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11:30 AM to 2:30 PM (Mon-Tue), 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, 6 PM to 9:30 PM (Wed), 12 Noon to 2:30 PM, 6 PM to 9:30 PM (Thu), 12 Noon to 2:30 PM, 5:45 PM to 9:30 PM (Fri-Sat), 5:45 PM to 9:30 PM (Sun)


Reviews for Starry Thai

1 star rating
by Richard Beacon
15 days ago

Came here for a buffet lunch one day, and the food was not too bad at all as I had lower expectations after reading some reviews. It wasn't too busy either, so the dining area was not crowded thus making it more pleasant and unrushed. My only gripe were the male waiters, who seemed disinterested, not helpful when asked a simple question, and looking rather crossed at times, especially the one behind the bar. Fair assumption is that they do not want to work there in the first place. So unfortunately I will not be back, and I do not recommend this place because of the bad atmosphere, which can easily ruin an otherwise pleasant buffet experience.

2 star rating
by Stacey Jane Rainbow
20 days ago

Came here for the buffet a little while ago with the grabone voucher with a few friends and i was pretty excited as i love buffets! It was super busy in there for a start, but i feel like we was forgotten about and left to our own devices as such! There wasnt as much variety there as i had thought there would be and some of the dishes were abit dry and didnt taste like other asian food i had tried in other restaurants! Its good that you can go up as many times as you like but i didnt enjoy the food they had to offer. I ate lots of spring rolls as i love them and had lots of chips too. Not really what i had come to eat to be honest! There was a good variety of desserts there and that was probably the highlight for me. Lots of little cakes and ice cream to try. But unfortunately, the same story with the cakes...a little bit dry! I dont think i would come back here again unless they change a few things.

2 star rating
by Neel Boppana
28 days ago

The best part was spring roll and Choclate cake, pepper fish was good. Thats it!! This place did not live up to the hype! Bad Thai curries, it didn't taste like authentic thai in the 1st place

4 star rating
by Simon Cope
one month ago

Went with my wife using a Groupon voucher. Had a really nice evening. Customers and staff were friendly. The food was wide and varied. A wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available. We opted for a bottle of wine which was reasonable price. Food was great! My wife is vegan so plenty for her to choose. Heaps for me to choose from! Not too spicy. We have booked again, this time we will be taking our teenagers and grandparents with us. One of our teens is very fussy about 'hot and spicy' food. She should love it as it has a wide variety and also icecream and nice deserts for after. My father will love the coffee and tea afterwards and the ginger slice as the bonus extras as part of the package. Simple decor. Excellent value for the price. Heaps of parking behind the restaurant.

2 star rating
by Miss T
one month ago

I would not come here again. Although there was a good variety of food (vegetarian, seafood, meat) to cater to different people, the food itself was not appetising. It was not kept hot in the buffet, the tastes were not flavourful like Thai food usually is and they did not too up dishes speedily as they ran out. Also, to not have an ala cart option for kids was disappointing. We had to pay $11 for the buffet for a child and needless to say for a 3 yr old that hardly ate anything, it was a rip off.

4 star rating
by Henry Wong
one month ago

We have dined here a number of times with the Grab One voucher.

The buffet food is great value for the money. We hardly have room for the desserts.

Its not all traditional Thai but we actually like the variety. They are always looking to improve too.

We like variety and particularly a combination of Seafood,  Spicy, Malaysian and Chinese food and so we are are going again soon and taking our adult children this time.

Keep up the good work Starry Thai!

3 star rating
by GetPaid4reveiwsInsteadWithGoogleMaps
2 months ago

Not as much variety as I expected, food looked a little sloppy some smelt old. Must feel like a great place to eat in the city considering prices. Cheap but I guess you get what you pay for.

Dessert although standard they did have a few things I hadn't tried before which were supprisingly nice.

A few things on the buffet table ran out which they took there time replacing and coffee area was placed odly in the path of people trying to manouver around the buffet table.

Place was a little claustrophobic could maybe rearrange things to make it a nicer dinning experience.

Higher rating due to my partner who enjoyed his meal, but he's a lot easier to please.

4 star rating
by Keith
2 months ago

Came in for the grabone buffet deal for dinner. Food was delicious especially the tom yum soup. But the food has way too much MSG and we were left unusually thirsty for hours after.

3 star rating
by BNW
2 months ago

Came here to try the buffet and the food didn't disappoint. They serve both Thai and Malaysian style dishes and the range is understandably limited given its a buffet restaurant. The food though was generally tasteful and had a good range of vegetarian options. The place is however very small and the atmosphere is pretty poor. The tables are stacked right next to each other (we had about 3cms of space between our table and the next).

Overall - good for a cheapish buffet meal, but don't expect anything fancy or for them to cater for all your Thai food needs.

2 star rating
by Shannon Manukau
2 months ago

Went to Auckland for Family Reunion had seen this great deal on grabone All you can eat Thai Restaurant I had booked at 7:30pm we were on time, But the staff was not we had to wait 10-15mins for our table to be cleared and cleaned then order our beverages took 15-20mins food wasn't much variety to choose from food was ok apart from hard bread and cold stale chips the worst experience was the venue small and Tables close to each other and this other person was elbowing me trying to eat I did however like there rice and steak oyster and some staff were friendly.

4 star rating
by Annie Ren
2 months ago

This full-buffet place has a mouth-watering range of asian cuisine. I recognise dishes from Malaysia, Vietnam and of course Thailand. I liked their selection and being able to try a collection of Southeast Asian cuisines is definitely a bonus! I liked the garlic fish and their fried tofu sticks! In addition, there are quite a few fried dishes such as fried buns, potatoes and hot chips! I liked the gsrlic fish, fried tofu sticks and their laksa soups. The fried rice and stir-fried noodles were a bit disappointing as they were not as flavoursome as the others. The desserts were more Western desserts but the fried banana and ice cream available definitely ended the meal for me on a high note! Overall good buffet place for Asian cuisine.

1 star rating
by Sam Papworth
3 months ago

Came here for lunch in the week and ordered off the main menu (not buffet). Ordered the thai chicken with salad which was possibly the worst chicken I've eaten. The majority was bone, with the rest being a thick layer of fat wrapped around a tiny amount of chicken. The dressing was far too salty. Definitely would not visit again.

3 star rating
by Sanjay Yadav
3 months ago

Bought a deal on Group On to check out this restaurant. Buffet. Menu was OK. Little variety. Place is small and was cramped on Sunday evening. We were 5 of us. All of us unanimously agreed it being 3 rating. Good for 1 time experience.

1 star rating
by Miss Shorty
3 months ago

Today I went there for dinner as I had Groupon voucher for two. I was quit disappointed about the service. I did not  book the table as the voucher did not ask me to but when I got there there were few tables left and the waiter seemed stressful as it was busy night. But he got me the table for two as soon as I sat I told the waiter that I got Groupon voucher then he told me that you need to book if you use the voucher even Groupon did not say anything about it. I was unhappy but he told us that we are busy tonight so you got one hour for dinner. Why we are not treated like other customers if I use Groupon voucher? I felt that was not fair but I had dinner anyway food was ok but I will never go back there and will never recommend to my friends because of lack of customer service.

2 star rating
by Sharon
3 months ago

Have been to Starry Thai a number of times over the past few years and generally we were happy with our food, service & experience. Hadnt been for nearly a year so this time round we noticed quite a difference. There seemed to be a change in management, and the food, like others have said, seems to be more Chinese than Thai. The entrée selection was not good. (Chips/Potatoes, a bun, tiny spring rolls and samosas - the type you get out of the boxes, all puff & no filling) and dumplings - they were the best of them all. The mains were OK but had loads of cabbage in many dishes which  doesn't add flavour to any dish. Desserts, well what can I say, lots of squares of cakes, a fruit salad, some individual cream dessert which once you got rid of the sickly syrupy topping was nice, but the icecream & homemade banana fritters were the best choice. So overall a bit ho hum sadly. The building is old, I realise that ,but it is badly in need of a tidy up inside especially the toilets where there are tiles off the walls, clean enough but scruffy looking. And the fact that ladies have to walk behind one of the counters and the open kitchen door to get there is just, well, odd.I would like to say I will be back but as it stands at the moment, if it wasn't for the free parking, a massive bonus in Auckland, its highly unlikely. Will keep a watch on the reviews tho and if things improve I would be happy to come return.

3 star rating
by Zoe Huang
4 months ago

Tried their dinner buffet from grabone last time. $20 each person. It was not bad. Many variety of choices. But i think their dish is not very authentic but still OK.

3 star rating
by Frederick Juan De Leon
4 months ago

Place has been renovated since we last went there. We had the buffet lunch. Cheap as. Food does not feel like authentic Thai. Selections are not the freshest. Banana fritters are good.

2 star rating
by Flying Foodie
4 months ago

This restaurant is in a very convenient location to attract patrons. The ambience is fair. The quality of food and presentation needs improvement. The staff strength needs to be increased during peak hours.

1 star rating
by Petaleigh101
5 months ago

So gutted about the night I spent here. It probably would've been a good night some other night I bet. But just not tonight. Tasty food. But quite a long wait on the food to be prepared. Suggestion?your buffet area is complicated and stupid..probably should rearrange it.

3 star rating
by Cheap Cheap Foodie
6 months ago

Time and date: Saturday Dinner (twice) this year

Food ordered: Buffet (so all food there is applicable)

Ingredients: Adequately fresh and made on that day

Authenticity: Unlike advertised, its more Chinese stir-fry than Thai cuisine

Taste: Quite pleasant and homey comfort food. Tasted somewhat similar to my grandma’s home cooking back in Asia

Environment: Quite casual environment that would suit a casual meal

Service: no customer service as most waiters or waitresses would be collecting used plates most of the time

Costs: $29 advertised, but grabone vouchers were often available at $20 (which adds a lot of good pointers for this place)

Will I return: Occasionally

2 star rating
by Lisa Ma
6 months ago

We grabbed the deal from the group buying website and had dinner there. It was very busy and we found the staff were quite short.waiters were too busy and lost patience. We were not happy by their attitudes at all. If you can't handle this workload and pressure please either hire more staff or do not offer group buying deals PLEASE! Very disappointing at the end and got shouted by one of the waiters said we didn't pay. My god we paid to the group buying website already! Please talk to your own head before talk to us! So unbelievably bad services! Won't go back again.

1 star rating
by Terence Sassman
7 months ago

The worst food ever when you find a big fat fly in your food. Waitress half apologized on behalf of the chef and duty manager ( they were tooooo busy to attend to such an important matter) and it didn't happen that often as she said. Stay away ...far away if you don't want to be ill

2 star rating
by Ellie
7 months ago

The food isn't too bad. However, only 60% of their food (buffet dinner) was Thai. Some were Chinese food, many Malaysian food, NO Thai dessert at all. I was so disappointed! Tom yum was a little gross as it was just bamboo and water. And maybe some Tom yum paste to make it smell like Tom yum.

4 star rating
by Mina Brown
7 months ago

Had dinner with a couple of was great & waitress was good. We used grab one voucher that included cocktail drinks...cant taste any alcohol in drink otherwise it was an awesome night

1 star rating
by Anikka Arellano-Villahermosa
8 months ago

First time to try this restaurant for today's lunch. Ambiance was great but the food is HORRIBLE. Few choices and it taste awful. Looks like left overs

1 star rating
by Richard Lu
8 months ago

Horrible experience-WATCH OUT-You may be kicked out if using coupon.

After seated at the table, the restaurant realised we will use Grabone coupon(they never asked us when we arrived), unbelievably they instantly told us we need to leave as they are so busy at Sunday night the table is saved only for walk-in customer who pays high price. asked whether we are in disadvantage position because using coupon, thanks for thier frankness, without hesitation,they said YES.

Asked what about they already offered us table and we all seated, they seems not bothered at all,say only if we pay cash to get the table.

Most humiliating experience ever. Unethical merchant who get large amount customer by coupon selling but same time discriminating coupon holder as 2nd class.

Never want to be this place, warning to all if u may use coupon there.

2 star rating
by Gisela Wu
9 months ago

This isn't Thai food!! The lunch buffet tasted like leftover Chinese food thrown back into the wok with sweet chilli sauce. The curry chicken is very very average, something you can make following the instructions on the back of a packet. The steamed vegetables were salty and the desserts are below average cafe slices that can be purchased and frozen in bulk. There are much much better food you can have with 12 dollars.

1 star rating
by Leilani
9 months ago

The WORST buffet place on the face of this earth. Pretty much sums up this place.
Firstly the staff there were snobby & complained when we asked questions. They were not helpful what so ever & when we told them there were flies that were landing on the food & the utensils to dish the food they kind of brushed us off & tried to play dumb like they didn't understand what we were talking about. Eventually the big boss came out & my dad requested him to change the utensils & he agreed & dealt with it straight away. The food was terrible. Even though we had a coupon, not even that was worth it. WARNING to all, read the most recent reviews before you consider trying out this place. I will never be returning here. WORST PLACE EVER.

3 star rating
by Sanjay
10 months ago

Booked coupon from Grab one. Wanted to try with friends. Good for first time and one time only. Not much variety in food and deserts. Quite less space and tables were kind of cramped. Frnds agreed too that good for one time. Service could be better. So overall just average and can be tried once.

4 star rating
by Bobby Anderson
Dec 01, 2014

Came here for a dinner buffet, food was generally good and fresh but expected more Thai food. There was a lack of Pad Thai, money bags, satay sticks.

5 star rating
by May Khan
Nov 09, 2014

I went with my family for the dinner buffet tonight and the food was awesome! Food was so authentic, tasty and fresh. I was a bit apprehensive after reading all the negative reviews but very pleased that we had a great time there. The staff were very friendly and cleared our plates very regularly. Only comment was the music which was not great and a bit loud. All in all will be recommending this place to everyone! My dad's already booking his Christmas do with his mates here because he was so impressed!

1 star rating
by Samuel Hong
Oct 10, 2014

Do not even think to be on their lunch buffet alone. I haveheard from their staff (presume she is the owner or manager) that there is no table for one. I have asked 'is it because the tables are fully booked' and she replied the tables are not fully booked but there is no table for one so please take a bar table if you want to... I just left there and might never be there again.

1 star rating
by Alecia Browne
Oct 04, 2014

Food was cold, overcooked  and not fresh. Guy behind bar was useless.  Servicing staff are friendly and apologise if there's a problem.  Decor is tired and lacks colour.  Not a good experience. Won't be going back.

4 star rating
by Shay
Sep 07, 2014

Chicken pad thai and chicken laksa with the extra chilli is amazing

5 star rating
by FJ
Jul 05, 2014

Love eating here. Parking is a bit of a hassel other than that no real complaints.

4 star rating
by Marion
Jun 16, 2014

I went with my family last Saturday night 14th June, after having a very good experience there on a voucher deal about a year ago.
I've come on-line now to write an excellent review for them, only to find the previous reviews were mostly 1 star and very bad experiences.
I bought the current deal, and when I phoned to book was told they had started a buffet and if we wanted to see the food on the buffet when we got there, we could choose that if we preferred. I realized that would be a cheaper option for them so asked if the chicken & cashews were on the buffet. Yes but not the money bags or curry puffs that we all enjoy. The waitress returned to tell us they would put them on for us. So, we chose the buffet.
There was so much beautiful fresh looking food that it was very hard to choose. Such a varied menu that surely would please most who like buffets. (My son dislikes them). Roasted pumpkin, carrots and garlick roast potatoes, 3 choices of soups, including my nieces favourite pumpkin which I thought might be spicy, but no she enjoyed 3 bowls of it.
Under the huge lidded stainless steel warmers the food didn't dry out but kept wonderfully hot and everything we chose was delicious and tasty even the lamb shank which the meat fell off the bone.
A table of cold dishes included sushi, king prawns (still in their shell though), tofu, lots of fresh looking salads, sauces and dips. The hot food included lovely fried rice, my chicken dish, other chicken dishes and lots of Thai dishes I can't remember the names. Tasty spring rolls, curry puffs, money bags, samosas.
The desserts were scrummy - too many to list but lots of small slices, choc cake, cream puffs filled with custard cream, individual crème brulee with toffee that cracked, lovely large dish of the freshest, fresh fruit salad, and a choice of 3 flavours of ice cream to roll with toppings.
There was also a coffee machine with flat whites, lattes etc but none of us could fit in a drink.
So, in summing up, the restaurant was spotlessly clean, it does have an 'A' grade food rating @ 13 Jan 14, the service was great - our plates were cleared away straight away, the food was awesome and my brother-in-law said he wanted his birthday there, so we will be going back.

Menu Mania, please don't abridge this as I feel with so many negative reviews they need a good review as we genuinely found them to be. I have no connection with Starry Thai whatsoever. Marion

1 star rating
by Sally
Jun 08, 2014

Giving this place one star is seriously being generous.
Bottom line, bad food, bad service, bad atmosphere and an extremely bad attitude of the female manager.

Anyone wanting to try this place, please read the reviews. They couldn't be more accurate.

1 star rating
by Yakuta
May 04, 2014

Good food but very disappointed with the customer service. No manners

3 star rating
by Lucy Li
Apr 25, 2014

A big group of us came here for the lunch Buffet.
The selection of desserts was awesome. Huge variety. As for the mains, they were very average. I felt that the food was not authentic and it tasted more Asian fusion than Thai.

1 star rating
by Taryn Muir
Apr 21, 2014

Starry Thai = Sinking ship. Don't go.

Ambience, service and food is embarrassingly bad. We went on a deal voucher (always a gamble in itself), and it wasn't even worth the half price we paid. Food took forever, building was leaking and spare tables were covered in spare buffet trays.

On top of that, they used the number we provided to send us incessant 'deal' text messages. I had to call them to be removed from the list.

1 star rating
by Duke_meko
Apr 14, 2014

*** Starry Thai started sending us text messages with their "deals" to our private mobile numbers that we used to make our booking with. Is this not illegal to use our private information like this without prior consent and without allowing an unsubscribe option??? Will be complaining to the Privacy Commission about this***

Very disappointed with Starry Thai. Had been here once on a voucher. Service could have been better, it took a long time for waiters to serve us, take our order and we had to ask for water 2 or 3 times before my partner actually got up and picked up a bottle of water himself. Not a good start. The food was not terrible, their three sauce? was good but the serving sizes of meat were very small, not sure if this was because it was a voucher? Their dessert of sticky rice was terrible and should never be served again. Not sure if their menu prices reflect the quality of food that you actually get served. All in all, a very bad experience, would definitely not go back again. Especially when it seems like this restaurant only survives on vouchers apparently, since they have vouchers every few weeks??

1 star rating
by Leanne Kumar
Mar 04, 2014

We went on a Thursday night, with only less than half of the restaurant full when we arrived we expected prompt service. People who were seated after us were attended to earlier and we were simply forgotten. Ended up having to wave someone down but she must have not been the one to look after our table so she went and got someone else. After about 40 mins we finally got our entrees. Food was ok, the sambal fish was very nice. Had to wave someone down to order dessert again. For dessert we asked for 2x deep fried ice creams, 1 came out and 2 mins later someone came over and told us they had ran out so couldn't supply the other one (why did you not know this earlier?!?). We gave up and ended up only sharing the 1 dessert between us. The whole meal took over an hour and half with most of that time waiting.

3 star rating
by Ana Butterworth
Jan 16, 2014

Our table cloth was dirty at our table, so we asked to move to another which was just slightly better. The service was unfriendly and slow, though the starter and mains were nice and a good size. The desserts were poor. A tropical fruit salad of chopped up apple doesn't quite cut it, nor a rice pudding which was yuk. Not worth it - even on a voucher. It's a budget venue trying to be fine dining, but doesn't quite hit the mark.

1 star rating
by Samantha Bailey
Dec 19, 2013

Went here for my best friend's birthday and boy were we in for a surprise.
-Service was absolutely disgraceful. We were told to hurry up and leave so they can clean almost 2 hours before the buffet ended.
-Food was old and manky and barely warm(buffet)
-Dessert (cheesecake) dry and shrivelled going crusty yellow on the edges.
-Toilets smelt and looked like public toilets, with pools of urine on the floor and a revolting stench.

Overall one of the worst dining experiences I have ever had! We will never be returning!

4 star rating
by Lina Mao
Nov 27, 2013

Nice Thai food, and the lunch special is valuable... I recommend their fish soup with rice noodle...yummy lol

4 star rating
by Jasmine Franklin
Nov 26, 2013

My husband and I went here on a deal voucher, and Im so glad we went because we nearly decided to just write-off the money we spent on it after reading some of the reviews.
The staff were friendly, quick to attend to us and helpful. The food was served quickly too.
The food was definitely nice. I wouldn't say it was as good as our local thai, but we definitely got more than we paid for so we were happy!

4 star rating
by Sujata
Nov 21, 2013

Food is amazingly good. Lovely atmosphere in the restaurant and you are received and attended by in the most friendly way. Started going there on a voucher, and wasn't disappointed at all. We went there many times after that and we always get the same portion, quality and welcome whether you have a voucher or are a full paying customer.
Starters are too small plate but the mains make up for that.

Could rate them more if waiting time was shorter. sometimes you need to wait a while.

1 star rating
by E N
Nov 19, 2013

I went to this restaurant with my partner on a voucher deal. Sadly, the service received was also discounted. We waited 20-30 mins in between our dishes as we watched two tables finish their dinner before us. We mentioned that the service was slow to the waitresses but they seemed not to care.

Food was average. For that they deserve only 1 star.

1 star rating
by Kitty Macleod
Nov 15, 2013

I went to this restaurant last night with a friend, we were seated very close to another table, and my side had NO chair, had to get one myself. The table cloth was very dirty.

It took the waitress a while to come to our table although many continued to walk pass but continued to ignore us. Entrees and Main to 40-1 hour to arrive . Both were okay not great. Our dirty plates stayed on our table for over 20mins until we asked if someone could take them away. Surrounding tables had meals that they set on fire. Don't know why but they did it close to our table many times and were burning us with the spitting oil!!!! They put the dish down to early and also burnt the girl who ordered it. They also gave her the wrong meal and argued with her that was what she ordered, she accepted the meal as she did not want to have to wait another hour for the right one. Dessert was disgusting, sticky rice pudding, more like lube warm running porridge.

Once leaving discovered when service was so bad , they were all down at the counter talking!!!!!!!

2 star rating
by Kishore Menon
Nov 05, 2013

The place was noisy and crowded. We waited an hour for our mains. The entree was small, overcooked, and bland. Only 3 'vegetarian' options - one of them was a chicken dish!!! The mains were ok but over-flavored. Vegetarian dish much smaller than the other dishes, but same price. The 'desserts' were unbelievable and an insult to the customer. The tropical fruit salad consisted of one teaspoon of apple and kiwifruit; the rice pudding was less than a tea cup full of watery, sweet brown liquid. The dessert we originally wanted was sold out at 8 pm. Perhaps, customers with vouchers might have been treated differently to regulars. It definitely was a rip-off and we cannot recommend this place.

1 star rating
by Karen Smith
Nov 01, 2013

Sorry they don't even warrant a star. But had to give one as it wouldn't let me leave my feedback :(
Had a voucher....service was non existent. Food starters and dessert awful. Mains passable. The tropical fruit salad was a grape, a little bit of chopped apple, nothing tropical about it! A dollop of non descript ice cream with disgusting red syrup over it. Took so long to get drinks and food that almost forgot what we had ordered.

I would not recommend this restaurant to any one.

3 star rating
by Kim
Nov 01, 2013

Went to Starry Thai 4 times-bought vouchers on promotions. Service is good on our yesterday's visit(being a Thursday and at 7.30pm) I try to avoid 7pm dining on weekend at Starry Thai! Prawns were fresh. Food was just nice. I have noted that our meals on vouchers were always very much smaller than other diners who do not use vouchers. Starry Thai shouldn't compromise on the meal size just because we purchased a good deal

1 star rating
by Charlie
Oct 06, 2013

One of the worst restaurants I've been to. When we arrived the waitress looked very angry for some reason and kept telling us to order as quickly as possible. I agree with Elliot below, the waitress treated us like scum. Food was average. The waitress told us to order our starter, main and desert in one go because they were closing at 10 (even though the sign clearly says they are open till midnight) on Saturdays. when we finished our starter and main and waited for our desert the waitress tells us that the kitchen had closed and they can't make our deserts (though we ordered it right at the start). appalling, absolutely appalling! Will never go back to this slum of a place again. I say they step up their game and clean up their acts the waiters/waitresses or this restaurant will loose even more customers.

1 star rating
by Elliot Boock
Sep 26, 2013

The worst Thai restaurant I've been to!

My girlfriend and I thought we'd try it out since there was a decent voucher deal available. We arrived, presented the voucher and from that moment on were treated like scum.

We were seated at a table without cutlery, water or a drinks list. The staff took so long to come back to our table that I had to service the table myself. I grabbed glasses off the table next to us, grabbed their jug of water and proceeded to do the job of the non-existent wait staff. When they eventually returned they asked what entrees and mains we wanted without considering we might want to look at a drinks list and order drinks first. I had to ask for a drinks list.

When our sizzling chicken arrived it had barely any chicken on it (mostly Bok Choy) and the hot plate was placed on our table far too early, spitting hot oil all over my girlfriend, I and into our glasses of water.

On the way out there was a bag of raw meat tied up sitting on one of the tables - looked disgusting and god knows how long it had been there. As we paid and left there was no thanks or communication at all.

As for the food it was bland, stingy and clearly not fresh. I've had better Thai in food-courts.

All up one not only the worst Thai restaurant I've been to it's very close to the worst restaurant I've ever been to.

Don't waste your money folks. There are heaps of decent Thai restaurants around Auckland - steer clear of this one!

2 star rating
by Wayne Mynott
Aug 19, 2013

Went there with my wife, we had a voucher. We were seated straight away and then only got menu's after I complained (15 minutes later). Finally got our entree's 50 minutes after arriving.
Services was non existent. Food was average. We have been here before and they accepted byo but now fully licenced. After the service we received we will definitely not be going back.

1 star rating
by Phoenix Norden
Jul 26, 2013

Went their with my partner we had a voucher. The service if you could call it that was terrible, there wasnt any.. after we were seated our order was taken then it took 40mins to get entrees.. in which time a table that ordered after us had already got theirs. then another 45mins wait for mains in which time 2 tables that had ordered after us recieved their mains. when our mains did arrive i had to get up from my table and go get my own cutlery because we werent given any and i wasnt goin to let the food go cold waiting for service.. by this time i had had enough of the place 2hours later and asked for my desserts to be take away.. If it wasnt for the voucher i would not have gone to this restaurant but i quite honestly say after that experience i won't be going back and am very happy that i wasn't paying full price and that i had good company.

3 star rating
by Phil
Jul 03, 2013

Stopped in at Starry Thai on the way to an event, My meal was small but quite nice, however my wife had a chicken curry-full of bones little chicken. The service was friendly.

3 star rating
by Lisa Cooke
Feb 18, 2013

Had dinner here on Saturday eve with deal vouchers for a four course meal. Food & service were actually both really good, but the restaurant itself lacked atmosphere & I felt a bit like I was sitting in a canteen or a bunker. Good value with the vouchers though.

3 star rating
by Kat M
Feb 14, 2013

Went to Starry Thai twice both times with buying vouchers. The first time was great and the food was Delicious and couldn't fault anything. The second time was not so great. Waitress did not speak much English at all and we had to point out everything we wanted from the menu, including drinks. There was quite a long wait in between courses and mains came out with about 5-10 minute gap between each meaning the last main arriving about 15 minutes after the first.. I ordered a chicken gang penang curry but I was given a red curry with duck and grapes. When I told the waitress that this was not what I ordered she then proceeded to argue with me before realising that I was right. My meal was taken away and the correct dish was given. I then saw the waitress give the duck curry that I had eaten from to the table next to us! Obviously they had mixed the meals up. The chicken curry I had was meant to be mild but was so hot I couldn't eat more than one mouthful. After dinner we waited for over 20 minutes for our desserts to be offered but we got sick of waiting and left feeling unsatisfied and hungry...

Starry Thai is a hit or miss, as I have found by the two experiences I have had dining there. Not sure if I would go there again.

4 star rating
by David
Jan 09, 2013

Went there with a voucher. Perhaps it was my lucky day as my meals and drinks were served fairly promptly. Had 3 rounds of beers and they all came within reasonable time (2-3 mins perhaps). Completed the 4 course meal with my family of 4 by 7:50 when we got there at 6:15. Food was fantastic, love the three taste sauce. The service was reasonable where staff had good manners but hard to get hold of, which is forgivable due to the number of customers that were there on the day. They had a buffet set up which looked quite promising. Decor was modern rather Thai authentic so lacking Thai atmosphere.

1 star rating
by Tony Roche
Jan 06, 2013

Like Derick and Radz and many others that bought the deal we were very disappointed with the service. There were 4 of us that bought the deal but one full paying couple. However they were treated no better than us. We seated at 7pm and did not leave well after 10.30pm. It took over half an hour to serve beer. We had to ask the waiter twice where were our drinks?! And they were too busy trying to set up tables instead of coming to take our orders. It was our 2nd time round and we had to wait more than 3 hours for the 3 course meal which were unacceptable. Very bad customer service as they mixed up the order of the paying couple as well. We will not go back for sure.

1 star rating
by Derick
Jan 02, 2013

We had booked here for a table for 6 for 7.30pm. After getting to the table we ordered drinks, we had to wait 30min for the beverages, then we ordered our 3 course meals, we had to wait between the courses about a hour, the last course we got it a 10.30, then we had the feeling we had to hurry up because the want to close for the night. At the desk to pay for out night long dinner, they had all the orders we liked to pay for, mixed up. Bad customer service at this place, and bad staff treatment by management in front of clients. We wouldn't go back to this place.

2 star rating
by Radz
Dec 14, 2012

We bought the deal voucher of 4 courses. When we arrived the staff were very friendly initially as we had a big group of people. Entrees were pretty fast coming out as were the soups. After that it was down hill from there. It was nearly impossible to get the staffs attention. They would look at us but ignore us as if they didn't see us. A single beer took 10 mins to arrive. Main were OK. Nothing to WOW us. Dessert - definitely the worst course. Once we were given the menu, we waited about 20 mins, then had to call someone over to take our order. $9.50 worth of "deep fried ice-cream" - well, I guess technically it was deep fried, but certainly not on the day we got served. It was Ice cold all the way through, clearly prepared well in advance, stuck back in the freezer, then put on the plate to serve. Very disappointing.

4 star rating
by Cleo
Nov 13, 2012

We purchased a deal voucher which included two entrees, two mains and two wines for a very cheap price. Like other reviewers we didn't think much of the exterior, but the food was amazing!! Well worth a trip! The Massaman curry was out of this world! As was the prawns with cashew nuts. The portions were just right too.
We were pleasantly surprised with the food and the service. On departure we received a $20 voucher! We will definitely be coming back!

2 star rating
by Lisa Edmonds
Oct 22, 2012

Went as a group of 4 and used a deal voucher for 4 courses. Table we were sat at was awkwardly close to another table. My partner's chair had food scraps on it when he pulled it out to sit down. We ordered a bottle of wine and some entrees initially, the entrees came out fairly quickly (along with plastic plates!) but the wine took 20 mins, they even had to come back to check which bottle it was we had ordered. Soups and mains arrived with adequate timing, they tasted ok but nothing spectacular. The waitress knocked over a whole glass of wine (which we still paid for!) over my friend. Dessert was basic. Overall we are very glad we didn't pay full price for this meal. Its well worth an extra few minutes and a few dollars to go to Thai Chef up the road instead.

2 star rating
by Patch White
Oct 18, 2012

Got a voucher deal for 4 courses. The entrees were all deep fried and a bit too greasy for our liking. The soups were also very greasy and not that flavoursome. We had beef drunken noodles and prawns with cashews. Flavours pretty bland and again very oily. Chocolate sauce on the deep fried ice cream was the best part of the meal. The service was pretty slow and not exactly friendly and we had a window seat, but it was cold as there was a draft coming through. Certainly nothing special and we won't be going back.

4 star rating
by Glen Green
Sep 19, 2012

I purchased a deal voucher. I drove past the place an thought OMG what have I done. Had dinner there and was very very pleased. The food and service was great, so don't be fooled by the exterior cause the interior is nice.

4 star rating
by Courtney Williams
Aug 13, 2012

Very nice Thai food. I've tried all the Thai restaurant in the area and I must admit that this is one of the best. They don't have a Thai environment, but I find it a lot more comfortable than most other Thai-decorated Thai restaurants. We ordered a whole snapper, a couple of curry dishes and the beef salad. They were all wonderful. The portion of the tom yum soups are not big but extremely tasty. You can so taste the amount of ingredients that they put in to make the soup (aside from the physical meat). I'd rather have the soup this size given its taste, than the ones that I've seen in nearby restaurants that are perhaps 20-30% larger but tasted like spicy tomato water. The chicken satay was great as well for entree. Would definitely go back when they have their liquor license back in two weeks' time, as advised by the manager.

1 star rating
by Tamara Willis
Aug 10, 2012

We ate at this restaurant last night but unfortunately our experience was not as good as others recent experiences.
We were shown to a nice table in the corner, and then promptly forgotten about! Others who arrived after us were onto their second course whilst we still had received no food at all.
It took 20 minutes before we were offered water, and over an hour before our entree arrived.
The entrees were ok, the soup was pleasant enough, but the main course was the worst I have ever seen or tasted and was pretty much inedible. I chose the Massaman curry, which I have had many many times both in Auckland and in Thailand. The sauce had split and it was just a congealed mess really. How they could even serve this to a customer was beyond me, but I expect as we had already been waiting an hour and a half, they didn't want to keep us waiting any longer. I took one mouthful and that was it.
The fact that when our full plates were cleared away and we were not asked if there was a problem with our meals, as well as the fact that when we paid we were not asked how our meals had been, says it all really.
The answer was apparent by how the meal looked.
We won't be back - ever!

4 star rating
by Rachel Schuurman
Aug 09, 2012

Have been here twice now and had pretty darn good experiences! Both on deal vouchers. Top notch food - the only thing we faulted is the first time we came the Pad Thai was not so great, but everything else was awesome. Great service too both times. The only thing I would change is the cheesy music! If they had a great selection of some traditional Thai music or something a bit funkier that would make it a 5 star experience. I love the decor as well and the parking behind is a great help.

4 star rating
by Kelvin Hilton
Aug 04, 2012

We have dined here before also with a voucher from the net. I was very satisfied with the meal this time. We were very surprised to hear they had lost their liquor license so soft drinks were the only drinks available.
The Satay chicken on skewers were almost the best i have ever had as a starter then the Eye fillet really hit the spot with a nice quantity of veges on the flaming hot plate.
We were let down by the fact that even though we were dining early there were only two items available as desert both weren't flash.
It was clear that the staff were really working as a team to serve the customers . I could see that they were trying hard in tough times. All in all a nice dinner for the who family.

4 star rating
by Claire Tuiasau
Aug 03, 2012

We used our deal voucher here last night and what a thoroughly enjoyable meal, the entrees, chicken satay and mixed entree were very tasty, soups were small but nice, the mains were divine the salmon was cooked to perfection with a beautiful basil sauce as was the manderine duck, desserts yummy, walked out of there fully satisfied and happy, definitely value for money and the staff were attentive and friendly, it was just great food and service, we will be back!
Mr & Mrs T

5 star rating
by Cornelia Mu
Jun 14, 2012

I am quite surprised by all the negative reviews to be honest. I went here with a deal voucher a couple of months ago and was stoked to see another deal on another website so I bought another voucher :)

The food is very tasty and for $40 I really couldn't complain about the value for money. In fact, we all wondered whether the restaurant was making any money at all! Entree, main and dessert were all extremely delicious - though as someone mentioned before, the soups didn't have much "content" in them, but still tasted good.

Staff were friendly and welcoming, great atmosphere, good parking as well. The only downside was that it took us quite sometime to find the place, but the staff were extremely friendly with directions on the phone. Looking forward to going again!! :)

4 star rating
by Pauline Bennett
Jun 07, 2012

We used a deal voucher last night . We were able to choose any item from the menu, including seafood. The entrees were served quickly, the soups were a bit smaller than we expected but very tasty The mains were a good serving size although I don't think the steak was fillet steak, but it was cooked well with a really tasty sauce and I enjoyed it. The fried prawn dish was very tasty too. We couldn't squeeze in a dessert which was part of the 'banquet meal' although the staff did attempt to persuade us.. The staff are very helpful, friendly and efficient and we enjoyed the experience.

2 star rating
by Matt Cooper
May 30, 2012

OK here we go ate here on the 30th May.
We brought a voucher deal for 2 entrées, 2 soups, 2 mains, and 2 desserts.
Value for money was good.
Entree was fab, we had spring rolls and a mixed platter YUMMY!
The soup only had 2 mushrooms and 2 slices of chicken in it, if you were paying $7-8 you would feel ripped off! (as it was just a spicy dish water with left overs in it)
We ordered the eye fillet Thai BBQ sauce and the chicken with peanut sauce which came out with rice the. A tiny bit of what I would not call eye fillet arrived this meal was a $29.00 meal the steak was NOT eye fillet as I am a head chef and it tasted like chuck steak!
The chicken with peanut sauce was YUMMY.
The dessert was ice cream or fried ice-cream it was yummy.
Heaps of staff for service and the meals came quick.
The place was very cold! I had a t-shirt and a long sleeve shirt on and I was still cold.
We would not go back, the bad soup with little in it and the eye fillet steak that was not eye fillet was not what we were after.
Although we did see some amazing dishes come out of the kitchen like whole fish
better Thai places out in Auckland I would look at them! As this was a 3 out of 10 for us
PS: good parking at rear of the building.
Hope This Helps

5 star rating
by Lisa
May 14, 2012

One of my favorite Thai restaurants in Auckland. We regularly go here for delicious, well priced food, and on a lazy night enjoy the discounted takeaway menu. The restaurant owners are lovely, and try so hard to make each visit enjoyable. Really good food, at a great price - I feel some other reviewers are being too harsh, for the cost it's a fabulous dining experience.

5 star rating
by David
Apr 27, 2012

Went there on Tuesday and the place was packed with voucher users like myself. Honestly I didn't put my hopes up given the average reviews. I had to go there because my vouchers were expiring. The experience turned out to be much much better than I expected. At entrance we were greeted by the well mannered manager who also took our order. The entree and soups were wonderful. The tom yum was the tastiest one I've tried in Auckland. The portion was not as big as other Thai restaurants but it is much more concentrated and it gives a much stronger tom yum taste. I guess if the soup is diluted to the ones found in other Thai restaurants, the portion will be bigger and (but of course it won't taste as good). We ordered an eye fillet and a whole snapper for main. Both were wonderfully done. The desserts were our favorite part. We were recommended by the people next to us to go for the purple sticky rice and the caramelized banana. The banana was good but the sticky rice was splendid.

Tried to use my remaining voucher before it expires on the following Monday but unfortunately their Friday and Saturday were already fully booked. The manager went through the booking list with us and apologized for not having a table for us. At the end we've booked ourselves in for Monday (last day) and we are very looking forward to it~

1 star rating
by Stepanka
Apr 27, 2012

Me and my partner have just came from the Starry Thai restaurant and we will not be coming there again - for sure!
I have actually never been in a worse restaurant like this.
1. It took us ages to make a booking there as they were always full.
2. When we finally came there, we were seated in a room, which didn't look at all like Thai restaurant, especially next door was a concert and we didn't even hear each other.
3. The food was tiny and soups were like perhaps ten tablespoons and I actually had 2 prawns in it! Main was okay - the best on it was that they put an alcohol over it and made a fire before they served it. Desert - sticky rice which looked like the leftovers for cat.
4. This all took 1.5hr and we almost wanted to give up on desserts - wish we would have done it as it was not worth to stay at all. (we had this dailydo voucher)
5. Staff almost forgot that we are going to have our desserts and I had to come to tell them.
6. We didn't receive any napkins, only the fabric one, which should suppose to be on the lap.
7. Not recommending it at all and definitely not coming back ever again!

2 star rating
by Anthony Spalinger
Apr 26, 2012

This new Thai restaurant needs great improvement.

1) The waitresses speak poor English; the oral comprehension is lacking.

2) The food quality remains that of a low "B" level. Avoid the whole fish as it was not at all tasty.

3) The spices are atrocious, being overly mild and lackluster in taste. Even when asked to supply Asian-type medium and hot spices, nothing was done.

4) Be wary about where they place you. An overt bias can be seen in the seating wherein many get the outer seats which are poor, but others allowed to enter inside the nicely decorated, spacious, sunnier and cleaner area.

4) There is a similar bias regarding simple servings of free water! The outer people seem to get tiny filled glasses whereas those on the inside are given bottles.

All in all, we rate this new eatery, at best, as a low "B"-high "C.".

Most certainly, its star has fallen.

4 star rating
by Kathryn
Apr 24, 2012

Dined here last week on a deal voucher (astoundingly good deal).

Beautiful decorated restaurant created a lovely ambience and the service was excellent.

All courses were superb and loved the Tom Kha, mixed starters and fried bananas. I wasn't too enamoured with the rendang I have to say, but my friend had the Tom Yum and then the duck. Both were delicious.

I would most definitely dine here again.

4 star rating
by Louise Connell
Apr 21, 2012

Best takeaways. Really nice Thai food. Heaps of fresh vegetables comes in the meals. The steak is perfect. If you are looking for healthy nice Thai food this place is perfect!

4 star rating
by Lucy Chapman
Mar 13, 2012

This is now my favourite Thai place to eat! First came here with a deal voucher and for the price I paid it was very very good! Entrees were quite small but it was okay considering soup came with the meal before the main. I absolutely loved the soups they had. I had one and my partner had the other - both were really great. Mains and dessert were also good and I also appreciated the fact that with the voucher you had the choice of the whole menu. Meant we could try something a bit different. Only thing I would say about that meal was that the courses were coming too quickly. Soups came immediately after we finished entrees and the mains came before we had finished the soups. Kind of inconvenient and I would have much rather had at least 5 minutes for the last course to go down! Overall very good for the price of the voucher but I do not think I would pay for that same meal without the voucher - its just too expensive.

However, I had also been here for the $12.50 buffet lunch with friends and I will definitely be coming back for that! Really nice food and for a good price. I love Starry Thai :D

2 star rating
by Fei Liu
Feb 28, 2012

Friend and I went to Starry Thai Parnell yesterday, and we used a deal voucher which we could get 2 entrees, 2 soups, 2 mains & 2 desserts. The entrees were nice, and the soups were tasty although the size was a bit ungenerous - two soups in coffee cup size cups!
One thing I hated most was that we waited for more than one hour for the main meals to come in front of us. After 40 mins of waiting I started to lose patience, so I grabbed their staff to ask for the reason of not serving the main meals, but they neither gave me any reason nor any apologies for the long waiting. I was disgusted by this level of service.
Eventually when the main meals were available, I was surprised by how ungenerous this restaurant was. The fried snapper fish was pretty small and tasted a bit dry; and as for the lamb racks I ordered, they only put 3 small pieces of lamb racks on the pate, and a few other random veges, so the plate was obviously TOO big for this amount of food, and taste was pretty average. Overall, the food there doesn't worth the price associated with, it's very pricey!
At last, the dessert was ungenerous again, very small size.
I won't go there again, and I don't recommend it.

5 star rating
by Merv
Feb 20, 2012

Our group of 8 went last Saturday (Feb 18) using a $20 discount deal voucher. The value we received from these vouchers was A-MAZ-ING!. A choice of entree, soup, mains and dessert -- all for $20 per person.
At that deal, you really can afford to be a bit forgiving if the night turns out to be less-than-perfect. But, really, the food was very tasty, other than the deep fried fish being a bit on the dry side.
I've always preferred Chinese over Thai, mainly, because the portions tend to be more generous with the latter.
When we arrived at 7pm, the main dining area was filling up. After a while, the temperature did start to rise, but being able to open the windows, fronting Parnell Rise, did vent out the warm air -- and create a cool breeze -- that built up by those numerous spectacle flaming dishes and the number of people.
It was a memorable night of very tasty food at ridiculously low prices.

3 star rating
by Kim Bennani
Feb 01, 2012

We visited the restaurant several weeks ago. The food was average and loaded up with too many veges. This is something the cheaper Thai restaurants do to cut costs, but I wouldn't expect that with the prices charged at Starry Thai. Don't sit out on the deck as it is very noisy with trains constantly going over the top of you. We were also unimpressed when one of the staff started vacuuming the floors around us as we were eating. We will give it one more go and if no massive improvement, we won't be going back.

On our second try to try them I phoned at 8.30pm to see if we could get in by 9pm. They told me, no our last booking is at 9pm. So I pointed out that was half an hour away which I asked for. The man on the phone said oh but if you can come earlier. I was so disgusted at the obvious laziness of the staff, I said forget it. Clearly the owner is NOT managing the place, otherwise we wouldn't encounter such laziness.