would go back' next time I'll buy a steak and cook it myself.

1 star rating
by Nini
Oct 15, 2012

Was there last Saturday for dinner, bought two deal vouchers for 4 Stonegrill Steaks and 2 bottles of wine. Immediately was disappointed when we arrived to find out merchant insisted we have the printed voucher.

Finally got vouchers and sat down and ordered their six-shooter platter, which was greasy and bland, with no taste at all, with everything pretty much deep-fried. The cactus flower was disappointing, wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Our stone-grill steaks arrived, and they were all very average, and I would not recommend all four people getting stone-grill, as our table started getting pretty smoky and the air-quality of the restaurant started to go down pretty quickly from there. Several other tables around us also ordered stone-grills, and the whole place was covered in a layer with smoke.

We finished our mains and ordered dessert, and for $13 dollars each, the sundown sundae came out melted and overflowing, the boomtown brulee was average, and my partner and I shared a bullet treat 4-treat with everything $17.50. Everything the bullet treat on it was below average, the lemon-tart was chewy, chocolate tart was too sweet, lemon sorbet just tasted like crushed frozen sprite, and the brulee probably the highlight of the whole dessert, but still below average comparing to other restaurants.

All in all, I would definitely not go back there even if they did another one of these deals, as the food isn't even worth the drive. And I won't even consider them if I was paying full price. I also note that the waitress who served us failed to provide us with water when we arrived, and didn't change our cutlery between courses. We had dirty napkins through out and has to request for extra napkins to clean our mouths after eating. Disappointing service and disappointing food.

5 star rating
by Shenaye
Sep 25, 2012

My friend and I decided to purchase one of the living social deals and have a quiet girls dinner. It was so tasty! Good service. It was that good that we ended up purchasing another one. I would definitely recommend the spur fillet steak with either a bernaise or a red wine jus SO DEVINE!! Would certainly go back. Yeah prices may be a bit pricey but it's worth it if you know what to order. YUM!!

4 star rating
by Leanne Taylor
Sep 18, 2012

Would actually rank this a 4.5 if I could. Have been twice over the last couple of years to Stampede Bar & Grill, once for lunch and this time for dinner. It is an 85km round trip from where I live, but I can happily say worth it. Their steaks are superb and I loved the scallop entree - lovely big juicy scallops wrapped in bacon and served on a little polenta cake. The staff are also very friendly and nothing is too much trouble. I'd be there more often if I lived closer!

4 star rating
by Noelia Gonzalez Quiñones
Mar 08, 2012

Stopped to have dinner here with a friend tonight as we thought the place looked interesting from outside, and indeed it looked even more interesting in the inside. I liked the whole Wild West theme - even the waiters wore cowboy hats. The food was very nice, but definitely a bit on the pricey side and not very good value for money. The scallops we had for the entree were delicious, and the mains we ordered were an interesting experience on their own - the meats are served to you on a very hot stonegrill, still raw, and you have to cook them yourself! I prefer to be served food that is already prepared and ready to eat, but nonetheless this was a fun and different experience. The dessert I ordered, the brulee, was absolutely delicious. My friend however was not very impressed with the banoffee he ordered. Overall I had an enjoyable experience at this restaurant, but it's too expensive for my budget and not really worth the money, so I don't think I will go back any time soon.

1 star rating
by Kelly Sturgess
Jan 27, 2012


Hard to find anything that hasn't been battered and deep-fried! The prices are ridiculous, they seem to think they can pass off the cheapest crap as top quality.

The beer is often flat and to ask for a replacement is almost not worth the hassle and dirty looks from the staff. Do not ever have a cocktail here! Couldn't believe that it took 20 minutes for two margaritas, that were made out the back, came in plastic glasses and had been made with lime cordial!

Bad, bad, bad!

3 star rating
by Rachel
Jul 10, 2010

Eaten here a few times plus taken visitors to Stampede for dinner. Nothing wrong with the venue or choices of food. Everything is tasty, if maybe on the wee high $ side (for what it is). Have had a few isolated incidents with staff not taking orders correctly/service issues etc but usually has been good service.

1 star rating
by Mish
Jul 04, 2010

i have never eaten at Stampede but we would normally go down on a Friday after Murphy's Law. the service seems to be really rude and never ending fights between all the drunks . not a good look at all .
Not intending of ever coming back to stampede.

2 star rating
by Scott
May 27, 2010

Had a reasonably important chat planned with a mate here since Robert Harris wasn't our scene and we wanted a beer with lunch.

Our waitress was almost surprised we had arrived for lunch, which should have been a sign. Would we like menus? Yes, please. Why she had set the table with 3 knives I never found out.

Engrossed in our conversation, she came for our order and we explained we weren't ready. Then, UNBELIEVABLY, she sat at our table.

When asked what she was doing she told us she would just sit there until we were ready. In a state of shock we just stared until she asked "oh are you having a private chat?".

When asked about "NZ's most tender & juiciest Sirloin" she needed to ask the Chef to answer our question about what breed the beef was - this was a good sign since I would prefer the right answer to a lie or a guess.
But the answers the Chef gave her were
1. Scotch Fillet? (no, it's a sirloin)
2. Cow? (I was hoping so)
And the final one:
3. The chef says he has no idea as it just comes in a box from the butcher.

I chose the chicken burger. At least that's what it said on the box from the butcher.

My mate had the ribs since he knows how to cook them really well. They came tough, poorly smoked & with deep fried undercooked potatoes. For his dish with 2 parts, and both of them poor, it wasn't an enjoyable lunch.

We weren't trying to be arrogant, rude or overly demanding. In our waitress' favour the service was quick & pleasant, but obviously comes from an environment where familiarity is promoted before politeness.

The cook (not a Chef) needs to spend more time learning his trade, and less time making his hair look like Snoop Dogg.

Overall, memorable for all the wrong reasons.

2 star rating
by Matt Farley
May 25, 2010

Very bad service. there seam to be no staff training very Little knowledge of the menu from the floor and kitchen staff. The pork ribs tasted like they had been smoked with an old tyre my potatoes were still 1/2 raw. I din't think I will be going back again.

5 star rating
by N Walsh
Apr 26, 2009

Went at the beginning of the school holidays and now 2 weeks later going back as it was soo good.
Food very good - prices very reasonable and great surroundings and service.

5 star rating
by Cushla
Jan 28, 2009

We dined at Stampede Restaurant with 6 other people including children. The kids have a fantastic time looking at all the western memorabilia, as well as having crayons & paper provided. The food was absolutely scrumpy & very fast. Staff professional & friendly. I can not fault this restaurant. We will definitely be back there.

4 star rating
by Mars
Dec 30, 2008

Love the food, love the service & love the music. Its a place that makes the best seafood platters & ham dinners.

4 star rating
by Mathilde Schuurkamp
Oct 26, 2008

The Stampede is a very family-friendly restaurant, there is lots to see that speaks to children's imagination. Kids are well-received by the staff and get coloring-in pages straight away. The food is absolutely beautiful and and fresh. The ribs are finger licking yummy. The only downside is that it seems to take a while before the food arrives at your table. Not a place to go when you're in a hurry, but when you're in for a fun night with friends and family I can well recommend it!

5 star rating
by Guy And Shirley
Jul 06, 2008

been there 5 times now and service and food just gets better each time. friendly,relaxed very family .